Mac attacks CNS and FOI

| 14/05/2010

(CNS): Both the media and the Freedom of Information (FOI) law came under attack from the premier on Thursday afternoon when he accused Nicky Watson, the owner of Cayman News Service, of wasting government time because of an FOI request she submitted asking for details of his travel arrangements since taking office. Listing where he had been over the last year, McKeeva Bush asked what good such a request was and proceeded to criticise the FOI law for allowing not only anonymous requests, but requests without reason. He also took the opportunity to again criticise what he called "the blogs" (comments) on CNS, as well as the content of Cayman Net News and vowed to make the media pay “good fees” in future. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

He said that there would be big fees for media with blogs (such as CNS) and newspapers printed overseas (such as Cayman Net News) and he said he wasn’t talking about just $5000. “I’m talking over $100,000,” Bush said, suggesting it would be in the next budget, though the detailed plans of these new media fees had not yet been worked out. The premier said if the media in question didn’t pay these new fees, if he had his way they would be fined and then go to jail for at least three months.
After listing his travel arrangements for the last 12 months, Bush said he wanted to give this information to the wider public so that there would be no spin on the information that had been requested by CNS. 
The premier said his travel was very important and although he did not enjoy travelling, and in particular flying, the trips he had taken were necessary to advance the country’s economy.
Criticising the FOI law, however, Bush said that he had no trouble with transparency as people always knew what he was thinking and sometimes he got in trouble for that, but the FOI cost the country too much. Bush said Mickey Mouse could make a request and government had to waste its time answering Mickey Mouse without knowing who and what the information was for. “Instead of doing government business civil servants are writing back to Mickey Mouse,” he said.
The premier added that he knew that the press wanted news but queried what the purpose of the question coming from CNS served.  “What good is it?” he asked rhetorically, “everyone knows I need to travel. … I am not going to shirk my responsibility.”
Bush spoke about what he said was the previous administration’s failure to be at the table of important negotiations but that he would not be found wanting.
He also went on to criticise the blogs extensively and said they were not good for the country and the people posting on CNS had no love for the Cayman Islands as they were causing it to suffer.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Down with Mac! Up with…who?

  2. Responsibly Concerned and slightly disgusted.... says:

    Fellow Caman lovers, residents and visitors alike….

    I know for a fact that he has been offered a number of options that will help to bring Cayman to the forefront in a number of areas, not the least of which would be a solution to the Mt. Trashmore problem (this is an unexploded bomb) waiting to damage (or even devastate) the peoples and the islands health including the beautiful coral reefs and wildlife of North Sound/Stingray City.  

    Over 16 companies have offered to solve this problem, many of whom are not asking a single penny from either the Government or the people of Cayman!  Indeed, many will contribute to the island, help reduce the ridiculous electricity costs, and supply much needed jobs to Caymanians…. Again, all for NO COST to Government or Cayman people and they would make a profit into the bargain.  It is a fact of life that no commercial enterprise can afford to do something for nothing in this day and age, however, many of the offers solve this problem by paying the Government to operate a clean up, generate low cost electricity (to the benefit of the people), and offer many many full time jobs to both skilled and unskilled Caymanians, with on-the-job training that will allow them to persue a lifelong career in the renewable energy field.  I hope this Government comes to it’s senses and starts to be pro-active instead of re-acting all the time.   Usually when it is too late.

    Let us hope that common sense will overcome individual greed, stupidity and ego’s.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear CNS : Is it true that many countries have a press association? What is a press association. exactly? What are your thoughts on the creation of one here in Cayman? (As far as I am aware, one does not exist here at the present time.) As a non-media person, I’m just trying to make some sense out of what has transpired between yourself and the Premier, you understand, and although I am also an avid believer in free speech, I am also aware that there are two sides at least to every argument, and that common sense should have the opportunity to prevail above all else. If this matter has been addressed by way of a CNS response to a previous post, my apologies. It’s just that I haven’t got the energy at my stage in life to trawl through some 300 (and counting) postings! Thank you.

    CNS: Yes you are right there is not a press association here. CNS has supported the idea for some time but had met with reluctance from other parts of the media. Press Associations take different forms in different countries, but generally they are about professional standards and protecting free speech and journalists from attack. The professional standards usually apply to the qualifications of journalists and not the content of news or the ability of readers to comment as some here have suggested. Press Associations are usually formed to protect and maintain press freedoms not curb them. Many democratic countries have tried to regulate the press and failed miserably every time. Even dictatorships have a problem controlling the press in the age of technology. The best check and balance on the press is the people. If a news house is constantly producing made up stories and poor standards of writing the public stops reading and, as a result, readership falls and with it revenue.



  4. Anonymous says:

    all udp mla’s should be contacted and asked whether they support the comments of the premeir…. this is outrageous

  5. Anonymous says:

    cns: is their a way to contact duncan taylor or the uk and complain about the premier?

    CNS: His address is:

    Governor’s Office
    PO Box 10261
    Grand Cayman

  6. Anonymous says:

    Duncan Taylor: we are waiting for your response………..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Leaders named Bush all seem to have something in common, don’t they?

  8. Anonymous says:

    CNS you had it comin…


    Your bloggers attacked Anthony Travers

    Your bloggers attacked Kurt Tibbetts

    Your bloggers attacked Chucky

    Your bloggers attacked Alden Mclaughlin

    Your bloggers attacked Ellio Solomon

    Your bloggers attacked Dwayne Seymour

    Your bloggers attacked Julianna OConnor

    Your bloggers attacked the Premier

    Your bloggers attacked Linda Evans

    Your bloggers attacked Franz Manderson

    Your bloggers attacked the Deputy Governor

    Your bloggers attacked Steve Mcfield

    Your bloggers attacked the Governor

    Your bloggers attacked the Foreign Office

    Your bloggers attacked James Cameron

    Your bloggers attacked Dart

    Your bloggers attacked the Anti-corruption team

    Your bloggers attacked Barak Obama

    Your bloggers attacked many more prominant people in Cayman’s society and many outside of the Cayman Islands

    Your bloggers have made assumptions, speculations, some came up with theories, others with hardcore facts, some said specular things, some said not so pleasant or nice things…

    Well done CNS! 

    You have stepped on someone’s toes

    Your bloggers have created alot of enemies

    You have even gave God fearing bloggers a chance to refute Satan!

    Now you deserve to receive the medal of honor and respect for encouraging transparency and bravely promoting the freedom of speech and the press.

    Thank you very much for contributing to our Democracy!

    Let no one on earth intimidate you!

    They can lock you in prison and throw away the key (God forbid), but they can’t imprison your WORDS. They can cage a songbird, clip its tiny wings, but they will never ever ever be able to cage his song!

  9. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    I like the green handkerchief in his pocket.  Green is the colour of Islam.  While I like most of what Islam stands for, and also most muslims that I have met, there are the extremists (like in Christianity as well. i.e. the KKK) like as in Iran where there is no freedom of the press whatsoever. 

    Has MacDictator been to Tehran lately?


    • Dred says:

      How silly. That was because Rolly told him CIG needs to go green.

      • Bill says:

        If he wanted to go green in that sense, he’d support the electric car initiative of Mr Felder. 

  10. Raffaele says:

    Just a side note President Obama sign the Feedom of Press Act in the White House today Like i said Mr Premier you need to get with the Program a better way forward just don’t say do it.

  11. Real Deal says:

    I would like to say to you 18:02 that 19:55 is spot on with that assessment. This is what happens when these Gov’t family dynasty, who by the way are held in high esteem and supported by the UK& FCO get a conscience or come back to these islands from their high perches and get a reality check of the tyranny they are sometimes promoting overseas. That aside i am very proud of her and fact that she has come home to make a difference and is obvious that she is performing her duties quite well. We must encourage this because it will take persons like her to make the Cayman Island progress to a better future.

  12. Pastor Niemoller says:

    Start worrying when Mac buys a cheap and low circulation organ such as the Volkischer Netz Zeitung and changes its name to the Combat Organ of the Nationalsozialistische Cayman Arbeitpartei…

  13. Anonymous says:

    really in truly mackeeva needs to sit XXXX down and shut up. he is really getting on my nerves .. we need election to hurry and come back and get him out for good.

  14. Dnt4getMe says:

    It’s been a short while since I’ve visited this site but it’s great to see the 300 comments on this story, that’s democracy @ work. 

    Now those are the scary rants of a dictator. I don’t know why but something just seems out of  place to me.   It really would be unforgivable for the ‘honorable Premier’ to retaliate in the manner described, regarding a ligitimate request (from the public/media or whomever would ever request it). 

    Under the circumstances, it would seem it’s really the fault of all you bloggers … you brought it on yourselves and CNS (I know sarcasm doesn’t translate well over this medium).

    Maybe I’ll start a blog now because of how rediculous this is.  I wont be a media company so can’t charge me for it. Then what threats will be made against me?  Have my ISP disconnect my internet service? Fine me severly for speaking my mind?  We know that prison is always a consideration.
    Come on what is this, China?

    • Histeria says:

      The following health warning was issued by the Auditor General’s Office at 7.00 am this morning.

      Our beloved leaders speech on the suppression of the press may be dangerous when listened to by pregnant mothers, the young and the elderly and could cause several bouts of histeria. On no account should it be heard  whilst driving motor vehicles or heavy equipment. Best heard whilst imbibing large amounts of alcohol over a joint or two.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier’s vow to make CNS pay hefty fees in the future is nothing short of the words of ‘A DICTATOR"

      Is the premier reminded of ‘FREEDOM OF THE PRESS" around the world recently signed by President Obama, the Pearl Law, it will protect bloggers and dews media around the world. Will the premier embarass the UK  or himself by putting the uK in hot water where the united Nations is concerned and the Geneva Convention?  

  15. Live Free.... says:

    Ladies And Gentlemen,… we have a record, 300 Comments for this article and all thanks goes out to Mcdinejad, I can’t believe I’m thanking this man, well anyways, thank you Mcdinejd and I like your picture too.

  16. Cindy says:

    300th COMMENT:



    CNS: Cindy, could you post without the caps lock on please.

  17. Anonymous says:

     I used to check for Dan Duguays’ latest reports. Now I look to Jennifer Dilbert.  Over many years, I have found Jennifer’s office whether U.K. or Cayman, produces diligent and intelligent  research/reports. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesus, Anon, Sun 18:02, you get the brown nose/tongue award of the year.

      Can you refer us all to "Jennifer’s" "diligent and intelligent research/reports" submitted to the Government from her days in the London Office???? Have you read them? If so, where are they published? Or did you get a family preview? I smell a planted post! I doubt if you could find anyone in Cayman who could tell you what use/monetary value the UK Office brings/brought to Cayman. It’s now being run by an Englishwoman who can go to the cocktail parties "Jennifer" used to go to.. What is she and her staff doing? No one knows. No one knows and no one cares what anyone holding the post does, it should be abolished. And please don’t mention "Jennifer’s" "Friends of Cayman" foolishness. It has done zero, zilch for us and only given some clapped out UK MPs a junket to Cayman.

      And by the way, abolishing the post would save us $140,0000 a year for that post alone plus multiple dollars for the other London Office posts. To say nothing of the rental for a HUMUNGOUSLY expensive piece of London real estate.

      Any comment Donnie or Franz or Orrett, our most senior civil servants who should be looking into this sort of thing?

  18. Hansel says:

    Mac, I mean I understand attacking Kurt Tibbetts, Governor Jack, people in your own party or in the LA – But of all the peoples Mac, why did you choose to attack the media???

    That is one group of people you don’t mess with!

    From here on… I think you have really put your political career on the line


  19. Anonymous says:

    This comment is for Mr. McKeeva Bush: Leave Nicky Watson alone!!!! She is hard at work trying to get the news and is doing a great job!


    So it is with Free Speech!  Don’t try to censor it! 

    We learn from our critics

  21. lone ranger says:

    reading this it reminds me of the good old USA RUSH LIMBAU AND GLEM BECK says every thing but the truth about president obama, but no body in the republican party speak out against him. it is the same way with UDP. This only tells me that the other UDP members are agreeing with every thing mac do  shame on you bunch of cowards, you are so far up his ### you have to accept whatever he does   CAYMAN WE NEED A MARCH  ( CHUCKIE LETS GO ) WE DO NOT NEED PPM SUPPORT.   another bunch of cowards, we have not heard one thing from kirk as yet,what he waiting on

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Lord, please don’t put Chuckie in this, because he is not my leader. I am rallying behind someone else outside the PPM and UDP this time!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like Alden wrote that one 🙂 Chuckie took Mac out once before and he is clearly the only one with sufficient courage to take Mac on…….Go Chuckie Go !!! You have our full and unconditional support (and this ain’t no small BT family)

    • Anonymous says:

      It is no wonder you are a "lone ranger," because your thoughts are those of a loner! For heavens sake, do not tell me that you honestly believe that Obama is doing a good job as president & that his critics should not expose his wrong doings? You are beginning to sound like Mac Bush.

      Thank God we have Limbau, Beck, Hannity & others telling us the truth about Obama, the most liberal & socialist president the US have ever had. He is destroying the US & thank God the truth be told. Likewise, thank God we have Nicki, Wendy & CNS to tell us the truth about what is happening in Cayman. The XXXXX ways of Mac Bush (Cayman) & Obama (US) must be exposed & thank God for those that are doing such a great job in doing so.

      • anonymous says:

        The reason Linbau ,Beck, and others preach hate, they are racists, XXXX. YOu all  are upset and angry that Obama is President because they are outraged that America the greatest nation on earth has a BLACK PRESIDENT!  and that’s good for America. They held the black people in slavery,  and continued to suppress them for hundreds of years ! a lot of blacks and whites lost their lives led by Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 60’s fighting for the freedom they now enjoy, and that’s a Historical fact. There are black men in Prison serving sentences for crimes they did not committ and that were committed by white men that’s how bad things were in America. Led by the Linbau and Beck crowd. Most black men are in Prison and it has impoverished black families, or Black America. Thank God for DNA evidence, many black men have been freed because of modern DNA technology.
        What about the white sluts who cried "Rape" when their white lovers found out they were cheating with a black man!  don’t let me get started on you with this Obama stuff.  Sarah Palin and all the rest of them  are a bunch of hypocrites. she claims to be a christian but all she does is wish that the country fail because we have a black president. That’s how dumb she is.

        A real christian will pray that the country of America succeeds regardless if the president is black or white, or republican or democrat.

        the Linbau and Beck followers and supporters are a right wing white supremacists  demographic that are infuriated that they now have to look up to and respect the black man who has proven to be just as intelligent or more intelligent as they are.. ha, ha, ha!  They are even more afraid that now that black folks have been empowered with a black president that ‘ITS PAY BACK TIME" Little do they know that black folks are so educated and intelligent now a days that they do not have any time for Pay Back as they suppose, they are too busy moving forward.  Thank God that in l5 years time as the scientists predicts, everybody will be a descendant of "BULLWORTH"       ONE BEAUTIFUL  COLOR (made up of many colors)

        Whites will be in minority and everyone will look alike.

        Mixed with Black, White, Latinino/Hispanic/ Asian/Pacific/Arabic/European

        That’ll be their waterloo! Bullworth says, keep on XXXXXX each other until you all look alike!

  22. Live Free.... says:

    Almost 300 comments and going strong, if we had an election today he would be gone. What a disgrace this man is to the Cayman Islands and shame on him for even going up against the Freedom Of Information Act and my favorite news provider CNS, he also wants them to pay a ridiculousfine of $100,000 and if not 3 months in Jail, is this man crazy!!! Someone needs to put a muzzle on this man because he does not engage his brain before he talks. Like I said many times before, the people of Cayman made a big mistake by electing this man and the UDP. They was warn many times during the election campaign by Chuckster about this very same man, the Caymanians need to hold the things this man do in a long term memory, because of the short term memory, this man is in power today, I remember what he done during 2001-2004 and according to his track record back then, and also the trouble he give as the opposition leader in 2005-2009, he was clearly not qualify to be the leader of Cayman ever again, but like I said, short term memory, it is a bad thing that needs to be address by the Caymanians, so that in the future this kind of mistake don’t happen again in  an election.

