Chuckie’s exit no surprise

| 27/08/2010

(CNS): Members of the opposition party have said they are not surprised by the departure of former tourism minister, Charles Clifford, from the People’s Progressive Movement. Saying he did not want to get into a name calling match with his former Cabinet colleague over the resignation, Alden McLaughlin told CNS that it was not unexpected and had been coming for a long time. In the wake of Clifford’s media announcement criticising the PPM, the opposition leader, Kurt Tibbetts, issued an official statement yesterday on behalf of the whole party. He said that these things were not unusual in politics as there are casualties in the wake of an election, and made no comment about Clifford’s direct criticisms of the party leadership.

"While we regret Charles Clifford’s resignation as a member of the PPM and the PPM Executive, it really comes as little surprise to the Executive,” Tibbetts stated.
“Clifford has had little interest or involvement in PPM matters since the last elections, with the notable exception of his promotion of the proposed march against the government’s proposal to sell the new Government Administration Building. He has not attended any meetings of the PPM Executive since the Executive’s decision not to proceed with the march following the government’s announcement that it had decided not to sell the building.”
Tibbetts pointed out that after an election the losing political party will often face internal disagreements. “In the aftermath of a major election loss by a party it is not uncommon for there to be casualties as the party goes through a period of self analysis and rebuilding and there are differing views about the leadership and direction that should be taken,” he said as he thanked Clifford for his years of service and wished him well for the future.
Although Clifford has not yet made any announcement regarding his political future, it is clear he intends to remain in the political arena.
In a statement about his resignation on Wednesday night, Clifford said both political parties were dysfunctional and criticised the leadership. He also said the PPM was not properly fulfilling its roll as an opposition. “I would have expected the PPM opposition to be much more aggressive and resolute in their objections to the flawed policies of the incumbent government.”
He told CNS that the PPM should be spearheading more active opposition to government and expressing the community’s disappointment with the current administration.
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  1. Vincent Frederick says:

    Why don’t we just get more political parties? This would ensure that we have an option to choose a better political full fledge opposition that would ensure flexiblity, harmony and greater debates. Creating a political arena that would be different from just a "yes" or "no" vote  would benefit all Caymanians.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on, Clifford had no back bone either.  When John John and Mark Scotland should have been ousted from the start Clifford never said a boo word!!!

    He is no better then any of them!  So long Clifford don’t let the door hit you in the rear!

    • Anon says:

      The person who said the boo word has my my complete admiration.  If I see any any thumbs down, you’re just plain evil.

  3. Hi jack says:

    You can say what you want about Mr Clifford he is not the one Double dipping and drawing two salaries and calling people Bobo and telling everybody my hands are tied,in these very hard economic times. We must admit our own failures and lack of good judgement for electing these bunch buffoons and greedy pirates.

    • Caymanian Heart & Soul says:


      He may not be "double dipping" but not because he wouldn’t if could, and he is the one who promised us fools a solution, and when he could use the same excuse his "hands are tied" matter of fact speaking he did the same, only difference was that "hands were tied" metaphor was that the PPM wouldn’t back him, and as for the hard economic times he too was apart of this disaster.
      Remember the amount of training he had from the McChavez camp prior to actually becoming a Minister?
      He was elected based on the "bold" move he made to go up against McChavez but he kept the same "Spend to no End" mentality too, "I gotta get my name on some Govt built bldg, before the next election" .
      What these politicians fail to realize is it is better to be “loved” by the people than to be “hated” and they all are now hated by the people, the only people in Cayman right now that stand by any of them are their family and some “friends”, because the general population has absolutely no use for any of them PPM or UDP.
    • bye Jack says:

      We?  Most of the people that fund the criminal elemant called "Government" Can’t vote!

  4. Jujujitsu says:

    As someone who is not aligned with any party, it is clear that before Cayman can have a credible opposition and real two party options at the next election, Kurt Tibbetts has to stand down.  His period in charge was a disaster for Cayman, his recent period in opposition has been far worse.

