Determined burglar breaks through wall to get at safe

| 16/11/2010

(CNS): Police are on the hunt for a burglar or burglars who broke their way through a partition wall at a condo complex in  North West Point Road ,West Bay to get through to the office where the safe was kept. Shortly before 1.00am on Sunday, 7 November the security alarm was activated at the Oceanside Plantation office. When the manager and the police attended they discovered that the culprits had broken through the wall of the on-site gym, into the office and had made off with a safe containing bank cheques, a coin box, and a quantity of cash. The safe is described as dark grey, around 12 by 18 inches, about 12 inches deep with a 12 digit keypad and dial latch. (Photo shows similar safe)

Detective Constable Devon Bailey, of West Bay CID, is appealing for anyone who was in the area at the relevant time to contact him. “The person or persons responsible were pretty determined; not only did they break through a partition wall to get into the office they also removed the safe which had been bolted to the floor,” he said.

“We have been carrying out door to door enquiries within the complex and the surrounding area. Today, we would appeal to anyone who we may not have spoken to as yet to come forward. You could be someone who was either in the area at the time, or who lives in the complex but has not yet been interviewed in relationto what you heard or saw on that particular night,” he added on Tuesday afternoon.

If anyone has any information about the break-in, the whereabouts of the stolen safe or its contents they are urged to call West Bay CID on 949-3999 or Crime Stopper 800- 8477(TIPS).

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  1. MER says:

    I am Caymanian (and my mama, my daddy, my grandma, grandpa, their mamma, their daddy etc etc etc, dates back from the 1800’s),anyway, I prefer not to work with Caymanians because instead of hearing about work, all I hear about is this person, the next person, what they wore etc etc etc.

    Too much gossip, example: Court house – just standing by their registries you can learn more about other peoples lives than you know of your own!!! I must admit it is mostly gov agencies, but they are also where there are the most Caymanians hired.

    Alot more work gets done when your mouth is closed! I believe fully that every Caymanian needs a job opporunity, but we do take it for granted when we get it, though I believe now that jobs are scarce as ever, we have begun taking employment much more seriously!

    • anonymous says:

      MER  are you sure you are a Caymanian?   You dont sound like one.  You see that is one of our biggest problems, we do not embrace our own culture, but prefer to be like the Jones’s.  We prefer to speak like a yankie or a yardie instead of being a true Caymanian in a nice way.

      • MER says:

        Trust me, I am very much Caymanian. I fully support what you are saying though, but as a Caymanian we need to be brutally honest, and it is true, in comparison to other ‘cultures’ we in Cayman have become very "loose" (I guess we can do no better considering the Government is the same way). But we have blinded to the reality of what life entails and what is expected. I myself try alot to help people, including friends and family find employment and sometimes it is discouraging when they either "quit" or get fired because of whatever non-sense takes place. Of course not ALL Caymanians are this way, but unfortunately we have gotten ourselves stereo-typed that way, sad but true, and just because I am Caymanian I am not going to lie to myself about the ways of my people or my country, the sooner you admit there is a problem, the faster and better it gets solved!

  2. Dennis Smith says:

    A few thoughts about safes and security.

    The "safe" in this story is little more than a strong box useful only for day time storage. One good hit on a corner with a sledge hammer will open it. (Works on much bigger "safes" as well) Any thing that can be carried away is not a safe it is an opportunity.

    Presumably the "Safe" was bought on a budget. Time for some rethinking about security.

    Walls, windows and doors do not protect anything. Alarms are only useful if there is an immediate response. An alarm will not stop your business from being robbed. Get a real safe, big, heavy (500 to 1,000 lbs) and new. Put it in a steel reinforced strong room with a metal door and good locks and  then alarms, loud, bright and independent of power and phone lines.


  3. anonymous says:

    Thats professional , and to know where the safe was that person had to know quite alot or seen quite alot. Quite a few  of thesebreakings and robberies could be avoided if staff would pay more attention to who they socialize with at restaurants and bars.  For instances a persons who buys one beer and spend three hours drinking it, is not there to get drunk.   They are there to observe.  A persons who orders light food  and spendsthree hours eating it is obviously not there for the food, but to observe.

    Caymanians are not employed in these places, and if they were, they would  make it their business to know your business.   Call us fass, and inquisitive, thats Ok, but we goin ask ye wha ye name is,  whey ye live,  wha ye moda name and where she wok.  Ye Grandmoda dead or if she in the pines.


    • anonymous says:

      ummh, yeah, too bad caymanians don’t want to work in such places.  nice imagination nonetheless…

      • anonymous says:

        00;02, That is an old old old excuse used by all expats.  It  is not true.  Prove it.

      • anonymous says:

        The reason why Caymanians and Expat Caymanians hire expats, is because they can use them for slaves.  This cannot be done with a Caymanian.  Sometimes I am sorry for some of the expatriates, when they talk of how they are treated by you people.  But that is the mentality of the Caymanian and Expat Caymanian with money. They want someone who bowing down to them and saying yes maam, yes sir all day long like a real Uncle Tom.   Thats why you will not hire Caymanians.  Slavery has been abolished.

    • Anonynous says:

      I agree that if more Caymanians were hired specially as security guards,we know whos who. If not we will find out.The only reason they hire work permit holders is to work them half to death for little or nothing.Hence more crime. Many of us retirees trying to survive would love to have a job like that according to the rules of the labour law: ie overtime. No pension needed, no permit fees needed.It did not take an adviser from overseas to figure that out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hire Caymanians to interview slow eaters and drinkers, thereby curing the islands of crime.  Good one.