UDP done nothing, says PPM

| 20/05/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island headline news(CNS): As the United Democratic Party’s first year in office drew to a close, PPM member and former Cabinet minister, Alden McLaughlin, described the last 12 months as ones of “spectacular unachievement and over promise”, saying he could think of no single initiative that had changed anything for the better. He said nothing had been done to tackle the budget crisis, and as far as he could see, the country was still no closer to a real plan for solving it. He conceded that not all of the bigger problems, such as the economic downturn or the rising crime, were the fault of this administration, but little had been done to improve the lives of the people.

“It is a year since the election and on this anniversary there is still no evidence that the government is any closer to a real plan to tackle the budget crisis. Perhaps I am wrong and we will be surprised before the end of May but so far we are all still waiting,” said the People’s Progressive Movement MLA.

McLaughlin also criticised the premier’s recent attack on the press and FOI, and raised concerns over the irony that such outbursts would be far more successful in causing problems overseas for the Cayman Islands than the press itself, as McKeeva Bush had suggested in his criticism of the local media.
The former minister pointed out that those people the premier was trying to attract here to invest and do business wanted more than just the ability to recruit talented people and modern resources. “These are sophisticated people and they take into account issues like press freedom,” McLaughlin said.
Given that the primary goal of the UDP was to attract new business, McLaughlin said that when people see the leader of the Cayman Islands ranting and raving it was not going to be looked upon favourably and help to attract that much needed business.
He said that the recent behaviour and comments by some members of government already had shades of that associated with the previous UDP administration, and the premier’s outburst against transparency was a worrying reminder.
The former minister said that the 2005 election had been fought over allegations of impropriety in government as well as concerns that there was too much emphasis on self interest, bias towards affiliates and patronage, which had in turn led the PPM administration to adopt a culture of transparency to prevent it happening again.
“A big thrust of that campaign was to introduce a new culture and a new style of government,” McLaughlin said, adding that the PPM had achieved that — so much so that by the time of the next election transparency was taken as the norm.
McLaughlin said people had to be allowed to express their views and criticize government and he said Bush’s reaction over the last few days was very worrying. “Anyone in public office should expect to be questioned and criticised,” he added. “You have to grow a thicker skin. It is very, very wrong to launch such a full frontal assault on the media.”
However the media is not sacrosanct, McLaughlin observed, saying there was nothing wrong with criticising imbalance or correcting misinformation when the papers got it wrong. “It is quite another, however, to threaten journalists with jail,” he added.
Following the direct attack on the media and FOI on Thursday, the premier continued his criticisms when he called into the local radio station Rooster 101 during its morning show Crosstalk on Tuesday.
While his attack on Thursday had been aimed at solely at Cayman Net News and Cayman News Service, by then he also widened his criticisms to include the Caymanian Compass following its editorial which had called the premier to task over his criticisms of FOI and the press.
In a letter to the Compass on Wednesday Bush said he had observed how most of the press corps operates, and in his opinion most of them were not here because they loved Cayman. “When this country suffers more and more – you will then leave us in the lurch,” he wrote.
How do you think the UDP has done in its first year in office? Vote in the CNS poll. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    PPM?  UDP?  If just one Good Caymanian stepped up to the plate you both would be shown for what both your pasts have shown you for.  LOSSERS!  Fortunately for the both of you there is no one that is both good and strong enough to solve the problems you both have caused.  Too bad for the rest of us.  For now.

  2. Roadblogger says:

    Unfortunately our attitude now is:

    Freedom’s just nother word for nuthin left to lose.

  3. Joe Bananas says:

    What have we learned in 2,065 years

    "The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work,  instead of living on public assistance."

    –  Cicero   – 55 BC

    So, evidently nothing.

  4. anonymous says:

    Alden McLaughlin is a true Statesman and not a Politician like McKeeva Bush.  Alden puts Country first and self last.  McKeeva puts himself, his Rich Colleagues and money first, before Country and people.  Alden believes in Policies and procedures, McKeeva wants an open door Policy, so he can  benefit.  Alden is Cayman young bright educated leader and until we start understanding and believing that, we will always end up with cronies like McKeeva Bush.  After saying and comparing all that, I wish to state that I am not in favour of this Party politics, I am from West Bay and I have never accepted any favours from any Politician there, so I am free to state the obvious facts. Alden please do not allow any wealthy friends, Politicians or colleagues to intimidate you in anyway, even when the UDP supporters and the host of Rooster 101.9 tries to put you in a corner.  Be true to yourself, your Country and to God.  Do what you think always is best for this Country/our Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden a true stateman? What a joke? LMAO

      Alden believes in policies and procedures when he and his croonies are at the helm!! They are behaving this way because all the truth is coming out that PPM is not longer the leaders!

      He could never be neither a stateman or politician as he is not true to himself or his country…need I spell it out.

      He did what he thought was best for the country and that was spending and spending and leaving us all in the "grim" financial state of affairs. 

      UDP continue what you all have done in the past year…the captain is sober, and the crew is honest and we know you all are working long hours to keep us afloat, including Alden and the other PPM members. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "Country first and self last". My God, what planet are you living on? Alden was a disaster as a minister, completely driven by self-exultation. I can only hope he is never (ever) placed in a position of responsibility again.

