Total lunar eclipse expected Monday night

| 20/12/2010

(AP): Weather permitting, sky gazers in North and Central America will boast the best seats to this year’s only total eclipse of the moon. The eclipse will happen Monday night on the West Coast of the US and during the wee hours Tuesday on the East Coast. The moon is normally illuminated by the sun but during a total lunar eclipse, the full moon passes through the shadow created by the Earth blocking the sun’s light. Some indirect sunlight will still manage to pierce through and give the moon a ghostly color. Since the eclipse coincides with winter solstice, the moon will appear high in the sky — a boon for skywatchers.

NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland predicts the moon will appear bright red or orange. "It will be interesting to watch," he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that CNS doesn’t get threatened with prosecution from some MLAS for reporting this. 

  2. Simpleton says:

    The International Space Station also goes over Cayman 21st Dec at 5.10am for 37 seconds look south south east, low to the horizon.  Easier to see later on the same day at 6.18pm  though, as slightly higher in the sky. Travelling from south to east-north-east. Ends 6.18pm. Binocs not needed. Altitude about 300 miles, speed 15,000 mph

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is leading to a possibly very interesting 2012 for Nostradamus followers.

    • noname says:

      20/12 | 20th of December …

      Very interesting indeed.

      Alright … prayer time.

      Signing out.

      See you tomorrow … hopefully!

    • Anonymous says:

      good, because I don’t think their lives are interesting enough