Mac to reveal path to success with stimulus package

| 08/12/2010

(CNS): The country’s premier says that he will be making a public announcement tomorrow evening revealing how he intends to get Cayman back on the road to economic recovery. A statement from the premier’s press office on Wednesday said that McKeeva Bush will make a national address on Thursday, which will be broadcast courtesy ofRadio Cayman and the television station, Cayman 27. Bush will announce measures aimed at stimulating the economy in line with the promise he made in an earlier national address in September. During that speech the premier told the people he was confident that within 90 days of the TV broadcast Cayman would be back on the road to success.

The statement from the press office said that after taking input from various sectors the premier will again speak to the country, a week before his own self imposed deadline, to announce the measures that will deliver on that commitment and will return the Cayman Islands to the path that created its success.

"I am confident that within 90 days of today, Cayman will be back on the path which created its success. It will not be complete, no, but we will be moving forward," the premier said on 16 September.

He had spoken about strengthening incentives, changing immigration policies (including a contracted rollover period), assisting small businesses and speeding up the offshore licensing process as part of the solution to the current economic difficulties. He also announced the formation of some more committees to examine the situation. Bush said that government had contracted Jude Scott to oversee the implementation of various projects and initiatives it was considering, and heads of departments across government were being asked to deliver “statistics and information” to the Ministry of Finance to assist in the monitoring of economic activity.

Since then he has hinted at a stimulus package that would assist the offshore sector, he has pointed to possible duty concessions and the reduction of trade and business licenses, as well as work permit fees for small businesses.

The address announcing what measures government has now decided to take will air on Radio Cayman immediately following the 6pm and 10pm newscast on Thursday evening and after the 8am newscast on Friday morning. Cayman 27 will televise the address at 8pm on Thursday evening.

Check CNS on Thursday evening for a report on the announcements. We will also be reporting on any details of the expected stimulus from the floor of the Legislative Assembly, which resumes on Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me sum up Mac’s speach. "We want more investors like Joe Imperato."

    Let me sum up the opposition. "We will create a human shield." Interesting they don’t do this for crime, loss of jobs, etc.

    Let me sum up immigration. "We are anti-expat, but don’t tell anyone."

    Talk about going in circles and getting nowhere.


  2. anonymous says:

    SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU> NONE OF THE ABOVE> DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME WATING FOR IT ON TV> READ CNS BLOGS AND POST LATER> I for one will find a good Chrismas story book where all ends well. Merry Christmas to all and don’t expect any miracles.

  3. anonymous says:

    Well thursday evening 7:00 pm. No PM speach. A preview of the speach at Cayman Compass site. Same old. residency for sale. Easier for chineese to get to Cayman. Reality check 10 Caymanians lose their jobs at bank of Butterfield Just before Chrismas.  more promises as usual, pat in the back for Cayman cleanup. And move forward We shall. What a pile of bull. Oh yes must of the day was waisted to bar reporter from reporting from Legislative Assembly and possibly a fine and Jail Time from Madam Speaker. And Big Mac votes againts pursuying it. Isn’t he good. Boy you never know with him that’s what is scary. 

    • Hallowe'en Jack says:

      I am glad Butterfield is making good efficiency decisions – profitability is more important than keep people in jobs for jobs sake.

  4. incognito says:

    only left for him to do is raise school fees… Oops.. lets hope he didn’t read this..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Come on Ezzard, Chuckie and Arden….lets get McDinejad out of office……time is of the essence !

  6. Anonymous says:

    The biggest stimulus that the Premier could announce would be his resignation as Premier and Minister of Cabinet.

    Perhaps his handlers could convince him of that. Your thoughts Tony ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    In 2004/2005 I remember Charles Clifford telling us that McKeeva announces lots of projects and programmes, creates a lot of hype around them but that he achieves very little when you check his performance.

    Certainly seems like the past 19 months have confirmed what Clifford has said about that and even more importantly what he has said about corruption in government.

    Sad situation. It should be clear to all that McKeeva and the UDP must go !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is Jude Scott doing in such company ??????

    Jude my friend be very careful……you have a good reputation at this point but remember what they say about birds of a feather and also that ‘you are known by the company you keep.’


  9. Anonymous says:

    Get your popcorn ready people…..the Comedy begins at 8pm on CITN…….although there really is nothinh funny about this incompetence !!!