      • Live Free... says:

        Anon 13:12 lives on Planet Earth and knows what he/she is talking about, but you on the other don’t have a clue about what or who you talking about, when it comes down to Mr. Alden McLaughlin, he is good man and he is not driven by self-exultation, oops bad spelling, I meant self exaltation. And I also think that 02:55 in the morning has long pass your bed time, you should have been sleeping instead posting nonsense about Mr. Alden, so that you could have catch the first flight out to Planet Mars where you come from.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would pick David from YUDP and Denise and Enna from YPPM.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It so amusing to see all the "flip-floppers" on this site who one day back the UDP and the next the PPM…way to stick by your guns! Blinded so easily by disingenuous political mud-slinging it’s no wonder these jacka$$e$  keep getting voted into power.

  7. TRUTH says:

    I do not have love for either side of the fence.  Whether you are a PPM politician or a UDP politician you both have failed the country miserably. 

    What my prayer and hopes is that both parties have started youth arms and I have listened to both sides of the youth arm discuss issues on the radio and tv and I have also seen the YUDP do alot of work in the community.  As I was saying, my prayer is that these young up and coming politicians take note of the disaster their leaders have made on both sides and say to themselves we need to work together.  Bring new life and blood back into the Cayman Islands and in the next election take the lead and get elected.  

    Cayman we need to wake up.  The changing of the guard from one to the other does not work.  Do not get me wrong, there are a few shining stars in the Legislative Assembly but they cannot take the lead unless the old leaders realise their time is done and step aside. 

    If I had my choose of who would remain in the L.A. is would be the following:

    Cline Glidden Jr.

    Rolston Anglin

    Alden McLaughlin

    Arden McLean

    Mike Adam

    Mark Scotland

    Ezzard Miller (he may be old but young at heart and is doing something)

    Moses Kirkconnell

    As you can see, I only kept 8 of the 15. What that tells me and should tell the readers is that we have 7 seats in there being taken up by the old guard who really need to go and let these 8 remaining use their skills to work together and make a difference.  Do not get me wrong I thank the others for the work they have put in.   Now that leaves 7 seats that can go to fresh faces and new ideas.  New love for the country and loyalty to the people.  Young PPM and Young UDP I have seen some of your members.  Denise, Robert and Enna from the YPPM and Richard, Matthew, David from the YUDP.  All 6 of you would be excellent choices to run for L.A.  There are also some independants out there that I feel would have made a great choice just like how the people of Northside voted Ezzard in. 

    Cayman we needto wake up and realise that the answers does not lay in voting parties into power back and forth.  We have to vote for the best interest of the country. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you except for two… Mark and Mike!

      They are the two in the LA right now who do absolutely nothing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Although I may not fully agree with all of the persons you have suggested. One thing I have to agree with you on, 100%, is that we as a country need to vote for the ‘best’ persons, not just vote for someone because of which party they are….or any of that foolishness.

      It is time we wakeup and look at each person individually and see if they have what it takes to run this country the right way, and will they have the country’s best interest at heart, and vote for the best candidates regardless of their party.

  8. sandra says:



    "VOTE STRAIGHT!" (excuse my slang)

    But only inteligent people were the ones not influenced by the mindless crowd that voted everyone of the same party!

    lol… sorry, but how fool-fool can you get?

  9. Say it Aint So says:

    Wow I actually find myself agreeing with Alden – The UDP has not done nearly as much as the PPM, not even a smigen – of DAMAGE that is!!!

    talk about hipocracy! I would take a UDP government over the last one any day.

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot be serious, to take a UDP government over the last one any day. Who wants a sick person who would try and muzzle the press? This is what you get when you elect people who only think about themselves. What a disgrace!


  10. Anonymous says:

     What do you mean they haven’t done anything? Where have you been?

    They have:

    1- Behaved like unruly school children playing this embarrassing blame game. Carrying it so far to exaggerate the truth and announce to the world the Cayman was ‘BROKE’ causing irreputable damage to our country and financial community.  

    2- Conducted themselves as thugs, hooligans (even being arrested), and uncouth dictators  making all us Caymanians look like uneducated simpleton idiots.

    3- Used the people’s money to travel all around the world first class, some times in groups of 17, having a good time on our dime . Then have the audacity to attack the press and  the FOI act when we question the travel. Wait until we request the expense sheets! Didn’t you say we were broke ? (guess you had to try and spend it so you could really say we were broke)

    4- Use our money again for unnecessary and extremely expensive personal home improvements. Not to mention his own personal housekeeper. While other government MLA’s live in hotels in the Brac at our expense (again I thought we were broke).

    5- Raised the duty which in turn causes the rise in the cost of living – in the middle of a recession! Hence causing the rise in crime and the loss of jobs and people struggle to make ends meet.  

    6-  Drastically raised all government fees – Company, Work Permit, etc. causing many companies to close up their business and move to another country. Our population has decreased by 10,000 in the one year you have been in office. Crippling the economy even further.


    Congratulations UDP !!! You list of accomplishments continues to proceeds you ! As you have sent our economy "down hill fast" (like  the Winter Olympics the 17 of you attended-  #3 above -again and again thought you said "we were broke"!)

    I’m not a big PPM fan (as they were over ambitious with capital projects and Kurt was always undecided)  but they were much better than this bunch of jokers with god like complexes who have managed to spend lots of money on world travel and financially ruin this country in one short year !

