Woman mugged at gun point

| 25/05/2010

(CNS): Police said today that George Town detectives are now investigating a robbery which took place in the Queens Court Plaza area in the early hours of this morning. At about 1.15am a 20 year old woman was walking with two friends through Queens Court in West Bay Road, when they were confronted by a masked man. The man threatened the young woman with what appeared to be a handgun before grabbing her handbag containing a camera, a small amount of cash and personal papers. The suspect who wore a mask over his face had black hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and denim jeans.

The suspect is said to have run off after stealing the bag and made his escape in a white or silver coloured car. Police said that no shots were fired and no-one was injured in the incident.
Detective Sergeant Richard Scott is appealing for anyone who have been in the Queens Court area at the relevant time this morning and witnessed the incident, or the car driving off from the scene, to contact George Town police station on 949-4222.
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  1. Ideas says:

    It’s a risky, costly, & possibly stupid suggestion I know, but can the police stage sting operations? I.e. lay in wait around SMB & GT areas, & have undercover police pose as tourists out late at night, but carrying marked dollar bills; when the muggers pounce, let them take the marked cash, have the undercover cops follow/observe them until it is safe to move in & arrest them, with the marked cash on them as evidence. Why not have unmarked cars filming potential suspects in high risk areas & late at night/early in the morning; now & again they might catch someone up to no good!

    Surely the police must know who such criminals are/where they live, so why not sit cop cars around such areas & monitor who goes in & out & when; then after a robbery, they know who to go & question.

    Not ideal solutions, but something needs to be done or people will have to start defensively arming themselves whenever they go out.


  2. anonymous says:

    My opinion the Gun Amnesty is a great idea. It is just another way of trying to get the guns off the road. The RCIPS is trying in every way to get as many guns as they possibly can. They didnt promise that everyone would be willing to turn in their friends or loved ones or that persons with guns would be willing to turn their guns in.

    They are just every means that they have to try and get as many guns as they can. I mean anyone with half a brain can figure that out. So why jump off and criticize the police? Many of you aren’t calling in saying what you know or think anything at the point will help have you ever thought about that?

    Of course not everyone who has a gun is going to walk into the police station and hand theirs in. Like I said it doesn’t take common sense to figure that out. They just knew some might, some will.

    For those who dont think logical let me tell you, Cayman will never be crime free, just like anywhere else will never be crime free. RCIPS will always have a job just like the regular business man but the RCIPS ARE trying to do whatever they can so stop making these senseless, igorant comments everytime something happens. One thing with a Caymanian they are always ready jump down a fellow Caymanian’s throat.

    I know of a lot of other nations who would take up for their fellow nation but Caymanians… it is very hard to find one who is not quick to make negative comments about another. Maybe if "we" fellow Caymanians learned to work better with each other, things could get done to make this Island better. Our younger generation wont grow being so negative with each other and not take it to higher levels.

    Yes, some of this may come from bad parenting. We are a small Island. Almost everyone knows everyone or knows family members. Help each other. If you see someone’s child somewhere they shouldn’t be stop and talk to them, call their parent or friend or something and let them know. Maybe that parent needs someone to help them also. Half of these problems come from the child lacking something, whatever it is, they are lacking something. Parents can do everything at the end of the day, when kids reach a certain age they are resonsible for the choices they make.

    The fact is, there will always be a fault somewhere! That is life, that is they way it is. No matter how hard you try! We as an Island need to look at each other and work together to make Cayman a better place once again because one time ago, even with it’s crime now and then Cayman was quiet and safe especially for tourist.

    When you see that Police man – lend a hand

    When you see that single mother- lend a hand

    When you see that single father – give your encouragement

    the same with that little child running around looking a job or attention.

    When you see your MLA – give your honest and postive opinion.

    We all make Cayman people! Stop being so quick to make negative comments, it will become a desease and then when you look everywhere you look someone is fighting another down, with their mean comments and negative, ignorant attitudes and like everything else it spreads like a disease!

  3. Anonymous says:

    CNS: Any information from the RCIP if ballistic tests are done on those weapons (gun amnesty)? they may have been used in previous crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you would read their stories you would see where it says it is an amnesty and not a blank so they are tested….

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am glad that this young lady was not phyically hurt. Nevertheless even one robbery is one too many. 

    These gun crimes have decreased somewhat with the police locking up a number of the known thugs over the past few months. However, gun crime will not stop until the rest of the thugs are locked up for an extremely long time. 

    For that to occur we need our useless politicians to interupt their holidays and get back to the LA to pass the laws that are needed to increase the penalties for gun crime and to reform Northward to make it into a place that the thugs are afraid to go. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    The extremely concerning point here is how dangerous it has gotten here.  Queen’s Court Plaza is a very busy location (for residents of Cayman and Tourists alike) – even at that time the incident happened there are bars and restaurants open.  It is very sad to say that it is not safe here, I am happy that the young lady was not hurt.  She was lucky.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The gun amnesty is window dressing; a public relations exercise; a photo op for Baines et al to stand with big smiles on their faces over a few firearms on a table top.  05.25.10 19:08 has swallowed the spin hook, line, and sinker.  The  amnesty didn’t work for this poor lady who had a gun shoved in her face, did it now? 

