Cayman gets positive coverage in on-line magazine

| 13/01/2011

(CNS): Following the less than positive media coverage for Cayman this week as a result of Nicholas Shasxon’s book and the resurrection of Operation Tempura, Hedge Week has set things back on the more positive track started by the coverage the Cayman Islands enjoyed last week following the sinking of the Kittiwake. The on-line magazine has produce a special report about the jurisdiction and the hedge fund sector. With the financial industry ever sensitive to Cayman’s public image, Simon Gray of Hedge Week explains that the sector is no longer remaining silent when it is criticised on the world stage.

“Having a single body representing the Cayman financial services industry was long overdue, but since its establishment Cayman Finance has done well in responding to some of the misinformation about the jurisdiction,” Neal Lomax, managing partner of Mourant Ozannes tells the online industry magazine. “If there is a negative, it is that we should have started it five or six years ago.”

The special report contains articles by many of the local industry’s experts and is opened by Cayman finance chair, Anthony Travers.

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  1. I haven’t read this "Special Report" but I wonder whether, as is typical of some publications, particularly trade magazines, they sell advertising around the promise of flattering articles.

  2. Paradise lost says:

    What imbecile would believe this?  Oh, and by the way, nice Brac Reef photo on the cover.