PPM recruitment drive steps up as leader steps down

| 15/11/2010

(CNS): As people offered tributes to Kurt Tibbetts last week when he revealed his intentions to step down from the helm of the People’s Progressive Movement, the party was on the lookout for new recruits. Several people signed up at a special national meeting on Thursday evening as it was pointed out that in order to vote for the PPM’s new leader people needed to be fully signed up members of the party. During the coming weeks the various district branches will be nominating candidates for the leadership, the deputy leadership and the roll of general secretary. Once names are put forward, every PPM member will be allowed to join the ballot and decide who will become leader of the opposition. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

Anyone who joins the party before its national conference next year, when the vote for the new leader and the other posts will be held, can take part in the vote. The party’s constitution provides for a democratic process whereby the entire membership gets to decide who will lead them.

The leader has to be a member of the Legislative Assembly, which means that if all four of the current serving members are nominated by their district branches then they will be able to run for the leadership post, but the final decision will be in the hands of the wider PPM membership, which currently ranks over 1150 members.

A recently posted poll on CNS currently shows Moses Kirkconnell, the PPM’s representative for the Sister Islands, as the favourite candidate to take up the leadership with forty percent on the votes, trailed closely by Alden McLaughlin with 35 percent of the vote. No decisions have yet been made, however, which of the four MLAs will eventually stand for the leadership post.

Tibbetts, who has served in the Legislative Assembly as a representative from George Town since 1992, took up the PPM top job when the movement was created in the wake of the 2001 leadership coup. After Tibbetts was ousted as the leader of government business in the coalition with McKeeva Bush, which had defeated the National Team in the 2000 election, the two men went on the form and lead new political parties.

During a press conference last Wednesday Tibbetts announced that he would be stepping down from the leadership in the New Year and was making his announcement in compliance with the party’s constitution to give 60 days notice so that the election process for a new leader would get underway. He said, however, he would not be leaving the political scene and would remain the PPM member for George Town.

The opposition leader also revealed that, in the wake of the PPM’s defeat at the national polls in May of last year, he had made the decision that, as leader, he had to take responsibility for that and step aside to let new blood take the party forward to the next election.

Following his official announcement to the press on Thursday evening, the PPM membership packed into the Seafarers Hall in Prospect and paid tribute to the leader, applauding him for changing the way the business of government is conducted in the Cayman Islands. He was acclaimed for the modernisation of the constitution, the implementation of the freedom of information law and the development of the new government building, which will be opened in January.

Anthony Duckworth, the PPM party chairman, said that the creation of the PPM was not just about getting Kurt Tibbetts re-instated as government leader but it was about creating better government. He pointed to the changes made by the PPM administration under Tibbetts’ leadership that had given more power to the people and changed governance for the better as he rejected the path of self interest which has historically been a feature of the country’s government system.

“The way that the PPM acted when in government has led to higher expectations of government in general,” Duckworth noted, adding that in order to stop bad governance the people had to continue to speak out.

Many people openly declared their love and admiration for a man who is considered to be a rarity in any jurisdiction – a truly honest politician.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor PPM. The photo of Kurt tells it all – a party in another sense of the word that seems to be never ending.

    Listen up PPM, the only way you will ever form another government is to elect a serious leader along with serious representatives. Stop being in denial as to why you were turfed out of office – it wasn’t that people loved Mac particularly but something had to be done to stop the "progress", so let’s get real, eh?

    The UDP will be praying for you all to elect a hothead asyour next leader in the same way I suppose the Democrats will be over the moon at the prospect of Sarah Palin. Your best bets in the short term are Anthony or Moses (to lead you out of the wilderness, perhaps?). But go ahead if you think the public have a taste for another radical premier (it’s no good citing Mac in this regard, friend, remember you’re trying to get IN), but I would advise caution, a great deal of it!

  2. anonymous says:

    I say vote for the “Coffee Party” next time..

    • Iraq says:

      Based on the comments in this forum. It is clear the PPM is guilty as the UDP for not helping Caymanians secure jobs as the work permit government crusade was in full swing under the PPM government as well! Both Parties are the same. If we change the people will we have the same problem?


      If they have one! What do they stand for anyway? I have never hear this from the mouths of Kurt nor Alden.

      The entire nation knows what Ezzard Miller stands for and we are quite happy with it. I guess if we replace kurt with Alden and an X-pat the paper caymanians and would be status holders will be VERY HAPPY as long as there’s someone in that seat that will STOP CAYMANIANS FROM GETTING AHEAD!  That wouldn’t be Ezzard, he’s for his people.

