PPM calls for vote on 20% cut

| 27/05/2010

(CNS): Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts says that the PPM will be moving a motion at the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee when it meets to review the 2010/11 budget that all MLAs accept a 20% pay cut and a 30% cut for the premier, as McKeeva Bush had originally proposed in March.  Following the recent revelation by the premier that his own party was only prepared to take a 3.2% cut and accusations that opposition members were not willing to accept it, Kurt Tibbetts told CNS on Thursday afternoon that the PPM would ask the elected members of the House to vote in favour of the original larger cut to show the country that they were all willing to make sacrifices.

The opposition leader said he was surprised the premier had said this week that the members of the United Democratic Party were now only willing to accept the same 3.2% cut as that being accepted by the rest of the public sector. In March when Bush announced the proposed pay cuts, Tibbetts said, the premier had stated that his proposal had been discussed with the UDP members and they had all agreed to it.
According to the Hansard records on Monday 1 March, the premier said government members had all met that prior weekend to continue reviewing the government’s expenditure and they were all agreed on the need to reduce the salary of MLAs. “Members of the United Democratic Party agreed that elected members of the Legislative Assembly must set an example by having our salaries reduced,” Bush told the Legislative Assembly. “We have agreed that effective March payday 2010, the premier would have his salary reduced by 30 percent and all other elected members of the House would have their salaries reduced by 20 percent .“
in light of the agreement among the government benches on the pay cut in March, Tibbetts said he hoped they could agree to it now, despite indications by the premier that they were no longer in agreement with the 20% cut.
“We don’t have the majority vote so we will have to see how the government votes on that motion,” he said. “But we understand the fiscal constraints which the country faces and we accept the pain has to be shared by all until things get better. All indications worldwide are that things are not going to change overnight … everyone will have to make sacrifices.”
He said the opposition wanted to play its part, and although the total amount saved on politicians’ salaries would not equate to major savings on the overall budget figure,. Iit was still a contribution. “I don’t think there is any one cure-all for this. It will take everyone one of us to make a contribution," he added.
The issue of politicians’ pay is a delicate one and the public seems keen to see MLAs take a greater pay cut than the 3.2% that the wider civil service is being forced to accept. The reason why the premier has retreated from is earlier position is still not entirely clear. Speaking to News 27 on Wednesday, Bush his MLAs would accept the same as the civil services cuts and accused East End MLA and PPM Arden McLean of saying he, too, would only accept the 3.2%.
McLean has emphatically denied ever saying he was not willing to accept the original 20% proposal and accused Bush of lying. McLean said the PPM had never been consulted over the salary issue. None of them had at any time ever said they were not willing to take the cut as proposed in the LA in March.
According to the CNS comments and the current poll, readers on this website appearoverwhelmingly in favour of MLAs taking a significant pay cut. 86% of CNS readers who took part in the poll said that MLAs should take a cut of at least 10%.
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  1. Rectus femoris says:

     This colossal waste of time is precisely what you get when you have the worst possible version of the party system. 

    Party politics is always problematic but it’s even more so when it is structured like ours. We have two parties that have no ideological differences. They are both ultra-conservative, beholden to fundies, and generally incompetent. The two parties are simply two collections of ambitious blowhards that are at war with each other only because they want to sit atop the same anthill. If you complied a checklist of what each party stands for, you would discover few if any significant differences. 

    Cayman has no real choice when it’s time to vote. It’s just McKeeva or Kurt. Sure, one is a dictatorish bully and the other enjoys nap time more than most men his age, but other than that, what’s the difference between the parties? Neither group has the brainpower or the sense of selfless service that Cayman needs right now. 

    Bottom line, Cayman is screwed. We can’t get by just helping tax cheats and selling tours to stingray City like we did for the last 30 years. It’s crunch time and we don’t have a leader to lead us. And we don’t have a hero waiting in the wings to save us. 

    The end. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Politicians are not ‘civil servants’.  They DO NOT have to work 7 1/2 hours a day 5 days a week, the do NOT have a limited number of vacation days, and so on and so on. If you take the time to look at their pension rights compared to civil servants you might be shocked. Check it out and find out how many  already getting a pension and a MLA salary.  They can take a big cut.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s one powerful two-word ending to a lot of common sense, friend. I agree with you100%. If we stick with this system rather than an alternative model the solution might well be (paradoxically) more parties, to break us free of this "them or them" straight-jacket deal. Let’s follow the UK’s example with coalitions. I’m hoping for a lot more independents to club together and form a third party next time round (I’d stand myself but my wife tells me nobody would ever listen to me, and as I value her judgment ’cause she married me I can only logically conclude she’s onto something!). Let’s get some real choice going here, and maybe a crowd isn’t necessary a bad thing?

  2. JE'NAE ADAMSONS says:


    Would it be possible that both Mckeeva & Kurt could be banned from going back into power because during their times  in those positions all they have been doing was destroying & playing tit for tat and hasn’t help any of our By Birth Caymanians .

    There should be some other BORN CAYMANIAN WHO REALLY ARE LOOKING OUT FOR OUR CAYMANIANS … who should be in power  and  just maybe the pay check mightn’t go to there head and make them forget who actually made that possible for them to have a good pay check + other benefits along with those 3 years of luxury at our exspence.

    You would think that this is how they would see it " I have 4 years in here during those 4 years I’m gonna look into the real problems in my homeland and change everything for the best … then when it comes to me getting votes next election no doubt …. I would have no worries about me receiving any  votes … because the citizens are extremely happy & proud of what i have accomplished during my time in power. "

     But they don’t see  it that way there are being badmind about it this is how they see it " Well imma enjoy my time here fly away every other week/weekends … and spend spend spend and this is pay back for not letting me in last year " ….  honestly are those the kinda of  people we wnat in power selfish people who only think about themselves because think about it very good as long as there in the cabinet wheither it’s in power or a member of cabinet they are still in a good position because they aren’t broke …. but we are all poor and or gonna become poorer…. we have to live,eat,survive just like everyone else!!!! we are all humans too , PNP & JLP MENTALITY CANNOT!!!!  WILL NOT WORK IN CAYMAN!!!!

    It’s just not right at all …. Cayman needs drastic CHANGE ASAPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wake up … Wake Up … Caymanians …. Our two  walking earthquakes are gonna shake us all up and make us ALL Suffer … take a good look at  the majority of our caymanians & where are they today either … broke,busted ( HMP) and or dead. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Why "Born Caymanians", to always govern over us?  Why not vote into office the best we have, even if they are immigrants?  Some Born Caymanians don’t seem to care very much about what happens to Cayman, and some foreign-born do care.  So why draw our MLA’s only from one segment of our population?  That seems rather narrow minded, don’t you think?

      • Writing on the wall says:

        The restriction to born Caymanians standing in elections is a certain breach of the UK’s human rights obligations.  There is no credible argument for the current status quo from a ECHR human rights perspective. 

