First PPM nomination made

| 10/01/2011

(CNS): Alden McLaughlin has become the first person to be nominated in the People’s Progressive Movement leadership race. The George Town MLA was officially nominated last week at a district meeting after he received three nominations, party officials have confirmed. The former education minister is the first MLA to be officially declared as a candidate to fill Kurt Tibbetts’ shoes as leader of the opposition. The election is expected to take place in February, when all signed up members of the party will be able to vote for their choice of leader. The leader of the PPM must be a serving MLA, and so far from the five PPM members of the LA only Arden McLean of East End has also expressed a desire to take on the job. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

McLean is expected to be nominated by his local party branch before the end of this month, leading to what is likely to be just a two horse race.

Anthony Eden, who is the second elected member from Bodden Town, and Moses Kirkconnell, the first elected for the Sister Islands, have not publicly expressed any interest in contesting the party leadership, but in the CNS poll Kirkconnell pulled in the exact number of votes as his GeorgeTown parliamentary colleague.

The announcement that the top PPM job would be vacant in 2011 came in November, when Tibbetts, who has served as party leader since its creation, announced his decision to step down from the leadership. Although he will not be resigning his post as an MLA, Tibbetts said that following the party’s defeat in the national poll in May 2009 he had to take responsibility for that and step down.

Tibbetts, the former leader of government business, who has served in the Legislative Assembly since 1992, said that once the new leader, along with a deputy leader and a party general secretary, was elected he would be there to offer support but would allow what he called the new blood of the party to take the PPM forward and would not impose on them.

“I have always been a firm believer in succession planning and now the PPM needs new blood at the top, new people to lead the movement and carry out its mission. From time to time every organization needs a change of leadership to foster growth and allow for continuity and the PPM is no exception,” he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "Aaaammazing Grace how sweet………."

    We regret to announce the passing of the PPM.

    Interment in May 2013 at the Elections Office !

  2. ready to work hard says:

    People of West Bay, We know that there are some of you that are ready for a change . All we ask you is to search your souls, can you help make a difference and ready to end this MESS? The Country needs you. The younger generations deserves you !

  3. Anonymouse. says:

    CNS! there is an echo on this thread. I keep reading the same old, same old over and over again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Alden. Not only is he smart and inteligent. He comes from a long legacy of smart and intelligent family lineage. Remember his grandfather Mr. Alden McLaughlin, one of our stalwart Caymanians. It’s in his blood, I am not saying he is perfect, but one thing I can say about him, when the schools are all we can throw at him, he was not only thinking about today and quick fixes, he had the future in mind and boy we surely need those schools especially if our Premier wants to increase our population to 100,000 people. Let’s stop beating up on our MLA’s, not all of them are in there for the money, and Alden for sure is there because he loves these Islands and cares about the people. I know this is a fact, just listen to him on the re-broadcast of the LA meetings, you talk about intelligence, educated, caring, passionate , you can tell it in his voice. Then listen to our Premier, he sound like he rowing with somebody from Old Bush! Enough said.

  5. anonymous says:

    Alden is the one to lead the PPM party, albeit all the guys are good statesmen, but Alden is the best cadidate for the job.  The UDP Bloggers do not want Alden, as he is their biggest nemesis and he will dismantle and dissect any stupid laws their current leader has made into Law.  He understands the Constitution and he will be the person to impliment the changes to the Constitution to clog those loopholes currently being exploited by The Premier and his cronies.  Alden will be the force to stand up to the Dictator and at the same time, clean up any infrastructure mess being overlooked by these rich Politicians.  One thing with Alden, his name is or has never been linked to any corruption and to any fringe benefits that these current Politicians are flourishing in.  Alden, I beg you,  do not allow the Nay sayers to sway your passion for the people and for the Country.  Do what you think is right for Country first and God will reward you with benefits.  Some Politicians uses the churches here, for their gains and at the same time,  their own people are starving. Oh How God is watching!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kurt waited too long to step down.

    If he had stepped down shortly after the 2009 elections we would not have lost Charles Clifford and the other PPM members that have left us since then. Even the President of the YPs had to be persuaded to withdraw her resignation and Arden was constantly talking about tendering his resignation.

    Chuck would have been the best option for General Secretary now. He understands public relations and marketing better than the rest of us andhe is an excellent writer and public speaker.

    That coupled with Alden and Arden in the political leadership would have had the UDP running for cover now.

    But look at what has resulted from this procrastination…….the UDP must be smiling now.