    • Dred says:

      Make sure you don’t forget to mention how some got their seats.

      In GT some broke the Elections Law by use of preprinted cards being circulated which could be considered undue influence.  It’s 1 year post elections and they have eluded the short arm of the law.

      In BT we had two winners breaking the Constitutional laws to be seated.  They pulled a disappearing act before the AG who upto today still hasn’t decided whether he saw a law broken or not. Nevermind the whole Island knowing it and them admitting it.

      These must be added to their astounding list of accomplishments. I mean how many politicians we know can pull disappearing acts like those even before elections and make cases and facts simply disappear into thin air.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Alden there is so much you could be doing right now without running UDP down!

    UDP has done more in one year than you and the Poor People Money did in your term in office. All we could hear a year ago was Don’t Stop the Progress. What Progress? It is a good thing that the people woke up because boy if didn’t we wouldn’t have lasted much longer under the leadership of People Pestering McKeeva!!  

    UDP has uncovered the financial state that you and your PPM buddies left this country in over a year ago. Why don’t you shed some light on the "spend, spend and more spend" like there is no tomorrow or next year? 

    • Live Free.... says:

      Anon 21:42 You say that the UDP has done more in one year than Mr. Alden and the Poor People Money did in their term in office. All we could hear a year ago was Don’t Stop the Progress. What Progress? Well let me refresh your memory.

      They bought Cayman Airways their own Admin building, to save cost.

      More roads to ease traffic congestion.

      Form a new education curriculum which was well needed.

      The new Government building, again to save cost.

      Re-did  the Truman Bodden complex which had house the Carifta Games, in which my hats goes off to Mr. Alden for a job well done.

      PPM also had the Annex Field re-done, thanks again to Mr. Alden

      The new Constitution and the hard worked they did to make the bill of right more in line with the Caymanians believes and wants when it comes into effect in 2013.

      Build more schools in which we are going to need.

      Renovated the Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac.

      The Budget home projects which they had to fix first, which is 95% better than what the UDP had done with it.

      The new License Department, excellent work again by the PPM.

      And many more projects. So isn’t that Progress?

      It would have been better to say that PPM was very ambitious, than to say they done nothing during their term as Government 2005-2009.

      And may I ask you what financial state they left Cayman in when your UDP party took over? Because as far as I know the figures that the financial officer give in March of 2009 was the true finance position of Cayman when it came down to the deficit which was 26 Million, rather than whatthe UDP Government brought to our attention of 86 million or so in deficit. Which was all made up figures to make PPM look bad and then say we are broke, so that people of Cayman can join them in blaming PPM for the financial crisis and over spending which is far from the truth. You need to wake up Johnnie come lately, because you don’t really know what’s going on, you just going by hear say. Shame!!!



  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Alden McLaughlin and his PPM Govt. should be the last people on earth to judge the performance of the UDP Govt.   They above all should know the financial mess they left when they were not returned to office.    One thing I know for sure the UDP Govt. is not borrowing and spending recklessly as they did because they left nothing to spend.  And, oh the mess left by the former Minister of Education was the worst of all, schools being built costing over 100 M and only God himself know what they will costs to operate when and if they are ever finished.

    For the avoidance of doubt I give the UDP Govt.a B+ they have worked tirelessly to pull us out of the financial mess left by the PPM Govt.

    • Live Free.... says:

      Anon 21:19 Pull us out of what financial mess, may I ask? Because as far as I can see the Islands are in deeper financial ruins than they were before this bunch of no ambitious self interest Government that is lead by the one an only Macdinejad, so don’t come with this PPM as cause this financial problem crap! Which is all becoming stale and a annoying excuse for this failing Government, which has fail Cayman before and was removed by the people for the same reasons of no accountability, hate transparency, attacking the press, vindictive and spending the people money on unnecessary projects and the list is goes on, which means nothing has change with the UDP, so you need to wake up UDP supporter. And now for your lack of memory of the UDP party in the past and for saying they work tirelessly, I give you an E.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla, and the solution is UDP, PPM?

    What needs to happen is a young Caymanian who is tired of the same old rhetoric  from the same old parties, to step up and start a third party, to shake you old knobs up and work for the country and not yourselves.

    Maybe son of the soil

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well it is clear that the PPM faithful have taken to voting the party line on the CNS threads.

    If anyone believes that Alden’s latest rant does anything to move the country forward then they are sorely mistaken.

    No one in the entire PPM have offered any solutions to the economic problems of the country. So until they have some solutions then they should keep quiet or at least not intentionally throw gasoline on the political fire.

    On a recent AM talk radio program the leader of the opposition could offer no solutions to the country’s problems.

    Voting thumbs down does not negate the truth of my comments.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if and a couple of others on here you really believe it is only the ‘PPM faithful’ posting and voting then it must be mean that far from the UDP claim that the PPM was dead that it is in fact very much alive and kicking. Of course it could be that many other (non-PPM)  people have simply become disillusioned with the UDP based on its performance over the past year. But that would be heresy, wouldn’t it. It is "only one or two bloggers" after all. Tell me, is there a special substance that UDP supporters are required to inhale that induces an altered state of consciousness? You seem to be completely divorced from reality.  Is it really lost on you that the UDP has lost the support of the majority of the population?   

