War on weight wins 79lbs worth of flab to date

| 12/11/2010

(CNS): As the second half of the War on Weight (WOW) transformation contest comes towards a close, the organisers said this week that the contestants have lost more than 79 pounds and 100 inches in total. The challenge officially kicked off on Tuesday 24 August, with 10 contestants competing to be crowned the biggest loser after sixteen weeks on Tuesday 14 December. Committee chairperson, Leandra Charles, said that she was delighted with the progress this year’s contestants are making. "This year has really been one of the most successful to date and the camaraderie amongst the group is really inspiring,” she added.

Since the start of WOW, contestants have taken a whole new lifestyle approach, aided by a wide range of health and fitness industry experts. In addition to exercising five times a week at Body Sculptor or Curves, contestants have joined in a wide range of introductory classes on Saturdays exposing the group to enjoyable activities that they can possibly continue after the contest is over. This has included spinning at Revolutions, martial arts at Purple Dragon, yoga at BodyWorks, stretch classes at Flow, Zumba at Miss Jackies, Qigong at the Wellness Centre, and Bollywood dance at the Dance Studio.

WOW contestants also host a two-mile walk every Sunday at Safehaven starting at 7:00am, in which the public are encouraged to join at no charge. This past weekend as part of WOW’s “pay it forward” component, the group walked together for Meals on Wheels and even brought a few furry friends from the Humane Society to tag along.

“The group’s overall health has progressed tremendously; they smile bigger, walk taller, and work out with confidence and effortless enthusiasm,” Leandra said. “You wouldn’t recognize them from their application pictures, thanks to this year’s sponsors for their generosity we’ve been able to motivate them with a variety of activities and prizes."

The committee also arranges social events for WOW which have included a salsa party hosted by the Wharf Restaurant and Family Fun Day at the Oasis with catering by WOW’s official grocery store, Foster’s Food Fair, and Subway.

During the sixteen weeks a personalized diet, under the watchful eye of registered dietician Chad Collins and a guided grocery tour at Foster’s Food Fair Airport helped contestants learn how to shop wiser and read past misleading food labeling. Prizes for winners inseveral categories such as most weight loss, most body fat lost, and most participation, include a blackberry from LIME, a makeover at La Mer and studio time at Picture This, and gift certificates from Reflections and Funky Monkey. To join in our events and to follow the contestant blog on their journey to a healthy lifestyle, visit www.caymanactive.com/wow or email wowcayman@yahoo.com.

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