Legislators return to seats

| 24/11/2010

(CNS): Following the recent sitting of the Legislative Assembly at the beginning of the month where government brought no legislative changes at all, the House re-opens again Wednesday with high expectations for a number of new bills as well as amendments. The recent debate that government must passlegislation that enshrines the constitutional requirement of providing 21 days notice for all laws before they are brought to the LA for passage saw government’s legislative plans delayed during the last sitting. Tomorrow however law makers are expected to get back to the business of making and amending legislation the premier is also expected to deliver his government’s strategic policy statement (SPS) on Friday. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

The SPS is when government outlines its financial goals and plans for the next financial year and will give the country a better view on how likely government is to have delivered on its goal to eliminate the deficit by 2012/2013 financial year. It also present an opportunity for government to update the people on the current situation with the various propose infrastructure projects which it hopes to deliver before the end of this election term.

Aside from the new law to enshrine the 21 day consultation period for bills government is also expected to bring other legislative changes which failed to make the paper earlier in the meeting. These include changes regarding tax concessions, witness protection, district councils and the controversial dormant accounts bill. There is no sign that either the national conservation law or changes to the traffic law will come in this next sitting.

The Legislative Assembly doors open to the public at 10am.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Arden McLean


    McKeeva Bush is a Dictator.


    Someone Chuckster please take a look at the L.ALaw and tell us how much power the Premier should have over the Speaker to order her to tell Mr. Arden McLean to leave the chamber!  I know she’s out of line Can’t defend herself from Big Mac’s pushing her around but she want to push the M.L.A’s around per Big Mac’s request!

    We are really tired of this man. God please deliver us!  SOON!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The current meeting of the LA is a special meeting called so that the politicians can once again refuse to do anything that might deter crime or annoy the thugs who are not in the Legislative Assembly but who are also robbing and terrorizing the country – something about professional courtesy maybe.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At least when the LA is meeting we know where most of them are when they are behaving like children and wasting our money.

  4. Anonymous says:

    cns: do you know how many days the l.a. has been session this year?

    CNS: Not offhand. You could call the clerk at the LA, though. Go forth, citizen journalist!

  5. Anonymous says:

    the incopetence of local politicians is being exposed on a daily basis and we have mute governor who does nothing……..

    cayman needs direct rule for a period of 2 years……….NOTHING IS GETTING DONE!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Strategic Policy Statement will probably have something to say about Elves, who dress in green suits, being more important to our economy than Santa Claus.

  7. Just Askin' says:

    Why do they bother wasting their time? According the our fearless leader there is no need for a Legislative Assembly. He say it go so, the muppets agree, done.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In the wake of this morning’s latest criminal escapade, we should all be demanding that our government drop everything they are doing and go after the criminals.  Nothing else matters at this point.  Cayman is a rapidly sinking ship and McKeeva and Co. are ignoring it.  It’s not enough to say "it’s the responsibility of the police" – we elected the MLAs to take care of our country – how can they sleep at night knowing how they are failing us?

    • Anonymous says:

       Let me tell you how they are sleeping at night:

      1. They each have personal security guards

      2. They each have close circuit tv cameras all around their property

      3. They each have security sensor lighting

      4. They each have security alarm sensory systems all around their homes

      5. They each have interior monitored security and fire alarms around their homes

      6. They each have bullet proof windows and doors for their private homes and vehicles

      They sleep very sound at night, nothing bothers them and the damn helicopter ain’t going to park itself in a holding position over their house keeping them up for hours looking for crooks that long gone via a speed boat to East End, Bodden Town, West Bay, George Town (meaning an opposite directions to where the crime was committed).

      So you see when we can get educated personnel that actually want to do their jobs without have laws in place that authorize them to bully and manipulate the system against the innocent, we may see a reduction in crime.

      Don’t let me mention all the unreported cases of home invasions, personal attacks in private car parks, running people off the road and then busting out their car windows when the vehicle crashes to steal your belongings and put innocent people in fear of their lives.  We have the most useless representation of Govt. and Security Forces (namely Police).  Our Officials are out partying with their mistresses while their wives at home thinking they on official meetings, and we are paying for this as a meeting expense.  I know some them Camana Bay restaurants are enjoying the rewards of our country’s money, because it aint’ one night that passes you don’t see one of or two of them up in a restaurant there.  FOI it and you’ll find it was billed to us!!

      So you see they sleep very well, and they all look like FAT TURKEYS!!  Robbing the country and stealing from the people who selected them and trusted them and voted them into office.  It would seem that they know that the time is drawing neigh for the end of their rule, which is why many are abusing the system in all ways.

      Let us hope that the next group to take up to run for office will have the guts and theno nonsense approach to find the previous Govt. liable for corruption and bring all of them to justice.  I hear all it takes is 60% of the Caymanian people to make it happen, so whose going to start the petition?