Mac takes relief to St Lucia on CAL flight

| 11/11/2010

(CNS): Following the recent announcement by the premier that he was spearheading a relief effort for St. Lucia in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Tomas, McKeeva Bush will be on board the Cayman Airways aircraft heading there today (Thursday) to deliver the aid. The project is reportedly a partnership with the NGO Operation Blessing, founed by the controversial evangelist Pat Robertson. The official release from government earlier this week did not mention the role of OBI in the airlift but Bill Horan, president of the NGO, said Bush had called him last weekend asking if OBI could join with the government of Cayman to take supplies to St Lucia.

The NGO said it will be providing non-perishable food including MREs (meals ready to eat) along with the relief supplies donated by the people of the Cayman Islands.

"We have partnered with the Cayman government following several Caribbean disasters including their own, when Hurricane Ivan ravaged Grand Cayman in 2004,” Horan said in a release from the NGO. “The people of the Cayman Islands are very generous and always show a willingness to share their own resources with other island nations in times of natural disaster. In this case, the offer of sending a Cayman Airways 737 has opened an opportunity for Operation Blessing to reach out to the people of St Lucia. This is what synergy is all about."

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on Monday, the premier called on the Cayman public to donate what they could for the relief effort. “Having gone through similar experiences with Hurricanes Ivan and Paloma, the people of the Cayman Islands empathise with our friends and family in St. Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Barbados; Haiti; and Cuba,” McKeeva Bush said. “We know the challenges and the gargantuan rebuilding effort that they now face.”

Reports have revealed that in St. Lucia, one of the first places hit by Tomas, 14 lives were lost and several others are still missing. Estimates are that rebuilding will cost $500 million, and that it will be a year before reconstruction in some of the hardest hit areas of his island will be completed.

The premier pointed to those in Haiti, who were already struggling to survive following January’s epic earthquake and the recent cholera outbreak, and who nowface the added misery that Tomas’ flood waters brought this past weekend.

“As these countries complete their damage assessments, we know their need for regional and international assistance will only increase. Consequently, the Cayman Islands Government is doing our part to assist our Caribbean neighbours,” Bush added.

Calling on the community for help he appealed to residents and corporate citizens in the private sector for assistance. “Many in the region rallied to Cayman’s aid during our time of need in the months following Ivan and Paloma. Now, it’s our chance to return good for good.”

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  1. Libertarian says:

    Note the words:  "Bill Horan, president of the NGO, said Bush had called him last weekend asking if OBI could join with the government of Cayman to take supplies to St Lucia."

    Funny. They didn’t look for Bush!  Instead Bush looked for them!

    With all due respect, I think that the UDP Government should not side or show any special favors to an established faith or religion. Reason being, a large percentage of the electorate are non-Christian!

    There should be a CLEAR separation between Church and State.


  2. Anonymous says:

    How wonderful that mr Supermac, is helping our neighbors  in St Lucia!!!!

    What a F***** shame that he forgot to stop in Haiti in the way over as they also had a Tomas over!! but the big question is HOW MUCH HAS IT COST THE GOVERNMENT TO TAKE MAC AND HIS COURT TO ST LUCIA IN A JET FROM CAYMAN AIRWAYS!! DOES HE THINK HE IS OBAMA IN AIRFORCE 1 

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it true that the Deputys Body Guard is from St Lucia? Also is it true that one of his close relatives was given a job that a Bracer could do? Last but not least is it true that another job will be given to another of his relative in the Low Income Housing Scheme that another Prominent Bracer husband a was doing? What the HELL IS GOING ON?