      • Anonymous says:

        A perfect analogy of the difference between the UDP and the PPM can be found in how Boatswain Beach has been managed by first the PPM manager and currently by the UDP manager.

        The differences are obvious for even the most die hard PPM faithful. The realities of the financial problems there are actually being dealt with.

        Don’t worry I am not of the illusion that you have an open enough political mind to concede anything.

        It truly worries me that were the PPM in power over the last year that they would have given in to the UK pressure for direct taxation for the Cayman Islands.


        • Anonymous says:

          Interesting that you would bring up Boastwain Beach as a success story  as that is obviously one of the disasters of the previous UDP Govt. It was unnecessary, some $65m was wasted on it so that it has a NEGATIVE net worth of $7.4m and it is a major contributor to our deficit as it needs to be subsidized to tune of millions of dollars annually. The question is whether you have a sufficiently open mind to acknowledge that.

          Obviously, from what we have learned Mr. Ebanks’s management of Boatswain Beach was highly questionable and as a result I do not believe that he is fit for public office, and I do not think he will have that opportunity again.   

          You speak as if it is now clear that there will be no direct taxes. It appears Mr. Bush has been unable to sort out govts finances locally so that it is a very real possibility that the UK govt. may require the imposition of direct taxes. Rather than the pointless exercise of worrying about what the PPM would have done had it been in govt., you should be very concerned about the UDP, is doing, or rather failing to do, now that it is in govt..   

          • Anonymous says:

            I realized when writing the previous posting that the origins of Boatswain Beach by the UDP would be used as a response.

            But unlike the PPM faithful I can admit the the Boatswain Beach project was a mistake in size and scope and am willing to listen to statements made.

            Finally someone is running Boatswain Beach with some skill and leadership willing to make the tough desisions.

            Now about building multiple schools at the same time? Now that is a major drain on the public finances and when everything is finished after the additional 10s of millions are spent, how much will it cost to keep them up?

            The PPM faithful refuse to follow my lead and admit their mistakes.

            • Anonymous says:

              You are trying to minimise the UDP’s blunders – "mistake in size and scope"! It was a huge waste of public funds and was completely misconceived and unnecessary. 

              Obviously there was overinvestment on the schools but at least they were necessary. 

              First, it is too early to tell what will become of the Boatswain’s Beach so it is a little early to be handing out accolades. But even so, why are you claiming Tim’s management as a UDP success? Is EVERYTHING partisan to you?  Why would anyone want to follow your lead?      

        • Anonymous says:

          Your reference to Tim as a "UDP manager" is the biggest insult that could be given to anyone. Having know Tim Adam for all of my life, I can confidently say that when he took the job is was because he thought that he could do some good for the country and not because it was on offer as a reward by some political faction.

          An incompetent and dishonest manager will still be an incompetent and dishonest manager regardless of which political party should appoint them to the post, but you appear to be a died in the wool supporter who believes that some reward should come your way for offering your support.

          I am truly surprised that you did not take the opportunity to let the farmers in Cayman know that it was UDP rain falling on their crops last week.

    • Anonymous says:
      A valiant last sentence, friend, but, blimey, results give even more evidence of the reality that this media is infested with rabid PPM supporters. My advice to yourself – and the other five or so non-PPM contributors – is to not lose heart and keep on commenting, however terribly lonely it must feel at times!
  15. livingcayman says:

    I say Alden for next Premier.  Woo Hoo.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is what they have done:

    1. They have uncovered the biggest fiscal mess this country has ever seen. one which was being hidden to suit the ppm election campaign (can you say the word ‘dishonest’?)

    2. They had to deal with the fco last year for the first time in the country’s history in order to get the budget approved because the previous govt made such a mess that we failed on all the ratios. on that scenario–they kept the country alive financially and were able to pay civil servants salaries during months when everyone knew that without the borrowing approval, the govt administration would have collapsed

    3. They tried to put through a few initiatives including the sale and repurchase of the govt building..but the country pushed back (especially civil servants) and slowed the process to a grinding halt for thr first 8 months (before eventually coming clean almost a whole year later and saying they were againts it)–reminder: the sale of the bldg was already in the budget from last year–it did not get done because of the "we want our cake and eat it too’ pushback.

    4. They also tried a few other things like touching the sacred area of immigration with the directives to give businesses a break and more importantly to stop them from sending employment and revenues overseas.

    5. The few major projects they have tried to get off the ground have been met with negatively especially by the politically motivated..great for inward investment. truth is that this so called inward investment is so called inward investment because the country wont allow it to become a reality.

    6. The more cooperative approach with the oecd and the removal from the grey list is of course now regarded by the political as being ‘nothing really’ but the truth is that this was an important achievement for cayman to be proactive in regards the intl issues impacting the financial services sector

    True, they have also screwed up in some areas. and yes their honeymoon period is definitely over.

    But bear in mind that the mess the country found itself  (not just due to the previous government but as a result of the global crisis) is not something that can be fixed in 12 months of frankly in 4 years. god help whoever finds themselves in government in 2013. because for sure they wont be able to fix things quickly either and by then there will be even more impatience from the community.

    We will have to be reasonable and we will need to start accepting that some things –like some of our sacred values==civil service cuts, immigration liberalisation, and unabated welcoming of inward investment and some further development (hopefully not on west bay road) will have to be scrapped in the name of reality and a more pragmatic approach to improvising the lives of our people. and we have put this "we want it all but we don’t want to give up anything’ attitude on the backseat where it belongs.

