PPM: Life worse under UDP

| 18/02/2011

(CNS): Despite the criticisms directed at the previous administration and the blame that the PPM has taken for the country’s continuing economic woes, the new leader of the party says that most people in the Cayman Islands are worse off now under the United Democratic Party than they were when the PPM left office. As a result of the current government’s fee hikes, duty increases and its failure to kick start the local economy, Alden McLaughlin believes almost everyone is facing a reduction in their quality of life. In many cases people have lost their livelihoods because of the increased cost of doing business and everyone is paying more for goods and services than they were two years ago, the PPM leader said at the recent party conference.

“I believe that there would be few in this country outside the circle of direct patronage of the ruling party who would say that their lives and fortunes have improved since the PPM left office,” McLaughlin said. “For most people and businesses the assumption of power by the UDP has meant a reduction in the quality of life. In many cases it has meant a closure of their businesses as a result of the increase in operating costs.”

People are paying more for everything today than they were two years ago the new party leader pointed out in his conference speech last Saturday. He also spoke about the cuts in the salaries of civil servants and threats of more pay cuts, as well as record levels of unemployment in the wider community.

“For the first time in memory Caymanians are demonstrating because they can’t get jobs,” McLaughlin said, adding that, despite the fact the unemployed were taking to the streets, the current labour minister has said Cayman does not have an unemployment problem but an unemployability problem.

Almost two years into their term in office and in the face of regular announcement about various construction and development projects, the PPM leader said the government could not point to one single project that had actually started. Listing the numerous proposals that have been announced from the cruise berthing terminal to Dr Shetty’s hospital, he said nothing at all had commenced.

“The only project of consequence that the government can point to is the construction of the new government administration building, which was conceptualized, designed and commenced under the PPM administration,” he stated, adding that although government was now excited to move into it, only a few months ago they were ready to sell it and pay rent to the buyer.

He also lamented the delay in the schools and hurricane shelter project which he had started when he was education minister. The sites have remainedidle for 18 months since the contractor left but McLaughlin says the minister has insisted that it is not lack of money which is the reason for the one year and two year delays. He said the minister has repeatedly stated that the government has the resources to complete them so the reason for the continued delay must be that the government does not see the schools as a priority, even as the country’s children remain in the cramped, aged and inadequate conditions at John Gray.

McLaughlin also accused the UDP administration of returning to its old practices of ignoring the rules and acting unlawfully when it will save the country money. He spoke about the premier’s decision to overrule the Central Tenders Committee over the financing arrangements for the country’s loan and select the New York firm Cohen and Company. Having chosen substance over process, McLaughlin questioned how government “would pay back the money advanced by Cohen” and how much it was going to cost now that the deal had been cancelled.

The bashing of the media and the “frightful record of non-compliance” with FOI requests hadn McLaughlin saidn assumed “legendary proportions” as he awarded the government a failing grade.

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  1. JEB says:

    I really can not believe the BALLS of Alden that Life is worst under UDP. He has forgotten that PPM made the mess that we are in and UDP are doing there best to clean it up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    one thing is clear from reading theses comments….udp/ppm are as bad eachother and it proves that caymanians are not competent enought to govern themsleves….
    don’t even think about 3rd parties or backward independents like ezzard miller…..zzzzz

  3. Janice says:

    Alden needs fiscal discipline. Apparently, he and Kurt left us in debt. I just hope you guys backing him, know for sure that he has learnt from his mistakes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How can I trust the future to Alden without assurances that he has learned his lesson from his time in the previous government.

    PEOPLE may not realize it but the country was on the brink of direct taxation and unless these are elected governments who spend within their means we could still face direct taxation.

    If direct taxation were initiated in the Cayman Islands it is my opinion many foreigners would leave the country and the tax burden would fall onto the shoulders of the remaining local population.

  5. Michel Lemay says:

    After reading and re reading the many posts I am convinced that many persons are very confused and also influenced by others. Some will go back to when PPM was in power and many are referring to the present gvt. UDP. Too little of this and too much of that by both parties. Now I am even readind that there is a need for a 3rd. party. More confusion on the horizon. i was once reminded that a party of independants without a clear agenda for the Country once elected could and I believe could be worse. As the old saying says you know what you have but don’t know what we are going to get. with the UDP at the moment WE KNOWh that the Premier is trying to achieve something and that WITHOUT consulting the people first and with only himself that knows what the BIG picture his; all that with the deafining silence of the MAJORITY of the rest of the elected UDP ministers and backbencher. THEN we have MR. ALDEN new Leader of the PPM re organising the future of the PPM and beginning to also voice stronly his opininions and observations as new Leader of the OPPOSITION after learning much since his new situation and realizing the hard work ahead and recruiting smart and intelligent persons willing to re build a new PPM party that shares his Passion for the country and it”s PEOPLE. He might very well have to work with some new voted independants coame election time and most likely will. I say GIVE ALDEN a chance to do what he has to accomplish and OBSERVE instead of critizising just for the sake that it aint your party or the PAST thins accomplish. The Past is gone nothing we can do about it BUT we have the future ahead of us. We are many of COMMON SENSE and WE KNOW that change is possible. Right now I would rather KNOW what is going on then waiting for the news to tell me WHAT was done onour suppositively behalf. Think about it. Yours for a better CAYMAN, not this current one.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with what you posted, even though I had to filter out the spelling of your words, my 2 scents to you, next time before you post, preview your comments, and adjust your spelling of words, doing this would give you a chance to also correct any word that would make your sentence more interesting, and that you are now satisfy with what you have wrote. Instead of jumbling up words like this, THEN we have MR. ALDEN, do this instead, then we have Mr. Alden, and also re organising is totally wrong, reorganizing is all one word, not separated. My 2 scents to you.

