Premier appeals to public to help with Tomas aid

| 08/11/2010

(CNS): Cayman Airways will be sending a charter aircraft on Wednesday with relief supplies to islands in the region affected by Hurricane Tomas. The premier said his office in partnership with the Red Cross was spearheading a drive to gather much-needed supplies. “Having gone through similar experiences with Hurricanes Ivan and Paloma, the people of the Cayman Islands empathise with our friends and family in St. Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Barbados; Haiti; and Cuba,” McKeeva Bush said. “We know the challenges and the gargantuan rebuilding effort that they now face.”

Reports have revealed that in St. Lucia, one of the first places hit by Tomas, 14 lives were lost and several others are still missing. Estimates are that rebuilding will cost $500 million, and that it will be a year before reconstruction in some of the hardest hit areas of his island will be completed.

The premier pointed to those in Haiti, who were already struggling to survive following January’s epic earthquake and the recent cholera outbreak, now face the added misery that Tomas’ flood waters brought this past weekend.

“As these countries complete their damage assessments, we know their need for regional and international assistance will only increase. Consequently, the Cayman Islands Government is doing our part to assist our Caribbean neighbours,” Bush added.
Calling on the community for help he appealed to residents and corporate citizens in the private sector for assistance. “Working in close partnership with the Red Cross, we have a goal to collect the following items by close of business on Tuesday, 9 November,” he said as he listed the items needed. “Many in the region rallied to Cayman’s aid during our time of need in the months following Ivan and Paloma. Now, it’s our chance to return good for good.”

The items include cases of water; water purification tablets; dry, preserved and canned food (especially evaporated milk); blankets, sleeping bags and bedding (sheets, comforters, etc.); lanterns and flashlights, with the right-sized batteries; small transistor radios; adult and infant disposable diapers and wipes; female sanitary products; baby food and formula; cleaning supplies (including sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer), etc.; and water containers and flasks.
These items can be dropped off atthe Red Cross, on Huldah Avenue or Cayman Airways Cargo facility on Airport Road.

The Cayman Islands Red Cross is also accepting cash donations. Contributions may be deposited in the following Bank of Butterfield accounts: KYD 02-201-035054-05 and USD 01-201-035054-02. For more information, call Red Cross Disaster Manager Hemant Balgobin on 925-0681 or email him at

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  1. Anonymous says:

     McKeever should start by donating his salary.


  2. Peek-a-Boo says:

    Those who were unfortunate enough to witness the greed and downright disgusting behaviour of many of our elected officials in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan at the collection and distribution points of aid received here will be fully aware that any involvement by them, at any level of this process, could not possibly be a good thing.


  3. Anonymous says:

    With the amount of cash passing through the hands of him and his deputy,they can help overseas,but remember we need help,here in cayman or maybe they don,t want the rest of the world to know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes it is humorous to read all the different comments, I must admit.  But taking the seriousness of the matters that we have here, the economic down turn and a broke Government, what do you believe all the negative comments about the Premier is going to do for us?  Wouldn’t we better off all you who say you are "caymanian" to let us all Caymanians work together and support each other.  Should we not show the Primere that we love him as a Caymanian and as God instructs us to do?  Should we not suggest to him ways that can improve things here rather than tear down?  Really, where is all that going to get us.  Now I am not suggesting that we bury our heads in the sand but I think that we can give constructive critism and support without tearing down each other.  Do you not realise that that is how the foreigners are able to conquer us and take control ofus because we are so divided and tearing down each other?  Do you ever notice how other foreignersno matter how their people are, they stick together and support each other?  Let us not let politics or anything else destroy us.  Let us wake up Cayman and realise that the time is here for us to work together, acknowledge or differences but make a vow to not tear down each other but rather support each other.  Let us do this for the sake of our country and our people.  Please offer constructive critism and ways to improve our country.  I am sure the Premier will be more willing to listen if we do it in the proper manner.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Incase you haven’t noticed Mac doesn’t listen to what we have to say, let alone answer any questions that we may have. 

      I don’t know about you, but showing Mac love is not going to pay CUC $500 every month to keep my lights on.

      He needs to do better. All he’s done is made it harder for Caymanians to survive.

  5. Anonymous says:


    You know I am absolutely furious that this request was sent out. I am so sick and tired of the Government of this Country helping everyone except its own. Incase you haven’t noticed, the people of the Cayman Islands cannot help themselves, so how in God’s name cane we help anyone else?  We need help Mckeeva  and we are who you need to be looking out for. Yes us, the same people who pay your $14,000 per year light bill and pay your chef so you can eat healthy and not ruin your bypass surgery.
    Help us for Christ sake!
  6. Anonymous says:

    Would it not make more sense to offer a monetary gesture so the government(s) can decide what aide is needed the most. The cost of sending a Cayman Airways flight alone could buy many essential items and I’m sure the planes baggage compartment can only hold so many items.

    One would have to ask their selves are are we sending the Premiere and Cayman Airways plane for "self glorification" becauseclearly it makes more sense to send financial aide through a wire transfer which is a heck of a lot cheaper than plane fuel, crew wages and more time off the island for the Premiere. 

    I’m all for assisting other caribbean islands in need, after Ivan we know all too well how life can be altered following the destruction of a storm. I Just ask that we weigh the options of how best we can assist.  

  7. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Charity begins at home.

    Are you serious. What Hurricane?  It was no more than a tropical storm, don’t keep falling for the "we need help" line.

    There are less fortunate people on THIS Island that are also needy, help them first.

    I am all for helping,  but is Cayman Airways not losing money? If so why are we sending free flights?

    • O'Really says:

      This is the most revolting post I have ever had the misfortune to read on CNS.  

      • Bono says:

        Yes;  I’ve also seen where the Haitian earthquake disaster relief has gone; earthmovers still sitting unused.   But at least we tried.  I’m sure Haiti appreciates the world’s efforts. Off to Mt. Melapi!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fortunately not everybody thinks like you.  I hope you are doing something to help the less fortunate on this Island. 

  8. The Original Anon says:

    WOW!!!  Within 2 short weeks Mac has restored our island to prosperity, put in infrastructure to sustain medical tourism, and become benevolent.  I’m big enough to admit that I was totally wrong about the guy…

    • dj4 says:

      Maybe it is because you can’t wait and see what happens, but keep coming up with judgements. The Premier does not deserve all of this – he needs the country’s support. We are all in this economic hole together

      • The Original Anon says:

        dj4-  Just how naive are you? The past 3 weeks events have been choreographed like a Broadway musical culminating in what will be an inspiring but non-commital speech by Dr. Shetty this week.  What do you beleive is different from a month ago besides ‘the new math?’

  9. tamara says:

    It is about time a politician takes a stand and speaks for our neighbors that are in need!  I need to hear PPM make a statement now or I guess Ezzard will be making one.  And where is Chuckie?