  3. michel lemay says:

    I read all the blogs I believe and I don’t think many either followed the history of investors in the past in St-Lucia. And by the way I would like it to be known that St-Lucia was one of my favorite Islands and I think some of the most beautiful sceneries I have ever seen in my sailing days before I discovered the Cayman Islands and the  lady with the big HOOK. Still have the mark. Well, I went back 20 years later on a cruise only for a day but that was enough for me to realize that the BIG investors (the Chineese) oops sorry,a clue maybe.the islands wanted to deal also for another country ! St- Lucians please expain to our people why the people are suffering there today and I am certain you would rather be there.I think you have seen this movie before. You can sign"anonymus", most do.Mr. Premier Bush (old buddy) no disrespect I have been here long enough to speak that too.When I saw you on the news I said election soon come or wha~! It’s not the gesture that most of us are againts,it’s the way it was done.We could have given more by our cost of doing it being less. Now how are we gonna train our people for the coming season to up our standards ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac told the people of St. Lucia thatthey should expect to see signs of recovery in the next 90 days.

  5. keat says:

    Good Job Mac!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I believe in helping our neighbours. But I just have three questions.

    1. Why St. Lucia?

    2. With reference to question 1, where was this effort when Haiti needed (and still needs) help? Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Why not them? Why wasn’t a national effort (initiated by the CI Govt, not the local Red Cross) implemented?

    3. With reference to question 1, where was this effort when Jamaica experienced significant damage and deaths due to heavy rains recently? They share a long history with us and they are more in our jurisdiction. So why not Jamaica?

    As I said, I do not have a problem with us helping St. Lucia, I was just wondering why the decision was made and ignored in other more imperative situations with closer neighbours.

    Just Curious.

    • lol says:

      For your information, relief was sent to Haiti!  You are just a PPM fan who is shock that the UDP has somehow funds to travel first class and help another country!

      Just admit it that you wish it was Kurt and Alden on the flight  🙂

      Like we wasn’t born yesterday!  lol

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pat Robertson is bad news

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whilst, I  agree that we should help our neighbours, perhaps the Premier  could have saved time and money by simply sending the money to St. Lucia and rather than wasting money to fly  Cayman Airways to the Islnds, add the cost to the funds sent.   

    In addition, it is time for hte Govt. to look at the plight of your own people.  Never before have so many people been out of work.  Because of your Govt.’s increased costs on everything I can think of, many people are struggling.  Please, do somehing for them.  If you would cut some of the increases, perhaps the economy would start to recover.  You have no idea how some of your most vulnerable people are struggling.   Even when times were good, many kids went to school hungry and came home hungry beause parents could not or would not provide food for their kids.  Our elderly and young people, single parents are the ones struggling the most.  The Govt. is responsible and accountable for helping these people.  What are you going to do to help?  2 weeks of work before Christmas is not going to help put food on the table for the next year.  YOu are all being paid large salaries to run this country.  Please start earning your salaries.


    • Bushwhacker says:

      This is setting a dangerous precedent. Let us look back the past few years and consider all the previous hurricaes and damage resulting therefrom. Did we sent a plane to Haiti whose devastation has far surpassed anything in the Caribbean for decades? NO.  Did we send planes to the Turks and Caicos and Belize when they suffered?  NO.. These countries have far less resources and money than St. Lucia, a very popular tourist destination. Why I wonder?

      The donations and assistance given to the above  countries and others over the past decades by citizens of the Cayman Islands is enormous and needs to be recognized. This encompasses all the service clubs and other social, sporting and charitable organizations, churches, CUC by way of manpower,companies and the ordinary man in the street. None needed to command a plane so why now?

      This abuse of power reminds me when Jim Bodden, ordered a Cayman Airways plane to return after take-off because a colleague of the National Hero had missed the plane. What next I wonder?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is it true that PPM supporters  are having their business yards paved ? If so what payment to keep their mouths closed. But on Election Day it dosent work, most people take the hand outs and then vote their true love and conscience.

  9. Anonymouse says:

    With one of the CAL planes grounded in Tampa due to a Bird strike, I wonder just how much of the Airlines schedule will be disrupted by taking one airplane out of the schedules for this trip. Hopefully this will not inconvenience too many of CALs Passengers causing them to switch to other airlines.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Where are members of the PPM Team???

    How come I am hearing UDP helping the poor and being neighborly, and not the PPM???

    This concerns me alot!

    • Anonymous says:

      Umm because the UDP has control of Government funds to spend and the PPM doesn’t?