      • David Letterbush says:

        2 scents?

        • Anonymous says:

          At first, I thought he or she was trying to be ironic, but such literary devices are beyond most voters.  I think that was just one helpful hint from one typical PPM supporter to another.  And we wonder why we’re in such a mess.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hey UDP supporter, for your information, I am not a PPM member, I simply give the blogger thumbs up for his/her comment, and thought to give the blogger a little advice also. And why do UDP supporters always have to say that a person is a PPM supporter, because he/she said this or that? So once again I’m not a PPM supporter, I read comments, and give thumbs up or down if it suits my views or not.

            • Anonymous says:

              Just as I expected.  PPM supporter or not, the irony is beyond you, as is the correct spelling of cents, as in two cents.  Two scents would mean your opinion stinks, which it probably does.

              As for me, I’m really just a supporter of the English language and I realise I’m in a minority here.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, 2 Scents, it’s a figure of speech, in other words, here is my advice to you.

          • Anonymous says:

            It must be really embarrassing to try to correct someone and make horrible grammatical errors and select incorrect homophones in your own post.

            The person above was pointing out that it’s two CENTS as in money, not SCENTS as in smells.

            Spellcheck can’t help stupid.

      • Jane Daniels says:

        ‘…and that you are now satisfy with what you have wrote.’
        How about for 10 cents, you filter your own post?

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no such figure of speech using 10 Scents, pure and simple, here is my 2 scents to you (my advice to you)!

      • Kung Fu Iguana says:

        I wish that first sentence was masterpiece of  sarcasm, but I fear it was just a CNS "pot calling kettle black moment".

        PS :  Is it just me or does this new Captcha mularkey really suck?

        CNS: Sorry – we were getting bombarded with spam comments there for a while and the captcha code was toughened up while the tech guys put up even more defences against it. We’ll make it suck less as soon as we can.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m willing to bet that while the PPM and the UDP are fighting like primary school children in their sandbox to the detriment of Cayman, that people like Charles “The Chuckster” Clifford, Ezzard Miller and others are preparing to rescue our country from these self centered, arrogant and power hungry politicians.

    We’re waiting to be rescued or must we take to the streets too ???

  7. mickey mouse says:


    I am not a UDP member, but MB is doing a fine job, MOU’s are being signed and deals are being made that will create jobs and benefit the economy as a whole. Time, Time, Time… that is all that’s needed now for these projects to come to pass! The Premier, our first Premier, has spearheaded negotiations with Doctor Shetty, the world’s renown cardio surgean towards introducing Medical Tourism in the Cayman Islands, which will pump revenue into the country by the millions. Jobs will be created! The Premier has lowered the deficit from 81 million to now 30+ million with a surplus. Time, Time, Time… again… it will take for these projects to come to pass. These things will boost the economy. Now… what amazes me is that Alden or the PPM has not chip in to at least help the UDP in their efforts. Our economy should be a unitive effort for the common good! There should not be no division in putting food on our tables! Not even have I heard the PPM come with at least solutions or did research to share with the Premier in what would be best to create revenue. Sorry to say but both parties have not “COME TOGETHER” in helping our country or at least LISTEN TO EACH OTHER! It all has to do with EGO!

  8. Roadblogger says:

    PPM.. UDP.. Been there, seen it, heard it.  I just wish it were true that either of them were aware of the consequences of their actions for average people instead oftrying their utmost to be the next to get their hands in the piggy bank.  But, I no longer believe it.  All of them remember are career politicians.  They have been given more than enough opportunity to prove that isn’t their true motivation.  Both parties consist of re-cycled dinosaurs yammering on about the same things year after year. Blaming blaming, blaming.  It’s time for them to get out of the way.

    • Anonymous says:

      This will only happen when the intelligence of the Cayman people as a whole is brought up to a higher level then those currently in leadership. Can’t see that happening anytime soon. Until then hard to blame the Caymanian Leadership Group for fighting for the right to spend all that money, take all those trips and perks and basically live up to a higher standard then they ever could by working for it. Like taking candy from a baby whos only recourse is to cry about it.

  9. cow itch says:

    Interesting that the Father that paved the way for a Constitution that allows a Dictator to receive his perks and benefits, is now hungry to have his go at it. If Alden gets in – what a disaster! There are many Independants who mean well for this country. Caymanians we can’t be so naive to put back in the same man that brought us down an economic low!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      To cow itch,Sat. 13:46, When you stop scratching perhaps you could quote us the section of the constitution that provides for the election or appointment of a dictator.The copy of the constitution that I have read ,calls for the post of Premier which is equal to a Prime Minister or Chief Minister.Now, if the oerson appointed to that position chooses to be a dictator,thats a different matter.

  10. KD kisses says:

    It’s not worse. From the reports I’m getting, things are getting alot better under UDP. Except for crime, which you can’t really blame a political party – It’s the UK’s Commissioner’s job to fight crime, and the community as a whole.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some people very simply WILL NOT see. Do you REALLY believe that crime has gone ballistic in Cayman even though ‘things are getting a lot better under UDP’? I would say this is supreme evidence to the contrary. WAKE UP Caymanians.