    He must put country before self and stand aside as PPM leader.  His time is past.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is a good man, with many admirable qualities. He’s just not the right man for the job. I agree with your comments. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt stand down? Right.  If he cared at all about what is going on, he would spend less time at the North Side watering holes where I see his car too often or out fishing during the day instead of attending to being a good opposition.  It’s sad that making his fat salary goes above all.  Money changes people.  Very sad.  And I hope nobody thinks I’m for the Chuckie deal either.  Money and power changed him too.  You couldn’t even get a returned phone call from him when he was feeling all high and mighty and this really turned me off from the PPM.  The one thing I can say about McKeeva Bush is that he never loses touch with his people.  You give him a call and he calls you back no matter what!  That is the difference.  Can’t say I agree with everything he does, but doing something is better than nothing like Kurt.

      • Anonymous says:

         At least Kurt isn’t cutting civil servants salary and raising taxes while flying first class all over the world.  Don’t forget housekeeper, bodyguards, etc  His fishing and watering holes not costing the public anything. As if McKeever never visit the watering holes.

        • Anonymous says:

          But don’t forget that it was the PPM who implemented all those perks in the constitution because they thought it would be Kurt enjoying them.  Don’t put blame where it doesn’t belong.  As if Kurt and them would be turning anything perks down.  If he were true to Cayman, he would step down right now and save the country at a minimum 15 grand a month!  He does nothing anyway.  Remember Mac didn’t vote for the Constitution.  The PPM also brought in their famous Freedom of Information law which now costs the country a hell of a lot of money to keep up with it and ties up civil servants.  Don’t also forget that the Civil Service grew by the hundreds during the "reign" of the PPM.  Not to mention the disaster they caused this country financially.  Now they are talking about the Tom Jones situation.  If the PPM hadn’t gone ahead with their gradiose ideas and then mismanaged the school projects by not even appointing a project manager, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Please, if you’re going to acuse people of things, at least do it fairly!

          • Anonymous says:

            How many times do you dummies have to be told that the new constitution does NOT call for any of the perks that McChavez is now demanding, PLEASE GO & READ THE CONSTITUTION! There is no mention in the constitution for government to pay the premiers personal bills (christmas lighting, electricity, fax bill, water bill, house bill, house keeper, chef, telephone bill,  personal security system at personal residence, personal security guards at residence, body guards, round the clock personal driver, or any of the other many PERSONAL benefits. Please read the constitution & show me & the public where you see that, PLEASE! But of course I do not expect you to show us BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST! It is no where in the constitution, so please stop with that foolishness. McChavez is taking advantage of his position & demanding these perks at our expence! Get your facts correct, & stop playing like McChavez spreading untruths & propaganda.

          • Anonymous says:

            Kurt didn’t go around the world hollering "wheez broke".  PPM spent money on things that money should be spent on: projects for the country.  UDP spends money on themselves while taxing people.  Ever heard of King George and the Boston Tea Party?  If the world hadn’t gone into a recession, the schools would have been built and everyone would have been happy.  

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for PPM as a party but I would take Kurt over McKeever any day.  I love transparency and FOI.

            I couldn’t put on CNS the things that I know but believe me, it’s a lot.  Enough to know which person is a better person.

          • Anonymous says:

            Because somebody, especially the ‘Premier’, did not vote for the Constitution does not mean that it should not be upheld!

            You are objecting to the Freedom of Information?

            ‘…ties up the civil servants…’  – isn’t that called working which is what they are supposed to do?

          • Anonymous says:

            "But don’t forget that it was the PPM who implemented all those perks in the constitution".

            Perhaps you would be kind enough to point out the section in the Constitution that requires these perks for the Premier. I have read it many times as a qualified attorney and just can’t seem to find them. Of course even if it did, he could simply not take them up.

            You are a sad example of what party politics has done to this country.  The unthinking repetition of party lines does not serve the interests of our country.

