Major smash claims life

| 03/08/2010

(CNS): Updated —  The woman killed in the  major collision along the Esterley Tibbetts highway yesterday morning was FederAnn Faustino (24). The accident took place near Lakeside Condos at around 12:30 Tuesday 3 August. Three people were involved  in the accident Faustino, her boyfriend who was driving a Honda Civic and a teenage girl who was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage indicating the severity of the car smash. Police have not yet revealed the cause of the crash but have said two people are currently assisting police with their enquiries.  (Photos by Dennie Warren Jr)

Officers from the RCIPS are appealing to anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the collision, came up on it after or have any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477 (TIPS). 
Investigating Officer PC Watts of the Traffic Management can be contacted at 926-3136 or Traffic Management Unit at 946-6254.

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  1. some guy says:

    Clearly, the only way to prevent further traffic accidents in Cayman is to ban cars.

    Everyone should just ride a bicycle or walk to places. Some may even lose weight.



  2. Anonymous says:

     DRINKING AND DRIVING IS A BIG NONO! how many of these tragedies do we need to go through before Cayman realizes that spending 50 dollars to take a taxi is WELL WORTH the money!?! sorry to hear about the loss, but lets use it as an example to better our country. 

    Put up more adverts up on the internet and television against drinking and driving.

    Put more police on the roads to scare people.

    Have more road blocks (and people who are not drinking and driving- have patience, the police have them for a REASON!)

    Have more taxis and police outside of bars and clubs!

    There are a dozen other ways we could stop this problem. Real friends do not let their friends drink and drive!

    • Anonymous says:

      drink driving is always wrong…but we should also look at the system wherby taxi drivers are entilted to charge $50 for a 10  min ride

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree that the cab system is seriously flawed here and needs to be looked into, but I would rather spend CI$50 on a 10 minute cab ride then put myself and others at risk on the road.

  3. Need for Change says:

    To the family of Ann:

    As you comprehend this profound loss, let yourself cry knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens.

    Dont drink and drive people!


  4. Road Risks says:

    I realise, as has been pointed out, the Lakeside entrance does not appear to have been directly involved in this accident – but sooner or later it will, and clearly there are a lot of people upset about the way the residents and visitors to the complex have a total disregard to the well being and safety of ANYONE else around them when they GRIND to a halt to illegally turn in from the north, or swing BLINDLY across a major artery to head south when coming out.  Sadly, this is going to result in a serious accident soon – and clearly these morons don”t even realize THEY WILL ALSO GET HURT!!!

    What is even more concerning is that there is at least one taxi driver who I have seen on 4 or more occasions break this very clear law.  They are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS – but let’s face it, I don’t even need to open THAT can of worms…

    On the subject of illegal manoeuvers, several other commenters have highlighted the illegal u-turns by the Humane Society.  Again, many of these are our esteemed professional drivers who apparently think they are above the law and can risk the lives of their passengers as they rush from the airport to hotels not wishing to bide their time like the rest of us coming through Industrial Park.  

    I can only hope that when, becauseit is not if, there is a serious accident, the injured will sue the a$$ off the drivers for endangering their lives!!!

    Another one – heading into town on Harbour Drive, the intent of removing the red light by the Museum was to keep the flow of traffic going – and it has worked wonders.  That is, unless you are behind the large number of moronic, ignorant, selfish and apparently very blind, idiots that think it is OK to bang a right turn up the street to the right of the building – despite a VERY clear sign indicating it is illegal!!!

    I could go on about overtaking in the center lane on West Bay Road – why is it our road pro’s come to mind again (?) and many other areas, but I think we all get the idea here…

    Slow down, wait your turn, drive safely and live to see another day.

    (Footnote – Of course, you could argue the Darwinian Theory of evolution that as these apparently mentally flawed and therefore lesser beings eradicate themselves through their acts, we as a species benefit by progressing as a whole to a more superior level – however, sadly, they often take an innocent life with them!!!)

  5. Samster says:

    If you hand around these clubs at nights and you see the amountof alcohol that is being plied to these younger girls by men it would frighten you. What a real shame, they subsequently get on our roads and endanger other drivers on the road without any regard for other people.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Last night I went to Caymana Bay from Savannah. as I went down Esterley Tibbetts Hwy a girl on a cell phone rode my tail all the way right by the crash site. After a movie I went back to Savannah and while on the bypass heading East 3 cars past at a high rate of speed racing. Then 30 seconds later another 2 cars past me racing. I was doing the speed limit and they were going as fast as they could, like I was standing. Then a 3rd car shot by trying to catch up to the cars that just passed. Sort of what a Barracuda does when he sees baitfish. Not a police car in sight. All they would have to do it put two cars on either end of the bypass. The fisrt hidden in the bush to radio the second car to intercept the "racers". It seems to me our police should be #1 priority. More of them and more police cars. They should aslo have cars that can catch the racers or al least get close enough to get a tag number if the racers won’t stop. Then, take their cars away, permanently and auction them off or if modifed destroy them so some other bonehead doesn’t go out and do the same.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When there is an accident involving talking on a cell phone, I don’t see people blaming LIME or Digicel…. when there is an accident involving running a red light, I don’t see people blaming the light for being there… when there is an accident involving alcohol, I don’t see people blaming the bartender for serving the drinks.

    There is a sign that clearly states entering Lakeside from the left is illegal. 