    Mac must go Cayman !!!!!!!!!! Lets do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The problem is not McKeeva, McKeeva is one of the few Caymanian leaders who is at least passionate about his Island and his people. I think if many of us actually thought about it hard enough we would realise that it is the people of the Cayman Islands that are not willing to accept what sacrifices have to be made to correct a serious problem in Caymans economy and our future.  As such it doesnt matter who you have in office, if any real moves were made to cut costs and improve the financial situation we would just kick him or her out of office.

    Caymans economy over the last 15-20 years has been somewhat ‘artifical’, essentially a large social safety net in which caymanians were employed in the many tiers of government offices, depts. etc etc.(What was the stat of those employed in government vs. private sector?) This was done because it is what caymanians wanted. It ensured nice cars and nice boats and a good standard of living. There is nothing wrong with this it is only human nature to want the best for you and your family and no one would blame you for it why turn down a good thing? I didnt! The sad part about this process is that the government allowed it to carry on for so long assuming that the international finance world would continue to supply revenues to the Cayman Islands Government at the same levels it had in the past. Make no mistake that is where the vast majority of revenue is…fees from the finance industry in one form or another.

    The only long term solution is a government that is 1/10 the size and a return to a more supply and demand type economy. This is the hard part, as it would likely result in massive layoffs and the selling off of all but a few ‘critical’ crown corporations, reason being is there really a demand for these finance services anymore? Ofcourse there will always be a well known offshore industry in the Cayman Islands but the size of it perhaps considerably smaller to reach equilibrium. Returning to equilibrium from an artificially created economy from the upside is a painful process but required if Cayman is to return to financial stability and self sufficiency.

    If there is anyone to blame we should be blaming past governments and ourselves for not seeing this coming and not making plans for it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This will be some comedy act!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Every politician can talk in such a way, that he can make the people (especially caymanians) believe a banana is not curved but straight.

    People get the government they deserve.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WAIT and WATCH !

    Mac Say 90 days..let it be so.. someone has to step in…and its RIGHT NOW….go us what u can .

  14. anonymous says:

    Yiiipppppeeee!!  Finally…….We are going to hear that he has graciously stepped down.  WOW!!! I have waited sooooo long to just hear this.  Merry Christmas Mac, you have finally released the reign of the raindeers to those well educated persons under you on the UDP team.  They are finally out of bondage and they can start thinking and doing things for the people of the Islands.  Please don’t follow you leader XXXXX and please respect the media and any persons that may ask relevant questions.  Have respect for women and young people of these Islands and think Cayman, not $$$$$’s.  Elio and Rolston you guys are starting to sound like your leader, please tune down your acts and become humble, serving people, especially this Festive Season.                                                          Merry Christmas Cayman…MacDinijad is going to step down!!!! LOL!

  15. IRON CLAD says:


    People, the path to success he must be referring to, is HIS OWN and anyone else who joins the CLAN.

    So IRON CLAD… You have NO idea.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How can he help us when in my opinion he is the biggest part of the problem.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that I am ashamed to say this man is the Premier of my country. The following text was taken from the Compass, and I have no doubt that it is a verbatem copy of what was said in the House:


    From practical experience, Premier Bush said what occurs now is that the governor chairs Cabinet and when he is not there the deputy governor sits in the chairman’s position.

    Mr. McLaughlin said that was not correct under the 2009 Constitution. “The governor cannot delegate responsibility of chairmanship to the deputy governor,” he said. “It is the premier, in the absence of the governor who chairs Cabinet.”

    Mr. Bush said he rather liked the opposition member’s interpretation of the constitution.

    “A lot of things would have been moving ahead much faster if I never had to do all of this,” the premier said.


    How appropriate of the Compass to write premier with a little "p". This is the man who proudly proclaimed that he did not vote for the new Constitution. Obviously he did not read the proposals in the new Constitution before voting against it, and since becoming premier, he hasn’t bothered to read any of the provisions or anything else relating to his duties.

  18. Anonymous says:

    He’s going to resign, wahoo, he’s going to resign….he’s going to take all the other numb-heads with him……he’s seen the light……he’s opening up a used washing machine shop in W-Bay to fix all those he’s given away….wahoo

  19. Soon to be rolled says:

    Reduce the roll over to a month, just is just an unbiased opinion

    • Anonymous says:

      no dahlin, you just roooooolllllll on out coz a Caymanian needs that job!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Me eer say Mac a gwoin change de name to JaMacca

  21. Anonymous says:


    This will be more of his double talk and lies as he will again blame the PPM for all the country’s problems and how he is the white knight coming to save us all with his grand plan of a few large projects that have taken over two years of arranging their own self interests for these projects to be able to proceed.