  5. say it aint so! says:

    No surprises here! Look at the mans record. He turned his back on the RCIPS, then he turned his back on the Premier, now he has turned his back on the PPM. Sounds to me if Chukie cant have his way then he is not sticking around. My two year old has more commitment and loyalty.

    • Anon says:

      I’m pretty sure that Che Guevara never said, ‘Oh crap; we’re totally hosed, here!’

      • Anonymous says:

        Who cares what Che had to say? Is that who you are modelling our politics after? What Che Guevara had to say has nothing to do with Cayman’s politics, & let us for GOD’s sake keep it that way! What a role model, NOT!

        • Rorschach says:

          I would  rather have our leaders modeling their politics after Che than HUGO CHAVEZ,  SADDAM HUSSEIN or JOSEPH STALIN…

          • Anonymous says:

            Please go check Che’s idiology and you will see what and who he denounced, including "Black" people!

            Do we need that here in Cayman?

            Not likely!

            But I agree, we dont need the likes of Chavez, Saddam or Stalin either!

          • Anon says:

            What does Hugo, Saddam and Stalin have to do with anything? 

            • Rorschach says:

              They were ALL DICTATORS…and THEY are who the PREMIERE seems to be modeling HIS politics after…you know…they old, "All for me, None for you" school of political thought??

    • Caymanian Heart & Soul says:

      Thanks for reminding us all of how this Man’s LOYALTY stands to everything  he should have left a long time ago, or better yet PPM should have gotten rid of this joke of a politrickion a long time ago….

      He can’t see anything through he is a coward, as someone stated earlier he had the PEOPLE behind him what more do you need?

      No the PPM cowards didn’t want to stand up and do the right thing and he wanted THEM to back him so if the XXX hit the ceiling, he wouldn’t be the only one left hanging, but the PEOPLE who put them in weren’t good enough of an alliance, to hold the march FOR or WITH.

      This just goes to show us the electorate how they all PPM & UDP think of us, NOT GOOD FOR ANYTHING…..    

  6. Anonymous says:

    the ppm were a terrible government whose economic mismangement has led us to bankruptcy…. and chuckie was an integral part of this failure

    the udp have not got the intelligence or the fortitude to do what is right for cayman and lead us out of bankruptcy….

    the ppm have proven to be a spineless opposition who cannot offer anything solutions or alternatives……. and so the cycle continues….

    cayman is a sinking ship…. just look at the talent and professionals leaving everyday…. night..night

  7. The Crown says:

    Wow! To all the posters. Ofcourse Kurt made no comment to Chuckie’s criticism’s, the truth is in this case blaring & difficult to criticise. You’ve missed the boat Kurt,imagine all you had to do was to continue to show your nationalism. Sad,but it is provoking that things seemed to be a-wry from the start,considering the inclination of Mr Duckworth. Who at face value seemed to be on the right page.Shame ,shame,shame. Thought of you Kurt as many things but never once as a puppet.Shame on you, if dragging feet was a olympic sport you would win every time.Shame on you. Equal rights & justice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Chuckie that the party system is a complete and dismal failure – BOTH parties do the same crap and ignore the needs of the people.

    Funny how the elected ones only use the party system to get it. Have we forgotten how Jonathan and Ellio were anti-party system as well until the UDP decided to put Ellio on their ticket?

    Re the PPM they are a bunch of men with no fight in them. Indicative of their leader. Let me point out 2 key opportunities where they should have fought on principal alone (1) the horrible status grants (2) the BT challenge. In neither case did they do the right thing for the people and this has led me to believe that they never will. When they sent that message the other day about pontentially fighting the appointment of a 6th minister I had to laugh – they are laughable and many more will leave their party before it’s all said and done.

    The UDP is not much better as no one speaks out even in light of all of the policy failures we see from them. Their leader has everyone scared to death. Backbenchers collecting a salary and not doing a thing!

  9. Don't worry I wont stay says:

    Didn’t he cancel the march because everyone was going to The Brac for the Agricultural show?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Alden and Chuckie grew up next door to each other; Chuckie was by many considered to be Alden’s close friend; yet for Kurt, Alden has turned his back on his childhood friends;

    for love of power, shame on you Alden.