  11. Anonymous says:

    In all civilised societies, there are laws, rules and processes to govern the behavior and conduct of its citizens and businesses to ensure order and fairness for all. When anyone acts in a manner outside of those norms there are questions of integrity. It’s bad when an individual citizen begins to not obey the laws, it’s frightening when many citizens begin to not obey the laws, but when the government fails to abide by the laws, rules and processes, that’s when you know that you control has been lost and you are heading for anarchy.

    I have watched with dismay as our criminal population has grown and the nature of the crimes they commit has escalated and now I am watching in horror, as this government in power fails to follow the laws, rules and processes, like the non compliance with the FOI law requirements, the overriding of the Central Tenders process and decisions, the creating of jobs for the party in power candidate who did not win a seat in the elections, even after the same government declared no new hiring and a reduction in wages for civil servants.

    Get the picture? Forget the rhetoric and look at what is really happening.

    I hope the Governor steps in immediately to restore order and the PPM wins the next election.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie and Arden were the only two in the PPM Cabinet with good political acumen. Alden has absolutely none so where does that leave the PPM ?

    Now Chuckie is gone and Arden has one foot out the door so what does the PPM really have to offer ? Alden and Anton Dockworth…….lord help us.

    Chuckie has been awefully quiet for the past few weeks…..does anyone know when he will fire the next rocket ?

  13. E. Williams says:

    Umm… you know more and more as the day progress, I am seeing the awful need for a third party.

  14. George Towner says:

    LOL… here is a clear example bright as day that Alden and the PPM clan, nothing better to do than point the finger and blame their opponent for the economic mess we find ourselves. No mention of helping the present government in the bond of unity, no solutions being offered, and apparently no indication that they have learnt from their mistakes whilst they had their 4 years!

    Under them Cayman almost became Black listed by the OECD, rating us on the Gray List. If it wasn’t for the UDP we would probably see our economy sunk into oblivion! The UDP had to make hard decisions and even the 3.2 cut on all Civil Servants! They had to deal with the sh%t Alden and Kurt left us!

    Now for money-sake and to lavish under the same perks they introduced for the Premier’s position… I can see it now… a typical blame game!

    Sorry Alden, me and my household will not be voting for you!

    • Live Free.... says:

      Another UDP supporter, I understand you don’t know good Governance, but please keep it to yourself, UDP don’t respect the Law of the Land ( Constitution) and even the FOI, so in your eyes this present Government is better than PPM was? Yes. Well you are surely living under a rock, would you like me to remove it so you can see the light? I guess not, you rather continue to live under the rock, and stone PPM, because you believe in the rhetoric of your party, too shame…

  15. c.bodden says:


    PPM has done worse for the country than UDP!  Leaving us with an 81 million deficit, their excuse was, Mr. Global Recession and Ms. Paloma, caused the economy to sink and the number of people unemployed!  I am not buying it, because I recall McKeeva pleading to them in the LA to cut spending and they refused to listen to their critics. Instead Alden and Kurt like a dictator, pursued the building and construction of schools, roads, and infrastructure, ignoring the external forces against us. At least, the Premier is using diplomacy in international relations has market the Cayman Islands. But I can recall that when PPM was in  – there was none of that!  You didn’t hear one word about making the economy better!  All you heard was Roll-Over Policy which they introduced, the Helicopter which cost us millions, and spearheading a Constitution that although had good stuff in it, had no teeth!  The UDP is left to clean up the mess that PPM could had avoided if they would but just listened to the experts at the time.

    So please Alden, spare us from your talk!  We know before McKeeva was in power, you was the one pulling the strings and did bad job at it!!! 

  16. Anonymous says:

    In the last election, the PPM ran under the banner , "Don’t Stop the Progress".

    I really had towork hard to restrain myself from spray bombing the signs to replace "Progress" with "Carnival".

    • Anonymous says:

      Your self control is admirable. Please stop to consider that because of people like you we are currently witnessing the biggest ‘carnival’ ever in the history of the Cayman Islands.

  17. Anonymous says:

    You all are such idiots….you all must be UDP blind as bats, common sense was not give to non of you cause if it was you would see the light!! PPM is about what is best for our Country, not reaching in their pockets on a regular basis for all you that depend on your Government to take care of your Mamas and Pappas when you all are capable of doing so!!!! Big Mac has the right to try to avoid all of you by hiring security guards at his house, the poor man cant have no peace at home for the bunch of you and most of all to continue to support all you lazy a**es he has to sell us out or he would be completely broke by now and living on the street!!! Stop voting for what you can get for your personal gain and start voting for what your politician can do for your Country. The most this Country ever got in a four year term from any Government was from the PPM, as a proud member I can see where the money was well spent on our needs, example the roads alone that was needed and should have been done twenty years ago and all UDP did was talk about it like they are doing once again and nothing is getting done!!!! Go buy your own fridges and windows and leave to the Government to spend our money on what is really needed for our County…….

    • Anonymous says:

      17:37: Listen to yourself and see if you making any sense.What is it you want to express? You are not understood

    • Backstorke says:

      “You all are something”
      Just reading your post makes me sick. Try reading and deciphering what you said, the PPM is just as much to blame for the mess that we are in as any one else
      Who out spent with money buying votes any more than the other party, I saw people who had stoves, refrigerators already in their homes but yet got new ones from the PPM and it sat on their porch for months before it got used. So open your eyes my friend, its time that we get rid of the PARTY system, its ruining our Island. So when you can tell me that the PPM did not BUY votes then I will vote for them, but guess what you cant do that. They bragged about them having the money to get a seat in each district before, so nothing will change.
      If these Party groups have that much money to buy so many votes, why dont they all put it in a ,trust fund for future need. That wont happen either, it will be like the Ironwood fund set up by a few MLA’s 10 yearsago for education Sigh,sigh.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are soooo right my friend. Please don’t pity Mac though. The poor man can’t have no peace at home because fridges and windows is how he stays in business. What a sorry state of affairs.