    I feel terrible for the victim and although I do not know for sure what caused this accident, after reading some of the comments in this article, am left wondering why we really need major road changes for people to understand the rules of the road…  If people do not understand the laws, then they should not be driving.


    • La La Land says:

      But people are ignoring the sign and abuse the privilege of having a slip road access onto a major road.

    • Anonymous says:

      lakeside has nothing to do with it i live in lakeside the accident was far from there so i dont know how lakeside came up in this whole incident XXXX dont point a finger a lakeside

  8. been there done that says:

    Until the licensing department gets serious about giving licenses ONLY to those with the ability to drive AND obey the traffic laws Cayman drivers will ALWAYS be at risk.  The roads are great.  The laws are there.  The overwhelming numbers of disrespectful and dangerous drivers on the road on Cayman is the problem.  Seeing drivers do dangerous things while on the road is a daily occurrence here.  Enforcement is almost non existent.  But this is Cayman.  An island where almost nothing is done well and where fools can one day grow up to be Premiere!  For now if you must drive expect to be cut off, overtaken, tailgated, and treated as if YOU are in the #%^%& way!  Expect a car in your lane coming at you when going around a blind corner or at the very least a car stopped and letting someone off in middle of the road oblivious to anything else.  Expect people wearing dark clothing at night walking in the road oblivious to any danger to themselves.   Expect  to be overtaken and cut off at any turning lane. You just might be able to save yourself to drive another day in Cayman.

  9. Right ya so says:

    My condolences to all involved – what a tragedy.

    Cayman please use this terrible accident as a reminder to learn the road law, the rules and to practice simple courtesy.

    And it really is time for the driving test to be improved and made harder; from the driving on the road by Caymanians and expats alike there is obviously something missing in the time spent learning and taking the test that is allowing unsafe drivers on our roads – perhaps new residents should also have to take the tests as well in order to ensure that they can in fact drive!

    and people stop blaming the govt and everyone else for everything that’s wrong in Cayman – step up to the plate and accept your role and responsibility in making it right!

  10. Anonymous says:

    My absolute heartfelt sympathies with the families and friends of the young victim. 

    we all live and share this island and hopefully this tragic event will caution all of us to be more careful on the road and take consideration of fellow drivers.

    My mother once told me when I first got my driver’s license, "it is better to get there late then to never get there."

  11. Lorrie Furniss says:

    I drive the by-pass several times a day every day of the week and usually doing the speed limit.  Five days a week to work, Saturdays to AL Thompsons and Beyond, and yes even on Sundays on my trips to the dump with my garden debris! The bypass is my life, so much so that I live on an island and never see the sea anymore!  Everyday that I travel that road, I can tell you that there are some little senoritas who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time trying to operate a vehicle and send a text message simultaneously driving half on the road and half on shoulder that inhibit me from doing the speed limit!  Tell me that I’m not supposed to pass her on the by-pass so that I can have a clear view of the road in front, because I know darn well she’s not paying attention to the road ahead of her and is a good risk of me piling up into the back of her as she suddenly jams on the brakes to avoid an iguanna who thinks he owes the road!

    A minimum speed limit and as well as a maximum speed limit should be imposed.  In the rest of the world that’s what a bypass is designed for – to avoid traffic, not create it!  This could very well be the problem, many people know how to use a bypass, and some don’t.

    There is one junction on the bypass that I cannot hold my tongue! Butterfield round-a-bout and North Sound Road – there are two lanes to exit, use them! The second lane is not there for the landscaping! Notice – it’s not a turning lane either. That’s 300 yards further down the road.  Merge is a new concept – look it up! The second lane is there to stop the traffic from piling up on the round-a-bout which is in place to keep traffic running smoother so that those who are trying to travel south are not blocked by those of you travelling east and refusing to use the second lane on North Sound Road to exit the round-a-bout. 

    And ‘nother t’ing,,, on a dual carriageway where there is a central divide, why does the speed limit change from 40 mph on the single lane of the bypass to 25 on the double lane of the bypass?  The rest of the world is opposite to this anomaly. Cayman is obviously not ready for the fast lane yet!

    There have been studies done that can tell the state of the economy by the flow od traffic – a point to ponder in this climate.

    For my two cents on Lakeside Villas, I need to say that the entrance and exit as it is now is the safest way for the residents of LSV. It’sinconvenient and there should have been a round-a-bout there given the high density of dwellings.  But I would think that the Planning Department would have dictated the entrance and exit to the Villas and not the NRA.  A round-a-bout would certainly solve the issue of overtaking.  But then again that would defeat the purpose of the bypass since we don’t know how to use round-a-bouts!  Although I must point out, there is a dotted white line, which in the rest of the world denotes overtaking is permitted.

    My condolences to the family. I have recently suffered the loss of half my immediate family and several family members in a short space of time. If is of any comfort and I hope that it is, life is eternal. There is no such thing as death. I know that, keep your faith and trust that loved ones are with you forever. 


  12. Anonymous says:

    I THINK  Dividers are a great idea.

    Someone can not over take into on coming traffic, and can not make an illegal turn.

    You just can’t do it.


    Wait till one of these speeding loaded dump trucks cross the center lane and take out a dozen cars.

    Divides are a Simple solution, without risking your life against other peoples driving habits.

    It is not easy to change peoples habits.