    • Anonymous says:

      Say What? Excuse me Anon 16:01, but I do believe in this case it is the Chucster that has turned his back on his childhood friend. It is he that has turned his back on Alden & resigned from the PPM (for whatever reason). Alden did not turn his back, he is still on the same path that he has always been on.

      Remember a few years ago, soon after the 2005 elections when the PPM became the government & Big Mac demanded that the governor call for an inquiry into "the missing files"? Do you remember that incident? The PPM leadership could have done what the majority of Caymanians were asking them to do (& the UDP was demanding they do) & that was ask the Chucster to resign. But NO, the PPM stuck with him, & instead of betraying him in his dark days they showed support for him. Look what he has done to them now, just because the BT people voted him out! That is what you call real loyalty (sarcasm at it’s best). The PPM stuck with him in his troubled times & he kicks them in their teeth, but it is all good. I’m sure the PPM are relieved to see the back of him as he was a definite liability! 

      • nauticalone says:

        Hhmmnn….most criminals see blind loyalty as admirable also.

        A common cayman saying is "to the bitter end"…which is where we are headed if we continue to blindly follow either of these political parties.

        Their time has come and gone…Cayman needs more intelligent people to lead!

    • Anonymous says:

      Decide for yourself when people are doing something for self or good of country.  Look beyond the obvious.  Do they provide solutions or do they sit back and criticize whenever an unpopular decision has to be taken.  Are they always jumping on opportunities for self aggrandisement.  Do they always have to drag someone or something down to get attention and get higher.  

      just a few hints.


    • Caymanian Heart & Soul says:

      What does that tell you about him?, ol’ puss, Alden follow chuckie now and get going……all of you; and drag that bunch of scumbags in the UDP with unna too   

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fellow PPM members my support for the party fell away when Anton Duckworthsent out that memo cristicizing Chuckie’s opposition to McKeeva’s immigration policies and the sale of the Government Building……I knew then that something was very wrong in our party.

    So lets start with the Chairman and clean house……or we face the prospect of becoming a non entity very soon !!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    One thing I can say about the Chuckster and that is that he knows how to get a national debate going……if it wasn’t for him there would be no real debate……..just posturing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    As a member of the PPM I am ashamed. KT knows that Chuckie attended most Executive Committee meetings of the party for the first two months after the election but he became clearly frustrated with our inaction.

    You all better be careful how you spin things before you lose more than Chuckie.

    Anton Duckworth needs to step down too… was him who convinced us that Chuckie was wrong in opposing the UDP’s immigration policies. Why ???……….oh he is a partner in a major law firm.

    Denied it if you must but it was Chuckie that brought our party to victory in 2005…..pure power struggles with Arden and Alden is what brought us to defeat in 2009.


  14. Anonymous says:

    To The PPM – "Its the people stupid"

    Thats the message that Chuckie is sending…….pay attention to the people….and yes Chuckie you are damn right that we are interested in reversing McKeeva’s immigration policies……they are killing us Caymanians.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Kurt has conveniently ignored the other issue that Chuckie was saying he wanted to march about and that is the most IMPORTANT issue of all…..and that is the dangerous immigration policies that are denying our own Caymanians work…….the key employee designation Kurt !!!!!

    Wake up man… have been asleep too long. Now people are worried about a revolution……for Christ sake that’s what Chuckie was trying to warn you all about……..I remember his comments on the issue back in march this year.

    Chuckie thank you for keeping this issue alive for us the people. We need more with courage like you instead of the blind loyalists in the PPM and the UDP.

    Don’t worry we will show them with our votes at the next election.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hhh .. They all jump ship when they can’t get their way.. lol

    Who really cares about the best interest of the country when $ and SELF isinvolved?