    • Anonymous says:

      bla bla bla. We all know the reason he is doing it is because if you can’t be popluar or liked at home, you have to try and be popular or liked somewhere else….

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 21:41, primary schools kids should not be posting comments on CNS, shouldn’t you be in class while your teacher reads "Jack & Jill went up the hill" to you? And you must not waste our time by posting your primary school level comments on CNS because this site is for adults, ok? 
      Now you tell us all why we have not heard about the PPM helping our neighbours, go ahead, tell us. Surely even a primary scholl level student as yourself must know why! You do not? DUHHHHH! It is because the UDP is the government & they are using government funds (our funds) & the PPM do not have access to government funds! OMG, I really would have thought better even from a child your age, SHAME!
      That is the result of being on the computer posting comments on CNS instead of in your classroom listening to your teacher. Now get back to class. Rolley, you are not doing a good job with those students.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Think, goddamnit, think!

  11. nauticalone says:

    Super Mac to the rescue….

    Why not just encourage Cayman to help by wire transfer and donations through the Red Cross?


  12. Operation Blessing? What the _ell!! says:

    Here we go again!! Now the Cayman Islands People expat and locals alike came together to support and take things to the Red Cross.. And I see the Red Cross driving by yesterday with their volunteers taking stuff to load that plane…And many local companies gave water and food, but here is another American man who did not give anything taking credit and going along for the ride!! First he ignores the local banks wanting to give loans, now he not even looking at the local people that giving.. He got to make another outsider feel more important than his own people and the ones that contributing to make this happen??? Where does he get off? Who is advising this clown?? When will Caymanians stand up against this type of nonsense and stand for our own?? 

    • anon says:

      Mr. Horan is a Cayman status holder, having been given a Cabinet grant.

  13. Crying Caymanian says:

    McKeeva Bush must think that we are as stupid as him. Never in my entire life have I seen one man wield so much power over a nation as I have seen this man do.

    Are we all afraid of him? Obviously. I hate what this country has become in this man’s hands.

    It is a disgrace.

    • Anonymous says:

      All you have to do is check who is on the chartered flight with him and you will see why he went on this trip.

      It would be interesting to do an FOI to find out the names of Caymanians and St. Lucians on this trip and what jobs they hold, it will be an eye opener!

      But the worst part is that we, the people of Cayman, is paying for this trip.

      With all the past good Humanitarian contributions we have done for needy countries, why is this the 1st time that the Leader of the Country has gone with the trip – check the names on this flight!

      Why do we keep putting up with abuse, but more importantly, why do the other members of UDP allow this to continue to happen?


  14. Anonymous says:

    maybe Mac can use that hot air he’s so full of to help dry new asphalt when they rebuild/repair the roads… i appreciate that supplies were expedited in reaching st. lucia, but wouldn’t we have been better off sending in some strapping young adults with it to actually put in some labour unloading the supplies and lending a hand? me thinks our premier isn’t getting his hands dirty, so why’d he have to go with his entourage?

    • McCon+sultants says:

      This trip is very suspecious !!! It is a great thing to send supplies to those folks affected by the disaster.  Why would the Premier of the 5th Largest Financial Center has to carry those supplies along with him. Our Red Cross reps and other volunteers should have been in this flight. Is he looking for Recovery Contracts from the St. Lucian government?

    • Trueblood says:

      I agree with you. It would have been nice also if prior to his trip he rounded up unemployed persons interested in going to St. Lucia to assist with clean up/recovery if accepted by their gov’t and pay these unemployed persons for their services. A little can go a long way! I doubt Sir Bush is willing to get his royal hands dirty at least not when its hard labor.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just another in a long line of excuses to spend more of the taxpayers money on himself and his friends.  Spend a dollar to give a dime.  Its the CIG way.  The ONLY way he can give is if he first gets otherwise he is not prepared to do it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Go Go Go big mac!!!! ooooppsss u forgot the sea port, the Shetty hospital, and the 10ft fence. what u plan to relief your mouth???