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem with your statement is that the Constitution does not have such a limitation. I have already explained this elsewhere under this topic.

      • Dred says:

        Sorry but I would not be for that.

        I don’t believe I know of a country that allows that to be honest. I could be wrong but I am unaware of their existence.

        The whole idea is that a "local" has a vested interest in the success of his home country. That’s in theory anyhow. Sometimes it does not matter what the desire is but the capabilities of the person.

        Someone who flies under the radar with ill feelings to Cayman could do immense damage to us.

        It’s good the way it is. Not perfect mine you but the best way I can see it.

        • Lurking says:

          The vast majority of countries do allow it.  America is exceptional in having such a restriction.  The bar on standing is a clear breach of european convention right.  If any potential candidate sued the UK government in London for the denial of their political rights on the basis of parentage they would win damages and the laws would need to be changed.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you are going to opine on constitutional issues then at least ensure that you have read the relevant constitution. Nowhere does the Cayman constitution require candidates to be of a certain parentage or to be born Caymanians and therefore the whole basis of your argument is fallacious.    

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        No apologies to anyone, but I have to agree, simply because what you say is the truth.   Caymanians are very hateful against their own and I believe foreigners would do a better job. Nothing beats a trial but a failure.

      • Anonymous says:

        FYI, contrary to popular belief, the Constitution does not limit eligibility to run for office to "born Caymanians". It is limited to those who are BOTCs by virtue of their connection to Caymanian, have the right to be Caymanian and have no other citizenship. The last limb of this requirement does not discriminate because it applies to both native Caymanians and naturalized Caymanians. Caymanians who have say U.S. citizenship are required to renounce that citizenship in order to be eligible to run for office. The truth is that few holders of Caymanian status are willing to take the necessary remaining steps to be eligible and that in itself speaks volumes about their commitment to Cayman.             

  3. sandra says:

    I am sick of the party politics!  Sick of ppm and udp now!

    I hope someone who is independent in thinking rise up and rallyour support. The ppm and udp are the same old dogs in the house, and it looks like the leaders are the ones who are calling the shots! We need more independent thinkers in the house who will not form alliances with others, but stand on their own and represent the people of Cayman 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I understand the Port Authority cut their salaries by approx 10% two months ago.  At least they are proactive.  Now why can’t the rest of government get their act together?  Now if only I was as good as Consuelo and Dave Martin at producing stories, I would write to my grand kids and leave them a little chapter in our history to remember.  One year ago the UDP said that they were going to fix the economy and fix employment and that they had the solution to every problem that existed.  They said they had a lawyer on hand, an accountant, a talk show host, a seaman, a businessman, a road maker, and someone with granny wits was leading them.  With such talent on hand, what couldn’t they fix?  They convinced all the people in West Bay, half the people in George Town and Cayman Brac and two thirds the people in Bodden Town, but the people in North Side and East End, well they wouldn’t falling for it.  One year later, the surplus they promised turned into a surprize; it was a very large deficit, "bigga dan the PPMs!"  The budget to this day can’t balance, and next years budget can’t be produced, or something like that.  They’ve lost their way and when the news people and #1 in Cayman Brac asks questions they are threatened with vicitimisation.  If the UDP could deliver as good as they could sell hogwash during the last election, only God knows where this country would be now.  But alas they can’t.  Cayman would have been better off with the PPM, that’s for sure, cause "tings na gettin’ no betta, dey gettin’ wus." Smoke pot (and I ain’t talking ganja) days, look like they coming back.  Come let me teach you young ones how to be prudent and not waste and squander what God "bless ya wit."  What ever you do, be kind and helpful.  Respectful too. Share with your neighbour in need.  Don’t rob and steal.  Work hard for what you get.  Be ambitious and read plenty books.  Seek knowledge and understanding.  And if you grow up to be a politician, be truthful, honest and prudent.  Don’t waste government money and if you got to do something that is sneaky, then it right and you know you shouldn’t do it. Keep your good name rather than riches.

  5. JE'NAE ADAMSONS says:

    Now honestly I cannot believe what I’m hearing Mckeeva are you serious??

    If any salaries should be cut is should be ALL those who are in cabinet because ALL of you make way more money than ALL of the people who  are under them.

    Plus because of both " UDP && PPM " is why we ALL are suffering financially …

    Because of there careless spending and can’t account for what they have spent it on!!!!!!!!!!!????

    You also wanna know what gets to me is we have NOT! one single recreational center for the kids ages 5-13 , teens 13-19 to have on weekends that they can look forward too.

      ( race car tracks for the guys ) …. ( some sorta dancing thing for the girls and or singing)

     No wonder why all of our young people are going into the wrong direction some of it is lack of parenting skills but it’s also boredom …

    They have nothing to look forward too and they either start drinking,doing drugs .. having sex getting pregnant and their not even adults  yets their still kids there suppose to doing what kids do not actions of adults.

    Yes people make mistakes but a child and or teens learns from what they see,hear and know and more likely they do whatever the older people are doing because they don’t wanna be lefted out.

     Because honestly everything that they do have for the kids/teens you have to pay , pay , pay … & were in an darn recession!!!

    So that would be out of the question as to asking their parents every weekend for $$$$$ Hello mckeeva …

     Hello kurt get unna backsides up && do unna damn jobs and stop spending money we don’t have on foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Were getting fed up but honestly mckeeva wants to see this island really go to the dogs and become jamaica but i hope he gonna be ready to deal with it when it happens because if you think cayman is bad now wait until it fully turn into little jamaica!

    ( No offense to jamaicans i’m not tryna down grade you guys i’m just talking about the crime rate & how you guys deal with situations over there atleast what i read in your daily  magazines  )

    Anyone in their right mind would say it’s crazy how he’s playing careless with our money … and yet can’t stop the crime rate, help out the poor people, help to ensure that ALL caymanians students don’t leave high school until they know how to read and has a high school  diploma in their possession .


    I wish I could personally change cayman into the best putting ALL my caymainians first!!!!!!!!!!!

    But until then prayer is the next best thing.

    That’s just something I wanted too get off my chest!

    • Anonymous says:

      Um…what "foolishness" exactly, is KURT spending money on??  

      • Anonymous says:

        A good question, as at this point he’s been removed from spending any more of the public’s money, even on the kindest of mornings. Must be a dud deal on an outside kitchen on the Brac, I guess.


  6. Anonymous says:

    ppm: please bring a motion of no confidence against mckeeva!

    • Dred says:

      You can’t. His team still has more numbers.

      It would take a referendum to put serious pressure on the house and the governor to make that happen. A motion goes no where.

      • sandra says:

        You mean we are stuck with UDP for another 3 years???

        Who wrote the constitution???

