Kingston violence escalates

| 25/05/2010

(CNS): Police officers and soldiers were killed and injured as the civil unrest in Jamaica continued on Monday and security forces engaged in fire-fights with gunmen in Kingston. According to the Jamaican press, civilians, including at least one woman, have also been shot as the violence escalates and spreads to other parts of the city, including the old capital of Spanish Town in St Catherine. The Jamaica Observer reports that soldiers had launched on offensive in Tivoli Gardens, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke’s home ground and the power base of Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s West Kingston constituency.

At least one Jamaica Defence Force soldier has now been shot and killed, along with two police officers, while attempting to storm the Tivoli community during the current state of emergency. This morning Prime Minister Bruce Golding vowed "strong and decisive action" to restore order.
The latest victim is one of four soldiers rushed to hospital after they were shot by gunmen in the community where police said a total of seven members of the security forces have been injured.
According to one of the soldiers — who was hit in his right arm and leg — one of his colleagues is now battling for life, while another is in stable condition, the Jamaica Observer reports. Gunmen have taken up cover in several buildings inside the area, and are firing at the security forces from all angles.
Since yesterday, at least two police officers and a soldier have been killed, while seven police officers and four soldiers have been injured. Several civilian casualties have also been reported, and since the security forces converged on the area early this afternoon there has been continuous gunfire and loud explosions. Police also engaged in a gun-battle with gunmen in the Woodford Park community in St Andrew.
Police say those aligned to Coke have amassed in Tivoli Gardens and have vowed to die fighting to defend him.
The violence erupted last week following the decision by Jamaican PM Bruce Golding to instruct the country’s attorney general to sign extradition papers for Coke, who is wanted in the US on drugs and guns charges.
Coke who remains at large has strong ties to the ruling Labour Party, and while the US sees him as one of the world’s most dangerous criminals, residentsof Tivoli Gardens, the poor Kingston community where his gang has strong support, he is a benefactor who provides food, education and jobs.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The figures are now 27 dead and 18 police stations attacked:


  2. noname says:

    This is bigger than mostpeople know. You think the U.S.A did not know what would happen when Jamaica agreed to hand him over???? Read between the lines. Nothing in this day and age is clean cut when it comes to the U.S.A. They knew it would create unrest in the country. Wonder what he knows about some of their Political Heads???????  

    • Anonymous says:

      I am American and I know this for a fact!  The United States is the most corrupt, oil-thirsty, profiteering nation on the face of the earth!  All the socall sugar coated "good deeds" of the United States are money-related initiatives to fill someone’s pocket!

  3. Raffaele says:

     These things are already here half the folks here are criminal not only Jamaicans to answer your question Sole Provider there has always been a presence here who support that "system" Look around Cayman how you think some people acquire wealth from no apparent means or on explained circumstances.As for you Lypo sucshean fraudsters and Corrupt businessmen are worse they do far more damage. If you think the fight in Afghanistan is only about the Taliban under the current western back government she is producing more Opium now than she ever did Please stop using that old colonial mental trick its rather tiring. Judith the poor simply don’t count the loss to poverty and its causes are seen by the rich as the natural progression of life and the way things should be here on earth they are merely tools in the great management of wealth and debt in our financial society. The Dudus’s of this world are useful tools of this same system they have now simply run out of their usefulness that’s all.

  4. judith says:


    What is happening in Jamaica is but a glimpse of the ultimate failure of governments in or under a capitalistic system that robs from the people. As the rich and greedy suck the life out of the poor and exploit them, and the poor and helpless becomes poorer under the world’s money system, I will have you know that it will be the outlaws, socall terrorists and criminals that will become the people’s "Robin Hoods" or "patrons." What the government of Jamaica has failed to do for the people, an illegal entity has become successful through them and has alot of power. I can only see a world with pockets of rebellion against the state increasing. The G8 and G20 nations are not helping the world’s food problems and economic downfall. All on their minds is to tax and burden the people of the world more with regulations. Many of them even condemn a welfare system so that the needy can have something to fall on; and if they do implement a welfare system it is nonsubstantial

    • Anonymous says:
      True judith
      What people fail to realize is that 1. Jamaica is a POOR country and many of these people have little or no opportunity to attend school, or find work – we may see this man as a druglord but they see him as a man who helps their children get an education. And 2. there are some people who realize the end doesn’t justify the means, BUT if they don’t join in the opposition they may face retaliation from his loyal supporters. This is just real life to those in Jamaica, it won’t end when they get Dudus – someone else will take his place. It’s easy for us to judge when we’re sitting here behind our computers and call them all low-lifes.
      • Anon says:

        You’re right…they’re low-lives, they’re very smart low-life criminals getting the trust and loyalty of the ppl

  5. Sole Provider says:

    It appears that our Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush is a close supporter of Bruce Golding.