    Yes I am a PPM member to the core but we better get creative very fast and find a solution to this blunder. Time to take our heads out of the sand.

    • ready to work hard says:

      We are and We will. We need the party to unite first. Alden seems the best choice for the majority so far. The quicker we all accept that, the sooner we can get to work. You will get new blood ! No worries there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is not good news for Cayman. No alternative to McKeeva ?? Good God !!!

    Alden can’t do it because he doesn’t have the support across the country…..actually his support has dwindled in his own district of George Town so he might not actually get elected next time around.

    A third political option is required now………are you hearing "us" Mr. Chuckster  Clifford ???

  8. Anonymous says:

    My sentiments exactley!!

    "I have known Alden all my life.  I have the greatest confidence in him.  He has my full support.  He could have stuck with practicing law and quietly made millions to enjoy, but he gave it all up to be battered and bruised by politics just so that he could make this country a better place.  He has been the first in many years that has had a vision for educating the population and training and equipping this country’s young people with the skills necessary to function in the work place.  The UDP hasn’t even dreamed the dream yet, neither do they have the vision.  If you want an honest man who passionately loves his country, Alden is the man. I am so looking forward to him and the PPM sweeping this nightmare we have now for a government into the anuls of history and ushering in the dawning of a new, well educated Cayman.  God bless you Alden for haviing the fortitude, integrity, stamina to stand and for making the personal sacrifice".

    I was compelled to reprint this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have known Alden all my life.  I have the greatest confidence in him.  He has my full support.  He could have stuck with practicing law and quietly made millions to enjoy, but he gave it all up to be battered and bruised by politics just so that he could make this country a better place.  He has been the first in many years that has had a vision for educating the population and training and equipping this country’s young people with the skills necessary to function in the work place.  The UDP hasn’t even dreamed the dream yet, neither do they have the vision.  If you want an honest man who passionately loves his country, Alden is the man. I am so looking forward to him and the PPM sweeping this nightmare we have now for a government into the anuls of history and ushering in the dawning of a new, well educated Cayman.  God bless you Alden for haviing the fortitude, integrity, stamina to stand and for making the personal sacrifice.

    • Just watchin' says:

      Mayby Alden should start a new party by himself with some fresh blood then.  With all due respect, the old PPM crew didn’t have what it takes to get the job done.

      • ready to work hard says:

        He does has fresh blood behind him and very focus and tireless. Let’s get in him so we can start on this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent time for some new, young blood to start another party.

    The PPM is a useless party and now in my opinion a dead issue particulalry if Alden is taking over. Too much history and arrogance with that one, not to mention the record of the PPM for the one term they ran the country. I was a PPM member and never will be again. I was given false hope and the party was leaderless, wasteful and most of all arrogant.

    The UDP is imploding and the only way for them to save grace is to get McKeeva to try to actually do something for the country before the next election, He is running the country like its his last term in office and he needs to utilise every perk and dollar to satisfy his lofty needs while we sit at his feet and wait, beg and hope that he will start throwing some crumbs our way. He will not return a majority at the next election based on his current performance, although the West bayers will probably keep his team together. The others are too weak to stand up to him or try to do something themselves and will go down in the flames like sacrificial lambs..

    It’s time Cayman, time for real change, time for young innovative and intelligent Caymanians to take their rightful place and lead our country.. My only prayer is that they do not become as corrupted and ineffective as their predecessors.


    • Anonymous says:

      Amen…we just keep on re-cycling the same old politicians expecting better and it never happens…Agreed time for new blood. Who’s with me?

    • ready to work hard says:

      Ah! but this is it you Know what you have but don’t know what you’re gonna get. Everyone will have to step up yo yhe plate. An honest Leader along with a good team spells S U C C E S S

      • Anonymous says:

        but really..Alden and the PPM…doesn’t seem very fresh, honest or good to me..still stinks like the same old, same old.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Prominent, outstanding citizens of WEST BAY. If you are honest,Godfaring, have your country at heart and want your future generations to flourish and continue to be pround of their fathers,grand-fathers and forefathers the PPM needs you. We need good men and women to represent the PPM so that the people of West Bay can now vote their concience without any regrets because they have no other choices.They too have felt recently like every one else. be an example to our younger generations. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. McLaughlin, good luck.

    Political and public life must be a very hard one. And I’m sure that you are already well aware of it! But in those challenging times only a man with strong principles and ethics will take the personal and professional risk of ruling a political party in the Cayman Islands, and if only for this reason, I wish you all the best for your political future.

