Reflections posts burglary footage on Facebook

| 21/12/2010

(CNS): The owners of Reflections which has been burgled and robbed umpteen times have posted the footage of its latest break-in on Facebook and on Youtube. During the early hours of this morning burglars paid not one but two free Christmas shopping trips to the store after hours. Stealing a number of electrical items what appears to be different burglars broke into the store around 3:30 and around 5:20 on Monday morning. Police who confirmed thatthey are investigating the burglaries are asking anyone who has information to call DC McDonald at George Town CID on 949 4222 or Crime Stoppers tip-line 800 8477 (TIPS).

See CCTV footage here


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Something needs to be done and soon, like someone said we might become Spiderman soon but in some cases Venom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Police haven’t got a clue, as usual, so why not. Citizen patrols soon coming, surely.

  3. Dred says:

    In all honesty I have to rest some of this on the owners. Let’s get real now. It’s not like Mr. Panton does not have cash to throw at the problem. He needs to invest in better protection for his assets.

    As for the Police we all know how far that goes. But in a situation where the owner’s protection is highly inadequate it’s hard for the police to do very much. If a criminal is careful he/she can leave very little for the police to put together. This is where systems come in. If a business has an effective system of prevention followed by detection then criminals would be in more of a rush when at a premise and this would lend itself to more errors and clues for police to work with.

    The fact that Reflections has been robbed multiple times tells me there is not enough being vested in terms of security when the business is closed. Cameras people only go so far.

    Here are some suggestions:

    1) Roll down grates that have some tamper mechanism attached to it.

    2) No glass should be exposed to the public because it can be easily broken.

    3) LOUD to EXTREMELY LOUD alarms that would wake Sleeping beauty and send her into a panic state would be nice.

    4) Or Silent alarms that alerts someone to alert the police. I see no reason under God’s green earth where criminals should have the opportunity to hit you twice in one night. To me that’s just sheer stupid.

    But hey who am I to advice you on this. I;m just the 1,000 pound gorilla in the room.



    • Reflections, Food 4 Less and Liquor 4 Less says:

      First let me say thank you for thinking we have unlimited money to throw at this problem, but we DO NOT. We spend tens of thousand on equipment and security a year. I know you’ll think or will said it’s not working and on this night two parts of our security layers, did not work as it should, so you’ll be partly right. But it’s not only me that’s been robbed lately more than once. Even USA Presidents get shot, how much money and people try to protect him?

      We have also requested permission for more lines of defense from the Police (we have a security company, but with officers with nothing to protect themselves, staff or customers) But we are still waiting for a answer and we are not holding our breath, thinking that we will get a yes answer. Also the government get hundreds of thousand a  year in taxes from my business, you would think they would want to better protect it or maybe that’s the plan, get all local business out, so foreign business that are use to crime can come in and take our place. Government officials can have 24 hour security, why not me? I generate money for  the government as much if not more then many of them.

      How many government officials where shot at twice this year?

      How many business? Who would you said needs Police protection more?

      Why can government officials carry firearms, but not the business men, security guards or even many of the Police Officers for that matter?

      What level of protection to you have? Do you feel safe with the level that you have? I know I DON’T, not because of lack will and funds, think about it a gun and a box of bullets, is a whole lot less expensive and much more effective.

      Think about the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, that are being spent by local business to try protect themselves and we are still sitting ducks, waiting to get shoot at or worse get shot. It’s has happen before and it will happen again. It’s not slowing down any, maybe we need a superhero to save us, where Spider Man when you need him?

      What I’m upset with is not that I got broken into again, it’s that no one has ever been arrested for any of my robbery this year or any that has happen to me over the many years, that I know of. I gave the police the names of the guys from the last armed robbery. The robbers left finger prints, DNA, hair in the bags, that they came to the store to rob us with (the bag by the way was left behind by the Police, I had to call the Police to come back to pick it up and again another time when they left the bullet behind) Oil from their forehead was on the front door glass. The robbers said their name on audio tape, I gave that to Police, So you tell me, is there not enough info to at least take them in for questioning?

