LIME announces $600million investment

| 12/08/2010

(CNS):  Telecommunications company LIME has announced that it will invest $US600 million in its business across the region over the next five years. Although the firm did not spell out how much would be spent in which countries, it said the investment will underwrite new services and a wide-scale upgrading of existing infrastructure to enhance the quality of the company’s current offerings. The firm will also be launching TV in some countries but there are no plans to do so in the Cayman Islands. However, the firm said it would be upgrading its contact centre, a move likely to be welcomed here. 

At a media briefing in Kingston, Jamaica on Wednesday LIME’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chris Dehring said: “Over the next five years we intend to invest more than US$600 million in our 13 business units across the region to improve the services that we offer and to roll out the kind of new technologies and innovative services that will help us to retain our present customers and attract new ones”.

Dehring said the company would be launching its TV service, initially in Jamaica and Barbados, by the end of 2010. The firm will also be upgrading its Internet capacity to deliver speeds of 8mb or higher, improving its mobile coverage with innovative value added wireless services, and rolling out next generation fixed and mobile networks.
The CMO said LIME would be accelerating the roll out of retail stores to make it easier for customers to access the company’s products and services, and will upgrade its Contact Centre to provide an improved Customer Service experience across the region.
“LIME is investing aggressively in the growth and expansion of our business to give the people of the region services that are on par with those offered in places like North America and Europe which will ensure that we remain the provider of choice both now and in the future,” he said. “Throughout most of the Caribbean, LIME is the dominant player in the telecoms market and we have no intention of conceding this position.”
He said the firm was not just about providing telecommunications services but an integral part of the region for 140 years. “It will continue to remain so by ensuring that it contributes to improving the life of Caribbean people in everything they do.”
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  1. Dr.S.K.Mohanty says:

    Lime is true to form in not providing the best and latest technology for the Cayman Islands.

    The Cayman Islands customers are charged more than others in  the region yet we dont enjoy the latest and best in technology- e.g. 3 G service we dont have it here but Lime introduced it in Jamaica sometime ago. I think the world is moving on to 4G service and here we are still stuck in the past !

    I think the answer lies in profits compared to a better and more efficient service.

    Come on Lime show us that you can do better.