      What’s wrong with that? That is what this war is about in this forum but no one has the guts to admit it. Come on Caymanians support this man that fights for you night and day. Alden is too cute don’t want to get his hands messed up.

  3. Libertarian says:

    A party should have a public declaration of its stance on all issues. That is what you call INTEGRITY. Learn from the Democrats and the Republicans. Everyone knows their platform: Democrats are for big government, social programs, welfare, more pro-choice, and stress more on a fair market – Republicans are for small government, charity, businesses, more pro-life, and stress more on a free market. You have two well defined sides.

    • Anonymous says:

      The truth is that there are few if any ideological differences between the PPM and the UDP and so they cannot be defined in the same way as Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Differences on issues are highlighted by party manifestos which do exist.

      As for learning from the U.S. political parties, I don’t think that the U.S. public is terribly impressed with either of them.    

      • Libertarian says:

        One thing we learn then is that it makes it more convenient for party leaders here to flip-flop, say one thing and then change their mind.

        It just shows that if the leaders don’t have integrity, and are blown by the wind of change, the people will always remain clueless as to what to stand up for! 


        A teaching on being ethically firm:  "a wise man built his house upon a rock… when the rains came and floods beat against the house, it did not fall."

        Why is PPM eroding?

        Answer:  With no mission, no political persuasion, no stance on issues – what do we expect?

      • Anonymous says:

        Whether or not the US public is impressed with the predominant parties or not is beside the point. That is for themselves to determine, but we can observe. Party politics exists often separate to public impression. It is a life unto itself.

        But the power remains in the ballot. That’s the main deal.

  4. Cinderella says:


    Right on!

    I;ll give you an A+

    that’s what I’m talking about. Very Good

  5. anonymous says:

    Thank you Mr. Tibbetts for your years of service to the people of these Islands and thanks for being a respectable Statesman.  Just looking at that photo of you made me laugh and reminded me of the person you are, it shows that Politics did not change you.  The humble giant of a man.  May you continue to find joy and peace in whatever role you may be given.  May God Bless you and your family and may God continue to Bless these Cayman islands.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Based upon the comments thus far I would say the Kurt Tibbetts succession planning leaves a bit to be desired.

    No one has a clue who the next leader will be.

    Look up succession planning and identify its meaning; it hasn’t existed in the PPM with Mr Tibbetts at the helm.

  7. east ender says:

    I hope on their list of candidates, they put Ezzard Miller’s name!

  8. anonymous says:


    Great articles. They all make very much sense. Great insight, and I hope the Independents are reading and also the PPM’s. They will benefit greatly

    That’s right, its not about teams or party politics, its about the people and making hard decisions for the betterment of the country.

  9. anonymous says:

    Party politics has given us all the problems we are enduring now.

    How about the North Sders not be so selfish and speak to Mrl Miller thinking about the rest of us who needs his leadership and representation as the nexr PPM leader. We have no other party there is no independent party so should Mr. Miller not consider PPM membership, he would be a fool if he turned down an opportunity to be the premier of the Cayman Islands!?

  10. Anonymous says:

    What does the PPM stand for? Does it have a platform or set of policies it is in favor of? Is it like any of the parties in other countries or is it just a group of family and friends looking out for themselves?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ignorance is a bad thing most times, but when flouted like this its really chronic!!! 

      The PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT is about the people and their concerns, needs, values and aspirations.  Its not about one person or small group of persons.  Its honesty and Intergrity, the likes of which this country had not seen prior to 2005. 

      Yes, mistakes were made, but to err is human!  we can be forgiven, but NO one could accuse us of what you just did!!  now go back into your crab hole til next season!

      • Anonymous says:

        Lots of content in that reply. Anyone else got any idea?

      • Anonymous says:

        The previous exchange is further validation as to my call for political parties that are issue driven not vague personality driven such as was displayed in this previous exchange.

        The respondee to the question of the PPM core values and beliefs shows exactly the vague platitudes put out as actual political beliefs and with an intellectual attitude that is scary.

        Some actual political physophical views would be ,"The PPM believes in a balanced budget." or ""The PPM supports a mimimum wage." or "The PPM supports labor unions."

        To drift off into vague comments such as was previously by the PPM advocate described means nothing. 

        Of course the PPM doesn’t want to be tied down to actually making a stand on the issues.