      1) We have roll down grates, some where broken and we try all week to get the company to come out and fix them, it just didn’t get fixed by the time we needed them. Note we only close the store at 12pm midnight on Saturday and reopen at 7am Monday morning, we are a 24 hour. We don’t break the Sunday trading law like many other stores on the island, maybe the Police could look into that. Also look around most store do not have them, we have more than most. Most of the store around me do not have camera, shutters, special security film on the glass,etc.

      2) People shop because they see some thing they like, no windows means less customers. Also the planning and fire department do not want us to overly fortify our buildings, we’re a clothing and food store, not a bank, even banks have glass windows.

      3) Have them, they when off at lest twice.

      4) Have alarms, don’t want to get to much into what we have and don’t have, as far security. But will said your right it shouldn’t have happen twice in one night, not even once in one night. To me it show they (the criminals) are not afraid, they have the upper hand, for now.

      You advice is noted, thanks again.

  4. your friendly neighborhood spiderman says:

    my spider sense is telling me that eventually a few others like myself may have to step in in the end to fight these evil doers. Vigilantes are frowned upon but in the end its who gets the job done. Maybe if we train the police to think like a Pokemon trainer so that they can try to catch em all. Maybe this approach is best suited for the ignorant and naive officers who arent even mature enough o see the impact this will have on our society. Whoops gotta go MJ is calling

  5. kulangut says:


    Go to the link above and view the first video you will hear at about 41 seconds into it one of the robbers called out the others name "NINEY".


  6. Dred says:

    Contrary to Big Mac whopping 3.8% decline in crime this year, our Burglers are having to make reservations at some of our local stores before robbing them. And from what I am hearing the line pretty long so call early!!

  7. kmanprophet says:

    This is unbelievable!! This COP should be kindly asked to resign. I am sure he wouldn’t have this type of mickey mouse policing in the UK. The first break-in would have rendered the location a crime scene which would be protected until the forensic unit is finished with it. If that was so, the police would have been present protecting the scene and easily prevented the second incident.

    No sah, only in cayman.

  8. Da blokes says:

     When the public gets the full story about this situation as it relates to the police turning up and seeing the window smashed and leaving the store to the mercy of the robbers they are going to either die laughing or you will wonder if they are in fact involved. I guess the USA will get another flogging from the commish for selling us these expensive electronics goods. Buy British i tell you old boy!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Security grills on windows and doors should be installed.  Move your entrances and exits to the face the main roadway.

    Your cash area is in the wrong position.

    Fire your security company.



  10. Anonymous says:

    Probably a good idea to go the Facebook route, since Baines will probably blame the USA for teaching crooks here how to steal as well. 

  11. noname says:

    I look forward to the day two gangs of armed robbers run into each other Quentin Tarantino style trying to rob the same place.  Looks like it nearly happened last night! 

  12. Anonymous says:

    There was "Jerry’s Kids" and now there is "Mekewaa’s Kids"

  13. Anonymous says:

    Go around the island and arrest in one day every single male between the ages of 15 and 26 with baggys pants, underwear showing and you will have 80% of your dregs. Then only let the one go who have verifiable FULL time Jobs that require them to be there 8 hours a day every day. Look really close at what is left. Simple as that.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Similarly, every vehicle with obscured and/or tinted plates and all vehicles with tinted front windows.  Easy!   

  14. crackerjack says:

     The robbing and looting of Cayman continues unabated. Helicopter boats cars more police than Quaker have Oats CCTV coming to capture their images is that not what Reflections Cameras are doing here . What then if they ain’t doing nothing now what makes Cayman thinks they are going to do something then. Just another expensive toy for law enforcement and gift to their security cronies in which we the people of this island will pay the bill.

