Shetty to run GT heart unit

| 12/11/2010

(CNS): Dr Devi Shetty has signed an agreement with the Cayman Islands Government to establish a heart unit at the George Town Hospital. The renowned cardiac surgeon’s own Narayana Group will be funding and managing the special unit, which will give Cayman’s heart patients access to proper cardiac care on island for the first time. The announcement was made at the opening of country’s first national health care conference on Thursday evening. Minister Mike Adam delivered an address on behalf of the premier explaining that the unit would save money for government as funding overseas health treatment was one of its biggest costs but would also save patients the need to travel.

The HSA’s chief officer, Lizette Yearwood, said the unit will be up and running in about eight to nine months time as some modifications needed to take place in the operating room but the unit and much needed cardiac cath lab would be operational in well under a year.

Health Minister Mark Scotland said the agreement with Shetty was in keeping with government’s promise to improve the quality of and access to care and pointed out the enormous savings in time as well as money. The HSA will also benefit as patients will receive aftercare at the Cayman Islands Hospital following their procedures.

The gesture by the Indian surgeon, who will be footing all of the set up costs and then managing the unit, also offers a clear demonstration that he is still committed to his much larger planned health city.

The premier, who was delayed on his return from St. Lucia, arrived in time for the signing ceremony, when he thanked Shetty for delivering on the cardiac unit, something which, he said, the country had been in need of for many years. McKeeva Bush said he alsolooked forward to the establishment of Shetty’s proposed health city, of which he was in full support.

At the opening of the conference and before the announcement Shetty delivered an impressive presentation on his work to reduce the cost of health care in India and his view of the importance of the industry in the world economy. Shetty spoke about his belief that the world can be brought out of recession through the health care industry, which can create millions of jobs.

The surgeon called for the need for health practitioners to be able to transfer their skills from place to place as this was the key to making health affordable for everyone. Shetty said that the reason why health care costs so much is because there is an acute shortage of manpower around the world, but he said this need not be the case and it was medical councils that created an artificial shortage.

The doctor revealed that health care is the world’s second biggest industry at more than $4.5 trillion annually but because it was so fragmented people did not realise its size. He indicated that most of that money was spent in the United States, where the sector was worth some $2.5 trillion. As the world’s population ages, Shetty said, the industry was set to grow even more but he lamented the fact that while so much money was already spent, less than 10% of the world’s population can actually access any kind of operation when they need it, which was something he wanted to change and separate health care from affluence.

The 20-20 Health Conference continues on Friday and Saturday at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. Shetty will deliver a second presentation on medical tourism at 2:15 on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No matter who you have here,Dr Shetty etc…the wealthy people will always go off  island..and cut down Cayman’s standards..and these are Caymanian’s who have a little more money than the rest…they have maga health insurance.I wish Dr. Shetty all the very best..but it’s better if he creep’s before he run’s.


  2. BigX says:

    The UDP need to drastically REFORM THE LAW!  There should be NO restrictions on Dr. Shetty and his Surgeons from doing work here.  But at the same maintain a FAIR market that would give locals a chance to compete with Shetty’s Medical Center. Too much government interference in not good.

    • Anonymous says:


      "Drastically reform the law"? Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!
       The current law uses the UK, US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and Jamaican standards to evaluate doctors, depending on where they are already licensed. In truth, where you trained is not the only consideration, where you are licensed is often the determining factor of approval locally.
      Since Cayman does not have the resources to carry out its own validation, the local Medical Council relies on the guidelines from the above jurisdictions. There are a number of prominent Indian trained doctors who have integrated well into the society and they hold licenses in one or more of those countries listed. They had no problems being licensed in Cayman. So you see, the local Medical Council relies on more than just country of qualification per se.
      World famous "superstar" surgeons should have no problem getting licensed in at least one of the territories listed above and then they are virtually guaranteed.
      Someone who claims to be a UK qualified cardiac surgeon should not have a problem with the local Medical Council applying UK standards to vet the qualifications. That prized FRCS(Eng) diploma is internationally celebrated.
      • John Evans says:

        Tread carefully……

        The UK has a long and sad history of recruiting doctors from overseas with abilities that nowhere near match their impressive ‘qualifications’.

        While the problem has in the main (but not completely) been tackled fairly robustly it stems from the automatic acceptance of medical accreditation from certain specific areas and has cost many lives.

        I lived for a time in one country where they had an interesting perspective on this problem. ‘New Immigrant’ doctors were required to work as ward orderlies while they requalified to satisfy local standards.