    • Anonymous says:

      Live Free i just hope you know that PPM will never win another election for right now(maybe next 25 yrs),so you bedda vote fa somebody else…LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, UDP look bad now!

        But let me remind you that the PPM’s spending spree help put us in a sinkhole of debt.

        Next election, please folks, don’t be foolish –


        Vote for the candidate you think is a good candidate!

        • Anonymous says:

          This "sinkhole of debt" started under the wild, irresponsible, wasteful spending of the UDP between 2001 & 2005! We will NEVER forget the destruction caused by McKeeva Bush & the UDP during those years, NEVER! That is what really started our slide into the "sinkhole of debt." 

      • Live Free.... says:

        Anonymous 17:08 where you see me mention that I was a supporter of PPM? All I said, they was warn by Chuckster on the election campaign, so I guess by me saying that, I am suddenly a PPM supporter.You then is a typical UDP supporter who just loves to jump on bloggers, but don’t know anything about their political affiliations, because they say something against  your UDP, they suddenly fall victim like me, only to be called a PPM supporter. And by the way I didn’t even voted, so speaking of that, I should really give PPM my vote in 2013, so that the UDP don’t Govern for another 30yrs, then you can go and find another party to vote for, how about that?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well Anon 17:08, as sure as hell is hot the UDP will not win another election for right now, so we all better get used to a third party. I know for sure the UDP is done because I can’t hear one person anywhere who supports the UDP or is happy with the mess theymaking! Good riddance UDP!

  23. Anonymous says:

    mac ys just  a big fish in a small pond…

     we are oldtime fishermen and seafarers,,,,,  and have navigated through biggerr storms than rhe current ones we now face…. and have hooked bigger fish than u……………..


  24. The #1 but in GCM says:

    Come on Ellio "Mercedes Benz" Solomon – take the helm here now young man!!! You were a pressman & talk show host at one point in time. Hey, remember when Mr. Pierson tried (or did) to take you to court over blogs. Now ya see the shoe on the other foot now.

    • Dred says:

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ellio is a bigger mess. Big Mac had street smarts going for him. Ellio has nothing but a mouth.

      I don’t know if you have sat with this man and spoken to him but I have. Trust me when I say this. NO. Not just NO but HELL NO. It’s like giving an evil child a uzzy when his parents are away.

    • Tomlinson says:

      Hey now

      Didn’t Ellio broke into a news room and string-up Alden because of his opinion over the airwaves. I think it was live on Rooster 101

      I don’t know but 3 of the UDP members so far has lost their cool easily:

      Ellio, Dwayne, and now the Christian professing McKeeva

      Who next?

      I sometimes must wonder who will the young people look up to if their leaders can’t control themselves?

  25. Dred says:

    CNS – Can you please find another picture of Mr Bush? As much as I destain the man that imagine does our country no good. If the whole world sees him in this way what good will talks actually do. What is Mr Shetty going to think? Please change it. I don’t like him anymore than the next man but in the grand scheme of things this does more damage than good.

    CNS: More to the point, Dred, is what people overseas, including Dr Shetty, think of Mr Bush’s words (India passed FOI in 2002, by the way). Sorry, we can’t resist the picture.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like the picture!! 

      Was hoping someone would add a little red and white paint to this "Jokers" picture.

    • Mr. Praline says:

      Well done CNS for choosing that picture – it captures the essence of Getting Bigger Again Mac’s credibility on this topic.  I would rather the rest of the world knew we were living in a place where basic rights are abused and threatened publicly than try to hide it because it is probably only then than Getting Bigger Again Mac might listen.

      • Anonymous says:

        The picture is great because it makes him look like he is thinking "Oh no, I know I should not have said that"!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      KEEP THE PICTURE. If  he’s going to SOUND like a derranged dictator let him LOOK the part too!

    • Tomlinson says:

      But Dred has a point, CNS

      It is responsible journalism that is NEUTRAL and not taking sides for or against. Everyone knows now that their is a possibilitiy that CNS is out to attack Mac

      I will encourage you to maintain your professionalism as a news service in not becoming reactive to your opponents. It is very important that TRUTH be told, but in an unbiased way

      The less reactive you are and the more factual news you give, the better. At least, people won’t say the Premeir had a reason for saying what he said Thursday about CNS. Let us not give him that reason CNS

      Dred also mention about the country’s reputation. We have to be careful about news in the foreign press


      • Anonymous says:

        Would have to agree, and I was a bit surprised to read the CNS comment, which shows clear bias. Please, CNS, remain scrupulously neutral. It’s kind of particularly important right now. You don’t want to end up like the Compass – a "flavour (sorry, ‘flavor’) of the week news media!

        CNS: Sorry, but freedom of expression and freedom of the press are not issues we’re likely to stay neutral about. In fact I would say we have an obligation not to remain neutral about such things.
        • I would advise CNS crew:

          Defend themselves, defend freedom of the press, be fair, responsible, and professional.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, thank you for explaining the imperative for you to speak out, and couldn’t agree more. Guess I’ve become accustomed to your welcome neutrality a bit too much! Point taken and keep up the fantastic work.

  26. Right ya so says:

    I don’t know why all these comments about Papa Mac not getting in at the next election or making him stand down – you know this is not going to happen – EVER!!

    People are so scared of him XXXXXXX.

    Look back at his past – First Cayman Bank, last time he was leader of govt biz, the parties at this house, the after hours parties in licensed establishments, Cambridge Realty, the Ritz condos ……

    I’m a George Towner and been voting at every election since I was 18 (27 years) and for the life of me I cannot understand why unna West Bayers keep voting him back in – what’s he got over you all? – can one of you explain this to me – it just defies all logic and reason!

    • Anonymous says:

       I don’t know… but maybe it has something to do with the cash ($1,000 per person, I think it was) his office was handing out in WB … ??? It was on the news – Cayman 27.

      Can anyone tell me why the police/government never took/investigated that any further?

    • Shamrock says:

      It’s because they are scared of The Godfather!

      But as far as the elections go, the only thing the rest of us who don’t vote in West Bay have to do is shun all the other candidates who are aligned to McKeeva. So even if he and his extension cords are elected to represent West Bay, they will be in the minority and not have enough numbers to form the Government.

      This was my strategy in the 2009 elections. Unfortunately, others didn’t vote this way, hence the Government we now have. But as long as McKeeva is running for office, I will vote against any person or group with which he is aligned because too often he has demonstrated that he is unstable and cannot be trusted.

    • Brad says:

      You made a good point!  Now that we are under a party system, it will be even hard not to see him out of the house.

      I miss the old way how our elections use to be a one-man thing

      • Mr. Praline says:

        He has the most to fear from one person one vote constituencies – an anti-vote can’t hurt him under the present system. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dangerous and un-Democratic

    Premier Bush is showing his true colours- defender of the dark and
    intolerant of the light.

    What a democracy needs more than anything else is open discussion,
    wide participation, and informed judgements.

    We cannot obtain that by muzzling the FOI effort, and trying to silence

    Remember the famous Goebel’s quote – �If you tella lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.�

    Anyone who wants to suppress public opinion, the right to speak out, and the right to be heard, is a truly dangerous person, and especially if that person has any power.

    Cayman should make it very clear that it wants none of this.


  28. peter milburn says:

    It was a shame to see and hear the Premiers outburst against CNS and the FOI dept of it does not bode well for him in future elections if indeed he lasts that long in office.As I have said many times before he needs to curb his outbursts and anger towards those who criticise him as that comes with the job.I am not sure why this is so with him but there is definately something not right about these public outbursts and he must STOP doing this for the good of this country.I remember when our new present Governor came to Cayman that very first day and his tone was definately not fit for such a ceremony and one would have thought that he may have tried to ease down after that but it seems like that will not happen and I just wonder where his other Govt.members stand with all this.Might be the right time for some serious soul searching within their ranks to see what is the best way forward and maybe time for a CHANGE before too late?Cayman is and still will be a great place for all if and when we can find the right combination to run the country for the betterment of ALL and not just the chosen few.

    • Anonymous says:

       Words of wisdom Mr. Peter Milburn. I always look forward to your down to earth honest submissions. Do not let Big Mac silence you!

      • peter milburn says:

        Never happen as I say what I believe and believe what I say.I happen to LOVE this country and wish that others would do the same and lets just get on with making it a better place to live.This is not for me or for you this is for our kids and their kids and my grand kids and yours.Lets leave things in better shape than we found it after all it is their right for that to happen.

        • Anonymous says:

          Say what I beleive and beleive what I say.

          Is’nt that the same theory Mack uses in his daily rants and raves??????????

        • VirginiaLee says:

          God bless you Mr. Milburn and others like you who have lived here among us and who have contributed to these islands in various ways.

          Your contributions and love for the Cayman Islands and its people do not go unnoticed!

    • Anonymous says:

       Sorry Peter you are way off base on this one (sadly). McKeeva’s rant is nothing new and will have no impact on the people who repeatedly vote him into office. Have you ever been to one of his political meetings in West Bay? He’s got eternal loyalty from a couple of thousand of the most non-thinking gullible people you can imagine. 

      Remember when he was stripped of his ministry by the governor back in the 1990s? (First Cayman Bank scandal) His West Bay flock responded by holding a rally for him to demonstrate their unwavering faith in him. They played "Candle in Wind"; it was very touching in a perverse sort of way. 

      Saying stupid things and acting like an ass does not threaten him politically. If anything, it seems to strengthen his appeal to the drooling zombies that have been putting him into office for the last 30 years. 

      Here’s another cheery thought: Elio Solomon is waiting in the wings to take the throne when McKeeva runs out of gas. 

      Cayman is screwed. 

      • peter milburn says:

        Appreciate your words but cant blame a guy for loving this country and wanting the best for us all.We just have to keep hoping that common sense will rule again sometime soon.

        • peter milburn says:

          Just wanted to clarify that you cant blame a guy(ME)for loving this country and will do what ever is needed to get us back on the right track.It can be done if people will keep believing in themselves and not let $’s get in their way.

          • Anonymous says:

            Watch it Peter,

            Soon Mack will be taxing the Dive industry in order to silence you.

            I hope you still have status in your land of birth because Mack may soon be making legislation to return you to your place of origin.

    • DMA says:

      Any political leader in the Western hemisphere would have been asked to resign after such a public threat. And he would have to as there would be to much pressure coming from other parties and the media. No party could withstand that pressure if they wanted to get "funding" from their citizens in the future.

      Banana anyone !?

    • Brad says:

      Apparently Dwayne and Ellio have some outburst and anger problems as well. Stress must be

      It is very sad

    • Anonymous says:

      Dont mess with the Dicktator Peter.

    • peter milburn says:

      Just wanted to say that I see President Obama just signed a Freedom of the Press agreement into law.Hopefully our Premier will see how important this is for people who consider themselves part of the Free world.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Mac’s party members are too coward to deal with him and the PPM is now completely irrelevant and silent. If they didn’t abandon Chucky they could made a difference with the public march.

    Mac and his cronies were dead scared of Chucky’s march……Mac publicly admitted that he was scared and he even left the island because of it for what he called "security reasons"…….the rest of his puppets couldn’t stop talking about the march on the radio shows……clearly they were worried because they know how unpopular they have become in 12 short months.

    Now my guess is that this mess that we are in will be fixed via the work of the Special Prosecutor in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Remember SHN and the Cayman connections ??? Well the Special Prosecutor in the TCI has said that she may have to go beyond the shores of the TCI to seek justice and to access targets. Hmmmm……..could she be referring to the Cayman Islands ? Lets wait and see.

    I bet some people are nervous and stressed now.

    • Brad says:

      Soon the British will trample over democratic rights of people once again like it did in the Turks and Caicos, just because of foolish decisions the local politicians made whilst in power. Cayman we do not need this to happen to us

  30. yaman says:

    How interesting that a very simple and very reasonable FOI request is made, and it stirs up such a bitter reaction. If he had nothing to hide, this request would have been insignificant. Does he not realize that other countries do not wait until they are asked for certain details like this, but instead, they are automatically released on a monthly basis, in an effort to keep the people of a country informed!? There is clearly much to hide. On another note, if you have an issue with the media, you certainly do not go about it the way you did. Your behavior resembles how my 5 year old grand daughter acts when she can’t get candy.

    Mac, the people of these islands need to find a way to impeach you. Enough is enough.

  31. Macadvisor says:

    I have been feverishly working on a plan and I would like to run it by all of you.

    If we can subpoena and then destroy all of Cayman27 video, the plan would be to say that the Premier was misquoted.

    Mac likes newspapers, but paper is made from trees and he really said that he would be charging "good,good fees" and threatening jail time for anyone destroying trees, especially mangroves.

    Stop it XXXXX! Get your slimey hands off this keyboar#x%b# @ !!!!!

  32. J. Smith says:

     While I don’t question the importance or essentialness of free speech and FOI for an effective democracy to work, "freedom of information" is not the same as "gratuitous information." In many places where freedom of information is encoded in law, there are restrictions and requirements (including, in some cases, a fee structure) to be met to obtain such information. Similarly, information obtained by a news organization would be used in a different manner to information obtained by an individual for personal reasons. The Premier does make a point that the law should not encourage frivolous requests. The only objective way to discourage abuse of the law is to impose a fee structure. In this case, CNS queried the amount of travel the Premier does. In the big picture of events, I do wonder about the relevance of the question. Most management and leadership positions (private and public sector) generate a lot of travel. In fact, it is the nature of such jobs, and a fact of globalization. In an age of VTC and Skype, face to face conference is still the protocol for doing business negotiations at a leadership level. If a request is genuine, the person or organization making a request will not object to paying a fee to obtain that information.

     The internet, with its seemingly unlimited access to information, has fooled us into thinking that all information is (or should be) easily accessible and free. This is both impractical and unrealistic.

    Many organizations implement a "need to know" requirement for information sharing. This is a reasonable policy and is determined by the value of the information. (Not all information has the same disclosure or non-disclosure value.)

    This is, obviously, a very important and complex social issue. I did note that many of the people who have made comments online at CNS have chosen not to sign their own name to their words. Is that free speech? In my mind, free speech is not the same as hate speech. Free speech does not mean we can say what we want to say without consequence. That’s not free speech. That’s anarchy.

    I’ve added my voice to this discussion, because I believe that there is support for a more thoughtful approach.

    CNS: The Cayman Islands FOI law does allow for rejection on the grounds that the request is frivolous. It also allows for fees to be charged in some cases. Organisations might try to limit the information they give out on a "need to know" basis, but the FOI laws, at least in the UK and the Cayman Islands, very specifically do not. In most democratic countries, the schedule of the political leaders is well documented and this would have been an easy request to answer.

    For more on hate speech versus free speech, read this. More on FOI can be found here.

    • noname says:

      "Frivolous" request? You must not realize that he is a civil servant, and he works for US, the people of this country. If we want to know how many days he has been on/off island to see if he might be abusing his traveling ability (which he might have done), there is nothing wrong with that. As the other poster said, in other countries, elected members are not asked for thing slike this. You know why? Because it is given to the people WITHOUT request, to ensure transparency (which this government knows NOTHING about. Get wit the program here.

    • Dred says:

      I only ask but one question of you Mr/Mrs J Smith. Did you take over as media liason before or after Ellio stormed the radio station?

      We voted this XXX into office and our dollars are what he is spending. When he told the whole world we were broke we believed him. Well some of us did. So if we question the fact that he is galivanting all over the world we have a damn right to. Get it Got it Good!. Case Closed.

    • Anonymous... because I have to be says:

      You make a convincing argument against frivolous requests J. Smith and you’re correct in saying not all information received via the internet may be unbiased, or even correct.

      As many of us are, I notice you are a little apprehensive in giving your full name.  J. Smith is ok.  But… what if you said something that disagreed with our Premier?  Anonymous?  The reason for that is we’re not quite sure where this guy is coming from.  Can you actually blame us after what we are hearing from our leader?