    None of this will be easy. and no amount of ignorant udp/ppm and vaguely at times entertaining bloggingor rants on the radio, while all great in the name of freedom etc (which we MUST continue to respect and allow) will fix it.

    • Anonymous says:

      And…..We are still waiting to hear whatcame to fruition?  LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      These are not achievements for the UDP. 

      Most ridiculous is the UDP allegedly "uncovering a financial mess" which you suggested was the PPM being dishonest. If you are basing your lifestyle off your financial advisor’s forecast of a 5% increase in income but instead instead you get a 20% decrease it will put you off kilter.  It is pretty obvious that the PPM really did believe the figures. On the other hand, the UDP is the same party that showed a budget in October of $5m surplus which became in reality a $62m deficit. Was the UDP also being dishonest then, or did it create its own "financial mess" between October, 2009 and March, 2010? 

      Getting on to the white list was matter of signing up the requisite number of TIEAs all of which had been negotiated by the PPM and needed only to be signed. If you count jetting around the world and actually signing a pre-negotiated documents as an accomplishment then you have set the bar really low.  This was not a matter of the PPM being cooperative with the OECD and the UDP being cooperative. Note that the previous UDP govt. (2001-2005) did not negotiate one single TIEA although the commitment to do so had been given in 2000.  

      So Mr. Spin Doctor, you may have dizzied yourself but you can’t fool all the people all the time.   

    • livingcayman says:


      Not defending the do for nothing PPM, but it was better do not nothing than to travel around the world spending unnecessary money that we donot have, haven’t the Premier heard about FedEx and DHL they can transport documents anywhere for little or nothing.  Hasn’t the Premier heard about Coach other that First/Business Class? 
      Yes the PPM built Schools and Roads that you and the UDP supporters felt we did not need as our children did not need schools because they needed better teachers to teach them but tell me a school built for 300 students holding close to 900 how safe can that be. Thank good for the new roads that has alleviated traffic that was almost reaching as far as Breakers some mornings as far back as the Turtle Farm. Have you every travelled these roads when schools are not in session, no traffic, building schools out there would help with traffic big time, give our children a better atmosphere to be educated in if the Schools was not well needed the UDP would have abandon them along time ago and turn them into a Prison like FairBanks.
      Now on to you point #1 which is why I really choose to respond to you. Who under covered what?, no one uncovered nothing, it was not Kurt or the PPM’s responsibility to produce financial reports or budgets it was that of the Financial Secretary who has/had no clue about his job, it was him who falsified the books so that he would not be hollered at by his bosses (at time PPM) for not turning them in timely, it was he how when the new Government came into power retracted and said that that he was pressured into given a number even though he knew it was not right, is this called false accounting isn’t that a crime.
      We were always on a OECD Blacklist and that never affected use doing business with anyone.
      What you, both political parties and all of us as Caymanians should do is stop pointing fingers; stop spending Governments Money for unnecessary things and finish what was started by the previous Government (the Schools), reduce the Civil Servants in personnel by 1/3 starting with the CFO’s who cannot not even produce Government Financial Reports.
      And if you think the Cayman Islands is the only Country suffering from the Global Crisis look at Greece’s billion dollar bail out. We just got to do what ever one else in the world has done cut staff reduce spending and hold on tight.  The Financial Experts are saying October will be the worst to come of this financial crisis.  
    • Anonymous says:

      So in other words Anon 14:50 what you are actually telling us in all that you have written is that in fact the UDP have done nothing but blame the PPM since they were elected one year ago? This is not news to us, we already knew that. All the UDP has done since being elected is blame the PPM, but nothing else. Even you, in your attempted defence of the UDP, has confirmed what we have been saying all along: the UDP has done NOTHING but blame the PPM! Sometimes it is best just to keep your mouth shut (or not post any comments in this case).

    • Dred says:

      Hey did you mention how many times he tried to screw us over with all kinds of proposals but didn’t have the balls to follow through? That outta count for something right?

      Waht about Civil Service and all the proposals there huh, that outta count too? Doesn’t matter that he didn’t have balls to stand up to them either right?

      What a messed up bunch you UDP cronies are. You hold out the agreements like those was some marvel when PPM was all but ready to get them all signed. You are so desperate for one achivement. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, the responses to this posting and the following one confirm to me that the vast majority of our readers are pro-PPM. Yes, yes, I know some bright-spark will be thinking "Not really, more like anti-UDP", but I don’t reckon so, and I’m 100% floating voter. There’s a detectable influence here. Barring the occasional robust rebuttal, I suppose a certain amount of indifference to this media is to be expected from UDP supporters as a whole – I mean, they’re the ones in the driving seat, so no need for huffing and puffing every time one of the biggest incompetents (in my opinion) to have ever tried to hold onto a ministerial seat for longer than one term tries to redeem himself in the public’s estimation. (Alden, please don’t take this personally, but our present political leaders are trying to address the mess you and some of your fellow let’s play in our backyarders created during your four year crazy spending-fest / inflated-ego fest (take your pick). By the way, I’m not a UDP supporter. Honestly. So, you PPM persons, you, if you want my vote (and, sorry, you really can’t practically conclude "We don’t need it") get the right candidates lined up for me to consider. Out with the old, in with the new? Come to think of it, there might be some changes needed with the other lot as well – again, I’m thinking leadership. But what of an already muted retirement? Could happen, and might be for the best. There comes a certain time, you know. Told you I was a genuine floating voter. (And incidentally, no thumbs down, please, as I find them very unsettling.Thank you.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking for myself, I am definitely anti-UDP (well at least anti-McKeeva Bush). I am not at all enthusiastic about the PPM but all things considered it is the lesser of two evils.