  3. Anonymous says:

    It causes one to stop and wonder at the stupidity of some of the posters.  I have yet to read that Caymanians are being trained to take up positions in Dr. Shetty’s hospital.  If that was the case, one could draw the assumption that there will be positions for Caymanians.  In order for locals to be employed they would or should have been selected/encouraged to start/commence training now to be "qualified" to take up a position in the hospital when open.  No one can walk off the street and demand a job, even if it is to mop the floor.  They will be asked for their certificate to prove they are qualified to provide the service.

    Can we have some feedback on the TRAINING process, or this will be another case like the Ritz when that was coming online.  Caymanians were going to be employed and to this day the employment process has yet to occur.  Some food for thought. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you! Yours is one of the few well thought-out and sensible posts on this site. The ignorance and gullibility of some on here amazes me and confirms the reason why so many individuals come to these shores knowing that they can reinact the fable of "The Emperor’s New Clothes" with great success. Ignorance is truly bliss but when it involves precious lives it takes on a different meaning. Like you, I post this merely as "food for thought".

    • Some other Anonymous says:

      I have the feeling comments on CNS are PR 

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually as a Caymanian it causes me to stop and wonder why Caymanians who go overseas to University CHOOSE not to study in the medical field.  There is always choice, and anybody with a lick of sense knows that the medical field here has been growing and it is ex-pats who get the jobs mainly because they are the ones bothering to get trained in the medical field.  So Cayman if you want to be a part of this or your children or your grand children then start encouraging them to enter this field

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, there are a number of young Caymanians who have trained abroad as medical doctors. The trouble is that some of them remain abroad after training because of greater opportunities in their field. Of course training abroad would not likely qualify them for a position at the Shetty Hospital.

  4. C LIBERTY says:


    Dr. Devi Shetty is a Cardiac Surgeon. In Wikipedia, it states that he has performed an estimate of 15,000 heart operations. “Dr Shetty won fame as Mother Teresa’s heart surgeon and performed India’s first neonatal heart operation, on a nine-day-old baby, in 1989. His most important legacy, however, may be the reinvention of medical care in India — where 2.5 million heart operations are required every year but only 90,000 are performed — by hammering down prices.” – See the Sunday Times, 14 May 2010

    Now starting with a 2,000-bed hospital in Cayman, Dr. Shetty hopes to attract under-insured Americans with procedures that he says will be at least 50 per cent cheaper than in the States.
    But there is always some other side to a story!
    The terms of the agreement signed by the government of the Cayman Islands for this project have been revealed. The agreement signed by the Cayman Islands government with Dr Devi Shetty’s company for the construction and operation of the Narayana Cayman University Medical Centre contains an exclusivity clause that seems to prevent the establishment of any other large-scale medical tourism facility in the islands.
    Specifically, from April 7, 2010, until a period of five years from the time the Shetty hospital commences operations, “no other non-Caymanian will be permitted to come to the Cayman Islands to compete in the field of large-scale medical tourism.” To back this exclusivity commitment, the government has undertaken to take “Such action as may be necessary to prevent a non-Caymanian from operating a health care facility involving the conduct of large scale medical tourism facilities” during the same specified time period. That period is likely to be at least 8 years and could be as long as ten years.
    Also, until April 7, 2015, the government has undertaken not to grant “to any other entity in connection with large scale medical tourism facilities,” the same, up to 100-year concessions on various taxes, fees and import duties that it has extended to Dr Shetty’s company. This exclusivity applies to foreign individual or company investors. But in a curious restriction to the exclusion, it does not apply to any non-Caymanian company thatcurrently offers medical services in the Cayman Islands; or any Caymanian who intends to establish health-care facilities of any kind in the Cayman Islands. So a local company with majority Caymanian ownership will be prevented from competing with the Shetty hospital for period of time provided by the agreement and no one, Caymanian or not, could expect to get the same fees and taxes concessions until 2015.
    These restrictions were not made public by the government when it announced the deal with Shetty, and only local media investigation has revealed the clauses in the agreement. The government may come to regret the exclusivity deals and will probably have to either renege on the Shetty deal or defend them in court. A group of local doctors and investors intend to develop a 120-bed hospital in Grand Cayman over the next four to five years at a cost of US$560 million. They aim the hospital at locals and medical tourists and with local knowledge and contacts expect to be able to build and open the hospital several years before the Shetty one, that still has no planning permission, is open. Dr Shetty and his partner investors have personally inspected several potential sites, but the final location of the proposed facility has not yet been decided. The competing group argues that the government has no right to restrict their business and the Shetty exclusivity deal is legally void as it would prevent them offering medical services to Cayman Islanders. See The International Travel Medical Journal site
    The exclusivity laws are also a concern to the local Doctor, Dr Steve Tomlinson T/A the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital. Now on News 27, Dr. Shetty talks about removing legal restrictions and regulations – I wonder what those regulations are?  And how will these regulations effect Cayman? 
    • Anonymous says:

