CAL prop plane gets a flat on the Brac

| 14/08/2010

(CNS): A Cayman Airways Express plane was delayed on Cayman Brac for almost three hours with a flat tyre this morning. According to Cayman Airways Ltd (CAL), the Twin Otter aircraft on flight 4421 experienced a tyre deflation upon landing at Gerrard Smith International Airport at around 7:50am. All passengers on board were transferred from the aircraft to the airport terminal without incident. The airline, working together with the Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) and Air Traffic Controllers in Cayman Brac, allowed the aircraft to remain on the runway, which was closed in the interim, until the necessary parts were changed.

CAL says the aircraft was certified to be put back into service by 10:30am.

“The swift and professional response of Cayman Airways Express Captain Geoffrey Conolly and First Officer Trent Beckles in their safe control of the aircraft is testament to their training and competence,” commented Cayman Airways Acting CEO Fabian Whorms. “The safety and security of our passengers is our ultimate priority and we stand firm in our commitment to providing top quality service to the people of our Sister Islands. We would like to thank all passengers involved for their cooperation and support.”

Whorms said that other flights are expected to operate as planned with minimal delays, if any, for the remainder of the day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     Once again by some of the comments you can tell how ignorant regular airline customers are by thinking that changing a tyre on a plane is the same as they changing the one on their SUV. On top of that they complaint how long it takes to "check and make sure everything is safe for flying". These are always the same people that complaint about everything that does not go their way. Cayman Airways, you are doing it right! You are there when we need you, I will not forget that!

    • lowrider says:

      Last week, while passing by Owen Roberts airport, sitting in stop and go traffic, I noticed one of the tyres on the taxiing Brac prop aircraft looked real odd. The tyre, to me, looked almost flat. I thought, "boy, if they have a rough landing in the Brac it seems like it might cut the tyre against the rim of the wheel". Then I thought, "surely they do a walk around before flight and that would have to be one of the items they check, so maybe I’m mistaken and that’s how the tyres are supposed to look". I guess not, in both assumptions.

      • Retired Aviator says:

        You must be mistaken!!

        The wheels are the most inspected part of any aircraft, they are inspected by the pilots and/or maintenance staff before each flight, and the pressures are checked every day. 

        You have made a very loose and irresponsible post, hopefully the CNS readers know better than to be guided by your unqualified opinion. I am surprised CNS even allowed your post.

        If it’s one thing we count on at CAL, it’s their safety record, their aircraft are maintained with pride and their pilots are ultra professional.



  2. Mr, Smith says:


    • Ivan McLean says:

      what a pity that u think, its something to laugh out loud about… what a pity!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Three hours to either change a tyre or get a replacement ?  No wonder CAL loses money.  Don’t they have spare tyres in their Brac supplies ?  Or maybe there was no "certified tyre pumper-upper" and 10 supervisors to watch him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, "Mr. Know it All," it’s just like jacking up a car and changing a tyre and no they didn’t have one in the Brac they had one in the trunk.

      Maybe you should read up on what goes in times like  these particulalry from the regulatory side of things and from a safety point of view. Obviously certain safety checks and local CAA sign offs were necessary before putting this aircraft back into service not to mention the transport of the passengers and luggage to the airport from the runway and off  course towing the aircraft back to the tarmac once it had been repaired for passenger and luggage boarding once again.

      Kudos to Cayman Airways, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Cayman Islands Airports Authority for doing what they do best in keeping us and the airplanes we fly on safe…even if it took three hours.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is this news? American Airlines had a flat on my flight last month causing me to miss my connection in Miami? never heard a  thing about it  in from any of the news media despite all the pissed off people on the plane…Oh yeah, I forgot, this is Cayman Airways!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want publicity you can choose to fly our National Flag Carrier, Cayman Airways, which is the airline that attracts the attention and love of Caymanians. That’s what makes it newsworthy in my estimation. 

      Well done CAL staff. 

      • Anonymous says:

        oh yes…the beloved national flag carrier…. that would not last 5 minutes  in the real world without the subsidisies provided by cig….zzzz

        • Patriot says:

          Have you stopped to think about where Cayman would be today without our "beloved national flag carrier" over the years?

          Caymanian’s appreciate the contribution CAL has made to get us where we are today, but the "Johnny come Lately’s " from the "real world", have no appreciation for that.  Easy to figure out which one you are buddy!


          • Anonymous says:

            maybe you could be more specific about what they have done?

            for the record foreign airlines bring most tourists to the island……

            cayman airways is a loss making, price gouging way of ripping off the residents of the island for basic travel rrequirements

            • Sting Ray says:

              Like Patriot said………………

              Caymanian’s appreciate the contribution CAL has made to get us where we are today, but the "Johnny come Lately’s " from the "real world", have no appreciation for that.  Easy to figure out which one you are buddy! 

              Well said Patriot! 

              • Cayman Parrot says:

                Thjat’ll be because the "Johnny come Lately’s " from the "real world", have to pay for their tickets while the likes of Patriot and Stingray get all their trips for free like in the good old days.

                Meanwhile CAL keeps making a loss and the rest of us pay double first for our tickets, second through indirect taxation to keep CAL afloat and to keep all those connected Caymanians and their extended families with free ticket perks

                I can see why you have appreciation for the National Carrier. After all I’m sure Bernie Madoff had a great appreciation of his own funds for years as they put money in his pocket at everyone elses expense.

        • Anonymous says:

          yep..and you will be the first one in line looking for a flight in the next hurricane and complaining about how much you have to pay after your beloved "money losing" American based airlines leave you high and dry or in this case, "wet.’

          • Anonymous says:

            no i don’t run from hurricanes…..

            also you seem to forget about cal price gouging a during a hurricane scare a couple of years ago…….oh sorry that was just a ‘computer glitch’….

            • Frequent Flyer says:

              You have no idea what you are talking about. They only explained it as a computer glich because trying to explain it to folks like you would be worthless.

              Just because you’ve been booking your tickets on the internet for the last 8 years does not make you an expert NOR knowlegable in any way, shape or form.

              Right over your head Pal.