Dr Philip Pedley

| 19/05/2010

(CNS): Dr. Philip Pedley, a longtime civil servant and friend to many, passed away last night (Tuesday, 18 May) in the US, where he was receiving treatment for a medical condition. Pedley worked with the National Archives as well as being a teacher and an an active member of First Baptist Church. GIS said that the Deputy Governor, Donovan Ebanks, announced Dr. Pedley’s passing on Wednesday, 19 May. "On behalf of the whole Civil Service, and especially the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs as well as the Cayman Islands National Archive, we extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Pedley's wife, Arthurlyn, and to his two sons, James and Jonathan," said Ebanks.

Dr. Pedley had a long and distinguished civil service career. He played a pivotal role in the many changes the government made over the past four decades.  “Dr. Pedley could not be described as a colleague; he was more of a kindred spirit, and I miss him terribly,” said Strategic Adviser Peter Gough. Archive Director Kimlon Seymour added, “The staff and I will always remember Dr. Pedley, for his dedication to the vision of giving Cayman's history back to its people, and for preserving its heritage for future generations. His contributions will live on, and we too miss him terribly.”  
Ebanks, said that the policy advice provided by Dr. Pedley was always sound based on years of experience, extensive research and most importantly, careful reflection on its effect in the context of theCayman Islands. “No matter how brief the contact, Dr. Pedley touched the lives of everyone who met him.  He will never be forgotten, nor will we forget his immense contribution to this country in his various roles as a father, husband, church brother, teacher, archivist and policy adviser,” the Deputy governor stated.


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  1. noname says:

    A life well lived.

    It is with great sadness that I learned of Dr. Pedley’s passing yesterday morning. He was a gentleman who truly became one of us; a Caymanian in every sense of the word. He was one of those rare people who arrived on our shores and embraced our way of life. He saw much beauty in what and who we were. He did not seek fame or fortune but did his part in preserving the value and character of Cayman. He worked tirelessly in the founding of one of our islands most valuable treasures, the National Archive. His willingness to assist other like minded organization was always appreciated.Dr. Pedley was a man with intelligence and integrity. His faith in God and love of family were always obvious to those who had the privilege of meeting him.
    I would encourage others to give back to our islands history, culture and built heritage the way that he and his wife Arthurlyn have always been known for. There is a shortage of such people.  May God walk with his family during this difficult time and may he rest in peace.
    • Anonymous says:

      I will add "Amen" to what the person who posted on Thu, 05/20/2010 – 03:09 had to say.

      This gentleman was my dear teacher back in the 70’s, although he was only a few years older than his students! I suppose not many have even known about his teaching background, because he moved on to other things, but he was a positive influence in many of our lives and many of us shed quiet tears at this very sad news. We will quietly attend his funeral on Saturday and pay our last respects to this fine gentleman who was genuinely one of us. 

      I pray for his dear family and trust that God will give them His peace. RIP dear "Mr. P".