      Let’s be realistic it is quite possible CNS poked a stick at him with regard to his travels just to see what his reaction would be.  Never the less, instead of giving it careful consideration and responding to the request with an affirmative he reacted in typical fashion.  Blaming the media, the FOI regime and of course, the previous government.  It began as a request for his travel statements not an opportunity to vent once again to the public about his personal preferences. 

      The statements attributed to him after wards were not made up they represent someone who appears to feel he can ram his own views down our throat.

      He could have remained silent.  Instead, in a lame attempt to bolster his views on dissent, he told us Freedom of Information was too expensive.  Excuse us?  Expensive? How many CFO’s are we paying within government to keep track of accounts> what are their salaries?

      The other question we find puzzling is what are his views and what is his stance as Premier on this fairly important issuance of information: Recent and up to date Government Accounts, considering the state of our finances. 

      Is he just as upset about THAT lack of information for us?  As he is about information on HIS travels?  Because in essence we don’t reallllly care where HE’S been.

      At this point in time after his latesttirade we’re concerned about where we’re going.

      That, "J. Smith" is the real problem. 

      Signed,  Anonymous because I have to be.

    • a nex j smith says:

      Come again?…you sure you na M. Bush? in another personality.

      People here remain anonymous because of fear of/and repurcussions (real or percieved) but more so "real’!..and even you must admit that "J. Smith" is a fairly safe name to use…it being reported as the most common name in the western world not too log ago.

      a nex j smith

    • Anonymous says:

      j smith …..

      ”This is, obviously, a very important and complex social issue. I did note that many of the people who have made comments online at CNS have chosen not to sign their own name to their words. ”

      Did you sign yours?  Mr.  or Mrs. J. Smith ……. seems like you didn’t engage brain before writing that comment….. you didn’t sign your either….. J. Smith could be anyone under the sun …………

    • Brad says:

      Hate speeches and blogs are necessary so that people will have the opportunity to refute them. I personally would like to know what my opponents think about a situation than trying to hush them and later being stabbed in the back.

      J. –  free speech, blogs, and commentaries have their purpose in a Democracy. Take it away and you have no progress, because believe it or not, we learn from our critics

  33. Premier:  If you censor speech in any way whatsoever, you are not only censor error, but the Truth from being able to correct erroneous comments and blogs!

    You must be really stressed!  I can’t see how you would want to censor the press and people from sharing their own opinions. And the benefits of traveling must be your god, in order for you to attack the FOI request. I mean, McKeeva, you really need to look into yourself and find God. If you attack people for what they say, you also attack the good "gospel of truth" you claim to believe in!

  34. Anonymous says:

    So where are the expenditures. XXXXX How do we impeach this guy? Can the parliment take him out. Vote of non-confidence? We know his own cronies are absolutely terrified of him even Iilio Soloman is no where to be seen. Has it ever happened here? Please comment. We have to stop crabing and start acting to remove this XXXXX.

  35. Fair enough says:

    Since has a "News and Media" section, I assume the UDP will be paying the $100,000 fee as well.

  36. Are you Mugabe in disguise? says:

    This is terrifying Michael Misick stuff.  Will he implement this plan – of course he can’t, even MacMisick knows that, but his now made the threat "Speak out against me and I will make your life hell".  Yes he can’t throw website owners and newspaper editors in jail, he has less power than Mugabe in that regard, but we all know how things can be made difficult here – licences, work permits, applications before boards stuffed with UDP reps, etc. 

    And that is what this crazy rant was about and why it was all the more terrifying – because the threat underneath it was real, very real.

    • Joshua says:

      The day he do the  "Michael Misick stuff" is the day you know he does not have his country at heart. He is willing to have the Brits take us over without the people’s consent. It would be a sad day indeed for Cayman, and the UK will be happy to get their hands on our finances

  37. yaman says:

    EPIC FAIL thanks to Big Mac. My transition when moving to Cuba will be easier after all. I’ll be used to dictatorship and censorship by the time I get there, thanks to him. Maybe next election season you will be smarter Cayman, and stop voting this XXXXXX in. In an unfortunante sense, we got what we deserved because we helped get him to where he is today. ANd look how he thanks us by tryin to remove civil liberties. so cool

  38. Jah Help Us All says:

    Let it be known that any member who supports this future bill of Mac’s, will likely NOT see their day in politics again. This is the last straw, and the public will not trust anyone enough who supports it, to be re-elected. So do yourselves a favor and if/when the time comes to vote on it, veto. Or else kiss politricks goodbye. I for one could NEVER support anyone who feel this is a wise decision. Ya dun know Cayman…serious times, serious times!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush….your XXXXXX amazes more for every day that you’re our "leader." As I sat and listened to your speech and the way you answered questions, I really did feel ashamed to be Caymanian. Your poor attitude, bad grammar, and snide remarks make you unfit to be a leader. You are by no means, a top class act, and that is who we need to be leading us! Sadly, we voted you in…..but please remember that we put you in, and we can also get you out. If YOU loved our country and it’s people, you would not be attempting to take away basic rights.

    You say the people who post on here have no love for Cayman. Hey, XXXX, that exactly why we post….because we love this place. We are concerned enough for our country that we take time out of our schedules to comment (and argument if need be) to voice our opinions. People do not speak passionately about things which they do not care about.

    Cayman put your feet down…enough is enough!!!

    PS….I will be running for office next term, as I am SURE that I can do a better job. Ah hell, I think my 17 year old child could do a better job.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Rise up Cayman! Many on this blog are quick to comment and give there opinions, but we as a people (Caymanians and non Caymanians alike), must rise up and stand for what we believe in. We must DO SOMETHING! I live in democracy called the Cayman Islands, where we are granted the basic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I do not live in Cuba, or China, or any other country where the government attempts to control what people hear or see in such a way that it jeopardizes what Western society has come to call it’s basic freedoms.

    What Mr. Bush is attempting to do is to stomp out entities which oppose him. Criticism is an element which as a politician, you must learn to handle in a mature, skillful and well educated manner. Not attempt to silence your critics by using your power to silence them.

    If Mr. Bush had any ounce of XXXX, he would understand that it is FAR more beneficial to have a positive relationship with the press/media. Believe it or not, the media has more power than any single politician. The media have the ability to sway public opinion and stir up the masses, and many leaders have been done under by this.

    If this threat becomes law, it will be a truly sad day for Cayman, and will mark the beginning of a new era. An era which I am not sure I want to remain in Cayman to see. An era of even greater stupidity, tyranny, intimidation, and poor leadership, just to name a few. And you see Cayman, THIS is why independence is such a poor idea. Until we can autonomously run our own country in the way it should be run, by electing CAPABLE representatives, this country better pray that we remain a British Territory. I can only hope that mother England intervenes and stops this before it is too late.

    CNS, we are all proud of you. The work you do is outstanding. You deliver news speedily, and accurately. Thank you for also giving us the ability to have open discussions on this forum, as it’s truly liberating and empowering. Do not be intimidated by those who seek to use their power againstthe greater purpose of good. The power of a country, lies within its people, not a lone politician. We are behind you!


    A concerned, disgusted, yet hopeful Caymanian.


    • sandra says:

      Dear blogger

      I agree with everything you say – except 10%


      "Intervention by England" would be a very unwise thing to want for these Islands, because as soon as you say we have Democracy, they will impose their interest upon us! If the Premier does not stop, he will make it easier for this to happen to us. We do not want the pendullum to swing Indepedence or full British Rule, because either way would be a threat to our "democratic representation" as a people!

      Note: The UK can’t even run their government without the stink of corruption in Parliament – How much more us???

      We need to stop looking for "Mother" (who is not a good one) for the solution of our problems, and start working out our own problems here in Cayman Islands as mature people.

      If we have a dictator – Simple: VOTE HIM OUT! LET US EXERCISE OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS! 


      • Aaron says:

        Me and my whole crew agree with you 100%

        I always tell people to be careful what they pray for

  41. Anonymous says:

    i demand an official response from Duncan Taylor on mckeeva’s outrageuos statements

  42. Pastor Deduchy says:

    It is time for the Governor or the new Foreign Office team to make a sharp pointed statement about this and put this little tin pot in his place.


  43. lone ranger says:

    READING THIS STORY  i havecome to conclusion that this is been worked on in cabinet  the reason why i say this is he already what the fees will be and if they are not paid it is a three month sentence if he had his way.  remember the words he used about the A G if he had his way he would be gone long time  . i realy wonder what would have happen if CNS had requested how much money was spent for him and his cronies.. cns how do i apply for that information,i would like to know, because we was bankrup at that time

    CNS: The FOI has been made already.

  44. GT Ninja says:

    Try it McKeeva.

    Messing with CNS will only hasten the last nail in your political coffin.

    Jeez. I can’ believe we still have 3 more years of this cow pie.

    3 looooong… agonizingly painful and oppressive, backward years!

    We seriously need to rethink our electoral process.

    I hope next election we can sing, "Hit the road Mac! And don’t you come back no more, no more, no mooooooore!"

    STOP VOTING FOR THIS MAN. We need new and intelligent blood in the political arena! I don’t care they you are born Caymanian or Status Holders. I just want someone who graduated from school who has the best interest of the citizens and the future of the islands at heart.

    I want to live in the Cayman Islands…NOT the Iran Islands!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Can we do a FOI on the First Cayman Bank and Bush’s involvement.


  46. Anonymous says:

    Can one of Mac’s puppets sit him down and explain to him what the internet actually is and what the information age means and also how they work.

    You can no longer hide McDinejad. This is the information age !!!!

    And the more you open your big mouth the worse it is for us……because you are not the brightest bulb in the room !!!! so please zip it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly – my goodness, what in the hell have we allowed to fester? The world is laughing, we look stupid, petty, communistic with a soon to become dictatorship parliament. That went out in the 1940’s as far as my recollection of history and modern day perspectives. I’m scared! 

    • anonymous says:

      The government is facing the most significant delemna in our history. A significant revenue shortfall caused by global conditions coupled with huge fixed costs and massive capital projects underway. There are no easy solutions and none without huge consequencies.

      The stress is clearly showing but mistakes have to be pointed out.

      What is most dissapointing though is the glee and happiness some people seem to take. Unfortunetaly In our new 2 party political system (that everybody else is moving away from), the supporters of the party not in power always seem to want to see the government of the day fail. 

      The problem with this situation – is that if the government in power fails (whichever one it is) then we all fail. The country fails.

      By all means point out the mistakes, but doing things to bring the govt of the day down, well thats just small minded and truly unpatriotic.      


  47. Anonymous says:

    Here’s Johnny – all that is missing is the axe !

    Mac you have lost the plot  must be all the hours you spend at high altitude jetting here and there its addled your brain – though I guess its going to take more than oxygen to sort you out as the damage is clearly permanent – 

    You chose to put yourself in the spotlight – if you cant stand the heat then resign , you use the media when it suits and now because people are asking reasonable questions about how much time you are off on jaunts-  You clearly have a serious sense of self importance and they do say pride becomes before a fall – 

    you keep preaching on about being a good christian well a true christian does not behave in the way you do 

    Another point technology is a wonderful thing and the web is truly worldwide do you think if you shut CNS down it wont comeback bigger and stronger – also do you think we’ll allow you to do that in the first instance – think again 

  48. whodatis says:


    200+ comments so far…

    A bit ironic wouldn’t you say Mac?

    (It is a new day. The common and everyday perspective have been thrown into the mainstream today more than ever before the world over – all thanks to the internet. People are waking up. Look at what is taking place in America and Europe right now – even China. The old school elites have truly gotten their panties in a bunch.)

    I’m lovin’ it.

    When one tallies up the scandals of the past, the forthcoming ones and this most recent shameful attack – it is clear … the verdict is in … the people have spoken – Mac has simply gotta go.

    • Anonymous says:

      and he still believes there are only a handful of bloggers against the many that support his views..How delusional.

      If you have something to hide attack is the best form of defence.. how true is that in many instances recently?

      and no I am not PPM or UDP just a very concerned resident.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Mac put a muzzle on CNS. The only thing worst than a transparent Auditor General is freedom of speech and information. Shut the whole thing down and while you’re at it, no facebook, twitter, myspace or any other medium that divulges undiluted information.

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t that sound a bit reminiscent of, oh, say, good ol’ Cuba? And what political scheme do they follow? Intranet here we come 😀

      p.s. Great picture choice, CNS

  50. Anonymous says:

    did-dums McKeeva – will you cry next???  His reaction to this reasonable request is just ridiculus… he is an embarrassment to this country!!  

  51. whalrus says:


    HERE’S A NEW POLL you can start 

    Should controversal bloggers or commentators be censored or punish for their blogs or comments?

    A. Yes 100% – certain speech is in the way of the country’s development

    B. It wouldn’t matter to censor or punish them, they’ll keep on blogging

    C. No – it would be infringing people’s freedom of speech

    D. Not quite sure where the Premier is coming from or going

    *I wonder what will be the poll’s ratings 🙂

  52. Anonymous says:

    This is a very nice photo of Mac. It looks like  Mac is saying "Give me back my burger!. I’m not kidding. I want my burger back!

  53. One of the Hornets says:

    BZZZZZZZZZZ  this has certainly stirred up the nest

  54. Civil Servant says:

    CNS…I want to thank you for all that you do.  You asked a valid FOI question regarding McKeeva’s travel expenses.  Does he not know his trip to Asia and Europe last year was openly criticised by the people of this country? 

    Myself and collegues appreciate this blog, because it offers a place to discuss what’s on our minds without repurcussions.  I simply wish the Premier could handle criticism as a real leader, as that is what every politican signs up for.  If he can’t handle it, he should step down.  He acts little a spoiled baby anytime someone challenges him versus someone of integrity and leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Bush is so thin-skinned.  Why did he ever get into politics, if he can’t take criticism?  It is appalling to read his comments about slapping "fees" on sites like CNS and other media.  Someone should explain "freedom of the press" to him.

  55. Kane Mann says:

    This is a another nail in the coffin for us if the Premier is allowed to get away with this kind of nonsense. The UN and other suchagencies would love to take on this "dictator in themaking." we have enough other troubles to now come across as suppressing press freedom or trying to charge them outrageous fees. Agreed that the press can be an embarrasment to us, but similarly so is the Premier with these rants. Not to mention a number of his corrupt cronies and government depts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I LOVE YOU TO DEATH Mack but this time  you have slipped as cns is the best way to know the true gut feelings of people. I would rather 100 times to see you in that position than most of others, what you needed was a good Deputy and some more of your type and better boards. I know that you must be frustrated. Dont loose your soul over politics as Jesus will soon come and remember that politicians are not going to be in that race its impossible.UDP and PPM need to get along for the sake of the country and for your souls. Alot of you are good people from both parties, please lets be friends and not make war. You all will regret it at your funerals, thats usually the time when it comes back to haunt you. I have been burnt too by politicians  but I AM NOT GOING TO LET NOBODY KEEP ME FROM GODS KINGDOM.

    • BORN FREE says:

      These disgraceful dictatorial threats against the press have now reached the international press. How embarrassing! This reflects terribly on all of us, on all of Cayman. It is very sad what one bad person can do to a country.

  56. Twyla Vargas says:

    I know  should stay out of this, because  I am sitting on the edge on the frying pan, and which ever way I land I going get fried.

    Anyway una know me fe speaking mi mind.  I must confess to say that I hold the uttermost respect for Nicky Watson,  and CNS and I think she is a very fair person.

    Now,  what ever it was that ticked off this request  of the  Premier, I do not know, but being that I find favour with both of them I hope they can fix things in a sensible way.  Everyone is so up-tight these days that if you breath hard a mental  atomic bomb begins to ring.  Calm down, calm down and do not be confirmed to the trials of this world.

    • Wanna be Dred says:

      Let me be honest here. I am not a fan of Big Mac. I loved what he did during Ivan but honest with the exception of the new hospital project HATE every other move. Without fail this man is falling apart at the seems and taking us all down with him. I am also not a fan of Kurt as he too is a mess.