        • Anonymous says:


          Excuse me but your comment is VERY GAGUE.

          I find the comments made endorsing Mr. Ezzard Miller’s leadership as very encouraging, very informative, straight to the point and very important,

          As stipulated in the initial statement of support for Mr. Miller everyone with concerned was encouraged to question Mr. Miller himself on what he stands for. I’m sure he is reading these comments and will respond in time.

          However we do appreciate the heads up on really who Mr. Miller is character wise and we are VERY SATISFIED!

  11. anonymous says:

    Wonderful proposal. North Siders talk to Mr. Ezzard Miller. We need his leadership at this time. No one else is stepping up to the plate. Truman Bodden is not saying anything. He’s been wining, and pining and if and when he decides to lead we’l l listen to him.

    The country needs his leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      What?  Do you like going back in time – no disrespect to him but Truman Bodden? 

      • Anonymous says:


        The PPM should look at tapping a  new team out of West Bay for the next election – for starters, what about Tara Rivers, Kora Grant, Mario Ebanks & Leonard Ebanks. Now that’s what am talking about!!


        • Anonymous says:

          Mariio Ebanks is the Man for West Bay. Mario as a Permanent Secretary WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO SERVE EVERYONE NOT JUST HIS OWN DISTRICT.  I TRUST HIM. HE GOT A BAD DEAL BUT GOD WILL RAISE HIM UP AGAIN.  Mario I’m going to push for you as long as you stay out of the UDP Camp. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Tara Rivers and Cora Grant are the women for West Bay; hope both give serious consideration. I know that Tara had run in a previous election, not sure if Ms. Grant is interested in throwing in her hat in 2013. Do know that she knows how to campaingn for others; so she should be able to do the same for herself.  West Bay needs a good honest woman to represent the majority of its voters who are women. Go girls, you  have my support!!

  12. Florence Goring-Nozza says:

    OK Mr. Ezzard Miller,

    North Siders please use your wisdom, commonsense and good judgment and ask Mr. Ezzard Miller to join up with the PPM only for the good of the country. We need his assistance at this time . To Date there is no Independent Team or Party functioning known to the public. North Siders would be very proud to have a Premier coming out of your district. Now is the time to use your head and not your heart.

    The country needs Mr. Ezzard Miller as the replacement for Mr. Kurt Tibbitts. There is no independent party strong enough in numbers to birth an Independent Premier at this time. So therefore it makes sense for Mr. Ezzard Miller to put personal and political pride and reputation  aside, putting the country and the people first by compromising for a VERY GOOD  AND REASONABLE CAUSE.

    This is the course that any real Political leader that means the country well would take. He or she will make sacrifices that go against his or her own personal will and personal gain for the betterment of the country and its people in a time of crisis. Mr. Ezzard Miller I consider this time in our History a time of crisis where the Cayman Islands need proper representation in the opposition PPM party. As an Independent, that’s what I would do, Make whatever necessary changes that are sacrificial but will pay off in the end for the good of everyone.

    NOTE: Mr. Miller  good and sound judgment would encourage and approve of your PPM membership only on special terms.  And those terms should emphatically and profoundly stipulate in writing that  you will lead the party. Let’s suggest  you would need a ‘Prenup ? ".  It would be a punishment for you to allow yourself to be led by one less qualified when you yourself is already identified as an educated experienced former MLA and Cabinet Member  with  current and proven sound judgment and decision making on all issues concerning this country especially the public purse.

    You are a LEADER capable of making sound, educated and rational decisions and you are NOT A FOLLOWER by any means.

    YES A PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENT  will secure your position as the new PPM Leader of the Opposition. We can’t imagine you following anyone else in the Legislature at this time, not even Alden who’s seniority being politically correct would be the next PPM Leader, however being morally and realistically correct WE CAN NOT ALLOW  OR AFFORD FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO US!  we just do not see the required leadership in the PPM once Mr. Kurt Tibbitts resigns.

    Mr. Ezzard Miller, we are depending on you, please think this over and consult the constituents in your district concerning this as we realize this would be  somewhat of a hard decision for you at this time.

    God Bless you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think that you all understood the fact that Mr. Miller is independant is why North Siders voted for him in the first place. You see we didnt get anything from the then member of the PPM  and we for sure wouldnt get anything from the UDP, so having said that i’m sure that North Siders would not  want Ezzard to join the PPM..