    And even a simple tire blow out can cause a car to cross lanes with the best of drivers.

    cars are traveling way too fast in opposite directions to be only a few feet apart from disaster.

    • Anonymous says:

      The speed limit is 40 mph, same as most of Cayman’s roads.  Would you advocate putting dividers on all roads? 

      • Tufty says:

        Putting them in on the Harquail Death Route would be a good place to start.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My deepest condolances to FederAnn’s family. I only knew her when we went to Wendy’s and would see her there, but she was always very pleasant and helpful to us and seemed to be a quiet person. I can’t believe she is gone:( My heart breaks for her family and friends as I know how my heart aches because of this very tragic and absolutely unnecessary accident. It’s just so hard to understand when things like this happen when there is no good reason why it had to happen! It’s a terrible tragic loss and I grieve along with the rest of her friends and family because a beautiful life is now over and there’s nothing we can do to change that fact now. Just so sad! My deepest condolances to her family and friends.

  14. Rivers says:

    Acouple of years ago a family memeber of mine got in a minor motorcycle accident, just because the stupidness of another driver on the road. It is sad that things people do on the road but yet it is so unnecessary.

    It is not about putting more lanes, it is about taking caution. Have patients and time will come with patients. Show some respect to other drivers on the road, dont drink and drive, dont speed, dont over take, dont drive on tale ends, and most of all stay a car lenght away from the other car.


  15. noname says:

    How unfortunate and sad that another person has lost her life in this manner. My condolences to family and friends who grieve.

    We must all do our part in keeping the roads safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  Please be responsible and let’s try to avoid these needless traffic accidents from occurring.

  16. Don't worry I wont stay says:

     A very sad, but preventable accident. My condolences to the families involved.

    There is not a day that goes by that I do not witness an instance of aggressive driving. Unsafe passes, speeding, following too closely, improper use of a roundabout… The list goes on. 

    I made an oath to myself a few years ago. "thou shalt not pass". It may take me a few extra seconds (rarely minutes) to travel the short distances that we cover daily, but I feel I am doing my part. 

    Curiously this morning, sometime around 6:30 I saw a 45′ trailer backing up into the Butterfield roundabout. I looked again and saw the police tape stretched across the by-pass. Not a police car in sight. I went down towards Eastern Avenue and continued my journey up West Bay Road. I did see a police block at the northern end of the bypass by Lawrence Blvd.

    When I spoke to some people that had travel the bypass within the last hour, the road was not closed, nor did they see any police presence near Lakeside. One person recalled the glass on the side of the road. 

    So my thoughts are… Was the night shift finished so they just went home after the tow trucks arrived? Did we need to wait for the morning light to conduct the investigation? Either way, a scene as horrific as this must have been, should not be open to public transit, prior to the investigation taking place.

  17. anonymous says:

    Lakeside Apartments had nothing to do with this Accident.  This accident was either caused by speed, Alcohol or human error.  Think about the family of the deceased when you Blog and please Pray for the person that caused this tragic accident. Show a little compassion for all, when you Blog please.

    • La La Land says:

      But life is bigger than this one accident and the discussion is about how dangerous the Harquail Death Pass has become and the dangerous Lakeside junction is relevant to that.

  18. Anon says:

    Everyone keeps talking about new lanes and double lanes and dividers.  How about just sitting quietly in one’s car and not needing to overtake and going at the speed that the traffic is going. I have noticed ridiculous levels of impatience in drivers on this island who take exceptional risks in order to get one car ahead in a line or queue.  There is simply no need for it.  Also out east when there is no traffic people drive like nutters taking no heed of cyclists or walkers on the side of the road. This stretch of bypass seems to bring out the racing driver in people. 

    A car is a lethal weapon and sadly people forget this.  Two cars do not collide for no reason at all – it is down to pilot or mechanical failure.  Poor woman and her family may she RIP

  19. Anonymous says:

    Obviously those of you who are commenting on the "poor" design of the entrance and exit don’t realize that it is designedthat way for a reason.  Motorists coming out of the complex should not be turning right and motorists coming from West should not be trying to turning into the complex!

    • La La Land says:

      It just wasn’t designed well enough to take into account the determination and stupidty of Cayman drivers.

    • Dred says:

      Sorry but that’s just a big old pile of crap. The entrance/exit is a disaster waiting to happen. Now as I understand it this accident had little to do with the Lakeside property as it actually happened near the corner further down the road but it does not change the fact that the entrance/exit should have never been passed by planning as it is actually very dangerous and actually stupidly designed.

      To exit once must look backover your right shoulder to look for oncoming traffic which takes actually your full attention away from car coming directly at you when you turn on. I have been in and out of that property a few times well and I can tell you it’s not nearly aseasy to navigate should the lanes be side by side and people turned directly into the property.

      My view is the designers tried to get fancy and messed it up not taking into account…

      1) The danger of how it is designed that one must look back at a semi-difficult angle (not an impossible angle but difficult)

      2) Inconvenient for people living there that they either plan to enter the property by approaching the property from GT side or go down and take the round about to come back. Exiting is crazy also especially if you are going to GT. YOu have to go west first then go around the round about and then head back to town. You tell me that isn’t STUPID.

      Anyways this is probably not the best place or time to discuss these matters as a young lady has lost her life and another will be facing some serious charges and for all intense purposes will loose a portion of her life and be scarred for the rest.

      My deepest condolenses go out to the family. Words can not help you in this dire time only time and God’s hand.

