Suspected church burglar arrested in West Bay

| 31/12/2010

(CNS): A 44-year-old man is currently detained in police custody in connection with a burglary at a West Bay church as enquiries into the break in continue. Police said the man was arrested yesterday afternoon (Thursday 30 December) at the Boatswains Presbyterian Church, Boatswain Bay Road at around 4.00pm. Officers received a report shortly before that from someone that the church had been broken into and the man was still inside the building. Police units immediately attended the scene and arrested the man on suspicion of burglary. Meanwhile, a 23-year-old man was arrested in West Bay for driving and weapon offences following an incident on the early hours of this morning.

At about 4.30 am on Friday, 31 December officers from West Bay Police Station were carrying out traffic checks in the Leslor Manor area when thy spotted a black Honda motor vehicle driving at 62 mph in a 25 mph limit. The officers immediately stopped the car and arrested the driver on suspicion of dangerous driving. He was taken to West Bay Police Station where he was searched and found to be in possession of a ratchet knife, police said. The man was then arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon and detained at West Bay Police Station.

Anyone with any information regarding these or other crimes is asked to call West Bay CID on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. anonymous says:

    What is there to say? Absolutly no self estem? A drug addict on crack blinded by his addiction? Thank God he was caught. But the known major crack dealers which are well known still walk freely and corrup more minds amd send more young ones to Nothward and affect and destroy many families while covering their dirt. The problem remains the same. Until proper action in West Bay is done and the major players put down, arrested, convicted nothing will change. Most of us KNOW who controls what and it’s disturbing that nothing is done and that we can do nothing as it’s a very vicious circle. And the worst part it’s not only the Police fault this time Some seem to be above the law. as quick as thy are brough in as quick they are out with a vengence. All the Governor as to do is bring in an armed (I suggest) task force unknown to the majority and do a clean up. In an out.  I am sick of it; if it means saving one  then it will be worth it. It hurts me to see my good friends in distress because some of them. it’s their own children that are the victims.Mr. Governor bring them in quietly and swiftly as we are a small island and some of the bad boys have parents and contacts in important positions and often do not know themselves their own child is involved. Then you can move on to other districs because many will talk.They’re really cowards and many use the young gun boys ans girls to do their dirt.The big boys only collect the money and create more crack heads by controlling their addictions.Now Governor(don’t know your name) you think you can do that. Oh! and beware of some in the Police force because some are informants for the Big BOYS. Theire ahead of you in many ways and KNOW when to make a move and not get caught.That’s why so many unsolved crime! Get it now. Can’t be more black and white then that. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at the end of year review. It takes so long for cases to get through the courts that the youth dont connect the "cause and affect". If they were caught one day, went to court the next day, and saw their low seat, no number plate, dark tinted, noisy music, blue lights car, crushed in public and displayed on a roundabout the next day, then perhaps something might sink in. If its a borrowed car, then all the better, the message will get home to the owner.