      Dr.Tomlinson as a Pioneer and a Caymanian in healthcare service business for more than 30 years , you are in fact. Cayman’s first Medical Doctor and surgeon practicing Medicine in the Cayman Islands, and of which we are all very proud. 

      I think its time Dr. Tomlinson that you, your attorney  and your medical team of advisors  sit down with the premier, his cabinet and if need be the U:K Minister for this Territory.everybody else and their mama is meeting with the UK waving their dollars in front of them to invest in the Cayman Islands. You can be sure of that.

      In the event that you do have plans in the very near future or at any time in the future to expand as a Medical Healthcare Facility, We assume that you do.  That being the case or not, its time to take some action on behalf of yourself and the people of the Cayman Islands to ensure protection  progression and avancment of Caymanian  owned Medical business Services as deems necessary now and in the future.

      The concessions allowed for this mega hospital project  are off the charts.  The 100 years agreement is nrealistic and is a real GIVE AWAY OF THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES  OF CAYMANIAN MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS TO PROGRESS AND ADVANCE THEIR MEDICAL PRACTICE AND SERVICES  IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.!  This we can not accept. What about other young future  Medical professionals coming up, should their ambitions be put on hold because of one big Medical investor with "DEEP POCKETS?"

      This is cheaply throwing our  people and our young future Caymanian Medical Professionals and their dreams clearly away to the  dogs! While we have no objection to such a project coming to our shores, we cannot sit idly by and allow the Premier to roll out the red carpet for one  Investor to walk on, while laws are put in place to ensure his  success and to STOP THE ADVANCEMENT OF OUR OWN LOCAL MEDICAL PHYSICIANS, THEIR AMBITIONS AND DREAMS OF ADVANCEMENT FOR THE FUTURE IS ALSO PUT ON HOLD AS WELL.!


      Selling the people is one thing, but this eternal  import tax  concession  of exemption is really a matter of huge concern. Clearly such a slap in our face is  taking a cheap shot at our right to make our own decisions and and even our own medical professionals and their ambitions to progress, advance  and succeed in their own country.

      Bob Marley’s song says "EVERY MAN HAS A RIGHT TO DECIDE HIS OWN DESTINY? That’s me you Dr. Tomlinson and everyone else.

      Premier Keeva Bush and his cabinet has taken it upon themselves to decide the destiny of our people and even the destiny of our most ambitious, educated Medical Physicians including ER Doctors, Surgeons, OB/GYN/s Brain Surgeons, Psychologists, Autolarngologists, Podiatrists, Pediatricians, Urologists etc. and the lists goes on.

      Is this Dictatorship or Democracy?

      It is unconstitutional and we do not have to accept the new hospital on those terms.  The hospital is very much  welcome  BUT " NOT ON THOSE TERMS."!

    • The Original Anon says:

      FINALLY!   BRAVO!  The terms of last year’s agreement are presented so that a 5-year old can understand!  Does anybody have access to the terms of this new agreement?  Dennie- is that the same photo as last year’s signing of the MOI?

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen! You said it all! Thank you!

  5. LAW REFORM??? says:

    I like the Shetty deal but I am wary about his demand on LAW REFORM.  Just how far will the UDP go in order to bring this Hospital and Health Center here is the major issue. There are certain laws protecting Caymanians. I saw the Doctor on News 27 talk, and I can tell you he does not specify which regulations that he wants removed from this island. I can see why Ezzard is not too estatic about this project. Yes… it sounds all good and dandy, but will the UDP be bought by this man if he suggest removing or making any law that would be detrimental to the local people and their environment?

    Just a thought

  6. G.T. says:

    Well the saying goes, "PPM has brought this country into hugh debt whilst UDP is taking us out." 

    Is UDP doing too much? 

    And why are both parties oppose to reducing the size of government, privitization,amending laws that hurt small business owners, and reducing fees, licenses, duties, and permits?