  17. Cry Cry Baby says:

    All this is becasue the PPM would not back him in his proposed march. Who needed the PPM’s blessing when you could’ve had the whole country behind you? That was his choice to not go through with the march not PPM. People were willing to get out there with him. Regardless if anything was actually going to be done or not. It should have been the people’s choice..

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Clifford was fully supportive of the PPM when they stuck with him during the Commision of enquiry against him.

      He was fully in support of how cohesive party politics was then but now slams it and lack of leadership.

      Funny how time changes to suit personal agenda which I suppose we will shortly be lightened to.

    • Caymanian Heart & Soul says:

      Unfortunately, Cry Cry, this IS the problem, not a single one of the members in the LA care about the people, they don’t care what happens to us,they don’t care what we have to say, they don’t care what we tell them we want them to do or not to do, so that is exactly what the problem is they only care what happens in their little circle amongst themselves, they are on their pulpits looking down on the rest of us, feeling nothing at all, as you stated charles clifford as with all of them have the PEOPLE behind them what more do you need to get up and do your job/what is right?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, it should come as no surprise that a thinking man would leave a dead party.

    To Kurt and fellow PPM’ers: Please, at least have the decency to to lay down in a peaceful state of repose as is customary for most respectable corpses. We would not want folks to mistakenly think you are actually alive.

  19. brainy braccer says:

    what a lame duck response from a lame duck opposition….

    just as bad as the lame duck government we have….

  20. Caymanian Heart & Soul says:

    Please make use of this information and contact with the Governor to have him remove this tyrant from our Government before permanant damage is done.

    The Governor’s Office
    Suite 202, 2nd Floor The Smith Road Centre
    Smith Road
    George Town
    Grand Cayman
    P.O. Box 10261
    KY1 1003
    The Governor’s Office is open from 08:30 – 17:00 Monday-Friday (12:30-22:00 GMT), except for national holidays.


    The following staff are available during normal office hours:
    Governor’s Personal Assistant (+1 345) 244 2401
    Governor’s Social Secretary (+1 345) 244 2402
    The Head of the Governor’s Office (+1 345) 244 2425
    Governor’s Staff Officer (+1 345) 244 2434
    Assistant Management Officer (+1 345) 244 2431
    Governor’s Office fax number (+1 345) 945 4131


    • Anonymous says:

      This is some useful information. Now what do we have to do to get the Governor to do something? And which tyrant were you talking about – the article was about Chuckie. Just a bit confused on this. Thanks for your help. 

      • Anon says:

        Damn straight, this is useful information!  You’ve got somebody you can hold accountable.  Write, call, have a sit-in, do whatever you have to do to get the UK’s attention.  This week alone we’ve seen not only corruption with the double dipping, the $9,000,000 Julianna Memorial when we’re broke, the violation of human rights (no PPM on the radio ?).  But it takes a concerted effort and we need to join forces to make it happen.

      • Anon says:

        Oh, nooo!  We make the accountable guy accountable?  Oh, my!  Who is the ultimate accountable guy?  Not Taylor?  Then whom?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I too am a disappointed PPM voter, and agree wholeheartedly with Chuckie, and I do feel the party has let us down.  You guys need to stand up and speak up to the things this government is doing, be more like the North Side Lion, Ezzard Miller, now he has b@lls., he might not get anything he want done, but he sure as hell is trying hard. One thing I can say about Chuckie is that I believe he is a honest politian who wants the best for Cayman, and is not in it for the money alone. Chuckie stand up and be counted, there are still a lot of people who support you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please. Sarah Palin Miller is accomplishing nothing, attempting to accomplish nothing and is in it like all the others. Money. And along the way he is causing irreparable damage by convincing the masses that their problems is someone else’s fault rather than provide real solutions to our issues. What I find most troubling is that people will actually think he is being effective and helping the country.

      • I can see Cuba from my house says:

        Sarah Palin is an ill educated fool who whips up the great unwashed into a political frenzy with unscrupulous jingoism and xenophobia.  Ezzard Miller on the other hand . . .