        If you are not UDP you surely have bought the UDP propaganda that all of our financial problems were caused by the PPM’s spending.  Please try to think for yourself then we might believe that you are "a genuine floating voter".

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, I said I was a floating voter, not brain dead. And since when did being in disagreement with a political party’s opinion constitute not "thinking for yourself", even if it did happen to be the same line as the opposing party’s? Am I supposed to only hold to an opinion or assessment not held by either party to be believed to be independent of them? How small-minded! This mentality of "If you don’t agree with us then you must be with the opposition/government" certainly speaks to the need for a lot of development – some term it "maturity" –  in our political arena, and surely the leadership in each party have a role to play in this regard by the example they set. I am a genuine floating voter, and your task, be you PPM, UDP or whatever ( I really don’t give a hoot) is to convince me and all the other floating voters that hold the real key to obtaining power (and if you don’t understand this reality ask for someone to explain it with reference to history) that your party is the one to command my trust to run government competently. It is not your task to berate me for not agreeing with you (in this instance over the handling of the country’s finances – and I’ve been balancing a bank balance for many years, so I can recognize a spending spree when I see one!) and making an automatic assumption about my supposed party loyalty. Do you see how that weakens your party’s credibility in my eyes?  

      • Dred says:

        Actually the problems is the majority of UDP supporters still can’t read as yet much less write but they do know how to exchange cash for goods and services.

        While you sit there and critisize PPM keep in mind it was them building the schools to help your supporters to learn to read and you are the ones who scrapped it. Saying that it is you that is responsible for the huge PPM turnout on CNS.

        Thanks…and have a nice day.


        • Anonymous says:

          I’ll try to, but with 15 thumbs down I’m finding myself a bit dispirited, particularly as my appeal for no thumbs down has been completely ignored. Were you one of them? Hope not, as you seem a reasonable person. Anyway, point is I’m definitely a floating voter, not UDP, whatever 10.43 claims, and I’ll continue to look for competence whatever I’m told by UDP/PPM mouthpieces. I still reckon there is a disproportionate PPM presence on this website. I’ll continue to vote based on my assessment of competence, UDP/PPM whatever, so that’s it. Thank you.

  17. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect to Mr. McLaughlin and his comments – which the title alone tells you what he’s saying; I have to ask him, if his party had done such a great job why didn’t their people vote them back in???

    Does he have a solution for the heap of marl that is left by the roadside in West Bay which was supposed to be the new school?? The hurricane season is near and this is the second year since it has been there??  He is still getting his share of the big salary so he needs to bring solutions for the island instead of being such a critic and being so ungrateful!!  The UDP has done as much as the PPM just check your memory and realize all the wasted money that the last Govt. paid out which we are still trying to pay back?? Probably the worst in the history of the Cayman Islands!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      The people didn’t vote PPM back in for the same reasons that the same people will vote UDP back out next election. Their performance was not pleasing!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The UDP did accomplish one thing.

    They set a new Guiness World Record for the most frequent flier pointsin one year….All on the taxpayer’s dime.

    • what a mess says:

       SO….the leader of government business shouldn’t travel.?????????????? Your ignorance is amusing…so dull.

  19. Anonymous says:

     I would suppose that the signing of tax treaties would be nothing? How can anyone from PPM have the nerve to say anything about the present Government when they have robbed the country and placed us all in debt?

    • Anonymous says:

      Capitulation with nothing in return is usually considered a negative

    • Anonymous says:

      It was not only the PPM who put this country in debt. Go and check the records and you will find a large part of the public debt existing today was racked up by the UDP when they were previously in power. The blame for our financial woes falls to both parties.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The first thing the UDP did that helped the Country is won the elections.


  21. Anonymous says:

    The mere fact that the UDP has been able to keep this country afloat after what the PPM did it should not be understated.

    The problem with Alden’s construction politics mentality is that unless you have a new building he believes you have done nothing.

    So i guess after putting the country in a Billion dollars worth of debt he believes his Party has done it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the point is that although we may still be afloat (for who knows how long) this cannot be attributed to anything the UDP has accomplished.

      While our situation is very serious and must urgently be addressed, on a point of fact, the PPM did not leave us a billion dollars worth of debt. According to the Miller Report the total public debt in 2009 was CI$565.2m (this does not include longer term liabilities such as pensions which, incidentally, cannot be laid at the PPM’s feet).

  22. Anonymous says:

    Not one quote was obtained from the UDP in response to Alden’s childish claims that the UDP has done nothing in a Year.

    That is another example of biassed reporting.


  23. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget about the pretend budget!

  24. Anonymous says:

    alden is 100% correct but where are the ppm solutions?….

    thay are both as bad as eachother…… direct rule please!

    • fool… direct rule from the UK means being under an english dictator! The FCO!  What we need is to put our house in order and stop relying on "mother" to do it for us


    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM is not in a position to offer solutions as being in the opposition it no longer has the data available to it.