    Now… I expect more from the Opposition Party?

  7. Anonymous says:

     a generous gesture

    wish him the very best and hope he accomplishes the same as in his home country.

    as far as the vocal physicians here, it is not earning money  alone, give back to humanity and the less fortunate with deeds and not just talk.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A welcome addition to the available treatments. Time is heart muscle and now catheterization and stenting can be done within the advocated 90 minutes of "door to needle" time recommended by the American College of Cardiology and other professional cardiovascular oragnizations.

    I have a challenge to the Honourable Ministers of Health and Education, now. Please liaise with those young Caymanian medical students and doctors to pay for at least two or three of them to be trained as interventional Cardiologists.

    You need succession planning and we have talked about it long enough, and paid lip service only to the notion. Come on now, "Action not a bag a mout’ "!

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post! Let us see how quickly our Ministers will take up the challenge, if at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many heart surgeons do you think a population of 25,000 can ever produce? Maybe 5?  So far it seems to be 0. The medical staff of a big hospital will never have a lot of Cayman born doctors, it’s simply impossible no matter who owns the hospital.

      • Anonymous says:

         I did not say "heart surgeon" I said "interventional cardiologist"; there is a difference and I leave it to you to go educate yourself instead of just spewing out negativity.

        You have missed my point altogether, so let me elaborate.

        I am aware of at least three Caymanian medical students still in training and they could be steered into interventional Cardiology to enable them to have the skill set for cardiac catheterization. Additionally, there are at least three Caymanian General Practitioners that could be approached for their ideas.

        I am not suggesting that we can realistically achieve full medical staffing with Caymanians; but even 1 or 2 is better than zero, don’t you think?

        • Some other Anonymous says:

          It’s not enough because of the scale of the hospital…  They are using local employment as a selling point.  I doubt they believe this.  It’s lip service, like it has been for other projects.

  9. CLiberty says:

    This is good news indeed for heart patients. Finally, the fruition of UDP’s efforts in boosting the economy is coming to pass. More and more, you will see the negative and ignorant bloggs posted by their critics. These bloggers are so dumb that they do not see the benefits of Shetty’s Narayana Hospital and medical tourism, which will provide jobs and opportunies for many Caymanians. And please… this should not be taken as a party politics issue!  For God sake, we are talking about our economy!

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      Don’t mention parties and your comment will not be taken as party politics.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m one of the dumb bloggers you mention so please, in all your wisdom, educate me as to the jobs and opportunities that you say will be provided for Caymanians. While you are at it please, I beg you, let us know how many Caymanians have been identified as suitable to fill such posts and say when exactly their training began in anticipation of the hospital’s start date. You see, smart people like you need to educate those of us who are so dumb on these things.

  10. Anonymous says:

    History shows that the Cayman Islands could have had an excellent and well run cardiac unit from many years ago when Dr. Jonathan Fialkow sought to do just that. Dr. Fialkow is a highly qualified cardiologist, well known to the many Caymanians whose lives he has saved, having been head of cardiology at Baptist Hospital in Florida and subsequently in private practice along with a group of other equally well qualified and experienced cardiologists at the Cardiovascular Centre of South Florida. However, despite his investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars and good intentions his offer was not embraced by the powers that be in this country at that time. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a patient of Dr. Jonathan Fialkow and know what you have posted here to be true. It was a terrible shame that a cardiologist of his standing, who had such a strong desire to come here and help the Caymanian people was not embraced and allowed to do so.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mike Adam is not responsible for feeding your kids healthy meals.  You are.  IF you are too lazyto go home and cook, at least buy them something healthy.  Yes, you caneven get a grilled chicken sandwich with a salad at BK and Wendys.  Even KFC has grilled chicken and mashed potato.  All the supermarkets have salad bars with plenty of healthy fruit for dessert.  If your kids are fat, you need to help them.  YOu are the providers.  YOu need to get them off the couch and outside doing something.   Stop being lazy yourself and save your own and your kids lives.


    • Healthy? says:

       I like your attitude about healthy children’s meals very much, but have to tell you this is WHY parents need more guidance and education at home.  A baja"salad" at Wendy;s has more calories than a KFC double down.  (over 700)  The salad also has 47 grams of fat, 17 grams of saturated fat and 1990 milligrams of sodium. All waaaay over the daily limit for even an adult.