      To the driver of the vehicle. Today you have found out how precious life truly is. For alcohol you have taken a young ladies life. She will never know what it is to get married and have a family of her own. Her family will no longer get to enjoy her smiles and the warmth of her soul. Beyond all of this is your own life which is heading for a truly drastic change. I can only hope and pray that you use what is left of yours to try to save others from teh same fate.

      I want to say one last thing to you. Keep in mind the Lord puts us in places and situations where we are required to make decisions which impact our lives but the result is never the end of it. It’s not that we stumble and fall because we all will do that from time to time but it’s how we pick ourselves up that matters. You are down now and it’s time to pick yourself up. Are you ready to do that?

    • O'Really says:

      I drove by this entrance yesterday and took the time to look at it as I went by. You are correct I believe in suggesting it was built that way for a reason and the reason is to make it as difficult as possible to turn right entering or exiting the complex.

      This tells me that the problem of traffic turning right was recognised at the planning stage. What was missed is the fact that drivers will not obey the law and anyone who thought differently in planning must not drive on Cayman’s roads!

      I also noticed a well marked dirt track immediately beyond the exit which suggests this is the preferred right turn location. It’s not hard to see what is happening here but as usual nothing is being done. I guess it is easier to increase the danger for Cayman’s road users than to incur the wrath of a developer.

  20. Anonymous says:

    They were not involved in this recent accident but trust me in the future, those pesky and rude bus drivers who act as if they are the kings of the road will put innocent lives in danger! I just want to show my disgust to those bus drivers who pull over on the side on the road to pick up passengers then come back on the road WITHOUT SIGNAL!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100% they are some of the most irresponsible drivers I have EVER encountered!That this method of pulling over everywhere and pulling back in as if every othercar magically should stop for you is SO DANGEROUS! How disgustign that this is Cayman’s form of "public Transport" how pathetic!

      • nauticalone says:

        Also of note are the many Police who drive thru roundabouts using no signals and talking on the phone, especially as they are on duty, in patrol cars and being paid to set a proper example.

        • Anonymous says:

          i have NEVER seen a police vehicle use indicators on a roundabout

          • Anonymous says:

            Or anywhere else for that matter.  They don’t obey any of the traffic rules whatsoever!  (Bloggers please don’t even bother to comment on letting me know that they may be responding to an emergency at some time.  I’ve already thought that through!)


            My condolences to the family.

            PS  I challenge the police to take the time to place an undercover car at random places (Dog House, Jet Nightclub, LI Nightclub, Jungle, Country and anywhere else they can think of that close anywhere between midnight and 3-4 am and watch how many people leave these places drunk and stumbling to their vehicle and then attempt to drive home swerving all over the road.

            Many times I have been designated driver for members of my family as I refuse to let them drive knowing that they will drink and while waiting on them I have watched many highly intoxicated people get into their cars and drive away and I start praying that nothing horrible will happen to them or others.  

            At that time I have just passed three or four other nightclubs to get to the particular destination and have never seen a police cruiser present and I hope that they are therein undercover cars watching these people grasp a hold of the wheel to these weapons  of certain death.

            Think this is my imagination?  Come have a look for yourself but drive safely watching out for yourself and others!

  21. Anonymous says:

     All bypass roads should have been two lanes each direction , with a concrete divider down center.

    even a 25 MPH head on collision can kill.( which is like hitting a wall at 50 mph)

    until there are divided highways, these types of accidents will continue.

    With concrete dividers, you remove human error.

    • Anon says:

      only if people are too ignorant or impatient to sit behind the car in front and go at the speed of the other traffic

    • Anonymous says:

      Hitting a wall at 50 is NOT the same as 2 cars hitting at 25.

      A wall does not give, a car does.

      Problem with all accidents is human error.

      Thinking you can drive a car, because you are 18 now and have seen it on tv or playstation.

      Driving schools are what you need here and a 50% cut on all speed limits.

      A sticker on your car when your are male and younger than 30.

      As a european and professional driver I must say, the style of driving here is a joke. 

      Driving a car is  a serious matter. A car is not to impress a girl or scare someone. It is the most dangerous way to get from A to B.

      I doubt anyone here would understand.

      • Dirk says:

        The original poster was using certain laws of physics to illustrate (in layman’s terms) that the speed of each car must be added together to judge the true impact of the collision. Yes, a front bumper will crumple and absorb impact more than a wall (or most walls at least) because that is what they are designed to do, but the poster is making a valid point that head-on collisions are more dangerous than hitting a stationary object going the same speed.

        And while I agree that many people here are horrendous drivers I personally take offense at your patronising tone. Many people here understand the dangers of roads and vehicles, not just european professional drivers such as yourself. We (Caymanian, residents, expatriate workers and visitors alike – and I assume this includes you) are also very much aware of the prevalence of bad driving in Cayman. We see it every day and comment about it with friends, family, fellow CNS posters and others.

        But no one can seriously think that a 50% reduction in all speed limits is an appropriate response to bad driving. Many roads in Cayman are 25mph, do you honestly think making them 12.5mph is the answer? And having the bypass be 20pmh? I might actually kill someone if that was the case. Rather, in limited cases should certain problem areas be addressed with practical and effective reductions in the speed limit made for specific reasons (e.g. WB Road going to 30mph after consideration to pedestrian issues, the alternative bypass route and increased construction and activity since it was first 40mph)?