    I don’t know you well, I don’t know you for very long, but I can feel at every discussion we may have in regard of the Islands that your senses, your passion and your views for the present and for the future of the Cayman Islands are greater than any individual needs.

    You will have now the opportunity to promote a new leadership for the Cayman Islands, to propose a program and a vision for the future and the growth  of this country by assessing the many challenges that we are now collectively facing. 

    It is a very serious and honorable responsibility Mr. McLaughlin filled with a lot of work ahead. For taking this responsibility, I admire you sir. 

    All the best for your future,



  13. Anonymous says:

    AN excellent intelligent choice!!!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the death of the PPM, Alden does not have the carisma or personality to fill Kurt’s shoes – he is simply SO much "better" than everyone else it seems. He is unable string 5-6 words together to make them make sense, I have "put up" with Alden mainly because of the other members but if he becomes the new leader my support for the PPM is over. I know every country deserves to have a good opposition but Mssrs. Eden and Kirkconnell, especially, should join McKeeva so that they can continue to have a positive impact on our country. I have worked hard for the PPM but time is running out for that party. Kurt is a "good guy" but his fault is that he likes to build almost total concensus to make decisions, and truly, when he was the leader and McKeeva was the deputy he allowed McKeeva to tell him what he should do, Alden did him the same and I do not blame him for stepping down – I also sick of seeing him pushed around. Anthony and Moses, get yourselves ready to join the UDP like I will IF Alden takes the reins.

      • Anonymous says:

        ALL the best 20:28 witk your new found friends, you can have them We will take your place and die trying; it can’t get no worst United we will win and we will show you what young blood and thinking out if the box can do. if speech is all you are worried about i’ll take that over a sweet talker any time. Alden we will support you all the way we already have great ideas free of charge. Those same one’s saying those things about you and the party are only for themselves and not the country. Imagine if they can’t get their way they would rather backback. It don;t take many rotten apples to spoil a basket and they neeg to be identified.

      • Anonymous says:

        Couldn’t agree more. A most unsuitable candidate for premier due to his well established pattern of megalomaniac-type behavior (eight days a week even). If ever the political landscape was crying out for creativity it is surely now. Surely the public is sick and tired of this UDP/PPM playground foolishness. Let’s provide the public with the choice they deserve.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me try again CNS: any one of the four (Messrs Kirkconnell, Mclean, Eden, Mclaughlin) is FAR BETTER than what we have now. Give me any one of those four & I’ll be happy for them to be my premier because I sure ain’t happy now.

    • John says:

      Yea excellent choice to put us into more serious debt like over 80 million!  Kurt and Alden did good, but too much at one time!  I can never forget how MB (now Premier) pleaded with them to slow down due to the oncoming global recession, yet they refuse to listen to a man that had more fiscal vision of the country, they refused to listen to commonsense, and when the Recession hit us, we fell in serious debt with monies unaccounted for as well. 

      Next election both parties UDP/PPM are not getting any vote from me. I think Independant members would properly debate in the House before being so quick to pass laws. There wouldn’t be so much cronyism and one party against the next, blinding people eyes to the important issues.

  14. Anonymous says:

    RIP PPM.

  15. SS says:

    Ha!  Mr. Innocent!

    Remember the 81 million dollar debt the country was in when he loss to McKeeva.  I recall the PPM blamed it on Mr. Global Recession and Mrs. Paloma. But really what happened was they spent too much!


    • Anonymous says:

      lol… so true. 🙂 

      I guess dem folk will be making him the next Premier

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep I remember too well.What puzzles me is that the PPM were going by what the Financial Secretary was telling them and after the election and the UDP won the FS is still there. I think only he has the answer if there is one. There is so little accountibility in our GVT. I often wonder how we know anything anyhow ? I guess that your guesses are as good as we all guess. I have to repeat what is the responsibility of a Financial Secretary ? Does he answer to us or the Governor. Do we still have a Governor? We could get good money for that prime beach you know.