      Sooooooo, until parents find out the real truth and just start cooking at home we will not tackle this problem!  (I’m SORRY, but the deli counters at the grocery stores are just as badly fattening with recipes made from lard, sugar, and grease) no decent diet to be found at the grocery store deli…and WHO can afford THAT daily?!?  

      Our children need to start eating the right portion sizes, less fatty meats, and more vegetables, beans, and grains, period.  Stop the fruity full sugar juices FIRST!  Water is just fine, try it.  We must wean this fat kids off drinks with color and 100% sugar, it is a recipe for diabetes!!!

      I’d like to see a school nutritionist for the islands.  The cost of medical care we are going to be forced to provide to obese teenagers will be astounding.

      Save our children……from their parents!!!




  12. islandblues says:

     Now this is the best piece of news I’ve read here in a long time. It will save the lives of many who have heart problems by providing them early detection and screening AND abandoning the need to travel to Miami or wherever during an emergency situation, when, by then, it’s often  too late for a patient in cardiac arrest. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s hardly fair to blame our elected officials for our children being fat. Get real! That responsibility is for the parents, not the government. It costs more than twice as much to eat out than to have a meal at home. Maybe parents need to go back to the old days when our parents and grandparents had to eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. It would be better for all our waistlines and wallets.

    • killjoy says:

      Agreed….on a similar note – I wonder whether John Gray school are aware that while they are trying to encourage healthy eating for the kids an icecream truck parks right next to the chain link fence around the back at lunch time every day to sell Ice creams through the wire to the kids…..that surely only sabbotages their efforts?

      • Healthy? says:

         Hmmmm, we don’t let drug dealers hang around schools so we should STOP the sugar truck from being there.  What if you were a parent who packed a healthy lunch for your child (there are about four of us still.  No "lunchables" or bologna, or fatty meats) and then found out little Johnnie was getting daily ice cream?!?

        This will be a problem bigger than our deficit.

        We MUST tackle this and make it priority ONE.  Gee, in just the last six months, we have found out from WHO that we are tied with St. Lucia for the most inactive children in the world, we have a child obesity problem ranking in the plus 30% for children UNDER the age of 10, and our literacy rate is only 35% of our children graduate with a reading level higher than 7th grade.

        We actually have proof that we are producing FAT, LAZY, and STUPID children….and the parents in bloated the civil service are the role models, just perfect.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Good news for future heart patients. What about the kidney patients who all have to travel overseas to install the dialysis taps. When is something going to be done to at least bring in a specialist so that these patients family don’t have to incur so much cost. Oh, perhaps its a politically packed scheme to spend our money in Jamaica. Come on Government, do something for your people for a change.

  15. We are most thankful says:

    As much as I agree with the above on healthy living for prevention, we needed a cath lab on Cayman for many years.

    You have to be in the position of NEED to understand. My husband had a heart attack while in the hospital on Cayman Brac after a diabetic related illness; he got the "best" of care, but was in urgent need of medical treatment in a cath lab. The heart attack took place at 2 a.m. and transfer by air ambulance to Miami was arranged in the morning. There were no hold-ups with not having paper-work in order, the Insurance company was called and a back and forth conversations continued, plus advance payment by credit card for the ambulance service, since most insurance allowances to not cover such a high amount for an overseas transfer….this was the shortest time frame to get the patient off island, with the most possible care and help by the Cayman Islands hospital staff, but nothing more could be done ‘here". The patient arrived in Miami shortly passed 5 p.m. at the start of rush-hour, we arrived at Mount Sinai hospital past 6p.m. /

    IF this would have been a more serious heart attack, and would the patient not have been able to be stabilized at the Brac hospital….you know what may have happened.

    We are more then grateful for the on island service that will become availble in the near future.

    p.s. the staff that took care of my husband was from all over the world, no I did not ask "what" their qualifications were, as I assumed that they are qualified because they held the post! All over the world international medical staff is present, and again we "are" greatful.



    • Anonymous says:

      And everyone of them had to meet the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) requirements AND pass the same exams as their American counterparts… sneaking under the bar there. Standards are applied to ALL

  16. Abaddon says:

    "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."

    This guy is going to make a killing. The next generation of cardiac patients are being carefully groomed in our schools. It is a crying shame to see many of our kids waddle into school in the morning and then descend on the fast food joints like vultures as they gorge on high-calorie, chemical-laden garbage.

    Mike Adam, you should be ashamed of yourself. What have you done to promote healthy living? What, tell us? This is a public forum.

    We bow down to the money people and have no guts to say what is right. A national program of exercise and proper nutrition would promote a heathy and more productive Cayman.


