Government to ban rogue wheel clampers in UK

| 18/08/2010

(Sky-news): Wheel clampers will be banned from operating on private land following concerns about the bullying tactics of rogue operators. The UK government has announced plans for a new law which would instead allow landowners to fine people if they breach clearly advertised restrictions. Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone told Sky News: "The coalition government has an agreement and a commitment to tackle rogue wheel clampers on private land and that’s what we’re doing. The decision is to ban them." Claiming that clamping is a big issue due to the amount of complaints MPs receive over rogue activity, she said government had been thinking about starting an appeal court for motorists, but at a cost of £2m, it was decided an outright ban was best. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)


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  1. Dred says:

    Please politicians follow suit. These guys are thugs and really need to be put in their place.

  2. Where's Waldo says:

    Obviously I don’t condone the intimidation or bullying tactics alledgedly used by some of the clampers, or clamping people in unmarked spaces, but surely the simple solution is not to park illegally?

    Also people constantly park in my clearly designated parking space, why shouldn’t they be clamped? (Though I don’t clamp them, obviously)

    A bit of common sense and regard for your fellow man and there is no problem and the clampers wouldn’t make any money, problem solved!

  3. Kerry Horek says:

    I am glad to hear this.

    This is nothing but a money making scam for private businesses to rip off people.  Put parking meters in place and then if they are violated hit them with an additional fine.

    As for the FOI I did regarding the company involved with the signs on the parking spaces behind the Library, I have heard nothing from this as yet.  I will publish it once I do. 

    It is a shame that we have crown land being abused this way by a private business and the Govt. allows it to happen.  I received a response from the Courts which clearly stated that they repeatedly requested the Library to give them parking and the Library refused. 

    I monitored the Library parking spaces for two weeks straight and on average there were over 15 spaces available at ALL TIMES during the week day and never was even occupied by anyone attending to business at the Library.  So tell me what is wrong with this picture.???

    I don’t disagree with Handicapped Parking being put in place with wheel clamping, simply because we must aid those whom are limited.  But don’t tell me that the Library can’t give up at the very least 10 spaces for the Courts Office to have for Jurors/Witnesses or Defendants or anyone else for that matter attending to business at the Courts.

    I hope to see some changes to this situation real soon, because I will be picketing the Glass House for change, as it is an abuse of Crown Land that the people are entitled to use for FREE!!!

  4. Right ya so says:

    Now that is the perfect word to describe the wheel clampers – bully – I parked outside Fosters market place downtown a number of years ago – at this time the parking spots were not marked for use of the residents of the building only – and this wheel clamper came tearing over in his little car, tyres screeching, music blaring, and as he was starting to get out of his car I came out of the market.

    He started screeching at me that i was parked illegally and that he had to clamp me etc etc.. I responded that I was leaving right then and that there were no signs designating the parking spots. He was still screeching at me with his car stereo blasting away and started walking towards me trying to back me up against my car. Of course I was intimidated but was not going to back down and told him to back off. I then got in my car to drive away – all the while his car sound system was blasting away competing with the sound of his shouts.

    I finally was able to drive off, shaking with fury and, admittedly, some shock and fear. I really didn’t know what this man was going to do – he really was a loose cannon. I called the company and they dismissed his behaviour completely saying it was justifiable. It really was quite scary – both their attitude and the fact that this man’s gross misuse of his power was accepted by his employer!

    It mattered not that I may have been parked ‘illegally’ as his screeching and bully boy tactics were certainly not the way to get the job done!

    I’m really quite surprised that there haven’t been any assaults on these people as they really are terrible bullies. Hopefully the recent wins in court here will warn the employers that they need to temper their employees behaviour by providing some sort of ‘people skills’ training!


  5. Heywood Djoublomi says:

    This is exaclty what should happen here. It should only be the rght of the government to clamp people. You may hear these clampers talk about rights etc and the owners of the property needing these services but ultimately they are just trying to make money out of other’s misery. I sincerely hope the government takes a second look at this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope the Law Makers here will follow suit – because all this is, is a way for business to make easy bucks.

    • anonymous says:


      Cayman Islands lawmakers shou6ld be ashamed of themselves to allow this to happen in this little 2×4 island.

      • Night Watchman says:

        Government does not have time to think how to strenghten peoples rights and comforts.  They are busy planning on selling profitable people’s assets like Water Authority !!!

  7. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Those clamps aren’t that hard to remove… Buy a blow torch and you can park wherever you like!