      Untill the party system is sound and can be trusted to lead the country in the right direction I am one North Side voter that would not like for him to affiliate him self with the party system. Now I know that it has been said that he and his constituents will suffer because if this stance that he has allowed himself to take however we got along very well during the fruitless reign of the PPM before and needless to say the UDP is doing very little now too. 

      So I say to you writer, look else where for a good leader if it has to be affiliated with the PPM.

      God bless you Kurt

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:


        I’m so sorry you missed the point. Choosing leadership that works for the people is not based on what a district wants or likes. Mr.Miller may be the MLA for North Side but he is serving the people of the Cayman Islands.

        Taking on a leadership role is not about loyalty to a Team or a Party, or the district alone in which he or she is elected.

        Its about being LOYAL TO THE ENTIRE NATION!

        Also great men and great women have always made the necessary changes, sacrifices  and adjustments in their lifestyle, including changing their own agenda in order to accomplish GREAT THINGS FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  its not about the party, or the district, or the North Siders, its about our young people’s future and where this country is headed.

        Yes the future of the Cayman Islands, its about jobs for Caymanians, its about freedom of Speech, its about saving the public purse, its about educated leadership, its about educating and equipping our people to compete in the job market enabling them to climb up the corporate ladder.


        We can not continue to think small, we must begin to think OUTSIDE THE BOX!


        North Siders are Caymanians!  They are the people too!

    • Libertarian says:

      Thanks Florence!

      But what exactly would Mr. Ezzard Miller’s stance be?  I personally don’t know what he stands for. And has anyone notice that the PPM does not have a DECLARED POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, which makes it only convenient for leaders of the party to say one thing, but do something else!  What is Ezzard’s political stance?  What is the PPM’s political stance?

      I still don’t know!

      Plus, I am sorry to say, you will still have voters blown by the wind, jumping from one party to the next, because they themselves don’t know what they stand for. UDP likewise… I check their website, and cleverly they omitted a political philosophy. It appears everything is on Mr. Bush’s terms and conditions. Do the PPM have a website? I am sorry!  PPM must do better! 

      I must see a CONCRETE MISSION STATEMENT of the party!  I must see with my own eyes where they are heading, before I vote for them.  And I expect for Mr. Miller to share with us his beliefs as well.

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

        Dear Libertarian,

        Thanks for your concerns, and you have a right to be concerned. I’m also sure that most of the posts in this forum were very organized since the downfall of our country getting the best representation has always been the result of constituents voting for people that are popular, people we like and not really people that are capable of doing the job. We need to  pull ourselves  away from that mindset.

        Down through the ages, Leaders that are proven to be honest and mean the people well generally get more scrutiny than the tyrant who has ahidden dictatorship agenda that ultimately causes them harm and reducing their quality of life, leaving us all with much regret.

        We are also aware that there are comments made in this forum seasoned with negative sentiments that are not entirely interested in the advancement of Caymanians educational or otherwise. And this is one primary reason Mr. Ezzard Miller would not be their choice. It is a fact. A leader must lead all citizens and residents but do not be deceived, the duty of any leader anywhere in the world is to take care of their own people first and ensure the safety and welfare of everyone regardless of national origin.

        Bottomline, Caymanians, by birth or otherwise have the right to decide who they want to lead them.

        Libertarian, you have expressed that you do not know exactly what Mr. Miller stands for.   Well I’ll give you an idea of what he stands for and the remainder of your unanswered questions perhaps a forum for Mr. Miller could be arranged and let him speak for himself as HE IS OF AGE.

        Maybe he could answer some questions from Talk Radio or other forum or media.

        Mr. Miller’s stand on issues regarding the Cayman Islands  has already been demonstrated by his leadership as an independent opposition, outlined as follows:-.

        1.  MOST IMPORTANTLY Mr. Ezzard Miller is AGAINST Wasteful and WRECKLESS spending raping the public Purse!

        2. He has proven to be an efficient watchdog over the public Purse and Public Accounts.

        3. Mr. Ezzard Miller is one of the ONLY elected members that holds government responsible for  all spending and holds them accountable.

        4. Mr. Ezzard Miller is a grassroots representative that is concerned about the rights of Caymanians livelihood being eroded  not being able to find work in their own country. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED  but just because they are CAYMANIAN!  This he has "0" tolerance for and RIGHTLY SO.

        5. Mr. Ezzard Miller is capable of drafting laws brought to the table, reaching across the isle bringing both sides the UDP and the GOP together for a common cause and for the good of the people and this country.