    • anonymous says:

      PPM caused nearly all of the suffering that we are living in today.

  18. Anonymous says:

     Roll over policy killed this island (and continues to bleed it). I am Caymanian and believe in protecting our employment rights, but look what the roll over policy has done – has it provided more jobs for Caymanians – NO, has it lead to an overall reduction in jobs in the entire economy and hence less jobs for Caymanians – YES.

    Surely there must be a better way? And how long do we stick with the current failed  policy, until we are lying on the sea bed?

    • Anonymous says:

       Rollover was never about Caymanian employment.  Thats an urban legend.  It was about preventing grants for citizenship.

    • Karen says:

      And what is amusing – Has anyone from Alden’s party confronted him and PPM crew as to why they implemented such a destructive policy against the private sector, which has caused the lost of so many jobs???


      That they come and blame this on UDP, is so deceptive!

    • anonymous46 says:

      Rollover policy is the reflection of policies we will get from the PPM – God help us!

      • Anonymous says:

        The rollover was passed into law by the UDP Govt. People like you and the editors of the Compass try to obscure that fundamental point by saying that it was “implemented” under the PPM.

  19. Crying Caymanian says:

    The party political system is a sham and unless we do something about it before the next election, we’ll have Alden and the PPM crying about what a mess the UDP left us in. Party politics is NOT democracy and the fact that this is all we have to choose is disgraceful.

    There should be one person, one vote and no more party bullshit. I cannot believe that Caymanian voters can be so blind as to think that the next election will bring any change.

    For what it is worth, here is my election manifesto.
    1. I will be standing as an independent.
    2. I will not vote without consulting my constituents.
    3. I will reduce government expenditure by eliminating as many high-paying non-jobs as possible.
    4. I will fire David Baines and bring in someone who does not have an agenda.
    5. I will use some of the money gained in 3 to reward nurses and teachers for the sacrifice that they give to our people.
    6. My salary will be enough to get by on. 75k will do it.
    7. I will give more concessions to hotels and the tourism industry in general.
    8. I will give less concessions to the financial industry.
    9. Rollover will be cut to 5 years so you foreigners can make your money and go home.
    10. I will not build a big wall around my house.
    11. I will drive my own car to work.
    12. My wife and I will not need a cook.
    13. If we have to go away on government business (which should be justified) I will travel economy unless I have enough airmiles to upgrade.
    14. I will stay in decent hotels, but 5 star not necessary. Just hot food, clean beds and bathroom is fine.
    15. I will promote healthy eating, sports for all and lead by example.
    16. I will visit different churches and groups regularly.
    17. I will promote local agriculture and reward farmers who deliver organic produce.
    18. I will introduce practical curriculums in the schools whereby our children do not have to spend the rest of their lives sitting behind a computer.
    19. The water from the local companies will be tested weekly and the results posted online.
    20. Alternative energy initiatives will be rewarded with financial incentives.
    21. Electric vehicles will become the norm.
    22. Cayman Airways will become profitable by eliminating losing routes and embracing regional, profitable routes.
    23. Public finances will be made public.
    24. More power to FOI and senior jobs will be forfeited upon non-compliance.
    25. All civil servants emails will become publicly accessible.
    26. I will promote working from home, especially for young mothers.
    27. We will partner with the major companies to promote healthy lifestyle events.
    28. We will introduce a comprehensive recycling programme.
    29. The dump will be removed properly, not brushed under the carpet.
    30. I will appoint a local steering committee to liaise with the police to ensure that power is not being abused.
    31. DUI will be 1 month in jail followed by an instant 5 year ban.
    32. Taxi drivers will no longer rip off the customers.
    33. Littering will be an instant $1,000 fine.
    34. The fast food industry will disclose the chemicals, preservatives and general garbage in their products.
    35. Traffic will be reduced significantly by proper immigration policies.
    36. A Caymanian Defence Force will be created and run exclusively by Caymanians and all males will have to spend at least one year in the service of their country.
    37. An ID card will be introduced which is nationally accepted.
    38. Police will have the power to spot check individuals for their ID cards.
    39. Drug abusers will be actively rehabilitated.
    40. Drug sellers will be jailed in solitary confinement. Period. 1 year minimum.
    41. Import duty will be cut to 10% across the board.
    42. Price gouging will result in heavy fines.
    43. No more reckless immigration policies hidden as “globalisation”
    44. No more pandering to the UN.

    UDP is not United, certainly not Democratic and the only Party is the ongoing one that they are having at our expense.

    PPM is not for the People, certainly not Progressive rather regressive and consequently, the only Movement is backwards.

    Come on Cayman, let’s shift these crooks. We will be standing as Open Independents. We will not have a formal party and we will answer to our voters, the ones who elected us to represent them. There will be no more ExCo and Portfolios, no more Premier, because it’s just a sham whereby unqualified people make unqualified decisions. The power belongs to the free people of Cayman.

    Watch for the Open Independents. We are coming.

    • Anonymous says:

       Hmmm.. I thought as a professional, I make good money here…56K…but for a Caymanian to get by he need 75K…Interesting… Just a thought- without expats  there will be no international businesses..where 75K will come from?

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Crying Caymanian,

      Of course everything you have written sounds great until to apply reality to the wish list. Without reality all you have accomplished is nothing. I reviewed your list to make comments but have decided to simply wish you well instead.