        And why doesn’t CNS let us call him Hazzard any more – it is a valid form of political commentary because that is what he is for Cayman’s future.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie has just realized the PARTY POLITICS. Cayman was better without such a political system. I hear my own Caymanian calling "good" bad, and "bad" good, just because the party they’re supporting says so.

    I for one am blind to partisan rhetoric. I see good things in both parties and I go beyond who is routing for who!

  23. Anonymous says:

    How can Charles complain about the PPM not being active when he’s clearly not been involved himself? Doesn’t seem rational. Clearly the leadership is in disarray, however. Can’t see the public putting the present crew back into office after the shambles they left the country in, and I note only Arden has had the personal integrity to admit things weren’t exactly handled properly money-wise. The others seem, even today, to be in a state of permanent denial. What’s needed is a good clean out with fresh faces (with the exception of Arden) if there’s any hope of regaining office. I sense a third party on its way! (PS Only thumbs up please because I’m an independent voter and you really shouldn’t put me off voting PPM.)

    • Anonymous says:

      OK that’s it – with so many thumbs down I am defimitely not voting PPM next election. Hope you’re all happy now.

      • Pauly Cicero says:

        Vote for the candidate of YOUR choice. That would make me happy.

  24. Anonymouse says:

    Obviously Chuckies way forward is for the opposition to endeavour to keep the government from doing anything for the country while in office.

    Keep it coming Chuckie, had I known as much about you before the last election as I do now I would not have wasted my vote on you.

    You are making the picture clearer to me as you continue with your political posturing, just be careful you dont wind up the lone wolf in the pasture.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Very simple, Chucky feels he can’t get elected via the PPM, he can’t make any money currently and he sees Ezzard’s popularity which leads him to believe he can do the same.

    What he fails to understand is that Ezzard is primarily a showman elected by a small minority of people.  He has no real authority or control.  He is in a good political position.  If the people are angry at the UDP, he can simply criticize and kick the UDP and people cheer him.  The the people are up upset with the PPM, he can do the same, and people cheer him again.  He positioned himself to be able to play both sides which is why he wasn’t interested in a cabinet position.  That along with his "expats just have to deal with it because Caymanians are entitled" undertone, will keep him popular and re-elected. 

    Chucky sees this and wants to emulate it. (already has for those who have been paying attention).

    Unfortunate reality for the Chuckster, is that tactic won’t work in the major districts.

    The parties will still rein.  Why?  Money, influence and organization.

    There is no way that Chuckie, wins as an independent in BT.  Period.  People want their MLAs to be able to _DO THINGS_  not just talk (Ezzard Miller).  during a campaign, people may get a warm and fuzzy about independents, but as we have seen in the last two elections when all the hype was about the independents, they failed miserably with the exception of Ezzard.  And largely that was because the PPM was highly unpopular, and Joey had a questionable past.  Has the PPM been favorable, Joey was in 100% even with the questions about Boatswain.

    So Chuckie, if you think this gets you in at the next election, Good Luck! 🙂



    • Anon says:

      How about what the people feel?  They elected the devil that they thought they knew and yet no way could have anticipated the self-indulgence of XXXXX, even by Caribbean standards (Yo, Pauly- whether it’s Caribbean or Caymanian, this enablement mindset has no place anywhere).

    • Dilemma says:

      You hit the nail right on the head! enough said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. I agree Joey was in and the PPM unpopularity caused his defeat, I also believe he would have been a better choice. The one difference between the UDP and the PPM is their leadership. Say what you will about Mac, he publicly stands behind his team when they get in trouble. Look at the domestic issue, constitution issue and all the others. The PPM did not stand behind Chuckie during his hearing, the membership distanced themselves from him at the grassroots level and they did not have to. We need to elect people willing to put the Country before self, but I wonder if any new candidates will have the balls or stupidity to stand on a platform with the PPM in the future knowing that when the going gets tough, the PPM will get going as far away from them as they can. I do not believe this is just a Leadership problem; it seems to me it’s a membership problem as well. The members themselves turn on each other and their candidates. Very dysfunctional group. Scary.

