Former UK treasury minister stabbed at meeting

| 14/05/2010

(Reuters) – British lawmaker Stephen Timms, a former treasury minister in the previous Labour government, has been stabbed at his constituency office in east London, a party spokesman and police said on Friday. Timms, 54, was taken to a local hospital but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, said a spokesman for the Labour party which bowed out of government this week after 13 years of power. Police said a 21-year-old woman had been arrested in connection with the incident which took place as Timms held a monthly meeting with constituents at a library in east London on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you CNS for showing us what is exactly going on in the UK. Freedom of Information is very important and no MP or Premier can stop the truth from being told as it is or squash people’s opinions!

  2. whalrus says:


    But CNS what does this have to do with Cayman Islands?  People are stabbed everyday. There was an MP that had a plane crash and made it our alove. I don’t see any post on that? 

    CNS: It’s under "World News".

    • Sam says:


      News that show to us that the United Kingdom’s government is a corrupt government, and the hypocrisy they come to us about we being corrupt here, needing an anti-corruption team.

      I think they better look into their own affairs before they point the finger at us 


      • Anonymous says:

        Sam – how exactly does this show a "corrupt UK" government? A mentally unstable woman stabs an MP who is not or ever has been (as far as i can find) linked to any form of corruption.

        Please think before posting bigotted garbage

      • Anonymous says:

         Sam you are a very stupid person.