    He may be able to fool some of the people some of the time however he cannot fool us all the time. It is sad when a nation elects someone to represent them and he quickly in record time, looses all respect and credibility and has lost the people’s total confidence to the point that he is no longer believable. No matter what he may say or release to the public, no one is listening, HELLO.

    How our country has fallen under the current leadership, – and you cannot blame the PPM because they invested in the building of infrastructure. The big projects bring big payoffs and the value of these projects to be announced will make the spending of the last Govt look like chicken feed.

    DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE GRAND MASTER as we have to pay for all these big projects in some way in the long run to our final ruin.

    • COMMON SENCE says:

      MORE TALK FROM THE GRAND MASTER!! Do you really know who is a GRAND MASTER?  He is one of the Highest Positions in the Masonic Lodge.  Although we have a few here in Cayman, Mr Bush does not have this position in the Cayman Islands. Do some research.

    • Dilemma says:

      You are dilutional…..a real idiot!

  22. Blame Game says:

    Oh no – going back to the Ex pat well again…income tax, property tax ? Maybe he will just double the Permits again – then we r gone for sure, sadly.

  23. anonymous says:

    Why is it that I am skeptical on this one ? First the good news tnen well the reality rules! All for the best of the country I am sure !!!! At this point the only good news would br that he is stepping down. Still no news from the rest of the PARTY. No one is going to tell me  that THEY are all in agreement with what is going on. These people have friend and family that surely are worried. If your not worried you live on another Island. We’ll SEE what our dictator has to say. Maybe fuel will go down  !!@?!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    What I cannot understand is why a prestigeous person like Jude Scott is connected to the madness of MacDinejad.  This man is erratic, likes to talk West Bay rubbish and he will grasp at any straw he sees flying around in his world travels.  All those straws cannot work in Cayman Mac.  We are notlike Jamaica, Bahamas, Dubai, United States.  We are a unique set of Islands called the Cayman islands.  Start suggesting things Cayman. Be innovative, creative and use the ideas that are floating around here from your Caymanian people. Obama had ideas how to improve the US economy too, do you see whats happening to him and his party? Take a good look and learn.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is he talking "West Bay rubbish"? Was it not the majority of voters island wide that put the UDP in to power? I would agree it is more like Cayman rubbish, which includes your prestine district, wherever that may be.

      So please save us all from your own trash talk.

  25. Anonymous says:

    We have had multitudes of success bates thrown in the sea, and no tides have as yet washed ashore with the "Caymanian Success Story". 


  26. Anonymous says:

    Unemployment is our biggest problem. How can you have so many people on work permits as well as having the R[tz Carlton staff doing (LATERAL SERVICE) 2 or 3 different jobs under 1 work permit. This is wrong. The Caymen Islands are heading for a showdown that Mr Bush dont want to see.PUT OUR PEOPLE BACK TO WORK.If you want to see social unrest, just keep on doing what you all are doing

    • Anonymous says:

      Unemployment on this island is caused by one thing and one thing only and i will give you a clue, its not the issuance of work permits. ITS THE LACK OF A MINIMUM WAGE. The problem is there are plenty of jobs however Caymanian’s are willing to do them at the rates that can be offered. create a minium wage equal to what a caymanian is willing to work for, say $12 an hour and suddenly a whole bunch of expats will be kicked off and a whole lot of caymanian’s will get jobs. SIMPLE

      • Anne on a moose says:

        Govt. looked at this and effectively did nothing when they figured out they’d have to up the wages of all the workers in their personal businesses.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you meant to say that our biggest problem is Unemployability not necessarily unemployment.

      By the way – don’t bring the Ritx into this. I remember a year or so ago the Ritz held a job opening weekend for Caymanians only and only 3 or 4 people turned up over the course of 3 days – to me this say a lot about the desire to get a job

  27. Anonymous says:

    I get a feeling of déja-vu……..remember when he said the country would be "up and running on Monday" on the Sunday after Ivan???????? Isn’t there such a thing as kicking him out of office with a vote of no confidence?