        • Anonymous says:

          Sandra sweet heart the UDP still has 3 more years and i am confident things will turn around for the better which will put them right back in power,please do not tell me you all are hoping for the remaining 3 years to be a failure for the UDP,i can bet some of unna wishing for a cat 4 or 5 hurricane to mash up everthing.The first year have been rough but things will get better soon,so sweet heart just add 3+4 and unna going get 7 more years of the UDP,stay strong and positive and do not worry cause every little thing is going to be alright.Now bring on the thumbs down,by the way, each thumb down might just represent the amount of years that the UDP will remain in power.Please relax unna selves and wish our  Government well!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I listened to the radio and heard what what was said by the McDinejad wannabe.  Maybe we should change that to McChavez.  I was made to understand that the Venezuelans and the former TCI government are very close to our own and are giving actual advice.  People, look at the dictatorship in Venezuela and the fraud which was discovered in TCI.  Is this what we want?  You think things are tough now, wait and see what happens in another 3 years.  We could find ourselves in the position of refugees, begging another country to help us.  The premier said openly on the radio that people took pictures of some mansion and posted it as his house.  Anyone who knows his house knew how it used to look and how it now looks.  Caymanians (and I mean all Caymanians) look at what you voted for and then look at the smount of rent the Government is now paying out on a monthly basis and compare it with the cost of completing the Admin Building and look at your bottom line.  I cry everytime I hear that man on the radio.  In his own words, he never says "we" it is always "I".  Looking at that alone, we must understand that he already thinks of himself as the ultimate ruler of the Cayman Islands and democracy in the Cayman Islands is now dead.  We better hurry and apply our magic formula to bring it back, even if it means calling for a disolution of Government and calling a new election., But that may not change, as the political parties both use "Hype" to win elections.

  8. Anonymous says:


    ….are among the lowest paid civil servants!!!  Not only that, but they are on a pay scale band where the only chance to make a dollar more is to move to the next point on the scale…..McKeeva and his govt. took this away when he froze increments back in 2000!!!!!  Salaries remain the same for years  unless a cost of living is given to CS.

    Any teacher can  do the Premier’s job….but can he do the job of a teacher???????

    Move down to band L take the salary of a teacher and see if he run in the next election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  9. Annonymous says:

    Salary and Pension ???.  It is downright wrong and shame for someone to receive a salary and a pension for doing the same job or another job in the government. It appears that the Premier is receiving these 2 benefits totalling about $ 23,000 MONTH.  Regulations should be changed so that no one can receive salary + Pension while being employed in the government. So, Mr. Premier, please change the law or regulations so that the country can save some money to spend for the poor people. Pension should be paid only when the person does not receive another salary from the government. Politicians from both side got together and made these laws so that both parties can benefit. 

  10. whodatis says:

    Quite sad to see how a single issue can further divide this country along party lines.

    What a big, fat "poli-trick-al" showdown we have going on here.

    I view this all as cheap and tacky entertainment – sort of like The Jerry Springer Show – pretty depressing to see some taking this whole thing to heart.

    Honestly, does anyone really have any faith in either of these ridiculous shams of political / leadership parties?

    I surely don’t.

    All of these dinosaurs need to be put to bed once and for all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is not about PPM,UDP or CDA it is about THE CAYMAN ISLANDS and that is what we need to think about.

    We need to Select and Elect those who truly serve our Homeland and not themselves.

    Regards to all,


  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh where are those INDEPENDENTS now?? Pure party nonsense! Trying to fool the people again. Do not be misled folks or abused.

    I wish I could do over my vote. Next time soon come.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Up until 5 o’clock on Friday the PPM hadn’t filed any Motion.

    I guess they like making noise.

    I hope this isn’t another Sandra Catron with the late filing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    When the government backtracked on their proposal to reduce MLA’;s salaries by 20% (30% for the Premier) the PPM missed a huge opportunity to test government’s mettle. They should have announced that the PPM members would pay 20% of their salaries into a trust fund to be used for something such as assisting needy students with their education costs, and invited the UDP members to do the same. The money could then be used for a worthwhile, identifiable purpose, rather than getting lost in general expenditure.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM has handled this one masterfully. How will the UDP refuse a motion to make the same salary cuts that they originally proposed?  Individuals would be forced to vote either yea or nay and this would be a matter of public record, and not a closed door discussion among the UDP. We would see exactly who self-interested ones are and mark it down for May 2013. Whether they approve the motion or refuse the motion the UDP look bad and the PPM look good.

      The UDP could easily wriggle out of donating to a special trust fund suggested by the PPM with little damage to itself.   

    • Anonymous says:

      This was tried before and DID NOT work!

    • Backstroke says:

      "When the Government back tracked"  

      Now the idea of a politician putting funds into an account for future causes, NO,NO,NO. do you remember the Ironwood funds set up by Mac, Edna,Roy and them when they said that they were being paid too much, any one knows what happened to that fund, or did they really have such an account, will some one please find out how much or where the funds went if there ever was a fund?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I dont thing civil servants that only make under 3000.00 should get a pay cut. you people need to understand people have their children and bills to pay cost of living has gone up. This is sad to know, I think the people who make 14’000.00 and up should receive that pay cut.next time vote right PPM did the same crap and UDP doing the samething we need young caymanian to come forward and make our country right because right now we need it. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You cannot get much younger Caymanians than we presently have in the L.A. & look at the mess they are making. How much younger would you like to go? Judging by the young lackieboys that are simply "yes men" for the premier I would suggest that we should be looking for more experienced & mature individuals to run for election, not more of the immature cronies that we now have making up the UDP government. 

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem was which younger ones that were elected…my opinion is that the ones who were elected have tainted morals. I mean, after all they did choose to run with the UDP….and we all know that party has a "tainted"(I know CNS won’t post the word that I originally chose) history/leader (some proof was provided by Dan Dugay’s reports).

  16. Anonymous says:

    i don’t understand why people are against KT for making this suggestion it is a good thing!

    • Anonymous says:

      Those are the real ‘dyed in the wool’ partisan UDP supporters. They are embarrassed – what else can they say?

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Will any of this help Cayman and its people?.   I say do somethng that will make money instead of slicing  away peoples salary.  No one can afford or want five cent pay cut now a days.  Half of the story is not being told,   If una would only know how hard some people have it una would cry.  Nuff said.

      • Anonymous says:

        You weren’t saying that it wouldn’t help when the UDP first proposed the 20%/30% pay cut. It was a good thing then. You only have begun to sing that tune now that the Opposition is bringing a motion for the same thing.

        It helps because each part, which in itself may be small, helps. 

        It helps because MLAs are setting an example. It is hard to ask other people to may cuts when you are not feeling any of the pain.  

        However, hard it is for some people it is surely not hard for the Premier with is big salary plus benefits and pension. 

        The part of the story that is not being told is that the leaders who are preaching austerity are lavishing luxuries upon themselves.   

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          One of us is not getting the story, and that is to make it quite clear to you or anyone else, I really dont care one back foot how much percentage  any of them take because Its not going to add anything to my dinner table; and as far as I am concerned I have watched the parties long enough to know that una all is like when it comes to money and friends. Its nothing about Cayman and its people, its about un pocket, una buddies and una family.  Una think people fool o wha.