      Let’s also be clear. There is no compromise of FOI. Freedom of Information allows for transparency and when people try to stop FOI it generally means something is not right. I say GENERALLY.

      Big Mac is no good guy. NO GREAT LEADER. He’s an opportunist. He’s not exactly the smartest cooky in the box but has a good deal of intelligence and street smarts.

      He hates Transparency. It means answering questions he would not want to answer because he has no logical answers for them. Why would I say he hates transparency? Well let’s look at his slate so far.

      1) Auditor General – We had an AG who meddled into all projects and pissed off the MLAs. It’s his job and no CIG likes their AG because of this. All mistakes are blown up. Big Mac however is the first LOGB who made a point to get rid of an AG all seemingly because of his meddling. A good AG is never liked by any government but he makes for a transparent governement.

      2) Freedom of Information – The premise of FOI is to allow for transparency. Big Mac is now twarting the FOI and attacking it. Why?

      3) News Media – News media also ads to transparency because they have the resources to find the information that we the people can not. They bring this information to the people to inform them so they can make their own minds up. In the past we have seen the premier attack Cayman Net News (CNN) and now Cayman News Service (CNS). While CNN was not exactly the most liked or trusted service they did offer good angles and commentary to encourage thought. CNS likewise brings interesting articles and things to the foreground for its readers. Unlike CNN, CNS offers it’s viewers the ability to provide feedback on thesearticles. This feedback is essentially the voice of the people, the voice of the voters and Big Mac wants this to go away. He does not want the people who voted with or against him to have a say simply because some of the things said may provoke thought in his followers (otherwise known as sheep or zombies).

      There are many things that disturb me in the Cayman Islands besides our obvious problems. We have corruptions amongst our highest figures. We have preferential treatment given to a select few. We have the almighty Lodge that operates in the background dictating our future that no one wants to speak about.

      Let us not forget the Elections and what happened during them. We saw voter tampering in GT and I dare ask if anything has been done a year later? Is it reasonable to say it takes 1 calendar year to determine what so many saw to bring a hearing on it? Is it reasonable to say this is being swepted under the rug by RCIP and others since it’s their responsibility to bring forth a case? What about BT and the candidates who should not even be seated? Why did the AG allow this to go forward knowing full well the LAW of the country was broken? Is he not the last line of defense for the Laws of the Country? To me I see him failing us but I must ask why? And why is no one else asking why?

      People we are moving fast towards a very slippery slope. I see and I’m scare that in the not too far future the case for Indepence will be brought up again. I see the UK giving us serious problems and Big Mac bringing that case forward. I feel we are being set up for something we are not prepared to deal with.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re right Twyla – don’t mind the thumbs down 

      People do need to calm down. He was talking about false reporting and made some statements. But no one should blow this matter out of proportion. He has not yet tabled and made a law against the media, and already he is the devil

      I know the PPM fans will enjoy fanning the flames on this one. It is a revengeful act against the UDP because the PPM were branded by the Premier to be the ones responsible for the country’s economic downturn by their spending spree

      Politics and Politrix attempts to fan the flames

  57. Anonymous says:

    So as I think about it….if Mac’s expense reports were properly filed monthly as is usually the requirement (and for good financial accounting practice) then it shouldn’t take HIM any time – it should be easily accessible in the system somewhere….makes me wonder how the due diligence is going…..

  58. Anonymous says:

    Mac the quack! Hey, that is quite catchy…. LOL.

    All I can do is shake my head and laugh. The reason he does not like CNS and its "bloggers" is because it shows that there are actually people out there that don’t like him. And heaven forbid someone not like him!

  59. Anonymous says:

    if you goin on like dis over da paper….imagine if it were those annoying dudes taking all sorts of personal pictures.     lol

    you really need to chill out dude. smoke supm n pop a top again.  lol

    look ya wife in the eye n tell her you love her.

    aight!!!!! we cool now……

  60. Anonymous says:

    You tell them Mac! It’s about time the old Mac Attack was brought back!

  61. Anonymous says:

    Speaking as an independent voter, our Premier threatening to shut down irritating elements of the media with punishing fees – coupled with talk of large fines and mandatory prison sentences – really makes me wonder if he is suffering under the strain, poor chap. What next : the stocks? In my opinion, we do have talented, competent individuals in our political ranks, and perhaps the UDP (as for the PPM) should start thinking about a change in top leadership at some point for the good of the country. And what about those Independents? Time to start a third party? Look where the LibDems in the UK ended up – sat round a cabinet table as ministers in a coalition government! Beyond their wildest dreams a week ago I should have thought. Creative politics aside, one thing’s for sure, trying to muzzle free speech and the freedom of the press  is destined to do far more harm to this country than anything a number of arguably raving nutcases spending way too much time contributing to blogs could ever do. Please : no thumbs down (at least in any great numbers). I get depressed for a week every time it happens!Thank you, fellow free-speechers.

  62. Anonymous says:

    So is it true that the UDP has called an emergency meeting with their Premier to discuss his "reprehensible behaviour" ?

    Any UDP member care to respond ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Collectively, there’s still not enough b*lls among them to stand up to the "Premier". 

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard that an emergengy meeting was called by the UDP but Big Mac refused to attend & told them that if they do not like it they should leave! But we all know that there is not one man (or woman) in the UDP that got the balls to stand up to him. They are a bunch of cowards that have to tow the line (Big Mac’s line)

    • Anonymous says:


      It would be nice they put Mike Adams in his place. They could have a no confidence vote in their own party.

  63. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    The picture "says it all" or "a picture is worth a 1000 words"…..

    Freedom of expression for the CNS wonderful citizen, expat and voter comment section which allows people to express their opinions and search for the truth.

    Press on CNS


  64. harvey says:

    I dread to see the day when we come under British Rule!  Our elected officials, our finances and books taken over by them; moreover, our people’s voices undermined. It will be like jumping from one pan of hot water to a next pan of hot water. If Mac keeps it up and not focus on recovering the economy and allowing the Press to be, taxes will be imposed on us in no time!  I am dissapointed that BBC catched his notorious rhetoric against the media. The media is the last people on earth, you want to be against! 

  65. Baldy Fan says:


    You should see what Baldric has made of that picture.



  66. Anonymous says:

    The results of McDinejad’s reign and many blunders are as follows :

    1.  He has demonstrated over and over again that we are not mature enough politically to prepare for and seek independence from our mother country (at least not as long as he is in politics in Cayman)……can you imagine what would happen if we didn’t have the UK as a check and balance on him;

    2.  He has undermined any potential post-recession recovery of our financial services and tourism industries. (Financial Service providers and tourists don’t rush to destinations that threaten freedom of speech & freedom of the press) and Mac will learn this soon;

    3.  He has officially relegated our beloved Cayman Islands to banana republic status and the so called educated members of his party just sit there like puppets and do nothing. Don’t any of them have children and grandchildren ??; and

    4.  He has embarrassed his country and all of us as Caymanians that we couldn’t do better than this in electing a political leader for our country. He has in 12 short months completely destroyed our credibility.

    Shame, shame, shame. Its time to act Cayman !!!!

  67. Anonymous says:

     While he might not play well with others … He is getting the job done. 

    Are we on the white paper? : YES

    CNS Why did you not report on when he said during the questions that the issue he had with these blogs is when it becomes detrimental to the islands. When because of how it was reported of a MLA’s Arrest ; he had to defend Cayman as a tourist destination when in NY people are asking him if its true MLAs are beating up tourists.  and he had to tell them no Cayman is a safe destination. 

    People Tourism affects us all. And while  he might not been the most polished in stating his point -and came off as ranting… the truth still remains IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM 

    Are Civil Servants getting paid: YES even though it might be a little less

    Come on people he wasn’t elected to be your best friend… he was elected to take us out of debt and make sure our interests are represented abroad.

    and NO i am not MAC… I don’t work for him or Gov’t for that matter.  

    I am just a citizen that can look through the hype and see the truth.  Like he said… next time they want that information CALL him he would have provided it.

    My 2c

    • Anonymous says:

      The MLA in question should not have gone down to a tourists hotel & provoked a fight. How can Mac defend such actions? The antics of some of the UDP elected government is an embarassment to our country, & this recent attack on the press by the premier simply sums it all up! 

    • Anonymous says:


      If certain members of the UDP can’t control their own natures:


      My question is, who will the young people of this country look up too???

      The UDP party is suffering from an ETHICAL delemma. It’s own members can not morally control themselves.


    • Anonymous says:

      The MLA should have resigned after the incident. Then Mac wouldn’t have to make excuses. Remember, it is questionable whether the MLA should have been elected in the first place. What does puzzle me, however, is that MLAs constantly say they have no say with the police. Yet when its crunch time and, if the marl road is correct, the police certainly assisted this MLA.

      Integrity. Such an uncommon trait these days, I thought I would print the meaning – being honest and having strong moral principals; moral uprightness. 


    • Anonymous says:

      People seem to ask our Premier the strangest questions. Do you remember that he cancelled Pirate’s Week because people were asking him if we had pirates in the Cayman Islands?

      He cannot remove John John, as even the Courts have refused to move him, so to make the best of a bad situation he could have John John fight Charles "The Killa" Whittaker in a World Championship fight during the upcoming Budget Debate.

  68. islandman says:

    Sad times for Cayman!

    Thank God we are still a part of the UK/EU!…otherwise Macdinijad would go through with these treats…like other Dictators do.

    Thanks CNS…from a born ya caymanian

  69. Anonymous says:

    What Mr. Bush needs to do is sit down with his Granny wit attitude and learn how to repersent his self and country instead of coming off like a angry person all of the time. Thats not how a repersentative carrys his/her self but then agian these days these people we have in the LA dont same like they know how to act of behave there self always looking attention.

  70. Merl says:

    if he is trying to muzzle CNS  who are doing a great job and service by the way, for the blogging that is being done. He would he control sites such as Yahoo,MSN, Twitter, Facebook, myspace etc. Blogging is occuring on those sites as well…….Mac how are you going to do that?

    I also would like to know if anyone is really advising him on what to say at these breifings as the one yesterday felt like he was scolding his grandkids or something, instead of talking about pertinenet current issues such as the government pay cuts and layoffs etc!!

  71. Anonymous says:

    This man is exhibit A for Cayman not being anywhere near ready for independence.

    Can you imagine if McKeeva Bush answered to no one and had an army and police force under his control? He would be a hundred times worse than this. 






  72. Anonymous says:

    Come on CNS, how do you expect our leaders to rob us blind and cover up their incompetence if you keep asking all these questions. Freedom of the press and freedom of information just ruins a good dictatorship.

  73. Raffaele says:

     A Bad Day at Black Rock and a Govt run by Secrecy.

    Transparency and freedom of information are said to be the true enemies of Corruption within governments it enables and puts the common citizens at par or on equal ground and ensures fair play for all concerned. The problem with Cayman is this place has been managed so long without these basic pillars of a true democratic system, that it has now become a painful and cumbersome constraint to progress and in our case economic recovery and prosperity. The Premier response is a demonstration of this old belief of how things should be done. Some believe as most governments including our ruling power that knowledge in the hands of the powerful few is both advantageous and desirable for good government, this instills a sense of loyalty and duty to those who hold true power. The future is reshaping and advancing these changes to our Socio-economic programs and concepts and even beliefs, very rapidly some positive and some negative effects depending on what side you are looking or receiving these changes. Technology is a medium for change or by which changes maybe effected or in our case created. These things are not new however and our politicians love to talk these things yet they have very little understanding of what they mean or what their capabilities are. What i am saying in a nut shell to you McKeeva Bush is please get with the program listen to advice and work along with us in this positive change it will make you a more accountable and responsible leader and Premier. Those powerful self serving interest you have advising and whispering in your ear are still hanging on to past but yet they want to own the future they are the true enemies of our recovery and prosperity for all. My advice to you is CNS is a pulse to alot of people who reside in the Cayman Islands don’t mess with it  and all who blog on here learn not to take ourselves too serious at times you should do the same, its also good outlet for many frustrations in our society.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Why should the media not pay higher fees?

    We all are paying higher fees, and CNS or any other media should pay their fair share too.

    • Anonymous says:

       Media organizations already pay their "fair share" in fees and duties.  What McKeeva Bush is talking about is punishing media organizations that criticize him.  That is not fair, but criminal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually we are all paying higher fees so the Govt will have more money to squander. And repression of free speech comes in many forms and this is one method. And I wonder if the recent trip to Cuba by members of Govt was to learn better how to repress freedom of speech?


    • Anonymous says:

      No one saying that the media shouldn’t pay higher fees…..perhaps they should…….but he has singled out CNS and Cayman Net News….can’t you see the wrong in that or are you one of his spin doctors ??

    • Daaaaaaaa says:

      $100,000 Anonymous 13.44. Are u mad? CNS has two employees!

      Any licence fee over that amount would far surpass any other licences other than those in the financial community.

      In any event Jail time only comes with criminal offences not civil offences. Now this is all over the BBC and international press this can only harm the reputation of our islands. Over 70% of the population say he is doing a terrible job and he should go. XXXXX

      • Anonymous says:

         Oh father…. thank you… thank you so much… I needed that laugh like you wouldn’t believe. 2 employees… tree brain… Ryan…. trying not to wet pants.. hooo haaaa

    • Anonymous says:

      Many people may be unaware that current broadcasters (along with the rest of the telecom industry) must pay what is essentially a gross receipts tax of 6% to the ICTA, which it passes most of that amount collected along to the Ministry of Communications to be used for various things, including paying for Radio Cayman’s shortfall (which, incidentally, is also supposed to pay its 6%, but has not for some time… for whatever reason).

      • ICTA audit called for says:

         Okay "unaware" I hope the new AG looks at the books and that 6% ICTA operating tax/duty.  I used to work for one of our large telecoms and can tell you that millions of minutes a month were "bought" by the public (in top-up minutes), but the user rate was half.  Something smells and I think it is being laundered, but here is a good place to see if that "operator dut"y is really being submitted or is it just what the companies volunteer?  A very good audit to start with.  

    • Anonymous says:

      And where should the fees be allocated? Cover travel expenses?

  75. Michael Mouse says:

    Why am I being picked on?  Why can’t I ask about things?

    In my magic kingdom, if we need to describe something as outrageous fantasy we say it is a "MacKeeva Bush" plan. 

  76. South Sounder says:

    Dear Mr Mac.Hitler


    Do you really think behaving like a tin pot dictator is going to solve any problems….I’m beginning to wonder if instead of Impeachment, we should XXXXXX.

    If you continue to threaten the very people you claim to represent, XXXXXX.

    Grow up, do the job you were elected to do and stop behaving like a spoilt 5 year old…your behavior is shameful and embarrassing to the gentle folk of the Caymans and laughable to the rest of the world……engage brain before mouth in future or just put your foot in it.

    PS Wendy you now have more support from the readers, than Mac Lunatic does from his party and WE ARE PROUD OF YOU…truth and freedom will always triumph.


  77. anonymous says:

    "I man born ya!" MacKeeva never in my life have I been so embarrass.  Wha do you Man!!  Why is it you are so angry with the Press, when you are always using the Press to tell your Nancy Stories to your people.  The Blogs are good for the people of Cayman, it allows them to express themselves in an otherwise Socialistic situation.  The FOI is important to everyone and for the Islands, what are your issues with it you say?  MacKeeva please stop embarrassing your people and get on with the job at hand.  Nicky you do not let MacKeeva Bush threathen your  business.  Remember you can sue him and the Government.  Get your lawyers ready.  He is too out of order!!!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Mac you are a Civil Servant.

    You work for us.

    Now shut up and do your job !

  79. Anonymous says:

    One pick up by an international organization, a few more coming (inside source!).  I hope the UK <b>doesn’t allow"</b> us to borrow more money.  Maybe then we can get Mac out of office.  He has served zero purpose thus far.  Oh wait, he does have that nice new wall around his house, which I am sure costs more than all FOI requests put together.

    • Shamrock says:

      It looks like the BBC Caribbean used an old photo of Mac from his ‘larger’ days. I wonder if he’ll try to fine them for that too! Lol!

