Gate-crasher wields machete at Karaoke party

| 23/05/2010

(CNS): Police have confirmed that one man was arrested last weekend following a disturbance at a house where at least one person suffered injuries from a machete. Sources told CNS that a private Karaoke party in George Town was disturbed when a drunken man gatecrashed the event and began brandishing a machete at the guests. One woman was cut during the incident. The party was hosted and attended mostly by members of the Filipino community and a spokesperson from the RCIPS said investigations into the suspected assault are on-going.

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  1. World Peace says:

    I am not sure what the nationality of the party goers had to do with the crime committed to one of their guest???? So guess if this was a private Domino Party and the same thing happened they would have said a group of Jamaican???  Come on people we are smarter than this low mid set of thinking… If you gona make it a point to call out the nationality then do it for both the Victims and the accused.  



  2. noname says:

    Based on the reports I have been reading recently, the Cayman Islands really has a serious problem.

    Undoubtedly the great influx in immigration  is indeed responsible for the importation of thousands of immigrants in this small country. Because the country; is so very small, the impact, the adjustment to accommodate new cultures is very difficult especially in the face of an economic crisis as well as the lack of government focusing on providing adequate education to the young people to be able to compete in the work force.

    This should be a WAKE UP CALL to Caymanians who have every right to question, sensor,  inquire via Freedom of Information Act ,and  if need be put government on notice in regards to their efforts, their success, their goals, their long-term and short term plans to put their people first and make education available to them at the highest level, and  at affordable cost and FREE in cases where needed.   This is the only recourse I believe that will help pull Caymanians out of the distress and fear of not being able to survive socially and economically in their own country; because they are outnumbered all at the hands of governments that keep selling the birthright of the people for THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and the highest bidder.

    ITS TIME STOP ELECTING LEADERS THAT INVITE PEOPLE INTO YOUR COUNTRY TO COMPETE WITH YOU IN THE JOB MARKET AND TO OUTNUMBER YOU!  this can only lead to an accelerated path to citizenship, and consequently you will have a Philipino Premier, or a Jamaican Premier, an American Premier, a Canadian Premier ONE OF THESE FINE DAYS!  Their interest will be to help and promote THEIR OWN PEOPLE!   Caymanians will be ‘LAST" (if not already) if you have a government that keeps an OPEN DOOR POLICY TO INVITE/IMPORT FOREIGN LABOR INTO THIS VERY SMALL COUNTRY, then please take a fools advice, THAT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT, THE POLITICAL PARTY, NOR THE PREMIER  that you need , he will not at all make life better for you. ITS TIME TO KEEP AN EYE ON WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU,  Everybody that say they are Christians are not, and everybody that say they are a Christian political leader, are not, The bible says ‘BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!    

    Christians   bearing good  spiritual fruit not try to take away Free speech from the Country’s citizens

    Christians  bearing good fruit according to Galations chapter 5, do not threaten people with jail when they express their  ideas or frustrations

    Christians do not deprive citizens of their constitutional rights

    Christians are NOT DICTATORS!

    Satan tried to dictate to God  in heaven and he was ‘THROWN OUT"

    When leaders become; or express their overnight dictatorship, its time to make plans  on how you will protect yourself from them until next election when you should HAVE ENOUGH SENSE TO ‘VOTE THEM OUT!"

    IT’S TIME TO "WAKE UP" and smell the coffee. Any leader that threatens its people with imprisonment because they express themselves freely as is their citizen right and God given right he or she is a ‘DICTATOR"

    It is yet to be see if the UK and the US will tolerate another CUBA IN THE WEST INDIES!   I don’t think so.

    Caymanians Wake Up and stop being so stupid gullible ingnorant and useless. Stand up for your children if nothing else. If you don’t stand up against dictatorship when it raises its ugly head, you and your children will suffer with the same oppression, suppression, misery, and terror that other Caribbean neighbors and third world people are experiencing.


  3. Anonymous says:

    An act of voilence occured, period. Mentioning the nationality of the event planners &/or gatherers is stereotypical. There is no mention of the nationality of the man brandishing the machete; nor is that needed, just to be clear. Just report the information and not create any further problems within OUR community.