          When UDP or PPM have a good point, I will make my personal comments, which dont necessarily have to be anyones else, but like hell if I am going to lean to one Party because I like their leaders.  I will split justice, like me or like me not.   Any man who is a leader in his house, and cant trust his house hold needs to understand that he has failed them miserably somewhere.  It is the same way with the House of Assembly, whether it is UDP or PPM.  Your word is your bond.   Voters should be able to trust you then you should not fail,  dont care which side ye on.

          • Anonymous says:

            Please, don’t pretend for even one second that you are not biassed in favour of the UDP. When CNS first reported on this on 1st March, 2010 "Mac Cuts MLAs by 20%" Twyla Vargas  on Tuesday 2nd March at 12:45 wrote "I too must congratulate the Premier on this move". Nothing about it not putting anything on Twyla’s dinner table or not helping our deficit etc. If you were being fair about the matter now, you would have made the same comment.    

            • Twyla Vargas says:

              Listen my friend, that is one name you cannot call Twyla Vargas.  Think again.  BIAS?  My name is not signed Anonymous.   I can debate.

              I firmly stand by my comments on March 1st, and Yes,  I do commend the premier on the 20% cut salaries he proposed for them.   But whether he changes his mind or not will not change what I have to say.  I dont sleep with any una so I dont have to play ball , and right now I dont care whether they take 20% or 3.2.%,  but of course if they had any consciousness about them at all they should take the 20% because half of them dont deserve the pay they get anyway for doing absolutely nothing,  and I strongly believe that If Kirk was at the steering wheel with his band of soldiers he would do the same exact thing that McKeava is doing.  IT IS ALL POLITICAL STRAGETY.  I have lived here long enough to know how my people run things ya.   For one thing ye better naw mek dem know who ye voting fa, because, dem going mek sure ye naw get nothing fe eat de next four years.  All those expartiates who have gotten status and have right to run next election need to do just that, because we cant trust our own.   Every Caymanian you will hear saying that.   So like me or dont like me, it wil not change  a thing but in you position there is only a matter of time to keep people hungry for four years  Nothing lasts for ever.

              • Live Free... says:

                Pardon me Twla, for stepping in, but when u said, quote: that you strongly believe that If Kirk was at the steering wheel with his band of soldiers he would do the same exact thing that McKeava is doing. I say no he would not, why? because Kurt said he would be willing to take a 20% cut if it  is to benefit the Islands and the whole opposition was all for it when Mckeava said it out publicly. Note: Mackeeva never even had a meeting with the opposition or any debate whatsoever, but even though he didn’t, the opposition was still for it. So by their actions and the way they would accept cuts in their salary as the opposition, clearly tells me they would have still done salary cuts if they were in power today and they would have done a 20% cut instead of 3.2%, and that’s why this motion is being brought up. Come on Twyla, you know better than to say that Kurt would do the same as Mckeeva, the two a very different in many ways and K.T is much better leader than Mac, and I been living in Cayman along time also.


                • Twyla Vargas says:

                  Live Free, I am following you, but somewhere along the road ye meking me get lost.

                  The picture am looking at is this.  Why does it need all this meandering just to say I am taking  a 20% pay cut for one or two years?  

                  Unless I see a result, I will stick to my comments that it is all "Political talk," or "Promise talk."  This is what we are fed up with dont you see?.  Yes, I understand that there was no meeting with the opposition, in order to have a debate, and I am inclined to believe that too, but ye mean te tell me say dat they never even hear nothing bout it through the grape wine?.   Now I dont believe that. 

                  Sayingthat Kirk is a better leader than McKeava; my comments to that without incriminating myself, is to say that he could have been  at one time if he had taken hold of his ship when it first sailed, but he did not do that, he allowed chief mate chief cook, pot and bottle washer to run his ship aground.  Never entered into politics but I follow una Peek, Peek, Queek, Queek. 

                    Anyway, On a personal note, and politics off the board;  Kurt is a down to earth Caymnian man.   A good kind hearted man that I respect very much(he has not done any persoal favours for me)  neither has McKeava " but I have known him to stretch his hand out very far beyond the call of duty in helping many Caymanns achieve their goals.  Charles Clifford has done this too. 

                  Over the years I have not seen wealth an prestige, make him change that much, as it has done others, which aw dont need to call name, una know wha me talking bout,  but  KT has had some advisors who he made stir is pot in the wrong direction, admit it.  Some team players who were "Diehard"  bent on revenge vote  as to say, they didnt vote or me, so let the Town pay or paint it red.  Cant you see it has ruined the whole Island.   I believe I know which side you are on;  however dont look at me as a "Diehard" UDP.  I am for Cayman paper or not, and that can be UDP, PPM, Or INDEPENDENT.  I will say show me what your are made of and, make your word be your bond.  Dont wait four years to call on people from your district, do it now and I have no reason not to support you.  Blessed

                  • Anonymous says:

                    "Anyway, On a personal note, and politics off the board;  Kurt is a down to earth Caymnian man.  A good kind hearted man that I respect very much(he has not done any persoal favours for me)  neither has McKeava " but I have known him to stretch his hand out very far beyond the call of duty in helping many Caymanns achieve their goals.  Charles Clifford has done this too."

                    That’s the only part of your reply that I agree with. I think you’re like I was last year right up until after the elections, I thought I was independant, but it came to me that I agreed with so much that the PPM had done and disagreed with practically everything about the UDP, that I could no longer consider myself as independant. So now if I’m asked I will tell people that I support PPM. However, when I’m playing poker with the guys (where I talk politics), I’ll still disagree with the things I think PPM did or are doing wrong, and if the extreamely rare opportunity to agree with the UDP, I’ll do that too.

                    I think it would do you well to take an objective view of your own comments because many more than one person view you as biased towards the UDP.

                    CNS: Just to note that the comments are by definition opinions. There is no requirement and should be no expectation that they are objective or "unbiased".

                    • Twyla Vargas says:

                      Anyone who thinks that is very wrong.  I have spoken my mind, and those who  know me very well will tell you right now I am not bias to UDP.   I have one or two friends who belong to that party and I love them,  I also have a few in PPM and Independent;  but I cannot hold my speaches from one party because I favour some of the things they do, and honestly speaking you all should not hate, vex or punish me because I favour some things from the other teams.  That is what I call Bias, selfish and inmature.  Why should PPM members and UDP and Independent members not like me because I listenin on all of the meetings and voice my oinion?  

                      I remember attending a PPM meeting once, because I was voting for one member of the PPM team.  One of the women representative said that if I had come to spy.   For Petes sake I went to support.   Luckily I had a friend at that meeting Mr David Whight,who knew different and smooth the conversation.   But do you see what I am talking bout.  Una need to stop it, let people support who they want, after all why be craving and want all of the votes.  It just aint right.    Blesse.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      To CNS: Unless the poster claims that they are unbiassed.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Absolutely right. Whatever Kurt may be is not a dictator. He would never have have made such a decision in the first place without consulting the Opposition; he would never have refused any debate on the issue; he would never have got up claimed that the power to do it unilaterally so it didn’t matter what the Independent Member or the Opposition had to say; he would not have made such a commitment unless he was clear he had the full support of the PPM members.  There would have been no reason to flip flop and be in the position that McKeeva is in.    