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am one that we should all support our fellow neighbors in times of need but The Premeir really needs to provide at least ONE good reason why relief supplies should be delivered by self / in person.  It is very obvious to all that the Cayman Islands themselves are in dire need of assistance and cannot afford the exuberant forlocks that Mr Bush constantly dreams up!

    What exactly do we stand to gain by having supplies delivered  personally by Mr Bush as opposed to the traditional methods (Red Cross, etc)??

    WB you are a very important part of the Cayman Islands if you can manage to find a piece of slate and roll of toilet paper, make notes to remind yourselves when the BS come around in two years.  Hand it to him at that time and tell him that was all you were able to save under his rule!!!


    • Concerned Citizen says:

      It’s called charity my friend!  You should try giving the little you have!  You will be blessed!  ;o)

      • Anonymous says:

        That was not charity  That was a publicity stunt disguised as charity 

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just dont see why she had to go. Unless he going to help rebuild?

    • Anonymous says:

      "Where oh where has all our money gone"?
      Why oh why does the premier have to go to St. Lucia? It is unnecessary & a waste of money! Oh I forgot one of his drivers is from there. He never ceases to amaze me, travel, travel, travel, spend, spend, spend, waste, waste, waste, & then has the gall to criticize the previous administration? He had best do what the PPM leader did & resign PRONTO! ASAP!

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. 5% says:

    i think he should fly to all the district on island and provide relief 1st thats all

  21. 5% says:

    Oh here goes Mr. Bush again about to give all the cash to St. Lucia and we are still starving, so what next borrow another couple millions from the blue again to help us and fly overseas with it, you’re a real joker!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘…and we are still starving?  Please stop with the nonsense.

  22. michel lemay says:

    i think that it’s a good idea for Cayman to help St- Lucia for their lost and help them rebuild. Does it however take our Premier to go himself. Doesn’t he trust any other minister (MLA) to go instead so he can help fix our Tourism problem, lack of good service by many (not all) and participate in the many issues facing our own people in every district. Common Old Buddy give someone else a chance to fly.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why does the premier have to go too? Is this going to be like his personal jet as it will be empty on the way back Any detours planned? Who else will be on board?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a good picture…………..santa coming on his sleigh to deliver presents and releif to the poor people of St.Lucia.  I guess he needed to tick that one off on the list of contries he’s been to!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Can we just give Big Mac to St. Lucia? Or at least loan him to them for the next 10 years to aid in their recovery?

    Will JuJu and her bodyguard be going as well?

  26. The Original Anon says:

    He’s furthered his education in charm school the past couple of weeks.  If he and his cronies hadn’t been so blatently self serving for the past 16 months we possibly could be able to believe the benevolent dictator BS.

  27. Anonymous says:

    CNS, can you inquire as to how much the plane trip cost the people of Cayman (ie fuel for the plane, crew, the Premiers vacancy from office and any other civil servants joining)?

    I’m sure we could have sent them a monetary gesture via wire transfer for a h*** of a lot less. But then again this would prevent the Premiere from being able to "grand stand"!

    Mr. Premiere if you are truly for the people of CAYMAN you would have sent some money down to help or send non-perishables by cargo and stayed in office sorting out the mess this island is in!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Our own experiences with Ivan and Paloma were a stark reminder that in difficult times we must pull together to help each other.

    Mr. Premier, thank you for supporting our Caribbean neighbours and using your influence and connections for the common good… this time.

    Now, let’s make sure the people on the CAL flight with you are the right people that can truly help with the operation rather than free loaders, joy riders and sightseers.

    • Anonymous says:

      to Anon 09:44, The complaint is not about helping. Everyone supports the idea of "supporting our Caribbean neighbours" but it does not take the premier to fly with the goods on a chartered flight to St. Lucia to deliver the goods.Do you not see something just a little strange about that? Do you not see something very wrong with that? Yes I agree, let us send help but why does the premier have to go? Doesn’t he have important business to do in Cayman? At least that is what he tells us. I think that our premier is the "free loader, joy rider & sightseer" you are referring to.