  80. Person says:

    Reading this news actually brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe that this is what the leader of this country has brought us to. He is an utter disgrace and I am glad that this story has gained INTERNATIONAL coverage. Try to shut them up Mr. Bush!

    You should be very ashamed of yourself and I hope that your advisors will impart some words of wisdom – knock some sense into you. This is a democratic society – REMEMBER THAT- because I sincerely doubt that the people of this country want to live in Burma. We live in a country called the Cayman Islands and I don’t think we will all stand for this despotic behaviour.

    You should be encouraging and fostering RESPONSIBLE journalism. If they get the facts wrong – correct them but, DO NOT threaten to muzzle them. It is foolish and it is wrong!

  81. Shame On You says:

    “What good is it?” he asked rhetorically, “everyone knows I need to travel. … I am not going to shirk my responsibility.”

    WOW!  Mr Bush are you so ignorant you aren’t aware that this is the one question the people you supposedly represent have been wanting an answer to since you came into office?  For your information, we actually think you are travelling more than you need to.  Furthermore, we don’t just want to know when and where, more importantly we want to know the cost to us, and whether you tried at all to mitigate the countries ever-expanding losses by flying economy… bet you didn’t did you?

    The premier said if the media in question didn’t pay these new fees, if he had his way they would be fined and then go to jail for at least three months.

    He also went on to criticise the blogs extensively and said they were not good for the countryand the people posting on CNS had no love for the Cayman Islands as they were causing it to suffer.

    I’ve been wondering, but now I realise he has lost the plot.  I think you’ll find Mr Bush that most of these ‘bloggers’ on CNS have a passionate love for Cayman and that’s why they so passionately speak their minds here on CNS – because its the only place where we can make our voices heard – It seems blatantly obvious to all that you are not in the remotest bit interested in your electorates views, which I honestly feel seem more sensible and reasoned than your own!

  82. grannieK says:

    I feel sad that the Premier McKeeva Bush has reacted to the blogs, reports, and request of the media.

    It is a bad omen for the country that our leader appears XXXXXX. I hope the BBC report does not negatively impact our beautiful Islands or that the UK decides to come in and undermine our basic human rights

    I am very scare now and feel sorry to have even contributed on CNS. I feel like I have added fuel to the fire. I hope that the Premier puts God first in his life, the people too, and continue his work for the country.

    People no matter what, let us pray for our leaders

    • Anonymous says:

      grannieK, you should not feel like you have ‘added fuel to the fire’, you should be happy you live in a society where you can express yourself.  Many people in the world are oppressed and do not enjoy the basic human rights we do in Cayman.  You should feel sad and pray for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should you feel sorry?  In a real democracy EVERYONE has a voice, not just the supposed "leaders".

    • Anonymous says:

      How sad for you that Macinnajid’s tactics are worked on you!

    • VirginiaLee says:

      Dear grannieK:

      God has blessed us in this country to enjoy some very basic human rights, one of which is free speech.  You ought to never feel ashamed of this gift. 

      I would agree that we ought to feel thoroughly ashamed (even embarassed) of hasty, impulsive and irrational words whether spoken by ourselves or others, yet the freedom to speak what is on one’s heart is a human right that we cannot voluntarily give away. 

      Never forget that even God loves us so much that He gave us the freedom to choose our own way.  He never imposes (forces, if you will) His will upon us though it hurts Him to see many choose the broad road leading to destruction.


  83. Anonymous says:

    “What a horrible, pitiful, shameful, poor example mckeeva bush is!” I am shaking and hanging my head in disbelief and sorrow that my beautiful Islands have come to this man at the helm. What a shame, what a "sham" he is.  

  84. Anonymous says:

    "Does anybody heard anything from the Opposition? Are they agreeing with those positions?"

    I am sure that the opposition is LTAO, why should they speak up, we "will most of us!" elected this (—)… So, I am sure they are thinking "this is what you wanted – take what you get!"

  85. Anonymous says:

    Wonder who the one and two people are giving thumbs down to all these posts….   … ..

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      Mac and his wife.


      I can’t believe he doesn’t have his pals going thru and thumbing down everything!

      Soon come

  86. West Baya says:

    Woi! Nice pic Mr. Warren lol of our XXXXX Premier ROTFL

    You see what he does Cayman? When he can’t get his way; he would love to shut down FOI and CNS because reading this he knows what the people have to say, and guess what? He DOES NOT care.

    And the poor Governor wants us to beleive that the auditor general replacement was legit… PLU EASE!

    Why not question where he’s been traveling all year? When he claims that the country is so broke, maybe he should sit his XXX stil. I’m starting to think that everytime he opens that mouth of his, it costs the country $1

  87. Anonymous says:

    What a mess we are in. The UDP has a XXX leader and the PPM has a passive leader and neither party has a viable succession plan because it is Alden that has been leading the PPMfrom the # 2 position and made a mess of it and between Rolston and Julie it is difficult to determine which of the two is the best "follower"

    Hmmm……..NEXT !

  88. Anonymous says:

    "Lets roll" Chuckster !

  89. Anonymous says:

    So Nicky did you get his travel itinerary for the past year?

    Can you post it ? Did it come with $$ for each trip ?

    We the public would like to see where our money is being spent !!!!!

    Maybe I should request my own copy?!

    CNS: Yes I have it. We will, of course, do a story on the response and it will be posted at that time, never fear.

  90. O'Really says:

    Bush’s problem is not simply that he doesn’t like criticism in public through CNS or any other media outlet. His is at least as concerned that he can’t find out who anonymous posters are and therefore he cannot bully them into silence. If he can’t shut them up, then he will try to close the portal through which they communicate. If successful, this would be censorship of the highest order.

    I wonder what the FCO makes of this latest example of his dictatorial nature?

    Just for BigMac’s consumption, I would gladly pay a subscription to CNS if this was needed to allow them to stay in business. Some freedoms are not just worth fighting for, they are worth paying for!

    CNS: We don’t believe a subscription service would work but donations are always gratefully received!

  91. Anonymous says:

    i used to think that CNS was a legitmate news outlet – but now it seems to be a sensationalist blog aimed at all the ‘ranters’ out there, who get to post their opinions as if they are facts. 

    I guess the rants translate into hits which translate into $$, which is more important than integrity.

    I don’t condone Mac’s tantrum – but ‘that’s what you get CNS’.


    • Anonymous says:

      You should try to get your head out of your XXX!

      Your statement: "I don’t condone Mac’s tantrum – but ‘that’s what you get CNS’"

      Are you for real???? How could you NOT condone or even be embarrassed by his atrocious behavior??!! I am surprised that this type of dictatorial bullying is completely acceptable to you! Your post speaks volumes about your level of thinking….it would have been better for you to shut up!

      You just wait until McKeeva is finished his destructive work on this country and ultimately, all its people (you included)!

      Only then will you be regretting that idiotic statement!

      CNS is not the one who should be ashamed. Shame on YOU idiot!


      • Caypolitics Truthseeker says:

        The previous writer states that they do NOT condone. Perhaps you are confusing condoning with condeming?

        Condone – forgive or overlook, approve or sanction.

        Condemn – express utter dissapproval of, censure

        Source: Concise OED.

  92. Anonymous says:

    CNS you’re obviously causing too much "RUCKUS" for McDinejad…….you are a "RABBLE ROUSER"……lmfao !!!

    You must be wukkin with The Chuckster.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that so many people are expressing surprise at McKeeva. Goes to show really how short our memories are. He did the same thing when he was in charge last time…..from 2001- 2004. He tried to shut down Net News by passing an order in Cabinet prohibiting all government departments and agencies from advertising in Cayman Net News. Did we forget the XXXX too ? We must have if we go by the last election results. Think we can take 3 more years of this. OBVIOUSLY NOT……we can’t afford it…..there is too much at risk. The PPM warned the country but they say that in a democracy a country gets the government it deserves……in other words the government they voted for.

    • harvey says:

      The PPM warned us, but they failed us too!  We need a house with independent thinkers who are not influences by party affiliation

      • Anonymous says:

        The worst aspects of the PPM pale in comparison the current UDP administration. They are not only incompetent but really dangerous.  Wishing that we had recall provisions in our Constitution.  

  94. Anonymous says:

    Ooops – Seems the gloves are off good and proper this time.  Not sure you picked the right person to get in the ring with, Mac.  CNS has a lot of respect and you are fast undoing any credibility you may have had – First attacking the Auditor general and now CNS……you are shooting yourself in the foot….repeatedly.

    Good luck to your PR/spin doctors on this one – they have their hands full managing a loose cannon….

  95. Anonymous says:

    Mac should be grateful that his critics simply resort to blogging on CNS – if it were any other Country he would be seeing a lot more than blogging! He need to thank the Lord for laid back Caymanians! Not sure how long that going to continue though!

  96. Big Ben says:

    If Mr Bush wants to charge a $100,000 fee to every newspaper published overseas for distribution in the Cayman Islands, does that mean we will no longer get copies of the Gleaner, The Times, WSJ, or USA Today? Methinks he’s shot his mouth off again without pausing for a second to consider what he just said.


    In response to his complaints that FOI requests are costing the government money, he should refresh his understanding of the rules by visiting the FOI Unit website where it states that "Fees may be charged by public authorities, but they cannot exceed the actual cost of preparation, reproduction and communication of information. Fees are outlined in the FOI (General) Regulations." (‘Freedom of Information Fundamentals’ from the Freedom of Information Unit website,,3502030&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL)


    So there you have it, the government is required to facilitate the requests, and can make reasonable charges for reproducing the results. If that is still too much to handle, perhaps Mr Bush would like to ask the Information Commissioner what or who she was thinking about when she told the Cayman Financial Review this: "The new Leader of Government Business, Hon McKeeva Bush, has clearly stated his Government’s commitment to supporting the successful implementation of the FOI Law, and making any legislative changes required." (Cayman Financial Review 17 July 2009,

    I notice that our new governor has not yet fired up his blogging machine but I would guess he’s either worried Mr Bush might try to put him in jail, or like the rest of us he’s buried his head in his hands and is sobbing "Why? Why? Why?"

    Keep up the good work.


    • Anonymous says:

      Governor’s Blog?  I hope this one is too smart to start a blog.

  97. Durrrr says:

    Whilst the delivery was obviously terrible, I for one think McKeeva makes a fairly reasonable point.

    The fact of the matter is that the country’s finances are in a mess, and FOI requests such as the one in issue are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time and (our) money. It’s not as if McKeeva has been going on secret trips that no-one knows about – if CNS really needs to know how many trips he’s been on, why not go through your own news archives, at your own expense, rather than at mine (as a member of the tax paying public)?

    I think the news media, and the public in general, have a responsiblity to only use the FOI process when necessary, and I’m really struggling to see what purpose a request regarding McKeeva’s trips off Island would serve. Yes, of course he’s been away – that is undoubtedly a necessary part of the man’s job.

    PS. CNS, I don’t really expect you to post this comment, but if you don’t you’re just as bad as McKeeva at accepting criticism.

    • Anonymous says:

       I’m sure the FOI request cost less than his trips.  That information is readily available or at least it should be.  

      All you need is a good filing system and/or a good computer.  

    • VirginiaLee says:

      Having worked as a Civil Servant, and in particular as a secretary for a Minister of Govt. I can assure you that this information should be relatively easy (in time and money) to produce.

      In my opinion, the underlying problems in this situation are two-fold:

      1. Transparency.  We can all accept that LOGB must travel on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands so to request the Premier’s travel schedule is of benefit to all because it  will help keep the Premier and his staffers more accountable, particularly in the present economic climate. Money saved is money saved to the benefit of this country.


      2. Suppression of civil liberties. As with most modern day democracies we enjoy certain in alienable rights, such as freedom of speech.  I understand the Premier’s threat to be: "Don’t cross me….if you speak against me and I have my way.. you will be jailed."  Sadly this is not a threat that can be taken lightly if we have any real love for the good of our country and all who call it home.

      Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand. We have many outlets now to let our voices be heard … take every advantage to rally for REAL change in our beautiful islands before it is too late!

      God bless,

  98. noname says:

    Tyranny, as is expected from a Premier who is a few days away from his 1st anniversary in office.  And a reminder to all,  all of his 9 other puppets must back this up and not criticise it.

  99. Johnson says:

    ROOSTER 101:




  100. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t you have found a better picture? Was that revenge? Are we in 3rd grade?

  101. The Enforcer says:

    You better watch out Nicky, I hear say Mac just book Jon Jon a flight to the Brac!

  102. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody heard anything from the Opposition? Are they agreeing with those positions?

    • Anonymous says:

      They have no power… but we do ! In case you haven’t noticed. 

      If we want something done we need to take a stand and do it our selfs.   So stand up and be counted

    • Anonymous says:

      I am more interested in hearing from other members of the UDP, specifically the other Cabinet members and the General Secretary.



    • Da Bracstter says:

      Opposition i didn’t know we had one you surely don’t mean our benevolent leader Kim Jong Kurt and the rest of the Mango dumpling gang those are non entities I would rather leave Mac in place at least he does something.

  103. E.Y.W says:

    The Premier of the Cayman Islands the honorable Mckeeva Bush is the number one reason Cayman should never consider becoming an independent country. I always gave Mr. Bush credit… even if other’s didn’t deem it deserved but this talk about censoring the media and no freedom of information is ludicrous.

    These comments were that of a dictator and that is what has become of our democracy since the election. Sensor the media, seriously? Are you going to limit our Google searches too.

    I loved my country in all of it’s ups and downs, the increase of crime, the year-round "drama" over work permit holders and the destroying of our delicate environment by many wealthy developers but I will not and cannot sit around and have our rights taken away from us.

    This is a grim preview of things to come in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      This sounds more MacGabe than MacDinejad.

      Wake up Mac. You are not representing the peopleof Zimbabwe.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush what your PROBLEM is you cant handle the TRUTH. You hate to when  ever any one stand up to you or tell you that what you are doing is wrong and thats the bottom line  what you need to remember it was the people of this country that put you where you are and I hope its the people that will show you that they are the ones to remove you. All I can say CNS keep up the good work becasue this is the only place any one can come and voice there opinion and thats the problem some people cant handle the truth when its being told.

  105. lone ranger says:

    good job mac when you picked mr mcfield to go to the UN  i would not the world to see you there with this attitude

  106. lone ranger says:

    what is it that he wants to hide  probaly CNS can make a request to establish if he was invited to canada as he claims when went to attend the winter olympics with his puppets it must be a invation some where in the govt bldg or the canadian goverment can conform.   since he is trying to shut up CNS give some to bet bad about

  107. Anonymous Caymanian says:

    Charles Clifford warned us about this man…why didn’t we all heed his advice?

    I’m betting many (former) UDP supporters are very regretful of where they placed their X last election.

    The first step of establishing yourself as a dictator is mussling the press.

  108. Anonymous says:

    What is regrettable is that I am hopeful with Mr Bush in power and his detractors will never admit to anything positive Mr Bush or the UDP will ever achieve.

    Direct taxation may still come to the Cayman Islnds and my confidence is much greater that Mr Bush really understands the issues and will see the country through this economic crisis.

    On Wednesday I heard the leader of the opposition on Cayman Crosstalk and he could not offer a single actual suggestion toward the solution to the current economic crisis. Even after severe prompting by the radio talkshow host still "the well was dry" so to speak. I would have little confidence with that man running the country in these dire economic times.

    No doubt these forum are used by people who will attack regardless of truth or reality and that will be done by the "faithful" of both parties.

    Mr Bush may not play well with others but I am glad he is running the country at this time.


  109. Oliver says:

    we need to get rid of this "person" he is a XXX man on a XXXX quest. Does he believe that he is GOD or the Supreme Leader that answer to himself????? You people in West Bay must be Crazy to put him back in again . The XXXXX doctors must have chop a piece of his brain off beacuse this man dont think before he speaks. George Bush  sorry you lost your crown Lol.  The press is doing their job keep it up, I don’t like some of the things reported on too, but that’s life if its news report it. I will just add here that the biggest news maker now is Big XXXX Mac himself. He can’t be too educated and as for common sense. well I guess it not too common with him.