    Tighter border protection will only help Cayman espcially if the US places long term travel restrictions on flights to and from Jamaica. Many may try to circumvent the restrictions by entering the US through a third country, namely Cayman. Worse, they may actually enter Cayman and stay illegally.

    Others fleeing the crackdown may enter our islands by boat.

    Remember we still havent been able to catch the man accused of murder who escaped from police custody yet.

    Look around us. We are surrounded by Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicuragua and Jamaica. We will quickly become more like those countries if we fail to be proactive with border security. 

    Food for thought: If Air Jamaica is cancellng flights to and from Jamaica, why is Cayman Airways still flying there?? Are we willing to risk everything for a dollar?

    • Isabella Reyes Flores says:

      You are talking sense, but are you sure anyone is paying attention. Sit back and watch how Imigration, police and the Premier governent  will deal with our shores.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is alarmists like you that make it look like Cayman is going to get invaded by Jamaicans… I will have you no, many Jamaicans prefer to live in Canada and the United States than to live here where we can’t even look out for our own people

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finger print ALL persons entering cayman for work permits etc


    plenty criminals from other countries are here already.

    • Anonymous says:

      don’t forget about caymanians who commit 90% of crime here….

      • Isabella Reyes Flores says:

        Caymanians are at home!!!

        • Sheerluck Holmes says:

          But their fingerprints could be used to catch criminals all the same. . . .

        • Anonymous says:

          As were Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Robert Maudsley, Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper…

          • Free The Juice says:

            I’m glad you didn’t bring OJ in to this, cause he is innocent! Free the Juice!

      • Sir Henry Morgan says:

        Caymanians are the only onese being caught. Doesn’t mean they are the only ones commiting crimes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Recent case history would suggest that fingerprinting would be fruitless.  We simply lack the expertise and competance to ensure that fingerprints will convict criminals.  Catching criminals entering the country via printtechnology pre-supposes that they would be inclined to travel by air, and requires that they pre-exist on a digital dbase that we would be linked to…ie. an uncertain and expensive undertaking. 

      • Anonymous says:

        don’t forget – for such a system to work and successful find all criminals, other places like Jamaica would have to adopt the "same technology"… and that is money; some places just can’t afford to scan finger prints, and to fingerprint the old way, ink and paper, would not be feasible to analyse amongst other fingerprints. So scanning is universal initiative that has to be put in place for it to work

    • pauly cicero says:

      And do what with all those fingerprints?

  7. Lyp O'Sucshean says:

    And there are those here that still want independence?  Do you want no fetter on your politicians?  Do you want to have your country run by drug lords?  Do you want to kill the fragile businesses that support this economy? 

  8. Backstroke says:

    And I  want to say,  what are you doing Cayman to improve our shores, its a known fact that criminals  that have been deported from the U S,  is here in Cayman working, so when are we going to get the finger printing at each port of entry and when are we going to prosecute the locals that are allowing work permit holders to remain after their jobs have been done, too many on the streets looking for jobs and harrasing people to hire them. We do not need the likes of Dudas and his hoodlums here.Too much of Goldings politics are here now so no more. refugees here we come.

    • Cayman Fisting says:

      And I want to say, cayman what are you doing to improve the literacy rate among our,islands, so, as,,, to correct the imaginative minds that ,believe the US is the problem with,,,, the crime taking place in our,,, islands while teaching the,,,,, impotance of commas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at the same time never considering the use of a period and posting an irrelevant asinine comment that has nothing to do with the civil unrest in Jamaica a country that has been on a travel advisory for many countries for the past 10 years,,,grow up Peter Pan    

    • Anonymous says:

      Immigration is to be blamed for this.  Allowing people to enter with $100.00  and no reservation.   Immigraton dont knowwhere they are staying. Sleeping in abandone cars.

      • Anonymous says:

        What are we blaming immigration for again?

        What on earth has fighting in jamaica got to do with immigration in Cayman?


    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t he already here?

      • Anonymous says:

        Good question. Since I saw his photo on the news, I keep wondering why his face looks familiar to me…like I’ve seen him before.