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t say much for the UDP over the past 16 months, does it Anon 14:47? The UDP have only made things worse & the Cayman people are suffering more than ever, but do our leaders care? Does the premier care? Maybe if they all came down off their high horses & feel what we are feeling they would care a little more. But how can they know or care how we feel when all they do is live like kings & queens at our expense? We are paying for their life of luxury, & they are taking advantage of it while we SUFFER! But it will not last forever. The suffering people will soon SPEAK loud & clear.
      As for the leader of the PPM? Well GOD knows anyone of the 4 will be far better than what we have presently.
      Remember, no member of the PPM has ever been accused of any form of criminal dealings, under the table deals, corruption, selling out, conflict of trading, insider trading, or anything suspicious, therefore it goes without saying that any of the 4 (Messrs Eden, Kirkconnell, McLean, Mclaughlin) would make an EXCELLENT choice to replace the Hon. Kurt Tibbetts as Leader of the PPM.  

    • Anonymous says:


      Rememberthe former government spent most of it on infrastructure.  Remember how everyone was complaining how long it took them to get to work about 5 years ago.  Well, the PPM built the roads and now I don’t hear many people complaining.  Guess what, it takes a lot of money to build roads but people forget so fast about what it costs to keep them happy.  You too have probably already forgot about the benefits of spending that money.  I’m not saying they should have spent so freely but personally I am sick of hearing every single one of the UDP ALWAYS mentioning that they are in Such a bad situation because of the last government.  At least, give credit where credit is due and PLEASE stop going on the radio and saying "if we (the UDP) hadn’t been left in such a bad financial situation things would be so much better.  Everyone is sick of that and the UDP is making itself look bad by mentioning it ALL THE TIME!  The worldwide financial crisis is greatly to blame for the downturn in the economy and NOT what the PPM did. 

      • Anonymous says:

        yeah they built the roads but now we have no jobs to go to,,,what’s th sense in that?

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder then why McKeeva hasn’t been able to turn the situation around then, since it wasn’t the recession?  It would also explain why he has spent approx half a million dollars (borrowed money at that) traveling the world like we were not in a recession.  I wonder what he’ll do when he can’t borrow for the next budget.  Boy, some of you UDP members/supporters need an eye doctor badly, cause not only you can’t see, but you can’t read braille either!

      • Anonymous says:

        With all due respect, you are seriously confused on this matter. The reality is that the previous government (the PPM) spent too much money. The present government (the UDP) inherited the resultant debt, and given the present economic climate has had difficulty clearing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      So true, yet the PPM faithful appear to remain in a state of denial about this. Most peculiar.

  16. anonymous says:

    Blogger at 9:32 is totally disagree with you.  Alden is the brain child and the thrust behind the PPM team.  Arden has his strengths and so does Moses, but Alden is the best choice, as he has the lawyer background, pay attention to details and he has the experience.  He has the intellect, not saying that the others don’t, but he is an analyst and he looks far in the future.  Far beyond what this current Government look to.  Alden is a very good statesman and he put Country first.  He is also stalwart when it comes to Education and following the rules of the Constitution.  Alden also knows how the abide by the Code of Conduct, whilst in Government.  Perhaps a few of the current Government would do well to be comparable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting…If Alden is the “brain child and the thrust” behind PPM that would truly explains the moribund nature of the party. Lord help us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t worry he Will be on our side too. Man might want to play big but with our prayers God will be on our side. The Right side.

  17. Michel Lemay says:

    Congratulations Alden, I know you have the country and it’s people at heart. Our many past conversations have comfirmed that. Please always remember of what is happening to Cayman and it’s people today so that it never happens again. Should the majority of the PPM party vote for you and God’s willingthey will, you will be given an even greater challenge to be our respectable Leader of the Opposition and associate yourself and members of your party with the very best persons who will be humble and Godly as Mat post said to be for the people and for the future of our beautiful Cayman Islands and the next generations to come. I pray that we will get back on track and all live in harmony as we have in the past respecting each other as one and not repeat past mistakes. I am publicly proud of you and know that you will lead a great team comes election time.Many of us need to be encouraged at this time of many unanswered questions.Michel Lemay

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree totally with this – Al could really lead this country well – and has already learnt from his previous period in offfice.. 

  18. Anonymouse. says:

    The PPM is already a spent force. This just puts the stamp on it. Looks like we will not have an alternative to the UDP franchise come next election so we better start getting used to living in a dicktatorship.

    It looks like we need to start praying.

    Hopefully the Brits will step in and save us before we are completely doomed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think you want that, trust me.Just check with someone at T&C Islands and they(UK) are having a good time,

  19. come on people says:

    BOOORRRING!!!! come on CNS, this is boring, get that story about mac on a private jet back to front page and lets continue with those comments/blogs!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kurt incarnate!