    So I will ad here , KEEP upthe GOOD work Surpreme Leader (NOT!!!!!) Ice Burge ahead captain, what do we do? You Stay the course, not even God can sink this cannoo. hahahahahahaha

    By the way I am a BORN CAYMANINA buttttttttttt

  110. Anonymous says:

    The press has nothing to fear. Turn Around Mac will change his mind about these "good, good" fees just as he did with everything else.

    He will not get support in the House for any legislation to muzzle the press in the guise of fees. Any MLA supporting him will end up like the good doctor who had his chance and will never again regain the public support required to be re-elected.

    The few "bones" that he has been throwing the psuedo "Junior Ministers" is nothing compared to the fat monthly salary that they will want for another four years after this gig is up.

  111. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Don’t let this XXXXXX dictator scare you CNS!

  112. Anonymous says:

    To CNS, all I can say is, if this dicktator takes you down, dont go down without a fight.

    He will have to win this one in the ring, not with his mouth or his XXXX mentality..

    BTW, was Julianna, Rolston, Mike and Mark conveniently missing form the lineup because they dont wish to associate themselves with Macs rhetoric?

    • Anonymous says:

      you are wrong, they are no better so sorry that good old Mike got caught upwith them. His Deputy is worst the only thing is that she does not have as much power God help us if she did.

    • Anonymous says:

      do you mean dicktaker?

  113. Anonymous says:

    "and vowed to make the media pay “good fees” in future"

    This sounds like a dictatorship to me… Talk about spitefulness!

    If you have nothing to hide, why are you so concerned?

  114. Albert Jackson says:

    I can’t believe Mac would act like this. I’m sure there’s nothing to hide so what’s the problem? It only brings suspision for an unwarrented attack on requests that are legal and binding. I wanted to do the same thing for the Governor just to see what he’s costing us. My God are we that afraid?

    • Anonymous says:

      Folks, this is no longer a joke! If ever we needed proof that this man is a dictator yesterdays press conference was it. These are scarey times, because once these actions start (attacking the freedom of press) there is no stopping it!

  115. Need for Change says:

    I can only imagine what he would say after he sees the PICTURE it is PRICELESS! I wonder if he is on some kind of medication, that makes him forget certain things? Hmmm, just wondering!

  116. Anonymous says:

    Freedom of Speech, we don’t need no stinking freedom of speech!

    Only the idots that elected this fool.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Its time for The Chuckster to mobilise again as he did in 2004 to stop McKeeva in his tracks once again. Please finish him this time Sir !

    • Johnson says:

      Oh please…

      We don’t need Chucky here as our Savior. Coming next election both you PPM and UDP will not get in. IT WILL BE an INDEPENDENT GROUP THIS TIME

  118. Anonymous says:

    Have you all noticed the tons of thumbs up for the criticisms of McDinejad and the average of 3 or 4 thumbs down. Who in the world are those 3 or 4 people ???? Oh yeah……Julianna, Mark, Mike and maybe sometimes Rolston especially if McKeeva is standing over his shoulder when he’s on CNS…..Lol 

  119. anyhoo says:

    What a naiive XXXXX Bush is. If he saddled internet press / blogs with heavy fees, they can just disappear from Cayman and reappear offshore. You can host a website anywhere.

    Probably just have to move CNS as a legal entity offshore from Cayman and disguise it’s legal ownership. It could still do business with advertisers and others as before – just a couple of little extra steps to overcome.  

    "Move it offshore?" says Bush –  "Why, that would be cheating this glorious State of its rightful tax income!"

    Yep. Kind deja vu really. A sad state of affairs when people have to move their domestic businesses offshore away from Cayman for tax reasons, but who knows, it could happen with this XXXX caling all the shots.

    Isn’t there anyone else in UDP with the cahunas to tell him to shut up and stop embaressing them and the rest of the nation? Is there really only one politician in this country? Where is the opposition, where is the debate?

  120. Anonymous says:

    What the???


    I watched his remarks at home, on GIS. I was shocked. And scared. This guy is a XXXXX! Are we sure that one of these trips wasn’t to see Chavez? Or visit the Hitler memorial? A quick skip over to Cuba?


    He wants to censor the media, people! Be afraid, be very afraid. This man and the UDPuuulease are very dangerous. Transparency is a waste of time? Might we consider hiring qualified and effective civil servants (yes, it is possible—there are many hard working civil servants, though they are out numbered by the other kind) who could respond to the quires without stopping all work?


    I suspect that the departure of FOI would be the opening of the gates to even grater corruption and personal benefit. These folks really pretend to care about this country?


  121. karen says:


    I understand where Mac is coming from.

    He spoke yesterday about CNS giving false news reports, especially, about the school project which is posted on CNS, and allowing blogs against Steve Mcfield, etc… 

    Also about the blogs and commentaries where people are not disclosing their real names. If they want to post something, they should be brave enough to disclose their real names!

    Nevertheless –

    In a way, I would be scared about disclosing my real name on CNS if I work in the Civil Service or for a company that is sided with certain members of the UDP. People are just scared to disclose their real names, because they do not want to be fired. But they want to be able to freely express themselves without be opposed.

    So it is a ticklish situation!

    I hope nothing happens to CNS and better reporting is done

    • Jessica Ebanks says:

      Well I don’t see your real full name on here…and im pretty sure your parents gave you a last name.

      Clearly you aren’t worried about your identity either.

      (*Note the sarcasm*)


  122. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Charles Clifford warned Cayman about this man. Perhaps if we can remember this and all the other blunders and the corruption come next election we will rid this country of McKeeva and his puppets once and for all. We shall see !!!

    Oh btw great picture Denny……it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words 🙂

  123. This from a man who publicly denied that he was a director of First Cayman Bank and/or Gulf Union Bank even though he had declared such a directorship in the Register of Interests for Members of the Legislative Assembly.

    Then, as FCB/Gulf Union Bank was being forced into liquidation amid allegations of fraud and insolvency, his disclosure in the Register of Interests was syrreptitiously removed by person(s) unknown.

    ‘My life is an open book’ – Methinks not!

    That McKeeva Bush should make such a big fuss over a simple request for details of his travel arrangements is suspiciously defensive.

    To Cayman News Service, keep up the good work. You are doing a splendid job, as evidenced by the fact that I am a frequest visitor to your site. It is obvious that you strive to be impartial and provide credible information to your readers.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous says:


      Cayman has already forgiven and forgotten about FCB/GUB.

  124. Anonymous says:

    In a Democracy, the people get the government they deserve – Alexis de Tocqueville

  125. JonnyCake says:

    And he still didn’t answer the question

    CNS wasn’t asking where he had been, but the travel arrangements. That includes not where he went but how he got there and where he stayed.

    Questions like how much did his little jaunt up to Canada for the Olympics with his cronies cost.

    When he goes on his trips, is he staying in $5,000 rooms whuile the counrty struggles financialy.

    The FOI is there to keep government clean, you always have to question the motives when the premier appears to be at odds with transparency

  126. Richard Wadd says:

     Because a man can ‘Cut grass’, does that make him a ‘Landscape Engineer’ or just a ‘Gardner’?

     Before the ‘Premier’ can become a ‘Dictator’, he must first achieve change the Constitutional Direction of these islands …. at least in theory.

     Premier Misick (sorry, I mean Mac), perhaps you were too long associated with ‘The West Bay Polo Club’, and have forgotten too soon the demise of your associate from the T&C. 

     A wise man once said, ‘One catches more flies with honey that with vinegar’, but then again, I’ve never heard anyone refer to you as being Wise.

     Nice picture CNS, DW ‘hit the nail on the head’.

  127. marketon says:


    (might get thumbs down for this or you might notpost my comment)

    But everyone knows – Freedom of Speech must be censored!

    CNS, it is even in your policy to censor speech – you very well know that! 

    How come now you are so upset that the Premier is attempting to censor you???

    It is either you allow Freedom of Speech full sway and allow people to say what is on their minds without deleting their comments, OR you be prepared for others, such as the Premier to instruct you on how to blog them

    You can’t spin out from this reality. BE PREPARED FOR OPPOSITION!

    I say this respectfully to you and without picking any sides – But it is obvious:



    • Anonymous says:

      Who said CNS is upset, why are you talking to them?  They’re just following your wisdom by publishing the story in agreement with freedom of speech.  It’s the people who are upset.  Well not really upset – scroll down, we’re mostly laughing.  Bring on the, ha, opp-hahahaha-osition. We sure ahahahha are scared.

    • Anonymous says:

      The comment section in CNS is, for the most part, for the expression of the opinions of individuals within the community.  Freedom of speech in such a medium does require some degree of censorship as freedom is accompanied by responsibility.  Yet, this is required at a balance regulated by CNS, and not in every circumstance may they achieve this balance as a statement, seemingly inoffensive to one, may be offensive to another.  Their comment policy highlights the guidelines they use. 

      The media, on the other hand, is for the reporting of "factual" happenings within the community – I use quotations because sometimes mistakes are made and reports, once thought to be factual, turn out to be otherwise, or a wrong name was used, etc.  We rely on the media to provide us with news which is as accurate as possible from a perspective which is as objective as possible.  Objectivity may not always be achieved but that is why more than one media outlet, unconnected with government interests, is good.  The greater the number of perspectives the closer to the "truth" one gets, as the media is a secondary source of information.

      The difference between the media and a blog/commentary: greater degree of objectivity vs greater degree of subjectivity.  Opinions are far more subjective.  For a government to censor the media is to provide a government with a means to control the populace – dictate what information they receive, dictate what knowledge they gain and better hide any ill-conceived deeds they may be undertaking.  By and large, governments with the greatest media censorship are dictatorships.  However, that is not to say that so-called democratic governments do not already use the media as a source of propaganda – they’re just more subtle about it, which is the reason independent news sources on the web can be beneficial to adding to one’s understanding of the possible "truth".

  128. Anonymous says:

    Hey Big Mac!

    Listen up, why are you so arrogant that the people (who pay you by the way) can’t know your travel plans.

    DID YOU KNOW, that President Obama (as every other leader of the Democratic world does) releases his travel schedule!  He doesn’t even need to be asked, it is released on transparency.

    Wish Cayman was a democracy!

  129. a good man says:

    And if and when this information is finally released can it (like the financial audits) be belived as facts and not just what they want you to think?  What does it take before the people of Cayman will see the person that was elected to represent them to the world is not a XXXXX?  Obviously a lot.  Or is it really O.K. to all you so called Christian Caymanians?  Does he really represent what Caymanians want?  If so you are your own worse enemy.

  130. marketon says:


    I am shock!  CNS I know there are two sides to a story. Are you really telling this story as it is?

  131. Anonymous says:

     What a complete XXXX. But guess what Cayman? You people can rant all you want. He doesn’t care. Why? Because he only has to answer to a handful of his loyal brain dead voters in West Bay. Cayman’s electoral system facilitates XXXXX like this gaining power over the whole country. McKeeva is not answerable to the entire country because Cayman does not have national elections. 

    What’s sad about Bush is that he is surrounded by so many sychophantic XXXXXX that he never hears a voice of reason. No one near him ever says, "McKeeva, don’t say that because you will sound like a total idiot and everyone will laugh at you."   People in his choir like Elio, Cline and the rest simply chant, "Great boss, yeah, you right…" 

    We are witnessing the rapid fall of the Cayman Islands. 

    Hey, I just realized something, by posting this comment on CNS I’m a blogger now. Wow, I always wanted to be a blogger. Cool! Thanks CNS!

  132. lone ranger says:

    WHAT A PICTURE    CNS you could not have gotten a better picture  it surely fits his words. i will have to frame this one for futurer reference..keep up the good works CNS do not let this ( ruffle jacket wosh) frighten you  He will not remember what he said this morning. i understand that the UDP supporters is planning a meeting with him this morning to disguss hi behaviour (the chuster warned us)

  133. noname says:

    PPM cerated the FOI and the Anti Corrupton law… that tells a lot about a government…

  134. Anonymous says:

    For all of you who think FOI is so great, pay for it and don’t expect the Civil Service to do it for free.   FOI cost money, and more money to deliver, just like all the other services of Govt.    That’s what I can’t stand with you all, you expect every service possible from the government but don’t understand that it has a significant cost to deliver.    Like this stupid question?   What does it matter how long he was away and what it cost? Why don’t you ask that about the previous Minister and see how much he wasted and did not deliver anything worthwhile.   Cant you all see how much this man and his govt has done since taken over a broke govt.   How short is your memory?  Remember when they took office civil service salaries were in question whether they were going to be paid or not?

    Please give the man the credit where it is due, he is working extremely hard and making a lot of sacrifices to pull the country out of the financial crisis left by the previous govt. and the recession.

    Thanks Premier and you and your govt keep up the good work!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have an employee who is provided access to the company expense account, the funds of which are to be used for transactions relating to the business, do you allow them free reign of that account with no oversight?  The answer is most likely no.  You would require the employee to submit some form of an expense report with invoices.  Where costs were greater than you would have expected you may require an explanation by the employee of using that service as opposed to another service.

      Mac would, technically, be the public’s employee.  Whilst oversight should be taken from within government itself, the public as CEO of this business we call the Cayman economy has the right to view the "expense report".  With the public as the final overseer, the mere fact that we may request transparency of the use of the public coffers should also provide a check and balance with regard to appropriate use of funds. 

      This shouldn’t just stop or start with Mac, but all future governments of the Cayman Islands.

      Not to mention, the cost of trips would be important in showing additional steps towards fiscal prudence given the current state of government finances. 

      Whilst FOI has a cost associated with it, it is a necessary mechanism to ensure accountability and transparency, which in turn have the possible impact of regulating government misuse of finances, thus, saving more money than the process of FOI actually costs.

    • Shame On You says:

      My name says it all – what an idiotic response Mr Bush. 

    • One of the Hornets says:

      Do you know what a loose cannon looks like???  Do you know what it sounds like??? What has he done besides confuse the sh** out of us??? Including the rest of the world and the U.K.

      Get with the program.


  135. Anonymous says:

    Hitting the raw nerve.

    Obviously our leader has something to hide and CNS has hit the raw nerve to again get such a threatening reaction. What has he got to hide. If there is nothing to hide, one has no problem in being totally transparent.

    Transparency is what the voters through out the window when they voted this bully back into office to be the dictator he has always been.

    He is an absolute embarassment for the Cayman Islands and it is the very rich developers and the Jamaicans that we have to thank for putting this man back into power. Thank you all for ruining our country for your own self interests, except this time he is totally out of control and will be taking you down with the rest of us.

    CNS – Keep up the good work and the great service you provide.

    Do not be intimidated by this XXXXXX.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush, as for wasting time, how much time do you spend on live television and radio XXXXXX and moaning about "the blogs" instead of letting the country know what is going on in government?

  137. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Great photo. I wonder if he realized that his little red nose had fallen off!

  138. Anonymous says:

     Now Mr Bush has gone beyond simply criticizing those who criticize him and has actually threatened financial ruin on those who make negative comments about him by legislating that those who criticize (or allow others to criticize) be charged heinous fees and threatened with jail.

    What is tragic is that CNS’ prime function in all of this seems to be not to advocate one position or idea over another but simply to provide a forum for the residents of the Cayman Islands to voice their opinions on the issues of the day – issues which affect us all.

    Another potential tragedy is the destruction of the Cayman Islands as we all know and love them.

    Please consider the following quote:  "A free press plays a key role in sustaining and monitoring a healthy democracy, as well as contributing to greater accountability, good government, and economic development.  Most importantly, restrictions on media are often an early indicator that governments intend to assault other democratic institutions."



  139. Anonymous says:

    Is he crazy???!!!!

  140. Foo Foo says:

    MAC – read this…it has been said before.

    It is better to sit in silence and be considered a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    You have to stop ranting and get on with what we elected you to do. STOP embarassing us the people of Cayman.