    • CSI says:

      Mike Adam, you should be ashamed of yourself. What have you done to promote healthy living?

      You could have just left out the last few words: "Mike Adam, what have youdone?"  Has he done anything?  He’s like the Minister that never was.  Although, on this occasion, shouldn’t it be either Mark Scotland (Health) or Rolston Anglin (Education) that should be on the hot seat?

      • CLiberty says:

        I don’t know CSI… maybe you’re one of those PPM supporters who will do anything to get them in again and hence wish for the destruction of our economy as well…


        If I want to eat candies till the day I die, that is my personal decision!


        • Molly Coddle says:

          The day Mike Adam(s) stood for election was the day he put himself in it!

    • Thank you says:

       Anyone that offers cardiology services is welcomed by me and if this doctor succeeds afterwards, even better for him.   It is shameful to think of how many have died in the past due to the lack of care here.  Once again, our Govt put the priority of the people’s money in the wrong direction.  STOP giving construction contracts to cronies and start putting our tax dollars to health and education.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its a fool’s game to expect any government anywhere to change the behavior of individuals.   We are not subjects, we are citizens, free to make decisions in one’s own life, and this should not be the mandate of any government. 

      Lifestyle and behavior modification is firstly an individual responsibility, coupled with parents, relatives and other direct caretakers that have direct influence on a child’s life.  

      There is no shortage of accessible physical opportunities for children in Cayman, both in school and outside school, and this breadth of opportunities exist in few places around the world.  Swimming, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball etc……existing in a favorable climate.

      Dont expect any government program anywhere to solve these issues, especially in Cayman that is full of physical opportunities.

      • Crying Caymanian says:

        I do not think that the poster intended that government should start being "diet police", rather that the government should put an equal amount of effort and promotion into highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition as it does into medical treatment for conditions that could be avoided by adhering to such practices.

        It’s only my 2 cents but I do have the benefit of personal experience. I have lost 40 lbs in the last few years, changed my lifestyle and diet and have had almost no need for medical treatment compared with my age group peers of 50 years old.

        At the end of the day, we should be doing the best for ourselves and our families. Life is not a rehearsal.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does government have to advise the people how to live healthily?  What has become of society when it looks to government to guide it on diet, sex and exercise.  How totally pathetic.  It is well past time for individuals to again take responsibility for their own lives and stop blaming someone else because they are too lazy to cook and live properly and healthily.  Certainly government can ban the sale of unhealthy food; similarly people can decide for themselves to gnaw carrots and sip cucumber cocktails – when the majority make that decision fast food will no longer be the money-spinner it presently is.

      Similarly, government can ban certain publications and media because they reflect views that government does not agree with or that government feels youth should not be exposed to.  Alternatively, parents can take up the responsibilty of bringing up their children with sound moral values.

      Last, but not least, the more you ask government to intervene the more you require government to do (the Anti Fast Food Task Force; Vegetable Police; the Fibre Squad and Colon Cleansing Unit) – does this not fly in the face of government reducing expenditure?

    • Reality-Check says:

      I ‘somewhat agree’-because Fortunately this will help some of our overweight children who we continue to drive thru kfc and BK, because we won’t take the time to prepare home-meals, yes, as well as Many of us also have elderly family, (our parents,grandparents,& great-grands) who are suffering from heart conditions, regardless of their diet, and we are struggling to afford the care of travelling back and forth.. Well done, we have needed advanced Cardiac Care here for a very long time, and if this man , who yes has the money to do so (when our Govt ‘says’ they dont), wants to gracioulsly provide this Country with those services, one would be quite silly to hunt for reasons to dis-hearten it. Prevention is always better than cure–but we need to face the facts of what is happening in the mean time. The schools, if you are involved in any way, would know, have implemented several ‘be-active’ strategies..but it is not the school’s fault, if our kids choose to walk to wendys at 3pm, instead of heading home to a decent meal..& Obviously they DO have the guts to say what is right– "Cayman is broke, and could really do well with this Unit, which would save $$$ going to the US,,hence it here:)! " (–& it won’t be free, like nothing else is)

    • Anonymous says:

      If Mike and his government care about our children they would issue a directive to The Central Planning Authority to approve anymore of fast foodjoints in such close proximity to our schools. I agree with the person who posted above about this as it is a shame and a disgrace to see how our children aappear to be deliberately targeted/tempted/lured into these places. Our children are much more precious than money guys!