  28. Au Revoir says:

    McChavez would make a great used car salesman in a first world country!

    • Anonymous says:

      One of the things that could stimulate the economy would be to start the new water production and supply system on Cayman Brac, that would give Brackers work for the next 2-3 years probably for the installation and construction projects and further give several others long term work in customer connections.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is nothing this man can say to bring relief to all the people suffering this Christmas.

      This is the most depressing Christmas finacially, that Caymanians have ever experienced and I have never seen and heard of more people feeling the pinch than now.

      But I can guarantee that MacChavez ain’t feeling no pinch or depression this Christmas and I wonder that even as we suffer will we have to pay for his Christmas lights etc. this year.

      I think its best if he has nothing to say to us as it will not bring any relief or pleasure to our ears.

      I still wish all Caymanians a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as much as can be haved in these dire times!

  29. anonymous says:

     There is an interesting scenario setting up. A few large projects are predicted to put the shovels in the ground next year:

    1) Cardiac Hospital

    2) Cruise Port

    3) East End Port

    4) Mount Trashmore reclamation

    As a foreign investor in any of these projects, I would be concerned with the probability of a government change in 2+ years. A lot of decisions could be reversed if a less ‘wild wild west style’ government is elected. 

    The stakes are very high in all of these projects. Anyone guessing how many don’t happen? I predict 50% will get cold feet.

    A possible solution.

    Over time the Caymanian population will continue to increase in proportion to the expats and training in all areas should be expanded for Caymanians. Scholarships in trades (on island ideally) teaching, nursing, for example- few scholarships offered in fields with high percentages of Caymanians already. 


     Caymanians whotrain in fields like nursing, accounting, teaching, hairdressing, masseuse, trades would all be able to replace expats in those existing positions. It would improve the purchasing power of Caymanians and likely spawn more entrepreneurs. It is organic growth of sorts, slower, but more stable and would likely build a better overall foundation for Cayman. Not to mention preserve more of Cayman as it is which seems important to a reasonable percentage of Caymanians.

    I think this is a perfect time to reset expectations in Cayman for growth and sustainability. Looking to 1 or 2 mega projects as being the magic solution to Cayman is unrealistic, and for a couple of the above ideas, poor environmental choices too. 

    I cringe to hear the rhetoric that Mac conjures up for this announcement but I’ll be all ears. 

  30. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t this plan have been part of an election campaign, rather than two years into term?

    • Anonymous says:

      Shouldn’t he be applauded for doing it to try and better the country and help its people rather than as a push for re-election ? 

      • Anonymous says:

        To put your comment in other words – “Fire, Ready, Aim.” So basically, par for your course.

  31. Anonymous says:

    We wait with bated breath.

  32. Anonymouse says:

    Hip-Hip Hoooooooooooooooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

  33. I See You says:

    This will include a Property Tax as stipulated by his handlers at the UN.

  34. Anonymous says:

    zzzz…it will be the same ‘soon come’ speech that we have heard for the last 18 months…… actions (or lack thereof) speak louder than words……

  35. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only person who feels like we are living in a Wizard of Oz country run by five Scare Crows looking for a brain as they pander to the cameras?

    If McKeeva has something to do that can make the country better then why doesn’t he just get on and do it instead of having to address the country on live television?

    Why does he feel the need for showboating his each and every action? How much more could we have done for the people in St. Lucia if we had just sent them the money that we wasted flying the Premier and his entourage of deadbeats down there?

    It’s high time someone tells him that he has already been elected Premier and to get on with the job and try to achieve something before he is unceremoniously dumped from power after the next election.

    • IRON CLAD says:

      Better yet… can we make that ‘CEREMONIOUSLY DUMPED’… and BEFORE next election please?

      I’ll organize the biggest Grand Finale ever and I truly mean that.

      IRON CLAD to the end.

    • Just Followin' the Yellow Brick Road says:

      By making that offensive comparison you have insulted the intelligence of the Scarecrow. Being a big time Wiz O’ Oz fan I feel compelled to demand an immediate apology!

      At least the poor Scarecrow knew his head was empty. Mac and his bunch are blissfully unaware of theirempty-headed condition.

  36. SUFFERING says:

    I do hope that when the time comes, the suffering elderly gets a little more assistance with living.  How can a person survive off 75.00 dollars a week.  Buying depend, food, soap and personal articles. Not enough.