Men run down on pavement

| 16/02/2011

(CNS): Two pedestrians were injured yesterday evening after being knocked down by a car while on the pavement on Eastern Avenue. One of the victims remains in hospital and is said to be in stable condition with abdomen, chest and arm injuries. The incident occurred around 5:30 pm on Tuesday (15 February) when the car reportedly mounted the pavement near Cayman Shoe Shop, police said. The car crashed into a second vehicle after hitting the two men, who were walking along the pavement at the time. Although police arrested the driver, who was uninjured, on suspicion of driving under the influence, he was released later in the evening. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

One of the men hit by the car received leg injuries and was treated at the George Town Hospital before being released.

Police enquiries are continuing


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All the comments have been said about how bad the Police drivers are on this islands but for the life of me I cannot understand why today a Police vehicle is allowed to drive through town with it blue lights flashing just because it is pulling an empty boat trailer. These morons should be sacked at the very least if not arrested for what I am sure is an unlawful act. But there again this is the Cayman Islands and anything goes here.

  2. Right ya so says:

     Talking of signage – could we PLEASE have a "Please Indicate" sign on each of the roads leading onto the roundabout at Linford, Fairbanks and Bobby Thompson??

    Traffic gets backed up coming off Linford in the morning as those going to Fairbanks or turning onto Linford from Bobby Thompson just won’t indicate their intention.

    The same applies to those coming off LP – indicate left if you are going to the schools and then right if you are continuing to Bobby Thompson – once you reach the centre point btwn FB and BT use your left indicator if turning onto BT. Obviously if you are continuing round to LP continue using the right indicator.

    And those going directly from FB to LP use your right signal to indicate that you are continuing on. And, once again, if you are turning onto BT use your left signal.

    Folks,  it’s just common courtesy and much easier than texting and driving !

  3. Anarchy on our roads says:

    Unless you are driving while incapacitated this simply does not happen when exercising full care and attention to the task of driving. Texting, non hands free cell phone use, trying to manage unruly kids in the back seat, searching for their favorite tunes or radio station, keeping at least one eye open and one hand on the wheel and having their seats reclined as if in a massage parlor all contribute to why our drivers are so incompetent.

    In some countries these infractions carry a penalty as stiff as a DUI.  Why not here???

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you think our driving is “bad” then have a look at this as there is not one crash!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      when i saw you with the link i started laugh, i knew that was the video, it’s insane, i think i would have a hearth attack trying to cross the street, lol.

      But let’s talk the truth, the way the people drive here is very bad, they stop on the middle of the road for everything, there is no respect with the other people that is behind.

      Police should do something about it, mostly of them is in front of the police station in west bay, there is a place like a grocery store or something like that, they stop on the side of the road and people have to squeeze their car to pass, its car, suv, small and big trucks, that is very very disrespectful with anyone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    These is so much dangerous driving out there that I am always relieved when I get home without an accident.  This pavement/sidewalk incident is ridiculous and frightening, as is the fact that drivers on WB Road continually use the center lane to race to their destinations.  Many, many accidents have been averted there so WHO is watching the roads and the people who are driving?

    It must not be the police –


  6. Real World says:

    The driver was released!  What?  Are you kidding?  A car mounts the sidewalk; wipes out two pedestrians; smashed into another car, and because there was no evidence of DUI the person goes home?

    This type of "accident" is common in Cayman.  And what bothers me is thre government pay only lip service to the problem, which is multifactorial:

    1. Poor road surfaces, junction design, and road signage;

    2. Pathetic road-testing of vehicles:  The test is joke, and many cars on the roads are simply not roadworthy;

    3. No government eductional campaigns on drink driving, cell phones, and driving without license and insurance. A few posters in the licensing department is not good enough. 

    4. Lack of legislation on cell phones and driving.  For goodness sake, make it illegal now and run a big advertising campain; and levy big fines and the threat of imprisonment.

    5. No requirement for ALL people arriving in Cayman to take a driving test.

    6. Limit the type and cc of cars for first time drivers by law.  A new teen driver in a Mitsubishi Evo is a death waiting to happen. 

    7. Direct the insurance companies to levy BIG premiums for cars modified from the manufacturer’s specification to make them faster.  

    8. MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Institute a points system for driving offences, as in the UK — three  offences and you loose your license for a year.  Instant 1-YEAR BAN for DUI.  This will be a REAL deterrent to the boy racers who won’t want to loose their pimped up Hondas. Government: Wake up — this will work!

    What frustrates me is the government and police force rattle on about the problem of deaths on the road, yet they do nothing constructive to deal with the issue.  The limit of their intervention is to lower the speed limit, put up a few new road signs and that’s it.  Shame.  They should look at how how the UK has reduced deaths on the road and follow the lead.




  7. Anon says:

    What are we going to do about the bad drivers in Cayman?
    Some drive 25 mph in 40 mp zones and some drive like they are drunk even when they haven’t had anything to drink.
    To be honest the drunk drivers do a lot better driving than those guys driving along the West Bay Road 7 O’clock in the mornings.

    With nearly 50K, vehicles, the worst drivers in the world (only Viet Nam has worse), not much roads, the most powerful engines, the oldest vehicles we now have very dangerous roads.

    It is every road user duty to be responsible when they head out to the “danger zones”.

    • Anonymous says:

       "With nearly 50K, vehicles, the worst drivers in the world (only Viet Nam has worse), not much roads, the most powerful engines, the oldest vehicles we now have very dangerous roads. It is every road user duty to be responsible when they head out to the "danger zones".

      Pardon?  Would you like to re-phrase that statement?

      • Anonymous says:

        the worst drivers in the world, we now have very dangerous roads. With nearly 50k vehicles, head out to the danger zones, not much roads, Viet Nam has worse only the most powerful engines it is every road users oldest vehicles. Now we have! 

  8. Anonymous says:

    could the driver had been on the phone when this accident happened

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pavment means road, in the UK the word pavment is used instead of sidewalk! 

    Again another example of mindless drivers who should not be allowed on the roads here!  

    What if the two people that were hit were kids or even a pregnant woman, or woman pushing a stoller ……. these idiots were driving without due care and attention and possibly under the influance would rightly now be facing murder !

  10. Anonymous says:

    I witnessed the accident and they were definitely on the sidewalk when struck by the car.    Jack Augsbury

  11. Cassius Dio says:

    "when the car reportedly mounted the pavement near Cayman Shoe Shop"

    Use some common sense, if they meant road, how would a car traveling along the road then "mount" the same road.

    Can you please confirm you read the article?

    • M.Whittaker says:

      some people just love to ask question just to say that they ask, nothing to do with nothing!!!!!!! my god i hate that when people do s—t like mom always told me when i was growning up “if you as a stupid qustion you will get a stupid answer.

    • M.Whittaker says:

      Common sense aren’t so common these days anymore!

    • Anonymous says:

      This response really made me chuckle… But its so true, I really don’t understand why all the confusion….

    • caymanheretic says:

      what? what? if pavement means road where you come from I am sorry for you – a pavement is the platform usually made of concrete now but once upon a time when we first built pavements in the Uk, made of paving stones, at the side of the road where pedestrians walk – ah yes, now you might call it a sidewalk – hmmm like a crab no doubt – dear God!

  12. Anonymous says:

    what phone service was the driver using?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pavement is vague, and can be used for both the road and the sidewalk. Can you confirm were they on the sidewalk or the road?

    CNS Note: Pavement is the British term for what north Americans call sidewalk ie where people not cars walk! Hence headline……..