      You frustration is noted.

    • Anonymous says:

       #6.  Since I’m a Caymanian and I work for a government and I make less than $30,000 a year, can I please have my 3.2% COLA back.  Because as you stated a Caymanian needs 75K to live on.  I will be happy to just have my $80.00 back.

  20. All this amounts to says:

    All this amounts to is a cock fight. Bush and Mclaughlin will now go after each other, and entertain us for the next 2 years meanwhile nothing gets done and the country slowly slips into the hands of those all so powerful expats who are sitting back calling us idiots. IfAlden and Bush let this situation get out of control instead of focusing on FIXING the issues we face (starting with the blatant disregard for our immigration laws) then someone better stand up and do something and fast. The horse has already left the gate.

  21. Steve says:

    Well… you can’t blame the economic downturn on the UDP, because they are implementing government revenue measures in order to better the economy. The Shetty Hospital, the Cruise Berthing Facility, the North Sound canal… all of these endeavors will boost the economy, and if UDP does not get in again in 2013, these same endeavors will come to fruition during PPM’s term. All like Alden will or may take the credit.

    But can anyone tell me what PPM project that has come to fruition during UDP’s term? So I think we need to get from the blame game! I think right now UDP is doing a fine job. They ought to be given a chance… you can never expect large projects to be launch within the same year… it takes a matter of years before projects can come to completion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently you don’t know about the new Government Administration building that has ‘come to fruition’ during the UDP’s rain. The same building that they were insisting they could sell and rent back from the purchaser at economic benefit to this country. Can you think of any kindergartner in Cayman that could not see the non-logic in this? But guess who is enjoying the glory now that it is finished and still belongs to us IN SPITE OF the UDP? The schools that the PPM got put through the meat grinder for in their unrelenting efforts to MOVE CAYMAN FORWARD will likely in the end be hailed as a UDP ‘accomplishment’ by the blind and ignorant in this country too. PERSEVERE, PPM and Alden McLaughlin. Remember Jesus Christ was CRUCIFIED by HUMANITY BECAUSE he was JESUS CHRIST.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Me, Me, Me Alex, what is The Government Administration Building?

  22. sandra says:


    Remember that before we got into an economic mess, PPM help sowed the seed of unemployment!

    • Anonymous says:

      At least that is what the UDP managed to get idiots like you believing so you could vote for them. Would you care to mention what the UDP has done to realize their promises regarding unemployment in this country for the past two years apart form MAKING IT WORSE?

  23. Anonymous says:


    Since you claim life is currently the way it is because of the UDP. Considering the current global economy we can imagine just how much worse it would be under the PPM based on your track record and attitude when you were in Government the same attitude you still have but trying to disguise.

    I watched the PPM broadcast on TV last night. I noticed you have made a slight shift away from your usual self/act. It looks like you have slightly adapted to the style of another individual, i.e. rhetoric, mannerism and body language. An individual I dear say you and a few others are concerned about their rise back up. I catch a slight hint that you seem to be trying a bi-partisan approach you will not fool anyone. I have tried the bi-partisan approach already with some of your supporters only to be burnt, which now makes me more aware and very cautious. You take good ideas/solutions from others, and then you try to pull the rug from under them.


    I venture to say that Kurt should have remained the Leader of the PPM; it will now be difficult for the PPM to control you. I have determined this based on your public statements leading up to, and after you became the leader of the PPM.


    I have one question for you Alden. Since you claim we are worse under the UDP, considering the issues taken over/on and tackled by the UDP since becoming the Government, what would you have done that would have been drastically different.


    I look forward to

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry but your ‘determinations’ are a load of rhetorical smelly BS. 

      • Anonymous says:

        ‘rhetorical smelly BS’ you say of my comments. I think not, that is more descriptive of what Alden mostly regurgitated on stage the other night on TV.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is even more descriptive of everything the UDP regurgitates every day of their lives.

          • Anonymous says:

            You sound as if you are actually admitting Alden’s comments were regurgitated.

  24. Concerned Caymanian says:

    I wish these 2 groups of political wannabes would quit blaming everything on each other. they are arrogant enought to think they had enough influence to effect the world economy!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. We need to go back to the days of the dearly departed Jim Bodden, Ormond Panton, Berkley Bush and that group. We elected people who cared about the Cayman Islands and the people. Caymanians need to use their God-given brains and realise that the downfall of the Cayman Islands economy is due to the entire world recession. Remember we depend on the outside world for everything and if they are struggling to get out of a financialmrecession, then we would also have to. I know one thing, I go shopping every 2 weeks with my helper and every time we gi to the supermarket, we get less and less for our budgeted spending.
      We need help instead of the people in power spending our assistance frivilously.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Stating the obvious as usual, pointing fingers as usual… all the while I have a job that pays me $3000/m, but I only ga $15 in my pocket, and it’s only the middle of the month. 

    Remember now, this is the man that wrote the constitution. So if the constitution is what is making a Mac a dictator… wait ’til this guy is at the helm.

    ’cause, you already can’t tell Alden nothin’!

    P.S. Adlen, lemmie a dollar nah!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re probably not as bad off as most people if a dollar can take you through to the end of the month. You might be better off asking Mac for that dollar, especially if you have a vote to give him come 2013. Improving the Caymanian people’s economic circumstances was one of the promises that got the UDP into power. What a joke. By the way, you probably haven’t actually TRIED to tell Alden anything, but have you ever tried telling MAC anything that made any sense whatsoever? If you really need a dollar I can lend you one but you have to pay it back once Alden makes things a little better for us all, OK? promise? Unless you really want to sell Mac your vote for a dollar and stay in the red forever.         

