Farmers get new location to do business

| 26/11/2010

(CNS): Although Cayman imports nearly all of the food it consumes there are still a number of local farmers and food producers who are offering the public an alternative to imports with fresh local produce. Aside from the government sponsored weekend market at the Agricultural centre and the occasional guest appearance at Camana Bay finding outlets to sell their goods is a battle for many small producers. However, a new weekly market has now emerged on Godfrey Nixon Way, George Town. The Reflections Fresh Market started on 5 November and takes place beside the Reflections store every Friday from 3pm until 6:30pm.

By supporting local farmers, the team at Reflections said they were promoting the benefits of buying local and eating fresh health food.As well as locally gown fruits and vegetables, locally prepared preserves and juices shoppers, fish and fritters shoppers can also find crafts and plants as well.


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  1. Florence goring-Nozza says:


    Attention: Reflections Team,

    Congratulations on your efforts to provide market space to our local farmers.

    However I  am not convinced that providing market space between the hours of  3 pm until 6 is adequate time for these vendors to successfully do business with the community. Can you at least take this in consideration the fact that you will need to give the consumers who are employees  driving time on the road. Most of them leave work 5 or 5:30  not  to mention the Friday evening traffic jams!

    We want this program designed to help these poor struggling vendors to rally help them and not agitate the buyers and ostracize the chances of the sellers to make their merchandise available within a reasonable time frame, and at the same time have a chance to make some money to take care of their families..  

    Please Allow these vendors  the privilege of selling their merchandise to the community all day long on  FRIDAY AND SATURDAY which is the weekend; and it is ideal that during this period these vendors would enjoy the privilege of selling off their produce to local consumers.

    I’m just a little bit concerned about the short time frame they have to work with.