Cable & Wireless rebukes Digicel over legal case

| 18/05/2010

(CNS): There is little indication that the regional telecom firm Cable & Wireless intends to go easy on its competitor, Digicel in negotiations over legal costs regarding the recent court room battle. Earlier this month LIME said any settlement over costs with Digicel would require full compensation to C&W for the “enormous costs” it suffered as a result of what it said was a baseless case. Digicel had brought suit against Cable & Wireless claiming that C&W had intentionally delayed Digicel’s entry into markets in the Caribbean between 2002 and 2006. Digicel lost the case in the UK High Court last month which also ruled costs to Cable & Wireless.

Donald Austin the firms Executive Vice President said that C&W was not surprised that Digicel wanted to negotiate on the costs as they lost the case comprehensively. “We estimate that they have spent about £10m in legal costs already,” he said adding that the firm had not ruled out negotiations but as we it was very well positioned.
Criticising its rival once again based on the judges comments C&W said any negotiations would have to take into account that it believed the case was “nothing more than a colossal waste of time and money.”
He pointed to several issues noted by the that Digicel announced the suit on the eve of a Cable & Wireless AGM, it never given an explanation for the firm’s original claim figure of £300-million which  the Judge said was grossly exaggerated and that the judge had said Digicel’s allegation of conspiracy was speculative and weak .
“Any negotiated settlement with Digicel will be can only be in the context of our company being fully compensated and reimbursed for the enormous expense brought on by a totally unnecessary and time-wasting suit,” Austin added.
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