‘Uncharted waters’ navigated at business conference

| 20/01/2011

(CNS): Movers and shakers from the Cayman Islands’ business community will be contemplating the tough times ahead today (Thursday 20 January) as they gather at the Ritz-Carlton for the annual Cayman Business Outlook. The conference will be opened by Anwer Sunderji, Chairman & CEO of Fidelity Group, the main sponsors, followed by a presentation from McKeeva Bush, the country’s premier. A range of speakers will be putting forward their view of the “uncharted waters” ahead for the business community throughout the day. The popular afternoon panel debate will start at 4:15pm, which promises to throw up a degree of controversy.

With the provocative title “Things Tough! So Don’t Cut My Pay, Tax Me Less & Give Me More Free Services … And Do Something About Crime … Education … and Jobs. And What About Those Expats?”, the panel discussion will bring together a group of well known local faces to discuss the current “angst in the community”.

The panel is made up of Theo Bullmore, Tom McCallum, Roy Bodden, Burns Connolly, Sherri Bodden-Cowan and Canover Watson (as the list currently stands) – and will be hosted by Austin Harris of Rooster 101. Panelists will receive questions that have been previously compiled by the organisers and the public is invited to send in their questions.

“There is a good deal of angst in Cayman right now driven by populist anger and frustration, but said anonymously,” said Sunderji, “We believe we need a more considered approach to issues facing the country right now via thoughtful and sensible discussion such as this.” 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG McKeeva’s remarks at the conference were disgraceful……….grade 11 behaviour at best !!!!!!

  2. Annoymous says:

     I want to know why it is that everything has to happen at the Ritz.  Is there some underlying plan to direct all these conferences there?

    How can many people afford this fee to attend and many would want to but can’t find the extra money to do so.

    Hopefully, they will appreciate that this was an important aspect for the community on a whole and in the future have it at a more reasonable location and cut the cost, so that more can be in attendance.