        Oh, and if we all stopped speeding, driving under the influence, carelessly overtaking, improperly using roundabouts and otherwise driving irresponsibly or dangerously that would be nice too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Poster 23:21……."I doubt anyone here would understand."  So here we go again – a perfectly sensible post by an expat obviously, who just could not resist the temptation to XXXX all up in the end! XXXX, however I will resist the temptation to say what comes to mind out of respect for those involved in this tragic accident.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Assumptions!! Assumptions!!!!!!!!!

    First of all let me express my heart felt condolences to the family of the young lady whose life was tragically taken at this horrific accident..

    Now let me get right to my point.  Why is it that we as Caymanians can sit and pass judgemnt on a motor venicle accident such as this  and do not even know the facts that surrounded this incident?  Why is it that you all are bleaming the Lakeside entrance and exit?  Do you all even know exactly where this accident occured and the circumstances that caused it?  Well it’s quite obvious you all don’t have clue.

    What you all need to do is to stop finding someone or something to blame for our negligence as drivers and respect the traffic laws.  It’s really sad to know that we can’t even commute on our road ways with out the fair of some reckless individual who just don’t care about there own safety much less someone else’s life.  These individuals  brake all laws that are laid down, overtaking where they should not, driving while intoxicated, exceeding the speed limits, talking on the phone while driving, sending blackberry text messages and even eating while driving.

    Can you believe this!!!!!!…But you all have the audacity to blame the NRA and the govrnment for the road systems.  The roads are stationary.  They do not moveat, it’s you and I who drive on them that make them on safe to us and others.

    Marinade on this before you all jump to conclusions and assumptions the next time.



    We the Caymanians,,,

    • Anonymous says:

       I think you’ll find it’s not actually illegal to talk on the phone whilst driving, so nowwho’s jumping to conclusions?

      • Anonymous says:

         Yes it is legal to talk while driving and so is being stupid. The fact it is legal, doesn’t mean its right. So because jumping off a bridge is legal, would you do it? No, because it will kill and so will talking on the cell phone whilst driving.

        • Anon says:

          I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. While it might be illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving, the law has not come into effect here in the Cayman Islands. I think this might be what the poster meant. It’s not illegal in the sense that the law has not come into effect here and is not punishable yet, therefore everyone continues to ignore the fact that just about everywhere else in the world except here, talking on the phone and driving is illegal and punishable by law if not something a whole lot worse.

  23. Anonymous says:

    A person’s life is more important than who is right and who is wrong. My condolences to the family of this young woman. Sudden deaths are the hardest to deal with especially when a person has not even started to live and experience the fullness of life. She will be missed dearly by her family, friends and colleagues.


    I am sure that the person who caused this accident is really sorry for taking the life of another. However the circumstance, accidents do happen, that is why there is forgiveness.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the families concerned.

    The time may be here for us to consider the construction of two additional lanes with a dividing median from the Butterfield roundabout to the Camana Bay roundabout. In this way all northbound traffic could use the two existing lanes and southbound traffic, separated by the median, would use the new south bound lanes. Right turns into and out of Lakeside, and future developments, would not then be possible.

    Drive defensively and encourage your friends and associates to do the same.


  25. Ray says:

    The only way to improve the safety on this stretch of road is to complete the other 2 lanes for the South bound traffic. A barrier of some type would then seperate the traffic flows. Notice how much better the sections of this road north of the Century 21 roundabout functions? This also needs to be done in the Camana Bay section. Then there will be no head on collisions, no right turns, no cut throughs, etc. However, drivers that obey the rules & laws of the road would go a long way as well.

    Condolences to the ladies family.

  26. john say what says:

    if the person driving the land cruiser was 18 how did she get insurance for that vehicle because land cruisers only come v6 and v8 my condolence goes out the the lost of this woman  may her soul rest in peace

  27. noname says:

    What happened last night was tragic.  I do not know the full facts of the matter so I will not comment on this incident.

    What I can say is that in my short time on this island, I am astounded at the almost total disregard for the laws of the road.  Shooting through red traffic lights, yield signs are irrelevant, drivers pulling out in front of you or turning in front of you when the gap is not big enough forcing you to brake to avoid an accident, talking on mobile phones whilst drivers (I have seen even the police do it), cutting across lanes without indicating, idiots tailing you so closely you’d struggle to pass a plum between the 2 cars, the list is endless.

    The point is, the people of the Cayman Islands are amongst the friendliest and polite I have every encountered but put them behind a steering wheel and they are the most selfish, thoughtless, ill-mannered and dangerous imbeciles I have encountered.

    The irony is that everyone is blamed except themselves.  Stop blaming others, stop looking for excuses and look at how you conduct yourself behind a steering wheel.   From what I have evidenced the law breakers on the road are in the majority and I have never ever seen that in all my travels and I have travelled on some dodgy roads!  The standard of driving and consideration for fellow drivers is unacceptable.

    • Anonymous says:

      While Caymanian driving may not be perfect… it certainly is MUCH better than many other countries. Try driving in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Tehran… and driving in Cayman is a JOKE. I actually miss driving there because it is SO much much relaxed and I don’t constantly have someone tailing me or cutting me off at 100 km/h.

      • Anonymous says:

        This person obviously haven’t travelled to other Caribbean countries where the majority of drivers in Cayman are from.

