Jeffers revealed as alleged West Bay killer

| 28/05/2010

(CNS): Twenty-six year old Raziel Omar Jeffers, who has already been charged with one count of murder for the killing of Damian Ming in West Bay in March, is the man police have now charged with the murder of Marcus Ebanks (20) (left) and the attempted murder of Adryan Powell also in West Bay. Jeffers appeared in court yesterday to face his second murder and attempted murder charges. Authorities say Jeffers and another masked gunman jumped from the bushes on Bonaventure Lane and began firing at seven young men. Ebanks was killed and two others were wounded, including Powell, who was only 14 at the time and who is now paralysed as a result of the incident, along with Roy Ebanks who was 18 on the night of the shooting.

News 27 reports that attorney Ben Tonner of Samson McGrath is representing Jeffers and his client will appear in court next month for preliminary enquiries for both of the murder and attempted murder charges he faces.
Damian Ming (29), who was shot and killed on Birch Tree Hill Road in West Bay on Thursday, 25 March at around 9:45 pm, was the second person to be shot in a twenty four hour period of gang related killings in West Bay.
Both Adryan and Marcus’ mothers spoke to the TV station about their ordeals and how they felt about Jeffers’ arrest.
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