Overseas Territory Minister to be named today

| 13/05/2010

(CNS): The UK’s new prime minister is expected to name who will be responsible for overseas territories in his new government today, Thursday 20 May. Although former Conservative party leader William Hague has been given the top job at the Foreign Office, political pundits in the UK are speculating that in the Con-Lib coalition a number of the junior posts will be given to Liberal Democrats, a party that has been outspoken about so-called tax havens. It is quite possible that the Cayman Islands Government will be engaging with a liberal democrat in order to secure permission for further borrowing to plug the deficit.

No confirmation has yet emerged from London about who the likely overseas territories minister will be, but Tory or Lib-Dem, the CIG is unlikely to face any more favourable position than if Chris Bryant had held on to the job.
The full team of junior ministers will be announced later on Thursday, Cameron has said. "Everything you can do to welcome them and build strong teams in your department is obviously hugely important," he reportedly told his front bench team.
The new foreign secretary has said that he is determined to put in place a "distinctive British foreign policy" and the situation in Afghanistan is a priority. Hague was seen as de facto deputy party leader until that post was given to the Liberal leader Nick Clegg.
With his new Cabinet now in place, the new PM has held his first cabinet meeting and according to reports in the UK media he has banned mobile phones and BlackBerries from those meetings. One of the earliest announcements was that ministers will be taking a pay cut.
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  1. harvey says:

    Oh I can’t wait!  Colonialism – we-big-you-small authority here I come!

  2. Inland Revenue Boss says:

    What a B#*%*lick we going to get from the UK It will be so hard the Cayman Trench is going to feel it.

  3. Thankful Again says:

    What a field-day you guys at CNS are having.  Speculating, extrapolating, predicting and even underscoring (with you closing sentence) what your wishes are – yup I said it.  I know unna will argue otherwise.  The proof though is in the eating – your case: the writing.

    It is nice to know that the Cayman Islands may rely on its’ media (CNS) to be the tipping point of support for its’ survival.  That they wait on facts to emerge and report them. 

    Maybe the entire site should be headed up as the VIEWPOINT section!

    I mean recently, if one phone call made was the only thing that happened between your last article on the Civil Service, pay cuts and the "burning" of all civil servants…well we can look for a full article on your interpretation of what that one phone call means and the likes.  

    Yes, I am saying that your articles shows/indicate a bias towards wanting to send the CS to hell in a hand basket.  Or that you would love to see a continous fight between mother country and the CI in our pursuits to solve our budget issues.  This is MY OPINIONS guys.  You (CNS) may have that right (I do not know), but I am not sure if its’ helpful or makes for being a good journalist (am questioning here – so please mama editor dont chew me up) if opinions and personal predictions and "wishes" falls part of a news article?! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm… CNS you sleeping behind your desk or what?  Don’t you hear the critic?  lol… aren’t you going to respond?

      CNS: No. It’s garbled nonsense.

    • Dred says:

      Maybe that’s because it’s so obvious the CS needs a trip towards hell to understand the full light of the situation. You are one of only a few nimrods not seeing the real state of affairs in the Cayman Islands.

      All you need do simpleton is to look at the numbers.

      2005 to 2009 saw an increase in personnel cost of $110,000,000 against a backdrop of only a change of 400 new staff. So when does 400 staff translate into $110,000,000 or $275,000 per staff member?

      You can sit there and make fancy of all the crap you want but when you look at the numbers all you see is wastage. In the last 4 years can you tell me what new services we launched that required us to increase staffing levels by 400? Did we add a new airline? I’m just having some difficulty finding a new function in CIG that caused employment to increase 400 not to mention $110,000,000.

      When you can come back with even a half decent answer to that then we’ll talk.  

      • Thankful Again says:

        Nimrod?!  What is that?  No need…but I know you clearly understand this: ARROGANT mosquito! 

        Thats what you are.  You think you can fly around and make that annoying little buzz in people ear without standing to get lil baygon sprayed at ya.  Or prehaps a good pair of hands comming together really hard to stop ya in ya tracks. 

        I have been reading your spew of postings on this topic.  The barage of numbers to underscore your points ever so present all the time – must be an accountant, and I do not have an issue.  However, I see things through different lenses than number crunching people (must of us do actually).  And your lil attempt to belittle me because I see things differently on this topic says much about you.

        But ya see your arrogance has clouded your take on everything.  See, the issue that yu delve headlong in is not the basis of my substantive argument with CNS. It was used only as a mere example to indicate my opinion of their bias on issues and their leanings of writing personal extrapolations in articles (read this one).  I was also questioning if this makes for good jounalism.

        So you lil buzzer…pls buzz away before I lite the citronella on your behind.

        • Dred says:

          WOW. What a pile of nonsense. No where in all that crap was a point.

          If you look at the postings by a large number of the viewers you will see that we all agree on the same things. We believe and the numbers backup our belief that CS is over staffed and bleeding the country finances dry.

          Your whole tyrade is wasted pixels on my screen because all you do is let out gas with no point to it.

          So keep your citronella and your baygon because you will need it soon as Rainy season is coming to West Bay and the flies will be out.

          CS needs to have cuts in staffing levels because it is over staffed. They need benefits like Health Insurance payments removed along with Pensions. They need to return to earth.

          Now go report that to your UDP cronies.

    • Damn! says:




  4. Anonymous says:

    If a more sympathetic OST Minister is what the UDP is expecting from the UK government then they might just be in luck, but do not count chickens before the eggs hatch. The Tory and Lib coalition has a strange mandate about taxes and they want colonialism to survive and grow. 

  5. Andrew says:

    Oh wow, a new OT Minister…

    Ha!  Like that will change everything for the better. It is just a conitnuation of colonialism :o)

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s true about the continuing colonialism (while markedly modified from the historical meaning of the term, of course) regardless of whoever is appointed as OT minister. The only way to depart from this is to become independent. Without independence, Cayman will always be answerable to the UK. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, friend.


      • marketon says:

        Sorry, Indepedence is not our only option. What about such options like Integration and Free Association. My friend, you need to learn about the other avenues of self-determination :o)

        Don’t make Independence our only way out

        • Anonymous says:

          "Integration" and "Free Association"? Interesting – would you, or any other informed contributor, care to explain these arrangements? Maybe it’s not a cookie (or even a cake) to be crumbled? Let’s see!

        • pauly cicero says:

          The first integration or free association with the UK will be with Inland Revenue.

  6. Time Traveller says:

    Dear lord, I seem to have lost a whole week somewhere! Has anyone seen it?