    • Backstroke says:

      This is a farce, why people are against KT heres why, he /they kept quiet for too long until Arden woke them up with his hot head. So to upstage the BUSH machine they come out and say that they will take a 20% cut, Go to bed KT and get a good nights sleep. this is all politics, why do you think that we are so dumb to even pay attention to you, this is lame.

      Please somebody tell these politicians that we are smarter than they take us for. KT, that announcement that you made yesterday was the lamest that I have ever heard, Why didnt you do this a month ago, then I would have respected you but not now after the charade  wednesday on rooster.  we need to get rid of all the MLA’s that have been in the house for more than 3 terms, leave Moses & Ezzard in, they bout the only ones in there that have some common sense.The others just there warming their seats. 2013 cant come fast enough for me, I have 4 votes to make and I will not vote for them this time around.


      • Dred says:

        Politics or not it’s the right thing to do. You can say what you want about Kurt but the move is simply the right thing to do no matter the reasons or agendas.

      • Anonymous says:

        Would you please stop with that nonsense about the motion should have been filed a month ago. Obviously, it would have been silly to propose a motion to do what the Premier had already declared and committed to do saying he had the power as Premier to make the cuts. The issue became live again following the UDP announcement that instead the MLAs would only have a 3.2% pay cut. The PPM motion  was therefore timely.       

  17. CDM says:

    I think it is time for a third party …Caymanian Democratic Movement, Caymanians are tired of these two sorry excuses for representation of the people they are supposed to be looking out for. This would be a party of intelligent forward thinking business minded people. A party that can make the difficult decisions that need to be made without fear of political suicide and or sniping and grandstanding.

    A new party with a fresh approach  to our challenges  that we face in the Cayman Islands  today. A party that can deal with the Roll Over fiasco, the budget mess, tourism product, education, waste management, small businesses support, crime etc.

    A party not loyal to a select wealthy individuals but one loyal and dedicated to the Caymanian people. 

    The present representation is dated, lazy and content with doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome. Wake up Cayman! we deserve better, support the Caymanian Democratic Movement……. more to come.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh no..not the Chuckster coming out!

    • No chance says:


      Anything with Democratic in it cant be any good, at least not judging with Partys we see with Democratic in it now.

      Try another name please.

    • Anonymous says:

      A third party definitely needed now, perhaps with a coalition as an end result. This situation at the moment is all getting rather tiresome!

  18. M. Hutchence says:

    Somebody please give the Premier just a little more rope. He only needs a little bit more.

  19. christian says:

    I don’t care what "good" they do. I have promise myself before and do so again!  I hold my integrity as a citizen of this country.



    For all you party supporters here, you may give me as much thumbs down as you like!

    Sorry, I stand independently on this one. Next election I am going to make sure the House is so mix up, one party does not dominate everything. At least, there will be more debates in the House and serious deliberations before decisions are made! At least their won’t be a single head in power running things all the time. 


    • Anonymous says:

      "Next election I am going to make sure the House is so mix up, one party does not dominate everything".

      That was precisely the thinking by people like you that put the UDP in power. Didn’t you get the memo? The days of the Independents are over. Unless you have viable new parties then you are wasting your time.  

    • Anonymous says:

      boy, christian, you really think you got plenty power, "next election I am going to make sure the House is so mix up," Wow! You are one powerful person, I am envious! I wish I could do that. By the way, tell us, how you, christian alone, plans to do that! What power man! hahahahaha.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here here.  I voted independent the last election and will continue to do so.

  20. bonnie says:


    No worries WESTBAYERS and GEORGETOWNERS are going to put Mckeeva or Kurt back in for another 4 years. It is a love affair!

    "VOTE STRAIGHT" they say!

    How fool-fool can you get?


    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Now as far as I am concerned "my opinion only"  I like both kirk and McKeva, on a personal note, they are down to earth Caymanian men to the bone, but if some of una would stop faning their fires I believe they would both get it right.

      Now that does not mean that I do agree with how they run some things.  I personally feel that a Captain should be in charge of his ship all times, and if he dont have a good Chief mate make it all te worse for him.

      Saying this is to say their crew should be reporting back to him or Chief Mate what is being achieved in your district.  (Lef ye children alone dey will run wild)   If you have your crew who is only paying attention to the galley then the ships engine must fail sometime.   Thats what has happened before with PPM and is also happening with UDP.  The Captains need to take hold of their ship.

      Take for instance the Bodden Town crew,  (I no business with other people district, I watching mine,)  and I mean all of them UDP and PPM.   They aint doing a darn thing but planting coconut trees on the Bodden Town public beach, for hurricane to blow them away or to make it a better hiding place for drug addits.   "Enhancing yes", but dont make sence to me.

      Building a second childrens park in Cumber avenue withing couple feet of each other, and the avenue only has ten children not using any of them. The residents are pissed.,

      A building which has two bathrooms and five bedrooms made out of solid concrete next Harry McCoy’s Park and Nurse Josie Senior Center, left to rotten down, and being used on a daily basis by drug addits and fe worehouse.  Again turning a blind eye, when this house could be used for social service department and other things, and they paying an arm and leg to rent somewere.   Old Clinic SOaREYE in the centre of town, rats caca and everything else inside.  Claiming it  is unsafe.  Knock the friggin thing down then.!!!!!  Now I wonder why we need three representatives, and talking about another one to make 4.   Una betta find something worthwhile fe those we have to do first.  We have both parties up here UDP and PPM, but let them tell they ship Captain wha de doing fe dem pay.

      Your turn now, go ahead and prove what I have said is not true.   I bon ya, I live ya, and I know wha go on ya.  Blessed

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ha! I wonder if Kurt would have agreed to take the 20% cut if the shoes were on his feet!

    All of them are alike!

  22. Stingray says:

    Thanks to Kurt, Alden and Arden it looks as if we are finally serious about cutting expenses. Thisis the best place to start, at the top. Once this motion is passed and put in effect immediately (many motions are passed, then die, and thats the end of it) and then we can embark on all the other cost cutting measures that we all know are necessary and together it will add up and make a difference. This is one PPM motion that the UDP will have to support, after all it was conceived in the UDP camp so this must be a done deal. There was a glimmer of hope this morning on crosstalk when it appeared for a few moments that the Premier was about to announce his resignation and save us but as usual he made another flip flop.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Finally, the Premier has been caught in his own web!

    No back-paddling possible now.

    Perhaps some of the other UPD members are now willing to wake up and smell the coffee since it is affecting their own pockets. I am anticipating trouble amongs the frat boys called UDP

  24. Joe Mammas says:

    fool me once, shame on me,  fool me twice, shame on me.