      Direct rule is the last thing that we should want. We need a new govt. without either Mr. Tibbetts or Mr. Bush as Premier. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree.  We also need to get rid of our Attorney General, as he has been in that possition too LONG!!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Maybe they should send in some FOI requests to see if they can get access to that data.

        • Anonymous says:

          Much of this will not be information which can be given to the public (which is why they don’t have it). In any event, given Mr. Bush’s stance on FOI, the chance of a request being successful is nil.

  25. Anonymous says:

    the udp has talked alot….. flip-flopped alot….did loads of u-turns….does this not count for anything?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Aunt Julie is working hard.she getting houses for us and she build a nice new hurricane shelter with apartments on the bluff.

    • Anonymous says:

      And where is this new hurricane shelter with apartments located on the bluff?  I wish to know as hurricane season starts in 12 days.  New affordable homes on the bluff YES!!! & GREAT!!! Thanks Ms. Julie. Build more to sell at affordable rates.

      • Anonymouse says:

        Hurricane shelter with apartments? 

        Damn – can we have apartments in the new church-come-hurricane shelter being built in BT? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Go to the planning department and look at the plans yourself. The affordable homes were built under the PPM after they corrected the mess left by the UDP in 2005.

  27. Tony Montana says:

    I disagree with the PPM!  The UDP has significantly increased the crime rate.  

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well from what I can remember, it seems that the Government has NO MONEY to do any of the projects they had planned to do.

    UDP has been to London trying to sort out the additional borrowings in order to balance the budget, as well as trying to keep us from paying income tax, as the UK has suggested and is still insisting on.


    • Anonymous says:

      The good point about CNS is that the UDP supporters get to use it to attack the opposition, the same way non political posters get to use it to point out the errors of the Govt leadership.

      Yet when the Leader is criticized he threatens to enact laws to curb press freedom.

      Absurd, isnt it?

    • Anonymous says:

      What projects were/are they planning? A berthing facility? Supposedly that won’t require gov’t money anyway, so let’s strike that from your list. I heard nothing about beneficial projects from the UDP, and frankly, that’s a relief. UDP projects are a disaster for the majority of us waiting to happen (though they will benefit a favourable few). Case in point – Boatswains…

    • Anonymous says:

      1. We are not necessarily talking about projects. One possible accomplishment would have been major cuts in public expenditure for which he bitterly criticised the PPM.

      2. Going to London and unsuccessfully seeking permission to borrow further sums is not an accomplishment. BTW you cannot balance a budget by borrowing. You do that by (a) cutting expenditure or (b) increasing revenue.  Borrowing will not prevent the introduction of income tax but may in fact increase its likelihood as it increases the public debt that must be repaid at some stage.  

      3. Although Mr. Bush proclaimed to the world that the country is "broke" it seems that he has plenty of projects lined up and plenty of cash to splurge on projects that will benefit his supporters and foreign travel.  

  29. Anonymous says:

    Listen my good people, first of all I am not UDP/PPM, but folks just face it, if the PPM sits down and says nothing we criticise them, when they stand up and speak out, and by the way, this time Alden needs to speak up, and he is speaking the truth. We talk about the parties, how we are sick and tired of the back and forth, tired or not parties are here to stay, so if you like me, we better get on one side. I must admit Alden isbeing very kind in what he said, we have to be cardful what we say, the whole world is watching us. I call on our Premier as one christian to another, please be careful what you say, not only is the world watching and listening to what you say, but remember our God sees and hears, and he is the one we need to fear.

    My prayer and wish is that our Premier would pray and listen to God speaking rather than all the committees and associations and private individuals who seem to be making him confused and disillusioned.

    We need to get on with the business of survival, too many of us are suffering hardships, our standard of living has dropped, the banks are trying to cooperate with us, I tell you people these are trying times and we need to seek God first and foremost. So Mr. Premier take my advice and seek God’s guidamce. May God help you in your endeavours, and may he bless these Cayman Islands.

    PS. Please Deputy Premier help Mr. Premier to pray, you seem to be very good at praying.

  30. Anonymous says:

    It is very easy to say that UDP is doing nothing because it seems that way but nobody is taking a step back and looking at how much damage was done before UDP took over. UDP will not be able to fix all the problems Government has in 1 year. It is not humanly possibly.  It’s easy to point the finger but the one who is pointing is he putting on the table solutionsto the problems??? Is he contirbuting to making it better? NO, he is just criticizing and being negative.  Eye when looking never sees in – it sees outwards. Now is not the time to be pointing fingers and tearing down each other but working together to accomplish a common goal – that is what a team is. Some people are doing things on a perosnal basis.  But maybe then again that is just Government – maybe you can’t expect no better from none o fthe two. Too much time is wasted fighting each other rather than working together. 

    There are many ways Govenrment can make money and save it. Everyone needs to come together.  What do they say about chains and weak links??

  31. Heywood Djoublomi says:

    I suppose it takes a party who are experts at doing nothing to spot another who is the process of also apparently doing nothing. However haven’t the UDP been busy getting us off the Black List? Something the PPM didn’t bother with, haven’t the UDP been busy trying to negotiate with the UK to borrow after the PPM built schools we can’t afford, roads we didn’t need and new government buildings we also can’t afford. The PPM should quietly go away as they clearly showed us that they are no better!