    • Anonymous says:

      To Anonymous ,Fri. 02/18/2011  You are wrong if you truly believe that the Constitution is making McKeeva into a dictator.Mac acted the same way when we had the other constitution.If he chooses to ignore correct procedures when it suits him, then the blame lies with him and not the Constitution.

  26. Ex Pat says:

    Something needs to be done to address those employers that exploit the immigration rules to obtain cheap labor from abroad rather than employ skilled and willing Caymanians who apply for the same positions.  Perhaps a minimum wage could achieve this.  

    I am aware of  a very wealthy employer who is obtaining government assistance to apply for work permits to import foreign labour because he claims he cannot find any Caymanians interested or willing to do the work.  This is simply not true.  I know Caymanians who have applied and are willing and able to do the work for $5 an hour (hard labor for 10 hours a day).  However, the employer turned them down and is instead importing people on work permits to pay them $3 an hour.  This is not an isolated case I am sure, as I know there are other unscrupulous employers out there doing the same thing.  No wonder good hard-working Caymanians can’t get jobs.  This has to be addressed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so correct my friend. May these very wealthy employers burn in hell and their money along with them, and also the ignorant government employees who insist on helping them for paltry bribes. What onearth good is fifty dollars for ten hours of hard labor to any Caymanian, much less thirty dollars or less to beat the competition? God help us lazy, ‘unemployable’ Caymanians.

      • Blah Blah Blah says:

        "What on earth good is fifty dollars for ten hours of hard labor to any Caymanian"

        It is better than nothing.  Or forty dollars.  Those out of work should take these opportunities and stop complaining.

        The only Caymanians out of work are Caymanians who want to be out of work.


        • Ex Pat says:

          You are so wrong for that.  And I know YOU wouldn’t work anywhere that paid you 30 dollars a day for 10 hours very hard work out in the hot sun… would you – be honest?  In other countries this is illegal.  Just because it isn’t illegal here and thus we (lets be honest) encourage ‘slave labor’ doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t mean people like you can sit on a pedestal and call all Caymanians lazy.  I know for a fact this isn’t the case.  You couldn’t even pay your rent and live in your accustomed lifestyle on that – you’d have no choice but to live 10 to an apartment as so many already do round here. And if those 10 lived next door to you, I bet you’d be the first to complain too.

        • Anonymous says:

          Blah Blah Blah.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Alden is so right, I am a small business owner who is trying real hard to keep my business open. With the recent increase in fees, it’s almost impossible to survive. I used to always have 2-3 employees working with me, now I have only 1, because the business is just not there. We need something to get the economy going, at least when the PPM was in power the schools, roads and the gov. building were helping to keep the economy going, now that the gov buildingis almost finished I wonder what is going to happen to all those workers. IT’S TIME THE UDP DO SOMETHING, to try and stimilate the economy, all I hear is talk, talk, talk and no action. I call on the UDP to get started with something soon, or else it’s going to get worse. Thanks Alden for starting to stir up the pot untill someone does something or get something going.

    • Typical udp says:

      You have to be living under a rock not to see life is by far harder and worse under the UDP (2 years now) than when the PPM were Government.
      But while life is far harder and worse now, the UDP members sure find a way to live the Lavish lifestyle, so when we get a few “die-hard” UDPers saying that it was harder under PPM, they must be talking of just themselves, as they sure ain’t struggling for money or work as we, the majority of Caymanians are.
      Facts are Facts my bright-minded Sherlock!

    • Anonymous says:

      Better days are coming.life will soon sort out,we have to remember what has caused this,its a ripple effect,what was done before will affect our beautiful paradise today and in the future.

      What UDP inherited was a nest of hornets wrapped in webs of years of corruption and exploitation of the people and wealth of cayman.This has resulted in the present stagnation of the Cayman Economy.

      We must look to the future and strive for excellence not dwell on PPM past.

      Only UDP has the key to our future and we as people of cayman must see the reality and move forward.

      • Anonymous says:

        MORE UDP BS. When was the last time you heard about someone taking more than two years to USE a key while continuing to make every effort to reinforce the LOCK???

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anonymous Fri.18/Feb/2011 You are correct.UDP controls the key at this time.Unfortunatelythe door that they are unlocking says “Do not open.Unlimited destruction will follow”

      • Anonymous says:

        “What UDP inherited was a nest of hornets wrapped in webs of years of corruption and exploitation of the people and wealth of cayman.This has resulted in the present stagnation of the Cayman Economy”.

        LOL “inherited”? Did you mean “are”? If Mac could have found one iota of corruption practised by the PPM Govt. he would have been shouting it from the roof tops. Remember how he screamed to the international media “Weez broke!”.

        There are two types of UDP supporters: the greedy and the gullible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Government spending can be used to bridge cyclical and sporadic economic downturns however this fiscal strategy only works when prudently applied. The general population of the country must benefit the most as opposed to in this case outside contractors and workers. In this regard it would have been more effective to space the projects over time so that local people would be gainfully employed for a longer period. This is especially important considering this was not cyclical and there was and still is no visible end.
      However, this is all academic as this was not part of a fiscal strategy as these projects were started before the downturn in Cayman’s economy. The magnatude was so excessive, extravagant, and period concentrated that the country was almost bankrupt if you consider the difficulty in the approval of borrowings.
      I am not saying UDP has done everything or possibly anything right but this afterthought justification is no more than distracting from difficulties faced by the current administration.