    Caymans way:  fool me once, fool me twice, fool me three times, fool me four times, etc. etc.

    Ever heard of the line: like taking candy from a baby?

    • bonnie says:

      I have not seen an Independent party rise up or formulate yet. The people of Cayman are stuck with PPM and UDP

      This is sad

      • Pending says:

        There are independent candiates who if voted in might form an independent party.

        THE PROBLEM IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY RETARDS BLINDED BY THE PPM AND THE UDP, it has been this way for years and years and now everyone has finally opened up their eyes.

        When you have numb skulls in charge of a country who cannot even formulate proprer sentences when they speak, and run for cover and hide when there are majpr problems that need adressing, you get what you voted for…nothing and a truck load of problems.

        Perhaps this time round, people might look past their new fridge, which by the way is tangible and can always be replaced, and look to actually what needs to be done by these retards running for power and personal greed and then make an informed decision so we can have proper leadership and be a successful country like we once were.

        Because right now and for the next 3 years, we are up the creek with no paddles.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Caymanian Democratic Alliance (CDA) is coming soon!

        • BORN FREE says:

          You haven’t even got off the groung yet & your "party" is already having a tough time. I doubt that you will attract many members if you cannot even get your name straight. First it was the Caymanian Democratic Alliance (CDA), then it was the Caymanian Democratic Movement (CDM). This is not a positive sign. This new Alliance/Movement sounds as bad as "flip-flop/indecisive McKeeva Bush." However, because of the unpopularity & massive failures of the present UDP government, I would suggest you stay as far away from "democratic" as possible.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Opposition Peoples Party (OPP) is coming!

          OPP, you know me! 

        • Anonymous says:

          we don’t need no alliances… we need independent thinkers in the house who will stand for us!

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        I voted UDP, PPM, and Indepenent, Split the pie in  third Shares and Frankly the  Indpendent  are no different, just waiting for a chance to be an added arm of UDP or PPM.

        Not because you are not a minister or you did not get voted in that you should sit and fold your arms until next time.  Show me how good you can swim without the vest.  sitting down and waitng untill next election to dog around peoples place looking votes will not work ts time.  Your turn now……..

  25. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see if any MLAs will dissent from a yes vote and their justification for doing so?  Anyone who votes no should be asked to resign from politics (their political career will be over anyway).

  26. Anonymous says:

    20% paycut for UDP and 50% paycut for PPM,PPM tooout of order,they were the ones who set  us up for this mess!  

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually from reading the posts on this site I realize that posters often dont have any economic sense at all. For example the PPM might have spent a lot of money – yes I agree.

      They created badly needed infrastructure improvements. A big new administrative building so as to relieve the cost of some $11 million per year in rent. Payments on rent as we know is lost money – a liability that will continue forever. Payments to finance a building creates an asset for future generations. The idea of selling this building to pay rent is a really nuttyidea.

      Major road works that we use every day and that has significantly reduced driving time and wastage of gasoline for thousands of persons every day. So this is an asset that we can actually see and use now and in the future.

      A grand school to serve the Eastern districts and reduce transportation expenses for the public rather than transporting students to George Town. These strong concrete buildings in the middle of the island will certainly offer protection to many if a major hurricane strikes. And will be utilized by our children for generations. Dont our children deserve to attend school in a nice building? This is an asset for the country now and in the future.

      So spending – yes they did. And now they are offering to reduce costs by taking a pat cut. That is good – it shows their integrity and love for their country.

      On the other hand the monies that are being borrowed to pay for recurrent expenses, for world travel for groups at a time, for rent, etc.  etc.. etc.. will those funds come back to us in the future?

      Think about it. And be grateful that the PPM created assets that we can see, touch, and use every day.. Oh. And also sell to pay rent for MLA salaries.


      • Anonymous says:

        Would have been even better if they had PAID FOR THEM!….they left that for the Country to figure out….not real leadership nor a good example.

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse me Anon 10:38, do you think any UDP member understood what you said? They are hard of hearing, kind of fool-fool for Big Mac, & blinded by loyalty to the UDP for personal gain & special interests! I agree entirely with your comments, but I honestly believe that your words flew way over the heads of the UDP. They believe that everything that the PPM did was wrong, & everything that the UDP does (as unpopular & criticized as it might be) is right. "Blinded by the bling"! Anything for the almighty dollar, how sad.

      • Anonymous For Cause says:

        I agree. This is not about partisan politics and scoring political points, this is about leading by example and putting the good of everyone ahead of self interest. 

        Congratulations to the Honourable Leader of the Opposition, D. Kurt Tibbetts and the PPM MLA’s Arden McLean, Alden McLaughlin, Anthony Eden and Moses Kirkconnell for doing the right thing and putting their moneywhere their mouths are.. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    With the worlds greatest sporting event less than two weeks away (South Africa World Cup football 2010) the PPM is looking to score goals(points) to hype up themselves and their lost supporters(LOL),what a clever bunch,and what an exciting time to do so.PPM you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is now clear that it was McKeeva who was seeking to fool everyone, but intead he has made a fool of himself. Talk about a slam upside the head!  I didn’t think the PPM had it in them, but they’ve proved me wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous @ Fri, 09:46,05/28/2010 please stop with the fake talk,all of a sudden the PPM is just fine in your eyes after all this time, pleeeeaase……In your post you state….."I didn’t think the PPM had it in them,but they’ve prove me wrong" Warning to you……please watch out cause a few months from now you may just choke choke on your own words!!!

        • Calcutta says:

          To: 10:53

          Not everyone is a little faithful greedy string-puppet. Alot of people can actually decipher things for themselves and not be blinded. 

    • Pending says:

      Yeah, but at least they are here on island.. anychance that The Dictator Bush might be front and center at the World Cup? I wonder how big his entourage will be this time……

  28. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I for one really dont care if its politricks once that something is done this is how things should be if the other party feels whats being done is wrong step up and do whats right for the country regardless.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a ‘clever’ ploy by Kurt to make him look popular in front of the electorate. I say ‘clever’ in such a way as it’s pretty clear to anybody with half a brain what he is doing and how there is the ulterior motive at work.

    For those with less than half a brain, who unfortunately are the majority of the voters. He is not offering to take a pay cut himself. He is publically asking for a vote on the subject, knowing full well that if it went to the vote in the house, they would all vote against it anyway, so there is no danger of them taking a pay cut. It just makes him look like he offered.

    They are all as greedy and corrupt as each other and whilst you idiots keep voting for them they will carry on ripping us all off and slowly sinking the island they claim to represent.

    • Dred says:

      This is calling your XXXXX Bluff.

      The Hansard proves that PPM did not reject the motion at all but they were caught offguard.

      OFCOURSE it now catches UDP ofguard but that’s called "turnaround is fairplay".