  141. Anonymous says:

    What sort of Madness is this! Can you say socialism? I did not know you needed a “reason” to request information under the FOI, did the word Freedom change meaning recently? Or they looked up the meaning from the Fidel Castro dictionary?
    It almost sounds like the leader is laying out threats on the table, a CI$100,000 fine? For what? Because your feelings got hurt and you want to make the culprits pay cause your in a position of power?, when all that was requested was flight information, I would hate to see the response if something more serious was requested
    I started out the election as a Mac supporter, but now, the only thing that comes to mind when I read the news these days is WTF was I thinking

  142. Anonymous says:

    Nickey if you are being attacked by Mac you are on the right track so dont give up. To all you people who supported MAc and the UDP do you still feel proud of your vote???

    • Anonymous says:



      While he might not play well with others … He is getting the job done. 

      Are we on the white paper? : YES

      CNS Why did you not report on when he said during the questions that the issue he had with these blogs is when it becomes detrimental to the islands. When because of how it was reported of a MLA’s Arrest ; he had to defend Cayman as a tourist destination when in NY people are asking him if its true MLAs are beating up tourists.  and he had to tell them no Cayman is a safe destination. 

      People Tourism affects us all. And while  he might not been the most polished in stating his point -and came off as ranting… the truth still remains IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM 

      Are Civil Servants getting paid: YES even though it might be a little less

      Come on people he wasn’t elected to be your best friend… he was elected to take us out of debt and make sure our interests are represented abroad.

      and NO i am not MAC… I don’t work for him or Gov’t for that matter.  

      I am just a citizen that can look through the hype and see the truth.  Like he said… next time they want that information CALL him he would have provided it.

      My 2c

  143. Alan Nivia says:

    Let me blog this, the man is ignorant, arrogant and angry.  What a great story for the new OT minister, if you look very very carefully Mac is looking like an uglier version of Michael Missick.

  144. Anonymous says:

    If he has nothing tlo hide, what is his problem.  He’s trying to bully us into keeping quiet.  Mac, FOI is "Freedom" – to find out whatever it is we want to know so that people cannot hide their corruption.  You are a servant of the people, not the other way around and we are not afraid of your threats.  YOu need to focus on getting this country out of the mess which YOU had a big part in making.  Blame the PPM all you want but anyone with any sense at all knows that YOUR govt did next to nothing in all the years YOU were in power.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Calm down Mr. Premier, remember "the liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." You have nothing to hide, let the people have the details of your official travel and other expenses. Somebody  must have stopped to think that so  much civil service time would be taken up getting information for FOI.,  Everybody wanted it. You wanted it, we got it, we are going to use it..

  146. Anonymous says:

    Tony, put a collar on your boy! 

  147. Anonymous says:

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  The only thing this one reminds me of is the time Big Mike Tyson the boxer went to bite off his oponents ear when he saw he couldn’t win the fight fair and square.  Same is true of McKeeva.  He is trying to bite CNS and Net News.  Shame shame shame.

  148. Anonymous says:

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words.  The only thing this one reminds me of is the time Big Mike Tyson the boxer went to bite off his oponents ear when he saw he couldn’t win the fight fair and square.  Same is true of McKeeva.  He is trying to bite CNS and Net News.  Shame shame shame.

  149. Hummer says:

    Several yeras ago Bic Mac did not want hummers on the road so he introduced a draconian licence fee of $1000. Now he is penaltizing the press. What pray will he do next? Which reminds me; we had all better do a bit of that.

  150. Anon says:

    Guess it’s a good thing he’s not speaking before the UN…Somebody managed to get a muzzle on him.

  151. Voice of Reason says:

     Freedom of the Press – fundamental principle outlined by McKeeva himself.

    Are we looking at the new McKeeva / Mugabe?

  152. Sam Puk-Puk says:

    1. Hey Mr. Bush. Here is what a great man had to say about Freedom of the Press, i.e. OUR RIGHT to question, give an opinion and live without fear because of what we say.

    ~"The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them." –Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787. ME 6:57

    2. ‘so that there would be no spin on the information that had been requested by CNS.’

    ~"The man who fears no truths has nothing to fear from lies." –Thomas Jefferson to George Logan, 1816.  -|-  There, I fixed that for ya. 🙂

    3. Mr. Bush, because of what has been uttered from your mouth on Thursday May 13th 2010, this quote comes to mind:

    ~"[If a book were] very innocent, and one which might be confided to the reason of any man; not likely to be much read if let alone, but if persecuted, it will be generally read. Every man in the United States will think it a duty to buy a copy, in vindication of his right to buy and to read what he pleases." –Thomas Jefferson to N. G. Dufief, 1814. ME 14:128

    4. Here is my favourite:

    ~"The public… say so from all quarters… that they wish to hear reason instead of disgusting blackguardism."  –Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1799. ME 10:98  -|-  Yes I had to look-up what Blackguardism means: >

    5. And finally

    ~"To preserve the freedom of the human mind… and freedom of the press, every spirit should be ready to devote itself to martyrdom; for as long as we may think as we will and speak as we think, the condition of man will proceed in improvement." Thomas Jefferson to William Green Munford, 1799.

    6. Mr. Bush, I thank you for what can only be described as absolute crazy talk from you. I thank you because when I read/hear what you have to say, I always search the World Wide Web for quotes to counter your looney outbursts. Quotes from the greats. I always learn something and it inspires me and my hope too is that it will inspire you. Click my name to go to the webpage that has the link for all the quotes from T.J. on Freedom of the Press so that you may "see" some shed of light on proper governance.

    Nicky, the nail has been struck. Now we wait to see if it can be ripped out of place by anyone let alone Mr. Bush.

    Peace, SPP

     P.S. Great picture Dennie. Seems to me that he is saying: ‘My way or the Highway" – LOL!

    • papercaymanian says:

      Love Thomas Jefferson quotes! You picked very appropriate ones as well.

      I would be willing to bet "good good "money our Premier has never read any of his philosophy.

  153. Certified says:

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant has proven to be a very apt saying in the UK when the FOI exposed the behaviour of British MPs with their expenses.

    May I suggest to the media operations in Cayman to tryand make contact with the major papers in the UK that have used the UK’s FOI act to unearth ministerial misdeeds? The Telegraph success after a long fight to get MP’s expenses has proved the value of the FOI act.
    May I also suggest contacting the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics and the major UK political bloggers such as Guido Fawkes?
    It is highly unlikely that there will be any political pressure coming from London to curb his behaviour. However, international ‘sunlight’ may do it’s magic and save the Cayman Islands.
  154. Anonymous says:

    The words of Big Mac “I’m not talking about a $5,000 fee,” he said. “I’m talking over $100,000” , adding that non-payment of the fees could lead to fines or even jail time.  Could also be the words of Hitler in his early days to control the press and hide the truth. |Shame on you ‘Big Mac’ or should I call you ‘small minded’

  155. John Evans says:

    Squealing like a stuck pig!

    LOL, when a politician goes OTT like this you know you hit a few raw nerves.

    However, it will be interesting to see the Net News spin on this. When they came under fire from the previous government their response did little more than justify Alden McLaughlin’s critical comments.

  156. whodatis says:

    Poor, poor Mac.

    Just doesn’t get it does he?

    Pssst: Hey Macky – you cannot actually "shut down a blog", regardless of how much money you try to charge them. Its called "the internets" as another infamous Mr. Bush refers to this glorious invention.

    This is clear evidence that this man is not fit for office. The world is changing and sadly he is stuck with the perspective, understanding and mindset of the 1980’s.

    I cannot believe that an individual like McKeeva Bush is MY supposed LEADER in this world – in 2010! McKeeva Bush?? The leader of a nation of people … McKeeva Bush?! 2010?!

    LOL!! (Oh, btw Mac, LOL = "laughing out loud" … and "btw" = "by the way" … oh never mind, you’ll never get it!) LOL! :o)

    Seriously … is this some sort of sick, twisted dream?

    Again I say, Rolston and Cline – you better show me something, and quick! Otherwise you guys will find yourselves on the chopping blocks as well.

  157. Anonymous says:

    CNS: do not be intimidated.

    I did not think we would ever hear things like that again. The Caymanian Compass went through this sort of thing many years ago – I thought we had become a little more enlightened since then…



  158. noname says:

    always love your country…………….

    never trust your government…




  159. A Great Mind hmmm says:

    Poor Mac he really needs to see a specialist about his condition.  I have reasearched the side effects of this weight loss program and it would appear that he has developed some new side effects.

    New side effect: The Evolution of Stupdity from Ignorance.

    So I called Dr. Phil and he would love to get his hands on Mac and heal him of this condition.

    I am being sarcastic, I figure I would get one last pot shot at Mac before he shuts or should I say TRY to shut us down.


    Ms. Wendy do not fret your brow, Mac is only blowing smoke, he will be overthrown in less than 48hrs if he tried to pull this stunt.  Because even his $10 supporters have backed away from him too.

    He has lost control of his Govt. they are abusing their powers and he is grasping for straws.  The honeymoon is over, and the voters are fed up with Mac, he knows he is a revolving door, one term in, one term out, the next term he will be out for good, if he makes it that far without a recall.

    Keep posting Wendy, one man can’t stop you, he is up against thousands, or did he forget we put him in, we will put him out. 

    I must remember to remind Dr. Phil about Mac’s short term memory loss.

  160. PaperCaymanian says:

    Big Mac may want to poll his voting base before sticking his foot that far down his throat.I will be voting in his distict in the next election and I don’t like any elected person taking offence about how public money is being spent.

    When it’s not your money you cannot take it personally.

    Or we can all think you have something to hide.


  161. Anonymous says:

    Dear CNS,

    Please don’t make this Bully scare you, his just a spoiled brat.

    He won’t be in power much longer, his really cracked now.




  162. Veronica says:

    Those trips back home to Mars must’ve cost Mac, and ultimately the country, an absolute fortune. No wonder he doesn’t want the information released under FOI.

  163. Anonymous says:

    The blogs are causing the country to suffer ?

    Hhmmm, silly me I thought it was the incompetence of our current government. With these erratic decisions and the god like complex.  We are going balance the budget in one year! So lets raise duty so we can make more money… What? We made less money, people spent less? Let’s double company and work permit fees and make more money… What? Companies closed because they couldn’t afford the fees and 10,000 people left the island? What? Oh no, so now lets add TAX to balance the budget… lets do VAT tax… no it’s payroll tax…no VAT tax… no it’s… it’s a bird,  it’s a plane…it’s … it’s our hero… captain "ZERO".

     Oops, forgot !  He can’t fly… heads too big and heavy with all those answers. 




  164. sad caymanian in exile says:

    i warned cayman about mac. now the man is showing his true colours. this man is a threat to democracy. this man believes that he is a law unto himself and he is not accountable. i wonder if he realizes the damage he is causing to cayman in the eyes of the international community. who will want to do business with his government with this attitude. the man is out of his depth and he is cracking up because he has delivered destruction as the better way forward for cayman. shame on you, big mac. shame on you. i am going to launch an international campaign against you and you will feel the heat from the international media whenever you travel. curse them and hurt cayman’s prospects. i will ensure you feel th heat.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I do not know of any law  in the Cayman Islands whereby non payment  of any fee would put you in jail. Perhaps one of the learned lawyers could comment on this aspect of our Premier’s intentions with his propsed new law.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to launch an international campaign, better start with a local campaign first and I help you…….McKEEVA BUSH IMPEACHMENT NOW……….wake up Cayman, this guy will make worse….

  165. Tell um seh says:

    You tell em Mac!  This information would gain us nothing.

    You are doing an outstanding job at getting our country out of this mess.

    Keep up the good work.

    …… oh and make it $200K!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fool !

      Do you want to live under a dictatorship or a regime, go see how it works in Cuba and Venezuala ignoramous.

      He does not like being questioned about his day to day activity, while he spends the countries money, he is accountable to the people for where he goes and what he does  wether he likes it or not.

      If he has nothing to hide why so angry ?

      And as such should be WORKING WITH THE MEDIA instead of threatening them. 

      Nuff said.

    • arlene loez says:

      Mac and the UDP is driving investors out of this country…they’re creating a bigger mess…if you want business you don’t charge more for it and that’s what Mac and the UDP has done by all the fees they raised lately..

      Mac and the UDP is a disgrace to our LA, all of the UDP members are walking in his footsteps…what are we going to do Cayman…i can’t imagine another 3 months with UDP much less 3 years!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Doing a good Job? What evidence you got to support that? Everything I read states that there have been no signs things are getting better, just worst, hell just the fact that last years budget was set to leave us with a small surplus in the bank but in fact transformed to a nice overgrown deficit should say something. But then again your a Mac supporter, you don’t need facts or education to know the difference between fiction and reality, if Mac says its so, it’s so right?
      And we wonder why so many expats think so many locals are a bunch of backwater uneducated individuals


    • my 2 cents says:

      wow!! this is the mentality that has cayman in the mess its in now. that his excellency doesnt enjoy his "trips" is laughable! wondering how he intends to impose such fees…. on a website?? i dont guess it would be too hard for cns to simply move their office to florida! keep on exposing the frauds cns!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Mac, you’re not fooling anyone.  You can’t bash CNS then go around giving the only thumbs down to all posts and writing one to make it seem like you have supporters in all that you say – you might have, but this speech takes it too far.

      We have a right to know where you travel, yes!  There are many rumours going around on these blogs so if all trips were valid and necessary, the public should know if for no other reason but to clear your name!  GROW UP and give up.  CNS bloggers represent your people – not just a bunch of rabble rousers – it represents your people! You’re an embarassment to this country and your rants do us more bad than these blogs which represent freedom of speech – everyone expects the bad and good to come out on these websites so stand to take a little (well a lot, because you deserve it) criticism.  How can you say the bloggers don’t have the country at heart when we ARE the country?! And are standing up for the country when it comes to important issues like education and environmental issues. 

      I am a full-bred, young and educated Caymanian (a supporter of neither party I might add) and can’t wait until we, as a people, can be represented by the educated population that no one seems to know we have. 

      CNS, you’re supported by many Caymanians and expats alike and a media fee like this will never pass unless the XXXX lawyer sent to the UN fails and we become independent and therefore communist.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Well……Boss Hogg’s dictating again.

    All Big Mac needs now is a full white suit, a white top hat, and a very expensive white Cadillac!!

    Note to chef: He may appreciate a slice of very raw liver now and again, as it satisfies his appetite, especially when thinking of new ways and fee$ to catch those people who care about exercizing their freedom of speech!!





  167. The Prophet says:

    One has to wonder if Mr. Bush realises how many of his own supporters use the blogs to try to jusify and rationalise his activities?

    My crystal ball is telling me that politics and democracy in the Cayman Islands will continue to take backward steps until the people grow strong enough to stand up and tell leaders such as Mr. Bush that he works for the people, not vice versa.

  168. Caymanian at Heart says:

    Did anyone get video of this?  If so please put it up on you tube!!

  169. Anonymous says:

    OMG!! the man is a XXXXX! I have to wonder what the role of the Governor really is…..if he is supposed to govern this Country what I heard coming out of McKeeva’s mouth at today’s Press Briefing should give him reason to step in and say it not going so! The scary part of all this I believe is that McKeeva seems to have no clue what ‘dictatorship’ means! And his croonies!! Jesus!! they all make me sick!! Most likely the British are having a good laugh behind our backs, figuring they don’t have to worry about destroying us….they just going let McKeeva run wild until he does the job for them! whattamess we in!

  170. islandman says:

    Hail the great (not) Madinijad!..

    What say the rest of you highly paid politicians?…any comment on freedom of the press and people?

    A very concerned caymanian

  171. Anonymous says:

     Finally, the CNS I know and love is back.  lol!  That picture of MacChavez is priceless.  I really missed all the funny comments.  Things were getting so serious.  I know it’s the news but some good news  would be good too.  But never mind, we have the jokester to make us laugh.  


  172. Anonymous says:

    I am happy that some one requested this information as they beat me to it.  It is imperative that the people of these islands know what is happening and the hypocrisy of the the Premier’s approach to wanting to cut civil servants salary when he himself is at the forefront in terms of wasting government funds on unnecessary travel.  I would like to know why he has to attend so many functions that does not warrant the presence of a high level government official much less the head of a country.