  15. Another isolated incident says:

     The Police Hahahahahahaha what a joke Alarm was going at Reflections however the criminal element knows quite well that after 2am is sleepy sleepy time long are gone of days of Derek Haine’s DTF boys who were on the road 24-7 All we hear these days is Gold ,Silver and Lead command hot spots and more "tactical" UK rubbish and their local cronies talking about they are ashame of drivers another dummy calling on the criminal element to give up their partners in crime. Can you imagine this is the state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

  16. puppet on a string says:

     I feel it for you Mr Panton this is 10 times this year and not one single arrest but yet our Premier Bush says crime is down and now the Commissioner of police Baines is blaming the United States. How sick can one get yes Mr Baines it looks like a couple of US citizens dressed in local garb robbing this store.  What a real shame we find ourselves in such dire situation some can call it ineptness, incompetence, laziness corrupt to me it seems to be a  well planned and concerted and successful effort by "certain powers" to destroy this islands image.

  17. Subway Cookie says:

    How does Reflections keep getting robbed over and over again.  Are any measures being taken to step up security?  Even if the Police arent doing enough, you’d thnk the owner out of sheer desire to self preserve would hire extra security, upgrade alarm systems or SOMETHING.  He might as well leave the door unlocked if he isnt going to add any new prevention measures.  Step your cookies up!

    • Anonymouse. says:

      Times are hard and sales are slow. Better selling to the insurers.

    • We keep getting robbed, because the robbers live next door or maybe it’s all the great stock we have. They come to our store on foot, talk about a convenience store.

      WE’VE given the  names and address to the Police. If you view our video you will see that (about 41 seconds into it) one of the robbers  called out the others name "Niney", it is known that name was given to him because part of his finger missing. You think his pissed at his partner in crime? Maybe when the Police finally get around to arresting him, he’ll talk on the others.

      So you tell me he shouldn’t be to hard to find him right? We also have his and the others real name by the way. By our OWN investigation work.

      We have added many measure, some seen and more unseen, but remember we CAN"T carry handcuffs, pepper spray, a legal firearm of our own. We pay for a business license, a security company’s license,a license for each guard, training, etc etc. only to be told we CAN’T carry anything to protect our self’s, for now we have to play by the rules (laws) of the country, THEY DO NOT. They (the criminals) only use the rules only to help keep them self’s out of Jail.

      How many times should they be allowed to put off going to court (trial)?

      How many times should they go to jail, before saying this is our last change?

      How about a three strike rule in Cayman?

      Also it’s not only us that keep getting robbed, how many gas stations, pizza place, stores etc etc have been robbed more than once this year? Too many for me to remember ormaybe it’s just the stress of waiting around to be robbed (shoot at) again WITHOUT the right kind of protection, not because of lack of money or lack of will power, but because our hands are tied, by what one Police told me this week "the laws of the land"

      We’re the only ones posting the Videos, the rest of business should follow our lead.

      I’m open to ANY kind of HELP to put a stop to with on going problem!

      • Subway Cookie says:

        I meant no harm with my post.  I am angry and frustrated and I can only imagine that is a mere fraction of what you must be going through.  Your business has been around for so long and so many of us have come to depend on your stores for providing such a wide selection of products at prices many other stores are not offering.

        Despite all this, the RCIPS needs to support local businesses and the Government and Judiciary have to follow through and make charges stick.  There is no deterrent, there is no fear of punishment or back lash.  Perhaps ‘Niney’ needs to become ‘Stumpy’ before anyone will listen.

        People tend to consider the measures in the middle east antiquated and barbaric but shopping off the hand of a caught thief doesnt sounds so bad nowadays does it?

        I sincerely wish Reflections all the best.

    • Concern Caymanian says:

      The owners should run HIGH voltage wires around the store inside and activate the switch when they close. We will find out who doing the stealing right away. (Fry them.)

  18. Anonymous says:

    Well there you go Mr. Premier not once but twice in less then 2 hours. No Alarm system ? Even if desarmed battery power ? did police know of the first one ? Any patrolling at night ? WOW. Facebook and youtube. Maybee it will play on funniest video. Something is VERY WRONG.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This really says alot about the effectiveness of our police when the victims of a crime have to resort to posting the video themselves. Way to go RCIPS!