      No matter what you call it it is where we should be. McDinejad should have just used his "power" to put in place. Why didn’t he do that?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t really care if its a Ploy, Bluff or politricks or what ever you want to call it.
      Anybody with half a brain can also see that we have far more water that we do flour, i dot even think we at the edge of the cliff, it like we fell of now! And government need get serious now.

      If this is what it takes to get some type of confirmed positive action in reducing expenditure I’m all for it, people need to learn to think real hard before they go and open there big mouths and blab in front TV Cameras the ends up making us look worst that a banana republic "Not calling any names now"

      But we will, I am to the point now I don’t believe anything any of these guys say until I see it happen because they all got gold medals in back peddling


    • Anonymous says:

      8:23 – some unna just can’t accept that we do have some decent representatives eh? Poor donkeys! With such a mindset it’s no wonder UDP can still find supporters! 

  30. karen says:

    Come on naive people!

    I am not a UDP member, but you can clearly see this is just a political move by the PPM so they can get into the lime-light!

    Do you (excluding PPM supporters) seriously think that "they" from the bottom of their good hearts, are pushing this motion in the name of "sacrifice"???

    Any donkey will see it is politrix!  Why didn’t they "push" from March??????????????????????????????????  No they decided to be quiet and go with the flow until announced that the entire LA was in agreement with the 3.2

    lol… I tell you… these two parties have everyone going around in circles When will people realize we need to get rid of them both!


    • Dred says:

      PPM could have easily let this go and still have UDP looking bad for it.

      While I agree to a small degree that this is a political move it is the right move to make to 1) Set the record straight    2) Do it for the country.

      I believe the Hansard set it straight already that PPM did not in fact reject the idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      There was no reason to "push" from March. The Premier announced that it was an accomplished fact and that he unilaterally had the power to do it. Obviously it is timely to respond now that the Premier has decided that they are going to take a 3.2% pay cut. You can’t spin  this one.  

      I believe the UDP will be forced to approve the motion or risk revealing themselves individually as greed and self-interested and hiding behing civil servants.

    • tired says:


      I concur they are politicians after all. However better late than never! This is a very astute move on ppm’s behalf and if they some how manage to keep this up they could win back my vote!!  
      PPM: Go in with a united PPM front for the cuts make them count your full 5, take the personal risk and you will gain so much political ground. If goes through take it on the chin like grown men! If doesn’t pass it is on their heads.
      Go deh! Kurty, tony, ardy, ally, and momo too ! Stick it to em good! It is about time ! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    • Anonymous says:

      Politicians or not, who wants to take a (substantial) pay cut no matter who it benefits?  Get over yourself, they could have easily have said phew, only 3.2%, but they’re standing up.  Even if it doesn’t pass, it’ll have at least drawn another ho-hum excuse from Mac proving how insincere he is in everything he does and says. 

      I support neither and agree that both parties are ill-equipped in dealing with Cayman’s present issues that they both contributed to, but commend Kurt for stepping in on what’s been the biggest flip flop Mac has done to date. Stay tuned folks….

  31. Anonymous says:

    I vote YES

  32. Anonymous says:

    Once again the PPM faithful and blog machine are working overtime with this one. The pure politics of this are so obvious that everyone sees it except for most of the contributors to this thread.

    If the PPM were really interested in supporting the country in dealing with the UK they would have voiced this MLA pay cut support much earlier but instead they remained silent like spoiled school children hoping the UDP would fail.

    What the faithful ignore is that this is simply tribal politics as usual. This is not statesmanship. Calling the leader of the government a "LIAR" in a rant on radio broadcast around the world is nothing to be proud of.

    Thank God this little country has the UK relationship to keep an eye on things if Ezzard got his way and the country went independent these political games would be much worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Liars should be called out. This move by the PPM proves it. Mr McLean had every right to defend his integrity. UDP supporters should be last people to talk about ‘rants’ since that is all their leader ever does.     

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 08:19, I suppose that you believe that calling into a radio station & accusing an MLA of doing something he did not do is something to be proud of? The false accusations by the premier "in a rant on radio broadcast around the world is nothing to be proud of." The premier was a disgrace. Everyone listening to his nefarious behaviour was shocked. He was an embarrassment to the people of the Cayman Islands, & the only thing he did that made sense was when he hung up & ran like a coward! Good move Mr. premier.  

  33. lone ranger says:

    GOOD MOVE PPM  now that you have stand up to the premier, can you include in your motion that all civil servants making more than 6000 per month take a salary cut of 10% i know that this will effect some of your friends but in this time we need action. lets play politics, and see what the goverment do. it will tell who has the country at heart,and what the deputy governor is made of.   I donnt understand this man he can send three chief officers on the premier request, but he cannot cut the others salary,when needed

    • karen says:

      I was just thinking the same thing… but I think you are not going to see it!


      Oh… I am asking for more than a 100 thumbs down from you PPM supporters, but I don’t care. Many others agree with me and see the hypocrisy of both parties – and that we need to get rid of them both or they will indeed ruin our country.

      kisses 🙂

  34. Anonymous says:

    now that’s a Leader

  35. lone ranger says:

    GOOD MOVE   I was once told that a man word is his bond.hopefully this will make him stick to his own words(promise) probaly this will help him to think before he open his ### mouth. Then again the bible tells that a fool is known by the multitude of his words . this leader is a good example that we all should believe the bible   WE will all wait and see what the UDP will do with this motion. i,ll bet they will try and keep this off the business paper

  36. My2cents says:

    Nice to see Kurt waking up and acting as the opposition for once. 

    He may be slow, but what he does he sure does well.  

  37. unforgettable says:

    Hi readers. May I intervene for a minute please? Why is it that Caymanian people are becoming so blind?! Until we get rid of the party politics, thiis place will only get worse. Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Tibbets time have expired for years now. Did we forget when Mr. Bush was involved in XXXX First Cayman bank. XXXXXXX Mr. Dwayne Seymour and that Eugene guy is just a useless XXXX. We expect the country to get better when we keep on appointing these people that can’t even manage their homes. XXXXXXXXXXXX. Come on guys, just because these people give your turkeys at christmas and give you free food around election time doesn’t mean we have to ellect them for our leaders. Most of our MLAs are total donkeys when it comes to running a country. They go in the L.A from time to time and argue about garbage! Has anyone listened to a L.A meeting recentlyfhy W

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realise that you just named UDP politicians only?
      So your problem is with the unethical UDP politicians.  

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am actually a UDP supporter but I like this move by Kurt and the PPM.  Let’s find out who stands where.

    • anonymous says:

      The PPM can afford to move this Motion. They have nothing to lose. They also have the luxury of not having to work to hard right now as the Opposition. The UDP Minsters and backbenchers are the ones working around the clock.

      When it comes to the vote on the Motion, everybody just has to vote for it. 

      Then what?


      • Anonymous says:

        They have 20% of their salary to lose. There is real possibility that the UDP members may be shamed into agreeing to the motion.

