Violence threatens retiree economy in Jamaica

| 11/08/2010

(WSJ): Two elderly pensioners in Comfort Castle joined hundreds of Jamaicans with a grisly fate: expatriates who spent their working lives abroad, then moved home only to be killed. Neighbors say they heard 84-year-old George Passley, a retired bus conductor from the UK, screaming last November as his home burned but couldn’t rescue him. Eight days later, Mavis White, an 80-year-old widow who also returned from Britain, died in a house fire a mile from Passley’s. Authorities are investigating both cases as arson. "Returned Residents" like Passley andWhite dreamed of retiring in their homeland, only to discover it wasn’t the Jamaica of their youth. The country they left behind was poor, but relatively safe. It is still poor, but shockingly violent.

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