      • Anonymous says:

         This is correct.  I know an expat who have driven on our roads say he was terrified to drive in Trini.  Yup, Try Jamaica, Guatemala where they leave the fatal crashes up so that other road users are REMINDED that a life was taken here and yours is fair game if you don’t respect the laws of the road.  

        There are many laws that common sense would tell you not to trifle with.  The laws of gravity and The laws of not breathing.  Yeah… Frogger and race car driving games have totally desensitized the developing brains of our young people. Taking risks on roads is like breathing to them.There’s coming a time when a red light will be obsolete because the person in the front will take the chance and the other green light drivers will just have to wait ’til he/she passes.  I have seen cars stop and patiently wait as if they don’t have a green light.  They don’t even lean on the horn like they would have Pre-Ivan.  I’ve come to the conclusion that they wait because they might have run a red light as well and can’t lean on the horn since they’re no better.  Having said that… we Caymanians of past… are docile so maybe it’s one of us.  So… here we go.  Police setting horrible examples… trickle down to the residents (which includes majority expat of course) and more often than not… the road hogs survive to drive after a few months (maybe years) in prison for manslaughter. (NB: Of the 15K+ Caymanians… minus underaged Caymanians… minus 90% of those over 35 with no claims discounts… minus those in the Pines… you get a better picture of the horrible Caymanian drivers.  Now… minus this total from the number of drivers on the Cayman road system. You do the math.) Let’s love each other and realize we’re behind the wheel of one of the most lethal weapons when we’re going over 5mph.

        I’m working on my Lexus heli-car. There’s more air space up there above the wires. Anyone care to join me up there?

  28. Around & Around We Go says:

    It would be nice if people would talk about things they know about. The accident was far from the lakeside apartments. Yes they have an issues their but this was about a tragic accident that toke someone life. The media used the lakes side as a references point to where the accident was but did not say it was at that spot. People need to get the facts be fore they go on to post.. Think before you post.  Yes the Lakeview have an issue that needs to be addressed but why not address this in your own blog or ask the media to do an article on it.  


    My thoughts and prayers to the family of every one involved.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The police simply need to start confiscating vehicles for reckless driving offenses. It is the only way word will get out and make people think twice about driving like fools. Unfortunently we are dealing with raw individuals in many cases and the only thing that they understand is getting their pocket book hit or made to endure hardship by having to walk. If you are waiting for compassion and manners for some of these people they have none. They only care about themselves so it is up to the police to send a clear signal to bad drivers. In these days with the escalation in crime and general lack of caring "We the People" are fed up.

  30. Say Aint So says:

    The bottom line is the residents of Lake Side are not obeying the rules. No right turns into the property. Its left in left out only! They are causing the accidents and should pay a fine if they are found breaking the visiably large signs that say no right turns.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree, take a page from Australia.. the HOON Law as it is known there. The vehicled are confiscated and the owners and or drivers are forced to start all over again with getting a driving license, Tests etc.


  31. Anonymous says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with Lakeside, people turning right, left or any other way for that matter!!!

    • La La Land says:

      But it is an appropriate time to bring it up giving that we are discussing how dangerous this road is.  What do you want us to do?  Ignore it until someone else is killed?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am a firm believer that the Lakeside Developlers along with the NRA should fix this problem as it is a very dangerous one.  I myself have been taken off the road with cars attempting to turn right from Lakeside.  I would suggest that a roundabout be placed there as the alternative fix as I only see it getting worst years from now if they decide to make that highway a 2 lane going each way.  Imagine the carnage then.  Either build a proper round about right there or come up with some brainstormed genius idea before we lose anymore people.

    • Anonymous says:

      For your information, this accident had nothing to do with the Lakeside entry.  It was simply used as a reference in the article.  In any event, as I understand it, part of the highway was built on the developer’s land, so the people at Lakeside would seem to be entitled to that entry/exit.  If anyone is to blame, blame the PPM for approving this special permission to Lakeside.  You should address your gripes to the PPM.

      • Ray says:

        While this storey has nothing to do with the Lakeside development, neither the Government (previous or current), the CPA (who is the body that approves development not the Govt.), the NRA, nor the Police can be responsible for stupid drivers that ignore the rules & signs. If the entrance & exit to this development were ALWAYS used as directed, there would not be any issues. But there are far too many selfish & stupid drivers on our roads. Unfortunately a few also drive vehicles with the lights on top that flash.

      • Looney Toons says:

         Get the facts – the UDP approved this just prior to being voted out last time…

    • Dirk says:

      Here’s a "brainstormed genius idea": drive up to the roundabout by Camana Bay if you are exiting Lakeside and want to go south. And drive down to the Butterfield Roundabout by Industrial Park if you are coming from the north and want to enter Lakeside. Take an extra minute or two, obey clearly posted roadsigns and utilise nearby roundabouts.

      Putting another roundabout in front of Lakeside would be impractical, expensive, selfish and unnecessary and it would slow down traffic. If another set of two lanes is built with a median that cannot be crossed that would actually solve the problem, not make it "worst."

      But as many people have pointed out, it doesn’t seem that the Lakeside development’s entry was an issue.

    • Anonymous says:

       Please don’t put another roundabout in!!  No one here knows how to drive around a roundabout properly.  The number of times I’ve been cut up or had to emergency stop because people don’t know what they’re doing is beyond a joke.  How about spending some money on teaching people how to drive?  