        Don’t tell us about working around the clock. Show us results. The UDP is the govt.. It got the job it applied for, so no complaints – just get on with it.    

  39. Anonymous says:

    Time to separate the men from the boys! Time to salvage this Country!

    Elio Solomon, Mike Adam, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour its time for you all to Stand Up and be men! Leave the other  UDP MLAs  from WB, the Premier & Deputy Premier to be the boys.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Good job Kurt ! but like you stated this is tough times and every one should contribute their fair share to this budget deficit, you and the PPM should also motion that those high paid civil servants take appropriate cuts as well,some of these people are making outrageous salaries that we the cayman people can no longer support, like you said sir "lead by example"

    Pass this motion down to the Governor Deputy as well along with all the other big salaries in government. come on big wigs step up to the plate,you were all willing to take this measly 3.2% because it would not even faze you!

    Think of the poor workers under you that have to live with a 3.2% on salaries under $3000, if they can survive with that then the big salaries can also get bigger cuts and survive as well.

  41. lone ranger says:

    GOOD MOVE PPM This is what you all should be doing long time ago. i cannot wait to hear the bach benchers debate this motion. doing this a good way to put preasure on the premier. this is what he needs. when is under preasure he cannot function.think,or talk anything with sence. Kurty now that you have waken up i will get some uppers for you ,i donnot care what they cost  health care farmancy do you have any     Now can you emagine THE FOURTH ELECTED MEMBER FROM GT HAVING HIS SALARY CUT.  PPM make sure you have a dead bolt on your office door. he will come in at you.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Now we will see who is in the house just for themoney and who has the country best interest at heart. Thanks to Kurt, Alden and Arden. 

    I listen to Arden on the radio and I can tell you Mr. McLean, that the country is behind you because you put the people first ahead of yourself.  You speak from the heart and it is refreshing to know that you are not afraid to defend your people. keep up the good work!


  43. Anonymous says:

    Kurt is that you??? I cannot believe it——–sweet move. Let’s see if it plays out.

    LMAO!!! Ellio must be vexed!!!!



  44. Anonymous says:

    yeah!!! Tek dat Mac, put it in ya pipe an smoke it…..yeah!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I am impressed, PPM! That is statesmanship, and it is also good politics. It proves that Arden was right in saying that he and the rest of the PPM were always prepared to take the pay cut. The UDP are now looking like greedy self-interested cowards who have now been backed into a corner.    

  46. Dred says:

    I can only hope we all remember all this crap when elections come around. If we let this joker Big Mac to rule us again we will totally destroy our country. This man needs to be FORCED into retirement. He is a danger to our country.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Now I am left to wonder who woke Kurt up.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you really think Kurt is asleep I would conclude you are the one needs waking up!

  48. Dred says:

    Good move Kurt, call that XXXX bluff.

    Now let’s see what the hell he’s going to do.

    I really like this move. I bet Elio is cursing.

    • BORN FREE says:

      The people spoke & the PPM answered. I am overjoyed to see that the PPM is once again stepping up to the plate, but I am a realist & accept that more than likely this will be voted down because the UDP’s dictatorship have the majority vote & they will use it. The good thing about this move by the PPM is that we, the people, will be able to see who votes for the 20% paycut & which selfish individuals vote against it. It will be interesting to see if the UDP backbench do a"McKeeva Bush" & "flip-flop" on their recent decision to accept a 3.2% paycut rather than the 20% paycut that was originally ordered by the premier! For sure we shall see. There will be no where for the UDP backbench lackies to run & hide. They will not be able to hang up the phone & run like their leader did when Arden McLean showed him up as a liar on the radio show. They will have to face the people. Thank you PPM for doing the honorable thing.

    • Good move says:

      I think this is a great gesture by Mr. Kurt Tibbetts on behalf of the opposition, but I hope that the opposition dont take the pay cut if the UDP members do not accept to do the same.

      Dont get me wrong, I feel that ALL MLAs should take the pay cut but it would be wrong if only the opposition accepted to do so, so I am asking the UDP members to put party politics aside and go along with this proposal.

    • Bully says:

      Come listen to what the bully has to say on Rooster tomorrow (Friday) morning – I for sure won’t be listening!

  49. IRON CLAD says:

    If this motion ever comes to fruition, the voting should be done by the CITIZENS of the country – that way it would be sure to have their salaries cut by that 20/30%. After all ALL these MLAs are getting a FAT salary to either do NOTHING for the country or to assist in RUINING what we have had and what is left of it.


    Your Thoughts?




    • Anonymous says:

      Pension plus salary, query.  Motion is a good move by PPM. But when you talk about "Fat Salaries", are some of the current MLAs also drawing pension? Please enquire.

  50. Beachboi says:

    Thankfully someone has said "SOMETHING"!!!!  I was beginning to believe that Bush Whacker had kidnapped all of the PPM members and replaced them with deaf clowns.

    It is obvious to all of us that the members of the legislature are rolling in cash and do very little but argue amongst themselves, but there seems to be a ray of hope emerging in the proposition of this vote by Kurt. 

    I think that the vote should be broadcast on television or radio so that we may know what the stance of each member is.  I also enjoy the opportunity of seeing and hearing McWeena make a fool out of himself publicly.

    Anyway, this is a start.  Lets see if it finishes.

  51. Anonymous says:

    This all sounds very odd. I’m getting the impression these jokers couldn’t organize a "drink-up" in a brewery (to put it politely). We really do need a change in top personnel in our political parties. This is all sounding rather tiresome.

  52. islandman says:

    Thank you Kurt, Alden, Arden and other PPM! Good to see that you guys see the wisdom in what amounts to rolling back your raises of the past five years….at least temporarily.

    This latest chain of events again clearly shows the levels of dishonesty of most of our politicians and in particular XXXXX! The greed and selfish dishonesty here is astonishing!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Excellent move Kurt! Now, let’s see who amongst the sitting politicans will have the testicular fortitude (other than Ezzard who has already stated his position) to oppose these pay cuts. I can tell you what, whoever they are can be sure to know that they will lose my vote next election!

  54. Shock and Awe says:

    This is the role an opposition should be playing.  Their job is to hold the government accountable.  Not only for it’s actions but it’s promises.  Gentlemen walk the talk.  I think the public is entitled to see how the vote goes from MLA to MLA.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Not only MLA’s but top government employees making more than 9k should take a 10% cut

  56. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of you Kurt, Alden, Arden and the PPM!

    Set the example and show the people of this country that you feel our pain.

  57. Anonymous says:

    this is getting good…… 

  58. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Kurt, sometimes slow but sure is the way to go. In most of his actions Mac reminds me of the line by Alexander Pope that goes " fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

  59. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic cynical effort to wrong foot Mac and the UDP to gain the public’s support  …and in this unsophisticated jurisdiction it will work .But the UDP deserve it!

  60. Anonymous says:

    wow, well i can at least say the opposition is finally acting like an opposition.  good job kurt.