    • Reid says:

      If you hire Caymanians you wouldnt have to worry about increased fees. I can bet a million dollars your one employee is an expat.

      • kevin says:

        Hello, it is because of increased fees and restrictive laws on businesses that they are not hiring! Boy you a smart cookie!

    • BORN FREE says:

      Please ignore the 2 people who support the UDP (we know who they probably are) who claim that this headline is not true. It is a statement of fact that “Life is worse under the UDP” because 95% of the Cayman people say so & arecomplaining bitterly like never before because they are feeling the pain. I have never ever heard so many people complain about tough times as I have heard in the last year! NEVER! Amazingly, much of the complaints & bitterness is being expressed by many of the persons who supported the UDP during the last elections. It is very rare to hear anyone now adays who supports the UDP or is happy with the job they are doing. I can therefore safely say that it is very true that “Life is worse under the UDP” because we, the people are feeling it, & we are suffering like never before. It seems that only a few persons closely associated with the UDP are not complaining. I wonder why?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you BORN FREE. Damn it is encouraging to encounter someone who hasn’t received a new fridge in quite some time. And it is indeed amazing, yet at the same time quite understandable, that some of the very people who did get a new fridge are complaining because they now cannot afford to stock their new fridge or to pay CUC to keep it running! Waa Mess! Alden can you help us PLEASE? We don’t really need a new fridge or anything like that. We just need good government like the one you were giving us before the Unilaterally Disastrous People bribed their way into power, OK? We don’t mean to bribe like the UDP and we understand it don’t mean that much to you but we would happily give you all their salaries combined (including ALL the ridiculous ‘perks’) if you would just HELP US. Please understand that we are not just begging for ourselves but for all the unfortunate ones who voted for the UDP in the last election, since we sincerely do insist on believing in and hoping for a united and PROSPEROUS Cayman Islands.           

  28. nauticalone says:

    It sounds like Alden has learned some hard lessons.
    I have known Alden (and most of our Politicians) for many years….and know him to be a man of the highest ethical standards.
    If he drops the “Politicks is the art of the posible” mantra….and moves forward to fight for even that which may sometimes seem imposible/unpopular (which to be fair, he has sometimes done before) then i have to say i have more trust that the PPM will be more fair, more legitimate….and less vendictive.
    And for reasons of increased ethics and fairness for all, i support Alden and the PPM….of the choices we currently have.

    But both sides will do well to pay attention to World Politics and the ongoing unrest by the masses!

  29. Sachamo says:

    Wow, Mr. Mclaughlin comes out swinging as they say, a clevor way to kick off his new office. But as I look through the content of his message I am left to scratch my head and wonder if he is this far disconnected? or does he believe the people of this country do not have one cent worth of intellect to understand the events that brought us to this place? yes we know that the great recession affected us, but so did the great “spendcession” lead mostly by Mr. Mclaughlin himself. Whilst i do not agree with UDP on everything they made the right call in trying to prop up the government purse as a priority; taxing is what governments do to make money, this is simple economics. If the great superpower the US is struggling to get back on their feet what makes you think we would have in such a short while since the elections? what you need to do Mr. Mclaghlin is find a way to work with the government to bring some much needed solutions to the table; if my memory serves me correctly,one of the main reason your party lost in last election was because of your unwillingness to work with the then opposition. I say to both side, we the voters want to see more cooperation ; if you do not we the voters will replace you with independent politicians who are willing to do so.

    • Live Free... says:

      Sachamo!!! You are the one that sames disconnected and very much un-inform, for your information, Alden brought many ideas, or should I say, the PPM opposition in a whole has brought ideas to the house, but what happen to their ideas? The Government of today just simply ignored them, and don’t include them in any of their day to day plans. So please get properly inform before you post, I guess u are a true UDP follower, but want to play the game of I’m not a supporter in everything the UDP do, yeah right, you can only fool some, but not everyone. And I’m not apart of any party also, but I do like the views of PPM, if I had to choose between PPM and UDP, I choose PPM, base on their track record.

      • Live Free.... says:

        I notice I have received a lot of thumbs down, which is all fine, but I put it down like it is, for anyone who don;t agree with what I posted, has not pay any attention to what is going on in the Cayman Islands Politically, I for one see clearly what the Government is doing, they are spending the Caymanians tax money on things that is not necessary, they raised all of the fees, cut down the Civil Servants salary, and refuse to cut  down their own salary, and their spending, as far as I remember, the opposition was in support of the cut in their salary, whenever I post, I post facts, I don’t go by hear say, anyone who don’t agree, go right ahead and give me the thumbs down, but that would never make a different to what is true, and what is happening to these Islands ever since the UDP Government took over.

        I watch PPM Govern these Islands from 2005-2009. And I can tell all of the Caymanians, they had you all at heart, look at all the projects they have done in the 4yrs, so much that I can’t mention, but you all can see what they have accomplish in their 4yrs, so please can someone show/tell me what this Government done in their 2yrs. All I seen them done, is complain and blame the financial crisis on PPM, ask them about corruption in the 4yrs that PPM Govern these Islands? But everyone already knows the answer to that question, none. All I can hear from some of the people in Cayman, is the School projects that put Cayman in this financial mess, What! Really! A Global Recession cause by a Capital Project of Cayman, nice try though.The whole world felt the Recession of 2008, and I don’t know of any country out there, that never got some form of financial impact from it. Go Right Ahead, Give Me Thumbs Down For Knowledge.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Everybody is beating up on the PPM about leaving the country broke. I think if you guys did an FOI request to the Treasury Department and ask what the latest “estimate” is for how fiscal year 2008/9 ended you’d be shocked. That supposed 80+ million deficit is now a very different figure i.e. it is much lower.