    No difference..waste of time. PPM needs fresh blood!

  21. Anonymous fisher man says:

    we are finish   if alden is elected leader of ppm then for sure the udp will never lose election again  aldin maybe quick ,smart, and intelligent as the poster saidbut he is not a  POPULAR PERSON.   do any body think the premier would win election if smartness had any thing to do with it.   this is politics not a bueaty contest, beside not being popular person he is very selfish, all for himself. i will now register as udp

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess that it will be people like you who will try and vote McKeeva ij again. Many know the old saying with Mckeeva in West Bay and G.T. once burned twice  shy. Oh HE might get in XXXX but not the rest.I believe the people of West Bay have suffered the most and it will take more then clean ups and little cash here and there to vote them in specially if the Police do a good clean up. Trust me as they say I might not have the education but I got plenty common sense after killing the poor little charter fish business, 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Well if Arden isn’t nominated and elected as Leader then I’m afraid McKeeva is guaranteed a second term. Lord help us.

    Lets get it going EE branch. !

    • Anonymous says:

      How can we get Moses Kirkconnell nominated for this? He is the only man in the present PPM line-up that can take the PPM back to where it stands a chance of ever leading this country again.


      Alden is just like Kurt and Arden is just like McKeeva. Neither one can work.


      Moses K for leader!!! 

      • Anonymouse. says:

        Moses would not stand a ghost of a chance with the Grand Cayman electorate. He might be popular in CB and LC but he has no following on Grand Cayman and would not stand a ghost of a chance against the popular Premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Moses Kirkconnell would be a good choice as he is a business man and having him as Leader and hopefully future Premier would help remove  some of th anti-business image of the PPM. He would make an excellent Minister of Tourism as well as he has extensive knowledge of that industry.

        I think maybe if the PPM had utilized Moses skills and business knowledge  more than they did when they were in power it would have been to their advantage

        I think it would add prestige as well  to the country to have someone of his calibre as Leader of Opposition/future Premier, being he is related to/part of the top local Caymanian business family

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, the poor folks at PPM HQ surely must be looking for someone to lead them out of the wilderness, but whether it’s (our) Moses I’m not entirely sure!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I think Alden will a good leader for PPM.  He is quick, smart, intelligent and honest.

    • tj says:

      Ummm… Is not alden… spend, spend, spend, spend… roads, schools, extravagance… you name it???

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok so you’re saying that Cayman doesn’t need roads or schools?  In order to expand the population you need to have the infrastructure and services to meet the corresponding growth in demand…. that’s a no brainer.  do you wait to be beyond capacity to provide these things or do you put some urban planning into practice and try to get ahead?  Oh wait… the schools were already overcrowded and the students weren’t getting enough attention… oh wait the roads were also bumper to bumper and people were spending more time on the road than they were enjoying life.

        Apparently Cayman isn’t part of the world and can’t possibly be affected by what happens in other economies. Cayman has its own pot of gold that it can pluck from and doesn’t rely on business from other countries, therefore a decline in business elsewhere couldn’t possibly have an affect on Cayman. 

        Wake up! Cayman is part of the global economy and Cayman needs schools and roads.  If you want to go back to the days of riding the cart to town on dirt roads and a one room school house then I suggest you go live in Subsaharan Africa for the life of your dreams.

        • Janice says:

          Yea but putting us into debt… over 80 million. You wake up?!  They did too much!

      • Anonymous says:

        At least it wasn’t half a million traveling the globe.  Tell me what you got for that!

        • Anonymous says:

          Chuckie did $930,000 first year traveling, do not forget that.

          • Anonymous says:

            Someone must have typed that one for McKeeva. $930,000…….you don’t seriously believe that do you ? Actually even McKeeva didn’t go that far with it during the last election……he said Chuckie had spent $250,000 in 4 years on travelling.

            Stop drinking the cool aid stupid.


  24. Anonymous says:

    has to be alden…arden is consumed by small minded nimbyism….

  25. Mat says:

    Whoever runs for, thirst, and hungers for power is already corrupt! 

    But whenever you see someone who is given the opportunity to be in power, and that person from the goodness of his/her heart and love of the country, humbly accepts it… well then… you may just find a good leader who is selfless, harmonious with nature, and puts God first in everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not really sure what your post means…Both ARDEN and ALDEN have publicly said they want this position.

      Both therefore “thirst and hunger for power”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thirsting and hungering for power?  Where does that put the UDP then?