    • Sheerluck Holmes says:

      "Undoubtedly the great influx in immigration  is indeed responsible for the importation of thousands of immigrants in this small country."

      One of the greatest pieces of analysis on CNS for a long long time.  Immigration is undoubtedly responsible for immigrants.  Einstein look out!

  4. Anonymous says:

    All I am reading here is complaints about the Philapino ppl and their community located here….as if to imply that they are trouble makers, as if to imply that it was a Philapino who wielded the machette at the party….i am sure it was not a Philapino who did it…alot of times we act as if Caymanains arent the ones doing these crimes….and insist that we dont allow foreiners here….let me ask you this the small odd jobs these foreingers come here and do how many caymanians will want to do it??? Stop pointing fingers at people, and complaining and accept responsibility for actions that are alot of times made by CAYMANIANS. I am not Caymanian born but i have been living here since I was 3 and I am 26 now….so im not talking in bais.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wrote this comment and I am replying as I see that all who read it did not support my opinion….as the thumbs down suggests! WHich is fine because time tells all…and one day my point will be seen as reality!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Filipinos have a Community here, The Jamaican, The Indians, the , the Muslims and the list go on and on.  The problem here is there is no Cayman Community, Is that not Ironic?  The world is going crazy with violence, as these are the end days.  So why does McKeeva wants an open door immigration policy here?  Why can’t we adopt a similiar policy like Arizona? Yes, they will check everyone going there, not like us.  As long as they got money we will allow them in, but we are not going to check the source of their money.  I wonder when the violence will erupt here with the overflow of Golding supporters too?  Cayman get on guard!!

    • Swiper Fox says:

      I agree, lets go the Arizona route. I suggest we start by outlawing Dora the Explorer.

    • pauly cicero says:

      Have you not noticed the backlash against the Arizona policy? Maybe you need to spend some time in Arizona.

      Perhaps we should insist that the Filipino policy be adopted for emigrants to Cayman. Their government must grant permission before their citizens can come to Cayman to ensure there is legitimate work here and their people are emigrating for legitimate reasons.

    • Anonymous says:

       No Cayman Community?  Really?  With 20-30,000 native-born people, a history, a culture, traditions, arts, music, food… no community?  That statement does not make sense to me.

    • JonnyCake says:

      they will check everyone going there, not like us

      what planet are you from? everyone has their passport and workpermit checked on entry to Cayman. Cross the border from Nevada to Arizona you will not have your passport checked. So EVERYONE IS CHECKED HERE

      but we are not going to check the source of their money.

      Wrong again, under AML rules the providence of all funds invested are checked in Cayman.

      And the Cayman does have a community. After all don’t we have all the power? it is us who decide you is elected to be in power.

      Stop speaking foolishness

    • Anonymous says:

      What exactly does that mean there is "no Cayman Community" here?  What? 

  6. Twyla Vargas says:

    Fili[ino Communty?  Are you serious?  Are there that much that a communit can be formed?

    • Anonymous says:


      – noun

      A social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

      A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you haven’t being paying attention Twyla. Those polite and friendly people that serve you at the coffee shoppes, groceries and much much more are plenty in number now and make up a significant part of our Cayman .. hence they can be referred to as "a community"… just like the thousands of Jamaican and East Indians are easily considered "communities"

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s no doubt that Filipinos are a significant group of our population. They hold jobs at all levels and are generally hard working and productive members of our society. It is very disturbing that the partygoers were subjected to an attack.

      Also disturbing is the way this article is worded. Why highlight that the party was hosted by Filipinos? Is that really necessary? What purpose does it serve? What’s next? Articles indicating that certain events are hosted by the "English community" or the "American community" or the "Indian community"?

      I don’t see the value in this and don’t think it serves the best interests of the promoting social harmony in our country.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t think they meant anything when they mentioned that the party was hosted by Filipinos, apart from just giving more details about the incident. If anything, they were probably trying to "highlight" that the attack was purely random and not gang-related / drug-related.

    • Anon says:

      Twyla, my dear, it seems as if things have gotten so bad for us in our own community that we can’t even speak freely anymore. What a mess our beloved Cayman Islands has become. Sad, very sad.