      Here’s a good star

      1.  On a roundabout you ALWAYS give way to your right.  No exceptions.  If you are the car on the left, you have right of way, so for pete’s sake don’t just stop and wait.

      2.  If you want to turn right at a roundabout and there’s 2 lanes, you MUST be in the right-hand lane.  DO NOT turn right by driving all the way around the outside.  This is thoughtless and idiotic as you just hold up other people wanting to enter the roundabout.

      3.  If you’re going straight on at a roundabout you do not need to signal until you leave the roundabout.  

      4.  ALWAYS signal left to leave the roundabout.  This means that people know what your intentions are.

      Follow these 4 simple rules and you’ll stop looking like an imbecile on a roundabout.

      But back to the point in question: no more roundabouts please until people can use them safely!!!

      • Tufty says:

        You are correct on rule 3.  It is shame the government official in charge of road safety and the driving instructor who does the "how to drive" articles in the New Resident both get it wrong by saying you should indicate right when entering a roundabout and going straight ahead.

  33. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.  May your soul rest in peace.


    God Bless

  34. Anonymous says:

    this is really sad. i cant imagine being any one of those 3 people right now.. i hope everyone learns a lesson from this. harquail bypass is deadly.. way too many people have died on that road.

  35. stinger says:

    First and foremost my condolences to the families involved.

    Now..What is wrong with the residents of this country…Why do we always have to find someone to blame when rules are broken?

    How is this tragedy the NRA, Planning, police, government etc. fault? I spend a lot of my day navigating the roads of Cayman and each day I wonder when my turn will be to get hit by a red light runner, illegal turner, lane changers while on the phone with no indicators, some one cutting through a gas station to beat the light and not to mention the kids standing up in the back seat…I could go on. Not to call names but I have seen a specific politician traveling Caymans roads with his child standing between the seats of his Chevy truck. Really makes me sick that this person helps run our wonder we have the problems we do when politicians are above the law and can’t be bothered to take responsibility for their childs safety.

    It’s time for everyone to start obeying the posted street signs and traffic signals. The entrance and exit to lakeside is very straight forward. That’s why the signs are there, no right turn. Another area is the intersection by the Humane Society where people exiting from the side of Arch Automotive have made so many illegal right turns across 2 lanes of traffic that the road markings are worn out. I really don’t get it. It seems to me that residents of Cayman take street signs and traffic lights to be more of a suggestion than the law.

    I just spent a few weeks in North America entering and exiting freeways traveling at speeds of 70 mph for long periods of time. Not one accident did I see. The police/highway patrol and fellow travelers don’t have much tolerance for selfishness when it comes to road travel. Drive the Cayman way up there and see how long it is before you end up as carnage on the side of the road. Trust me you won’t last long.

    Unfortunately it will take a lot more road deaths before anyone really gets the big picture around here.

    Cayman residents, please stop blaming others and take responsibility for your actions..


    • La La Land says:

      Unfortunately we need government to take steps to protect us from the idiots because they are to selfish to be interested in be responsible.

  36. Anonymous says:

    In my mind all the Government  had to do is have the Developer install cameras and the proper signage warning against making inappropriate turns and once the observing Public calls RCIP on the illegal turns, they reveiw the events and  heavy fines result ……..see how much illegal turns are made after a few drivers are seriously disciplined. You want a "Singapore Model"…there ya go…..

  37. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    In my view, the Lakeside exit was too far away from the scene of the accident to be a contributing factor.

    • Anonymous says:

       That’s the assumption that any rational person would make. Can’t believe all the comments about poor road design and the Lakeside development being a factor.  The entrance point to Lakeside is unbelievable and to think that people wouldnt use it the way that is being done is naive. But that’s not the issue here, it’s the irresponsibility of the road users at play.  You blame the developer’s for building there… blame the NRA for not designing a perfectly straight roadway to every destination… blame yourselves (and me because I sometimes also make a maneuver here or there that was unnecessary).  But that is human nature, you just can’t design to avoid that.  

      Someone previously mentioned the number of fatalities on this road. My question is, were any of those not the fault of a driver?  It can’t be that those "for heaven’s sake, don’t overtake" signs were installed for no reason.  The street is not the problem, it’s the ignorant/inconsiderate commuters.  XXXXX

  38. La La Land says:

    Those turning right at Lakeside know they can’t do it.  The road markings and plastic bollards make it obvious.  But they are too arrogant, lazy and self-important to go up to the roundabout and come back down.  Typical of so much that is wrong with Cayman.

    The strata should be required to mount cameras on the junction so that anyone turning right from there is filmed and charged, failing which the access road should be blocked off completely.

    • Anonymous says:

       Yeah that makes sense, block off the access road.  You really are in la la land.  

  39. Family Friend says:

    My heartfelt condolences to her family.  She was bright young woman, with her whole life in front of her. We will miss her smile, and her laugh. This was such a tragic event.  God bless her and those who grieve her passing.

  40. Whackka says:

    They couldn’t have made the Lakeside entrance/ exit any more dangerous if they had set out to design a death trap. 

    • Anonymous says:

      They also need to seriously examine why so many accidents happen at certain spots. How many accidents are happening by Venetia Plaza near Jacques Scott, that should be a red flag for them as well ?

      Our heartfelt condolences to the unfortunate victim and her family.

