Publishers to turn phone books into insulation

| 02/11/2010

(CNS): A new programme launched by the publishers of the local telephone directories aims to keep over 60 tons of phonebooks from the George Town landfill and instead turning them into insulation for homes. Organisers said that the Yellow2 Green project is a first step in the goal towards finally introducing recycling in the Cayman Islands. Eleven drop of points have been installed around Grand Cayman where people can drop old directories which will then be shipped to Tampa and turned into a fibre that can be used as domestic insulation. The pilot project which started on Monday 1 November will last until 20 November.

With the new directories expected to have been delivered in October the organizers said people should have received a new directory before the end of the three week recycle programme, the company also says it will accept directories from other publishers.

Global Directories the publishers of the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages telephone books said that if the programme is successful they expect to run it annually and possibly include the Sister Islands in future. The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce has been designated the primary corporate collection site at the Governor’s Square office. The other general sites include all the islands supermarkets as well as LIME stores and Camana Bay.

As organizers say they want to involve the entire community they have also launched a challenge for the local primary schools, which will receive prizes for taking part. A grand cash prize of $1500 will be given to the school that collect the most directories withwinners being chosen on a ratio of total books to students enrolled.
Interested school should designate a Challenge Coordinator and have them contact Eileen Keens, Marketing Manager for Global Directories at 814-1798 or send an email to: to confirm your participation.

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  1. Martin Keeley says:

    We have arranged for the UCCI Brac campus to be a drop off point for the directories. This is an ENV 101 class project, so give your old books to a Brac UCCI student or just drop them off at the new campus site near the airport.

  2. Bracman says:

    Is there a drop point on the Brac…hellloooo???? 

    • Eileen Keens says:

      Hello Bracman,

      This recycling initiative was supposed to be a pilot programme only in Grand Cayman but you will be very pleased to know that now thanks to Mr. Martin Keeley, a professor at the Brac UCCI, now we will also include Cayman Brac.  The outdated directories will be collected by his Environmental Science Class at the UCCI campus.  Should you need more information you can get in touch with myself Eileen Keens, Marketing Manager for Global Directories at or Mr. Keeley at    



      • Anonymous says:

        We all do sometime, i love the mini version, i have one of it in my car

  3. Anonymous says:

    who uses phone books these days anyway? I haven’t opened one for about 10 years.  Between the internet and phones that store hundred of numbers there doesn’t seem much point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s about time they do something! Between my small business and my home I utilize about 18  phone books of each edition. Some years ago (pre-Ivan) after collecting my new supply, I drove to the offices of the phone book publisher with my old stash. I made the reasonable assumption that they retreived them to recycle (export to shred down to pulp, etc.). When the receptionist asked "where are you going with those?" and I explained, I was dumfounded when she told me that they had no such program; it was as if they’d never even thought of it!! I left the books anyway.

    Better late than never!

  5. Anon says:

    Well done

    Another good example of private citizens doing their part to make things better for everyone