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP merely signed up some more TIEAs that already been negotiated by the PPM. Going on to the white list was simply a matter of time (we were never in fact on a blacklist, but on a grey list). That is not a UDP accomplishment.   

      Trying to negotiate and failing is not an accomplishment.

      We did need the roads, the schools and the govt. admin bldg. Everyone praised PPM about the new roads in particular as the traffic was terrible previously. Suddenly, because we are told we are broke, you have discovered that we didn’t need them! What we did NOT need was a $65m Boatswain Beach that has negative net worth of $7.4m and is costing the country $14m annually to subsidize. Guess who did that?

      Whether signing the agreement with Dr. Shetty is an accomplishment remains to be seen. It seems to me that we are committing a great deal to Dr. Shetty but I am not seeing much of the way in binding commitments in return. This will have significant infrastructure costs since, e.g., notwithstanding that the major concessions on work permit fees and import duties, it appears that we have undertaken to upgrade the airport OR RECLOATE IT. Who will pay for that? Dr. Shetty? 


    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Djoublomi, where you from, who ya mama is? Because you sure not from Cayman! You say that the UDP got us off the black list? Where you from? It was the PPM that got us off the black list onto the grey list, & did most of the negotiations to get us off the grey list onto the white list. Mr. Bush only finished off the work & negotiations that was started by Alden Mclaughlin, so please get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself. It is obvious you are a ‘johnny come lately’ visitor to our country (probably one of those UDP status giveaways), but you should make an effort to get the facts before writing stupidness. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    The udp has done allot to protect their big salaries along with all the other big salaries in government!well done udp thanks for looking out for the small man.

  33. janice says:

    Oh God!

    Sick now with the party politics!  The same faces all the time – UDP and PPM like heads and tails of a quarter! 

    I can’t stand it!  Give me something new for a change, Cayman!

    • Just Sayin says:

      In which case you should probably find yourself some different websites to peruse while at work sweetheart.

    • BORN FREE says:

      After reading Mr. Mclaugling’s statements I racked my brains to try & think of one positive thing that the UDP & McKeeva Bush has done for the country & the people of this island since being elected one year ago, & in all honesty I have not been able to think of one, not even one positive thing. How very sad. I know that Cayman is no longer on the Grey list & we are now on the white list, but McKeeva Bush cannot claim full credit for even that positive achievement because that process was started under the PPM government, & Mr. Mclaugling in particular. So in reality there has been nothing positive of any great importance done by theUDP government since being elected (unless we want to talk about all the "personal perks" that they have given themselves……. chauffeurs, bodyguards, 8 foot wall, expensive chefs/housekeepers, living in hotels on the Brac, immense & very costly travel, etc etc…… ). Can the premier, his deputy or any one associated with the UDP please tell us anything of significance & importance that the UDP government has done to help the struggling people of Cayman?

      The UDP were very quick to crticize & chastize the PPM when they were the government, but what have they achieved in their first year? I venture to say ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING! This amounts to TOTAL FAILURE!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, same faces, same garbage.  Why didn’t any of the independents get more votes at the last election?  What a farce.

      To those loyal UDPers and PPMers, feel free to "thumbs down" this post and any similar posts.  I will not be surprised as the fact that you all continue to vote these clowns into office makes it clear where you stand on this topic.

  34. free man dis says:

    Cayman doesn’t need another voice to state the obvious.  It has thousands already.  What Cayman needs is a number of persons with high morals and a love for the future of Cayman and just a little common sense to stand up and do what needs to be done. The first being to stop the way the current and past leadership has run the island.  You need to let the people who pay the duties, fees, permits, etc. (basically all the money that government gets) know that they are getting their moneys worth.  Right now its seems most are paying for poor service while a few are getting paid a lot for not even doing their jobs.  Government needs to get back to servicing the people who pay them for it and not just the few who back the fools who run it now.  Very simply put this is not happening now.

  35. marketon says:

    So the PPM is the party that will save us now???

  36. Anonymous says:

    For Real!!!!!

    Not even die-hard UDP supporters can disagree with what Mr. McLaughlin is saying.

    If anyone disagrees with what is being said, well please tell us, the people of the Cayman Islands, precisely what the UDP has done of any note in the last 12 months since the elections – NOTHING!

    • Andy says:


      One thing they did do is stop the PPM from spending the country into oblivion, especially Mr. McLaughlin. How easy do we forget?
      • Anonymous says:

        Please understand that what was spent is tangible, in schools, roads and the Gov’t Office building etc…not sure what there is to forget when it is clear what these funds achieved. Stop repeating what you are told and analyze the situation on your own.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This disingenuous political mud-slinging has always been a waste of time and money, and assures that nothing material is accomplished.  How does anyone feel any political party has done in last 20 years?!?  We pay far too much for the little work that is accomplished in any term by any government.  If Cayman can historically do nothing about attracting MLAs that are accountable to their office and station, then there should be a radical cutback in the quantity of MLAs.  That would be change I could get behind.  

    • Pending says:

      The only thing they have ever been good at is mud-slinging and wasting money…but I think you will find that that is priority 1 and 2 on all of their lists of things to do…the real matters that need to addressed are either at the bottom of that list or not even on it at all.

  38. Anonymous says:

    The UDP has done alot but it has been all negative