  7. Anonymous says:

     Once again, it’s always someone else’s fault.

    When it comes to crime: you can blame the government, you can blame the police, but what it comes down to is a Jamaican influenced gang culture and parents who take little interest in what their children are up to.

    This is the bottom line. You can blame the government and the police all you like but until you deal with the root of the problem then you will never have a proper cure.

    The police and government will only ever be a band aid on the wound. If you want to avoid the wound then you need to remove the knife/gun and the person holding it.

    Not my best analogy but I’msure that you all get the point!!!

    This all comes down to the same root problem – a troubled Cayman Islands youth and bad parenting. 

    • what a mess says:

       Well said. Nothing further! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      hello,…. just in case your living under a rock, gun crimes happens all over the Caribbean, just take some time and look on line and you"ll see for your self, so when your going to say….. (but what it comes down to is a Jamaican influenced gang culture)….. is totally wrong, look how strick Cuba is and even them have some serious gun crimes sometimes, and this is a fact,.. so please just don’t be so quick to jump up and blame Jamaica for everything, oh and for the record, am a born Caymanian living in Cayman and traveling the world every chance i get, so am talking of experience, you can even turn on your tv to Ch#22 BET and tell me if you see any Jamaican videos on there promoting gun crimes, there’re showing Cuban, Miami, New York, Ect. videos, so please take note before acusing,…. thanks and have a good day….!

  8. anonymous says:

    The Gun Amnesty will only be heeded by some honest persons, or those that own two and three to turn in one to paint a good face.  What  is required are more road blocks at odd hours of the nights/mornings, say, from 1:30 am to 4 am also with a focus  on house to house searches in districts.   It is a reality that these  searches will be required by more manpower of the RCIP. If this is the requirement to achieve these goals please do not procrastinate.

    Another suggestion would be to provide "Information Boxes" at secured public premises for persons to freely provide comments or information on these issues.   The  information provided could be common – Nationality, Name, Address, District  (if known)  of those in possession of guns etc. with more knowledge to be gained by the RCIP.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    "The suspect who wore a mask over his face had black hair and was wearing a white t-shirt and denim jeans".

    Pretty useless as a description. How about approximate height, build, complexion, hair type, accent (assuming he spoke). You know, something can the police can use.  

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder if you are the same XXXXX person who always makes the same comment about the description being useless. How you would react when someone sticks a gun to your head? Some people do actually freeze when confronted with such situations and are not able to observe (especially at night) or remember anything. I know that I would have a hard time distinguishing between certain accents if someone just shouted at me to give them my purse while sticking a gun in my face! I doubt that they went into a lenghty conversation and assume all of this took place in the matter of a minute or two. Gosh, show some sympathy XXXX!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with previous poster.  There were 3 witnesses (20 year old and 2 friends).  Surely between the 3 of them, they would recall more detail.  Traumatic experiences are often very vivid, and a great amount of detail can be recalled immediately (ie less than 24 hrs) after the event.  They were either not questioned competently by attending officer, or there is information missing from this release.  Neither is very helpful to the public. 

        How will Queen’s Court respond to this?  Do they have CCTV to protect their customers?     

      • Anonymous says:

        No matter how scared you were you would know if they were taller than you, white or black and if they spoke in a female accent or caribbean patois.XXXXX

  10. kevin says:

    And it is not like this is some ordinary person hungry for food – this guy had a gun!  Question:  Is the Gun Amnesty making a difference? 

    • Anonymous says:

      If the Gun Amnesty takes just one illegal gun of the streets then it was worth it.

      • Adam Smith says:

        Not really.  The diversion of resources away from other activities must be balanced against the evidence which indicates that gun amnesties have no crime prevention value.  On balance the whole exercise was probably a negative one from a crime prevention viewpoint, but it did give some anti-crime campaigners the equivalent of the placebo effect.

      • Rorschach says:

        Spoken like a person who has drunk the RCIP kool aid….I beg of you..Spit it out and think with some logic…IF the RCIP were actually doing their jobs and practicing high profile proactive policing, then these types of crimes would not be happening…instead they are too reliant on "gun amnesty","hot spot teams", overseas "Experts", pretty helicoptors and all the other shiny toys they have…not to mention the "Public" whom they are always begging for information and assistance…try being a victim of a crime and getting any kind of assistance or attention from the RCIP…betcha won’t be so quick to jump on that bandwagon…

      • Anonymous says:

        Come ON people!!, when will you understand a gun amnesty won’t get "illegal" guns off the streets. Yes all the "good" guys who don’t have a licence will take this opportunity to hand their guns in, but the criminals????. Of course they wont, wake up!!.