        6.  Mr. Ezzard Miller  "IS NOT CORRUPT.AND IS "NOT FOR SALE!" 

        7.  Mr. Ezzard Miller is not against development at all but he is not seeking to be controlled by local Investors or developers who have agendas for their own personal gain and NOT THE PEOPLE.

        8. Mr. Ezzard Miller is an experienced legislator and cabinet member, who is educated. He holds a University Degree  as a pharmacist. He has completed his education and therefore is able to make educated and informed decisions on behalf of our people and this country.

        9. Last and most importantly we have seen Mr. Ezzard Miller put the people and country FIRST on many occasions by blowing the whistle on the UDP’s reckless moves.

        I  have known Ezzard Miller for many may years, and he is an honest man of dignity and integrity. He does not believe in living lavishly and traveling the world unnecessarily. He lives within his means and not high on the hog..

        You may consult Mr. Ezzard directly on any further  questions .

        In regard to websites and mission statements, I agree with you  its time to take out the WHIP!

        Yes it is now the time to put these members both PPM and Independents on notice that if they are serious about leading the country then step right up to the plate, and use whatever resources there is available to them to get their Mission Statement out there along with their agenda stipulating how they will serve the Cayman Islands and Its people.

        Eg. There’s a Party or Team Website that needs to be constructed very easily  and is needed IMMEDIATELY waiting till 2012 or 2013 is not enough time for proper vetting of your agendas.

        There are social websites like:-

        You toube




        and many other social websites that educated members that are serious about leading should utilize and let their voices be heard.

        I trust I have been of some help in answering some of your concerns.

        Best regards.

    • Anonymous says:

      if ezzard became leader….we would need to start chartering planes for all the expats and caymanians with intelligence who surely would leave the island immediatley

      ezzard is suited to being independent mla of northside…he is the king of the small town, backward soundbite

    • Anonymous says:

      Fortunately the membership of the PPM will have the last word in this matter and Mr. Miller doesnt come close to filling Kurt Tibbetts shoes

    • Anonymous says:

      Fortunately the PPM membership would have the final word to say about this and it’s no doubt that he could never fill Mr. Tibbetts’ shoes. PPM operates as a full functioning party and is run that way to the ‘t’. It is not a one many show as happens otherwise and no one has to worry about expressing themselves with fear of victimization. The majority rules in PPM Party.

      • Anonymous says:

        What is it the party of? What would it be likely to do if it were in power? Talking about leadership is fine, but what is the direction that leadership will go?

    • Anonymous For Cause says:

      You are entitled to your opinions but you have clearly forgotten how Leaders or anyone else for that matter are democratically elected.

    • Pauly Cicero says:

      Independent Party, isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

      • Cinderella says:


        Does your level of intelligence limit you to simply criticize a well prepared statement of facts that make you angry. Would it make you feel better if we slandered someone in this forum ?

        Or are you able to interpret at a level of soundness?

        Writers often use creative terms now a days and get away with it. Yes there are a couple of individuals along with Mr. Miller, Mr. Clifford,and others who claim to be independent.. The fact remains that there is No party for them to identify with!  The use of independent Party is simply a pseudonym for a body of Independent members with no party affiliation. Pretty much like the Tea Party which is a more right wing conservative Republican base. 


        • Pauly Cicero says:

          There is no anger nor any ill intent in my comment. Slandering someone absolutely has no place in a reasoned discussion. I appreciate the effort the poster put into her post but I am not one to waste words. My comment summed up my thoughts as succinctly as possible.

          Creative terms whatever they may be, independent to me means independent. Mr Miller took pains to demonstrate his independence during his campaign, upon taking his independently located seat, and in his duties as an MLA. To suggest that Miller join a party, team, association, whatever, flies in the face of the definition of independent.

          To propose that an independent member join a party with the caveat that he be selected as the leader so that he may becomePremier, well that flies squarely in the face of the democratic process that the PPM has established.

          There may be many posters on this forum who want to see Miller as Premier but it is simply my view that the method put forth is not the right way to go about it.

  13. Thinking before speaking... says:

    Just wondering if the PPM party constitution provides for the possibility of Mr. Tibbetts himself being one of the party’s nominees for Leader of the Party – and if he gets the most votes at the National Conference election early next year – he could again be Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly…..   

    • Anonymous says:

      It does, but Mr. Tibbetts has decided to step down on his own. What would make you think that he still wants it? He’s clearly said that it was his own choice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure how exactly such an outcome would leave PPM any less weaker than it is now?