    I think it is time that the people of these islands demand to know why he travels so often, what is the purpose of these trips, the cost associated with these trips, and how many people in his entourage attended these functions?  If we are in dire need to reduce cost, I think this is also an area that need to be reviewed.  For a number of years, we the people of these islands have heard about the lavish spending by government officials when they are abroad and it is paid for by us, the people of these islands.

    We demand to know Mr. Premiere and I wish they will publish this information so we can all see the truth behind why the government is broke.  I think these statements answers your question.

    • Anonymous says:

       Mr Bush seems to think he is answerable to no one.  But the people of the Cayman Islands have a right to know how their leaders are behaving (including what these leaders do with the money that government demands from its citizens through duties, fees, etc.).

      While I am certain he can justify (at least to himself) every trip taken, he is the one who stood before the people of this country and said that this country is broke.  So the question naturally arises:  if the country has no money, wouldn’t reducing unnecessary travel by government "leaders" be a logical way to save money?

      I would be curious (but probably won’t submit an FOI request – can’t afford the fees levied by Mr Bush’s government as punishment for my curiosity) to see a comparison between the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars spent to fly him and his posse around the world versus the relatively minuscule amount it "costs" to have a civil servant look up or compile information in response to a LEGAL FOI request.


  173. Joe Average says:

    Now we’ll tell YOU something!

    Until YOU release OUR budget to US and come forth with the missing accounts from OUR finances WE’LL ask whatever we want to ask. Because YOU work for US.  Did you miss that part?

    Chase a car

  174. Anonymous says:

    Does no one else find this absolutely amusing?

    One would not be so hysterically defensive if they did not feel as though they were being cornered. What will those internationally perceive of us now considering that we allow this man to carry on like an angry five year old child who has found himself cornered. Punish our media by expecting them to pay for something so trivial? Forgive me if I am wrong, but I found it rather interesting that during the past week or two that the one article which readers were unable to comment on was that concerning the brutish behaviour of a local leader- I believe that is providing enough protection for this hapless party. 

    If you do desire to be transparent and reasonable, then answering simple requests concerning TRAVEL arrangements should not call for such brat like response. Try to show a little bit more tact in the future, McKeeva. As a young Caymanian I find it an appalling embarrassment to see the supposed leader of my country and my home embarrass himself publicly and then expect our government and people tobe treated respectfully and reasonably when this is the example they are presented with. The only person that is to blame for our ‘suffering’ is you who attempts to masquerade as an advocate for ‘transparency’ and then is so critical of the very legislation set in place which is to ensure openness between those in power and the public- it is simply amusing. 

    Try to imagine- if you did not lash out so irresponsibly at those whose job it is to inform us of the business of our country, then you would not have so many critics and people out to try and figure out what exactly it is that you do. I do love my country and I refuse to allow someone so incapable to embarrass, defame, and publicly ridicule us and allow the country to go by the wayside without atleast showing that there are people in the country that can see the mess we are in and acknowledge that something needs to be done.

    As a child, I was told to respect my elders, but have learnt that age and status is not reason enough to demand such regards. I expect dignity, reservation, and wisdom from my elders- not cowardly and abrasive behaviour that is expected from children. 

    • I feel as if i know you from somewhere… you speak the truth, why wont these other brainwashed worshippers of "mack" realise this man is not functioning like a human being but more like some sort of alien. A 5 year old child is very fitting for how this guy behaves. He gives caymanians a bad name… hold on let me translate for the caymanians who dont understand because they are used to hearing his language..



      Bo’oh i know you from some place still inna, i think mack kinda weird even though i like him i starting to believe he na the right choice i begginin to want my moneh back bledz. He na from here yo, he cant be caymanian wid him strange ways suh. He too young fa dis i think we need maturiteh, na true? i ashamed be caymanian now:(

  175. Shamrock says:

    Step aside, Chavez! There’s a new sheriff in town!

    What a clown this man is! So I guess he’s saying that anyone with an opinion is hurting Cayman. The bloggers are merely stating in a public forum what they would say among family and friends, and within their private circles. Regardless of how asinine some comments might be, isn’t it better to know how the populace is thinking and feeling, rather than having this information swept under the rug?

    Mr. Bush, you need to grow a thicker skin if you intend to continue serving in a public role. Criticism, both negative and constructive, comes with the territory, so learn to deal with it in a professional manner. You are a contradiction to your concern of online media not being good for Cayman; because, with remarks like those quoted above, you are the one doing more harm than good to Cayman. You have been quoted as sounding like an idiot, and guess what? The same media you castigate are highlighting your tirade against them. Guess who looks the most stupid now? Guess how many people of influence all over the world and right here in Cayman are reading these articles and learning of the backwards and antiquated leader the oh-so-progressive Cayman Islands has? How can a leader who is likened to Castro and Chavez be perceived to be good for Cayman?

    Please consider taking some courses on how to handle criticism and tough issues with diplomacy and tact. If the gravity of your shortcomings weren’t so serious, it would be funny! Get it together, Mac. Think before you speak, and please be reminded that regardless of the reason, or lack thereof, for querying government expenditure, any money you spend is that of we, the Caymanian people. We pay your salary; we are your employer so it is our right to know how, when and how much of our money is being spent. If this does not bode well with you, by all means resign from office and return to your private life. You can’t have it both ways.

    Btw, great pic, CNS. He looks just like the XXXXXX he is! And should he succeed with his ridculous quest to impose unreasonably high operating fees, just post a PayPal link; I’m sure your readers, like me, will make donations to help you offset the costs. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:


      Well said! I couldn’t agree more. I hope McKeeva reads this and many other blogs in response to this article so he can see how the Caymanian public view him as a "leader".  Someone needs to put a muzzle on this tyrant as he has become a national embarrassment! 

      I think the CI govt should make it a priority to send this idiot to classes so he can learn the basics of grammar, speech and public speaking. When he is not reading from a pre-prepared written speech, he sounds like an uneducated fool! The international community is laughing their XXX off at us and probably wondering how the hell this man is capable of running a country.

      I hope that Cayman will one day be rid of this dictator for the sake of our people and most of all for the sake of our local economy. The impact of this man’s mouth seriously affects the perception of Cayman by visitors, local and potential investors, the international community and Britian. I am ashamed to call this man the Premier of my country!

      Outraged young Caymanian.

  176. Raving loony party says:

    Talking about losing the plot. Is this man XXX or what? CNS is one of the best things that has happened to Cayman. It is a forum for an exchange of ideas from Expats and Caymanians alike. Regretably because Bush is XXXX very few persons will put their name to their articles for fear of retribution. This is unfortunate because many good ideas have resulted in the forum.

    What this meglomaniac has forgotten is that whilstyou may shut down a local media site you cannot close down a blog. In effect CNS will just go offshore. For those old enough to remember when Britain tried to muzzle radio stations they set up on ships outside the country.

    So much for freedom of the press and transparency in the Cayman Islands! No doubt his ravings will be reported in the foreign press which is somewhat paradoxical.

    Keep up the good work Nicky and Wendy.

  177. peter milburn says:

    Pity our Premier has attacked these folks like this.I have said it before that he needs to take it easy and learn to roll with the punches after all it comes with the job and one has to live with it!!!.Its called politics Mr.Premier and whatever happened to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS??

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Peter  It is a sad day when only you had the courage to put your name on a response to this article. That does concern me.

    • anonymous says:

      I think this is the biggest difference from his last term as LOGB- the landscape of the press has changed dramatically since then and he was not prepared for this. McDinajad is having his feet held to the fire on a regular basis and he does not enjoy that.

      I look forward to the next elections already. 

      Keep up the good work CNS!

  178. Anonymous says:

    Nothing free in freedom of the press in Cayman.  Doesn’t Bush realise that he’s undermining the foundation of democracy and driving Cayman closer to a banana republic??  Imagine threatening the press with a disproportionate "licence fee" just because he doesn’t like what they print.  Talk about abuse of power!!   How do we remove this meglomaniac??

  179. Anonymous says:


    I’m returning to the UK permanently in two months.  I am more than happy to run CNS from my spare room in London.  (That’s in England, McKeeva).

    We’ll have to work out details Nicky but it should be pretty simple.  You send me the material and I post it.  I won’t charge a fee.  My renumeration will be in imagining the fury and frustration on Coco’s face.  (Sorry clown lovers but that’s what he is.)

    He really doesn’t get it does he?  His lack of awareness is almost frightening.

    If Coco has nothing to hide then he has nothing to fear.  When he travels, I don’t suppose his ticket is paid for out of his own pocket.  You’re using our money Coco!  That’s why we have the right to know.  If the numerous air tickets you have used in the last year have been paid for out of your salary, then I apologise and I withdraw that comment.

    A government comitted to freedom of information is a mature, sophisticated organisation intolerant of corruption.  Coco is our employee and we have every right to know everything about his business in his rôle as our Premier.

    The expenses scandal in the UK would never have been exposed were it not for freedom of information.  

    God I’m going to miss all this when I go home.

    • Anonymous says:

      LMAO !!!! Hahahhaaahhaaaaa….. I can’t decide what’s funnier his stupid comments, the picture or your reply (Coco)!!!!

      Thanks I needed a good laugh !

      Nicky, thank you for helping us all find our voice… we have been silenced way too long! Keep it up !



    • Conan O'Brien. says:

      Please don’t demean the good name of Conan O’Brien by referring to McKeeva Bush and Conan O’Brien as Coco.

      That is all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I bet the fees will be based on where the information is gathered – not where the server is located.

      Keep up the good work Mac – CNS is just biased!

  180. Caring about the future of Cayman says:

    Only 8 months ago, our honourable Premier was saying this about Freedom of Information…

    "Freedom of Information has been viewed worldwide as a fundamental human right.

    Freedom of information is not a luxury; it is vital to good governance and has the power to make Government more efficient, effective and responsible.

    In these times of worldwide financial crisis, governments are looking at ways to improve their efficiency and effectiveness without increasing their expenditure. Freedom of Information allows this to happen; in some ways, it ensures this happens. FOI requires Government to answer the questions asked by the people."

    You can access the whole article here:

    Another interesting thing to note is that FOI legislation in the Cayman Islands was initially introduced to the Legislative Assembly by a group of politicians that included Mr. McKeeva Bush.

    The strength of a country can be measured by the strength of its leadership.  Great leaders are the ones who workthrough the tough times, with their eye on the greater good, even when it may not always be popular.  Great leaders need to have thicker skin because ‘bloggers’are not simply going to go away.

    Freedom of Information is good and it is a now the RIGHT of the people to ask…

  181. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy here we go again! This time not even bothering to veil the threats to muzzle the press and destroy freedom of the press.

    Doesn’t the Premier understand what electronic media is or has he been given lessons from China and should we expect Google to be banned here too?

    Does he plan to include radio talk shows in his definition of "blogs" or does someone need to explain to him what a blog is?

    CNS you seem to have touched a sensitive spot. Good for you!!



  182. anonymous says:

    The story is great but the photo is even better. : )

    Stand tall CNS- your work is valuable for the right to freedom of speech.  

    Take a bow. 


  183. Joe Grinder says:

    O.M.G. Has this man have any understanding of how  ridiculous  he sounds? In his warped bizzarro world he is the dictator and you cannot question his authority.Maybe I can  give him a IDEA ,{NoMr. Bush not that Swedish furniture store } The only law in the Cayman Islands punishable by death is the law of treason.In his world, all people are guilty of treason ,unless you agree with him . So in the famous words of the Queen of spades "Cut of their heads"

  184. Anonymous says:

    Has this man gone completely mad? I cannot believe what I am reading!!! Simply unbelievable.

    To think that he can just stand there publicly and go on with this rhetoric and nobody is supposed to say anything is absolutely unbelievable.

    Are his extension cords going to allow him to do this? Are they going to support these measures in the Budget? Or are they going to find enough intestinal fortitude to say no and to properly represent the voters who elected them to their office. I hope they remember that it was not McKeeva who elected them. And unless he puts a ban on future elections as well, the electorate will know how to treat them next time around. If there is a next time around. He will suspend elections next if he is not stopped.

    Time to hit the streets Caymanians. Tell McHitler that enough is enough!!!


  185. Anonymous says:

    All these travels that the Premier is taking…..the people are entitled to know where the supposed "minister" was when all these shootings were taking place.


  186. slowpoke says:


    Remember when I suggested moving the servers to Iceland?

    Looking better all the time…

    • Anonymous says:

      Severs in iceland!

      But where would the Business & Trade License be? (Cayman) and the work permits (Cayman) – unless of course they will use spies to attend press briefings and otherwise gather information.

      Actually, maybe the UDP should do what the PPM were suggesting and issue Press Passes.


  187. Anonymous says:

     Blah  Blah  Blah  HOG WASH at its best …………

  188. slowpoke says:


    Do I laugh hysterically or cry desperately?

    With every passing moment, comment, and policy retraction, it becomes increasingly evident that the job has become way too complex for his intellectual ability.

    Mr. Bush, you have been very good to many Caymanians and we all appreciate that. However, we all have our limitations, please accept yours and pass the baton.

  189. Right ya so says:

    Can you spell "dictator"?

    Keep up the good work Nicky!

  190. Anonymous says:

     Transparency benefits everyone in any organisation, if someone is against it shame on him and the special interest groups/people that support him.

    Unbelievable that he gets voted in every time.

  191. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahaha he look like Mickey Mouse ..nice pic Dennie

  192. Anonymous says:

    First, let me say this, GREAT PICTURE!  I love it, because that about sums it up!

    Second, let me day, Cayman OFFICIALLY has its first dictator.

    Third, DON’T give up CNS.  If you have to "publish" from another country then so be it, the news has no boundries and you provide this country with a a great service.

    Fourth, I have made contatct with my media friends in the US, and expect that this little (big) temper tantrum Mac had today (a big Mac attack at that), will make international headlines.

    Firth, Caymanian friends, when will you get this XXXX man out of office?


  193. Anonymous says:

    This is only transparency. Our last Election was based on transparency.

  194. Dictator? says:

    All Dictators and Communist leaders try to intimidate and control the media and that is exactly what McKeeva Bush is trying to do.

    I wonder the rest of the UDP are not going to be real men (and woman) and stand up to this man, as obviously they can see the damage that is being done, or is the money sweeter than the future of Cayman.

    They should be ashamed of themselves and to have a few cronies agreeing with all this just because they got certain contracts, just confounds me.

    Be real Caymanians and do what is right for Cayman and not your pockets.

    Stay strong CNS and all media for the sake of GOOD Caymanians!

  195. BORN FREE says:

    Talk about freedom of the press! This sounds just like Chavez, & we all know what a ruthless dictator Chavez is. Chavez silences anything & anyone who opposes him, including the press. Who gives Mckeeva Bush the power to fine or penalize the press if he feels like it? How silly of me, Bush gives himself the power to silence the press, that is what a dictator does. He threatens them!

  196. Anonymous says:

    So, we already have an economy where the executive decides who can run a business, and who that business can employ. We are already down the road of abolishing the safeguard of an independent bar in the justice system. We already have a small elite class which governs us through the unelected board system. We already have a small electorate, which can only elect a smaller political class. 

    Now, the Premier decides that criticism of him and his government must be stopped, so a form of censorship is to be introduced. What will be next?

  197. Anonymous says:

    We now have open and honest government.  He openly says what he means, if he does not like to be questioned about certain things, he admits it.

  198. Anonymous says:

    This bluff will fall where all of the Premiers bluffs has fallen.

    The good thing about Mac is that he forgets everything he said right after saying it.

    Freedom of speech is a right of every caymanian Mac included, so someone needs to explain that to him as it appears that he do not know that.

    It would be interesting to see how the UK Government will digest that one.

  199. Same Cat says:

    I feel intimidated just seeing that picture!

  200. Anonymous says:

    My way or the Highway!!!

    We are witnessing a Dictator at his best.