  41. Terrible Road says:

    Cayman has terrible ,dangerous selfish drivers.  This stretch of road has claimed 4 lives in recent years.  The selfish people turning right on Lakeside should never be allowed to drive again.  The idiots overtaking should never be allowed to drive again.

    But we must accept that our drivers are stupid and dangerous.  Therefore that stretch of road is unsafe for ordinary users.  We must seaprate the lanes so there is no overtaking and prevent anyone turning right from Lakeside.

    4 deaths in a 1 mile stretch – the next death will be the responsibility of the NRA if they don’t do something..

    • Anonymous says:

      Could I just make a small point?  There’s nothing inherently dangerous about overtaking!  In the UK we are taught to overtake safely.  This road is fine for overtaking if you know how to do it properly as it’s straight and the visibility is good.  What’s dangerous is that people think it’s ok to drive at 80km about 2 metres from someone’s back bumper.  Now THAT’S stupid!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I agree, I use that road a lot and see people turning right all the time. But then again I see idots doing the same thing at ALT/Humane Society entrance and nothing is done. Where are the traffic police ?

    Planning and or NRA need to put this right.

    Is it possible to have the entry, exit to this place on the other side of the development?

  43. Anonymous says:

     The woman who died was actually 26 years old (RIP)…and the car that hit her and her boyfriend was driven by an 18 year old girl XXXXXX

    It’s not safe to be on the roads anymore.

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:



      Based on the recent reports of misconduct by local drivers, it is  time  for you to station some Traffic police at this location in marked and unmarked cars 24 hours a day.  If  this move means that we will be saving lives, why delay. Its time to confiscate drivers licences of those breaking the driving rules endangering other people’s lives as though they own the highway as their own personal piece of real estate.

      If this is a planning issue where they had no right to  grant permission to Lakeside Condominiums for the entrance location which can be shifted, then we must conclude that planning also is part and parcel to the problem. It’s time to make some changes, regardless of who is inconvenienced,  do what is necessary to save lives.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised it has taken so long for someone to get killed stopping to turn in or comming out of that lakeside condiminiums property.

    Whoever alowed the developper to put an entrance and exit like that there has blood on there hands.

    It will happen again.

    The dead persons family should sue us for been so stupid.


    • anonymous says:

      Why is there no sympathy for the lost life of the woman? Not only should you show some remorse or sadness for this person but you should all be protesting to the Governors office for him to do something about the exit location or whatever is causing the problem. what is wrong with you people is everybody void of their common sense and standing up for their own life.

      Immediately demand that something be done right away about this structure.

      Call in and question the mInister responsible for Public Works and also Planning!

      Force whoever gave this developer permission to structure the gateway  so dangerously  to ‘RESIGN"

      • Anonymous says:

        typical response…blame someone else….the people that are to blame are the ones who break the rules of the road…..

    • Anonymous says:

      There would not be a problem if people entered and exited the property as they are supposed to.  The problems arise where people cannot be bothered to obey the rules and they enter and exit the property illegally!

    • noname says:

      My condolences for the families and all involved in this tragedy, I know how difficult it is when you get in a fender bender not to mention such sadness.

      I do have to comment that we Caymanians and Residents of our Country need to start being responsible for our own actions.  the entrance and exit at lakeside is very straight forward and guide fenders were put up to help guide the less sensible to the right way to use it.  We can’t keep shouting at the Government, Obama, or all foreigner whenever we do something silly.

      Can you imagine we have round about’s like many other places in the world ,and we travel thru them at to great a speed and crash; and thats the Governments fault! So a few hundred thousand dollars later we have imported a company and their machinery to put grooves in the roundabout’s so we can zoom thru them in our modified cars and trucks!

      Lets get back to being the well mannered law abiding Country we once were! lets show those who come to live with us how we conduct our selves with pride and dignity, and how we are courteous and litter conscious.


      • Dred says:

        The entrance and exit at Lakeside in a word is just STUPID. It creates far too many issues with turning in and out. It may or may not have contributed to this unfortunate event.  I really could careless for those who try to justify it’s design because as of TODAY it’s design is HEAVILY FLAWED. Planning should never have passed it as it is now.

        To the family

        Honestly there is nothing we can say to ease your pain on this day or the ones that are to follow. Take solice in the fact that she is now at peace in God’s care.

        God take care and bless you in this time of need. Always remember he never gives us more than we can bare.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are some major inconsistencies with how some arterial roads are constructed but sadly, further idiot proofing of our roads will not bring back this young lady nor drivers lost on our roads to date. Many future tragedies will be avoided however through better driver education and experience.


        Driver’s education courses should be made compulsory in schools or at least offered as electives. Insurance companies should recognize the future benefits of such an initiative by rewarding graduates with lower insurance premiums.


        The situation is getting better as driver’s are now more accustomed to navigating roundabouts, and some insurance companies are cracking down by refusing payouts on illegal mods.

    • Anonymous says:

      who said the crash had anything to do with the lakeside entrance?

      could it not have been because of illegal overtaking?

      the lakeside entrance exit is perfectly safe if people obey the rules of the road….unfortunatly people don’t because they are lazy and selfish…..just like when they overtake on the esterly tibbits highway…..

  45. Anonymous says:

    I do not know if this was a factor in the accident but the number of idiots turning right into and out of Lakeside Condos, against the ‘No Right Turn’ signs, are likely to cause more mayhem unless action is taken.