      • Anonymous says:

        The PPM’s unpopularity caused Joey’s defeat?! Hello! Joey caused Joey’s defeat with his antics with the Turtle Farm.

        Yes, we all know about Mac "standing behind his team" when they are in trouble. That is really scary if it means justice is not served. 

        Thus far the UDP has shown no leadership at all. Completely idiotic statements to the press about freedom of the press, freedom of information, not paying to defend criminals, that Cayman is "broke" etc., going in 7 different directions all at once, flipflopping all over the place on practically every issue, failing to stick with commitments like the 30% pay cut for the Premier, coming up with no solutions to the issues, increasing taxes that have driven away business but have not realized any increase in govt. revenue as a result, splurging money on themselves while asking the civil service to cut back.

        That is what you call leadership?! You must take the public for idiots.   

        • Anonymous says:

          I disagree (my thumbs down). I am from North Side and voted for Joey and will do so again if he runs. You are searching for Jesus on the ballot and you will never find him there. In Cayman or any other part of the world. Joey is from the people and understands the people, before running he demonstrated that. I will never forget the day, following the fatal accident with the two young men in North Side, we were all at the hospital, called Joey, woke him up, he came to the Hospital, one of the young men need to be airlifted. The family could not go because their travel documents were not in order. Joey called his wife, she showed up with a small bag and his travel document and he traveled with that boy and sat at his bedside until his father showed up. Never once did Joey make mention of this or all the other good deeds he did for many. He was constantly around and seeking to help the people, never asking for anything in return, not even during election time. Had he called on all he had done for people, even with the PPM unpopularity he would have won. Everyone I spoke with after made it clear, the fear of PPM was their reason for not voting for Joey. Now, look at the number he lost by. If I take that and the people who did not vote for him because of the PPM, by my estimate he can win and has around 450 votes in NS. We lost a great opportunity to have a good man as our elected representative.


          We agree on other aspects of your comment, I think if you reread my post you will see that, as Clifford said, the parties are dysfunctional.

          • Anonymous says:

            Obviously more North Siders disagreed with you than agreed with you on Joey.  You can kid youself all you like but had there been no Turtle Farm scandal Joey may well have been elected. All of the things you state are admirable but are not qualifications for holding elected office. On the other hand, when you have demonstrated that you will abuse positions of trust for your own financial benefit then you are not a suitable representative of the people. This is coming from someone who previously supported Joey. 

            The funny thing about the PPM angle is that all of the Ministers (the people who made the decisions) were re-elected save for one who had his own particular problems.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The party system is not working for Cayman. It should be scrapped.

    Too much time is spent managing the party rather than the country.

  27. Anonymous says:


    In my humble opinion, Mr.Clifford as no chance of being seated in the LA without the “party” system of PPM let alone being a minister of a department his interest was in from the time his was a civil servant. If anyone remembers clearly like I do Mr. Clifford’s invitation to join PPM was only because a independent candidate back in 2004/2005 decided not to take the post of being part of PPM or more importantly the party system, therefore as a full pledge PPM supporter considered him from then “sloppy seconds” but was however happier when my fellow people of BT cast their vote (along with mines) against him in the last election.  Now I say all of that to say this, he is bad mouthing the PPM when he was once one of them or WAS HE! He only used them and now is not a team player with them for better or worse, surely he wouldn’t resign when he was asked to my UDP for his role in removing the documentation from the Ministry! No because he was on the “better” side of things, PPM had his back and now he has the nerve to slap them in their faces! Well, it can tell you as a PPM supporter I’m happy for his resignation! Good riddance!!!!!!!!
  28. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t Kurt address (assuming CNS asked) the fact that he is breaking the PPM constitution by not electing a Deputy Leader?


    So much for the PPM.


    • Anonymous says:

      It is not so much that Kurt does not want to appoint a deputy. He simply cannot find one that meets PPM party leadership criteria without digging up coffins at the local cemetery.