    The real number is how much money was left in the bank account (which is verifiable with independent bank statements and not just the Government accountants).

    Compare what the PPM left to what the UDP expects to have left at the end of this fiscal year and tell me who is raiding the country’s coffers and leaving the country broke.

    You can also compare the debt the PPM left against what the UDP expects it to be at the end of this financial year, just two years afer they came to power.

    This house of cards “UDP got us out of financial mess” rhetoric is going to come crumbling down within the next 4 months, then we’ll see what songs you all gone sing then.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any chance we can talk you into replacing the current government financial ‘secret’ary?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Global economic melt-down and the related external scapegoat pressures on Cayman, inhereted extremely excessive unfinished construction projects, effects of rollover policy…things were worse…DUH

  32. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Economy down fall started from Roll Over policy and it will go way down.now its individual choice to show fingure to either UDP or PPM, choice is yours.

    • A Guilty Pleasure says:

      The “Roll over policy” was introduced & passed during the UDP’s first terror reign (at the end of 2004), but what is wrong with the roll over policy? We need something in place to try & prevent Caymanians being outnumbered by expatriates. It seems that foreigners feel it is OK for their respective countries to have systems in place to CONTROL the amount of foreigners who stay in their country but it is wrong for Cayman to try & control the amount of foreigners becoming Caymanian! How very hypocritical! Every country in the world, EVERYONE, has systems in place to control the influx of foreigners, why should Cayman be any different? If there is no control Cayman’s population will be 90% foreign & 10% Caymanian within 20 years. Does this sound right?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said Pleasure. The UDP has really messed this country up, & sold us out to the rich foreigners. Cayman is no longer for Caymanians & that is thanks in full to Bushy & his UDP cohorts.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately the UDP chose the laziest and most unfair and haphazard way imaginable to go about this. We have lost a great number of GOOD expatriates who contributed very positively to this country and we have GAINED a great number of exactly the other kind. If you don’t believe me just ask the news headlines. This is as good an example as any of what the UDP is ‘doing’ for our country. 

  33. Dagny says:

    I like Alden’s claim that there is an "unemployability" problem in Cayman.  For four years this man was at the helm of the Ministry of Education and under his watch for all that time, students graduated out of high school based on their attendance – not on their grades.

    This is a deplorable and unbelievable situation.  You cannot graduate illiterate students and then expect the market to employ them.  He was too busy spending millions of dollars on ridiculous buildings.  Try paying teachers a decent wage, which will attract the best talent and raise the bar on standards. 

    Plato taught under a tree. 

    CNS: As a point of correction, it was not Mr McLaughlin but Mr Anglin who said there was an "unemployability" problem. You misread the sentence – although, granted, this doesn’t change your point. However, the concept of "graduating" from high school is an American one. Please read this. Here, as in the UK, "graduating" just means "leaving school" and has been the same under every administration, including the current one, and will not change so long as the Cayman Islands follows the British system.

    This does not mean it is acceptable for young people to leave school without being able to read (and, ahem, comprehend what they’re reading) but if you’re going to discuss how to solve a problem it helps to understand what the problem is. The deplorable situation that you should be referring to is students leaving school with out passing sufficient external examinations. The whole "graduating based on attendance" argument is a red herring that gets trotted out with depressing regularity.

    • :o) says:

      CNS has blocked your rating by posting… so to those who agree with what Dagny has said, rate here.

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, the point is hardly a red herring, you just chose to define it in a limited way. Advancing students on the basis of attendance leaves them unable to either "graduate" or pass their "O levels" if you prefer.

      CNS: Ah, well. Now you’re changing the subject. Dagny was talking about leaving school based on attendance, which is rubbish because leaving school is based on age (although he/she also might have been referring to standing on a platform in a cap and gown based on attendance — a meaningless ceremony in terms of job seeking or further education, i.e. the things that matter).

      What you appear to be referring to is advancing from grade to grade. The benefits of keeping students back a year is another discussion entirely – there’s a social issue to be included in the debate and I’ve heard bothsides from educators. Both the last minister and the current minister have moved towards marking students’ academic progress via attainment levels, which theoretically would give a more accurate picture of what they have/have not grasped in any subject. This, again, is a topic that is worthy of discussion by anyone actually interested in progress within education, as opposed to someone making noise.

      O levels were phased out 20 odd years ago. However, yes, success in external examination is the goal.

  34. Anonymous says:

     Another clear and absolute example that Alden and the PPM has absolutely nothing more to offer than blame.  No solutions, no ideas, just finger pointing.

    The racked up a historical debt with NO means of paying for it, passing all responsibility to others, and now, the only way they see to re-acquire the government purse, is to demonize and blame.

    That’s just sorry leadership and Cayman needs better.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The heading is an understatement. You have to be a corpse to not believe or understand that.

  36. Anti-Party-Politricks says:

    How on earth do you pick between UDP and PPM??? Both are awful!

    As far as I’m concerned no politician in either group will be getting a vote from me again.

    Vote for the independants!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s easy. UDP stands for Useless Dumb Pick, and PPM stands for Please Pick ME. Got it?

  37. NJ2cay says:

    The one thing he forgot to say is that the reason the UDP has to make all these hard choices is becuase of the fact the the previous government left the Country in Financial Shambles. With so much dept that the current government has to clean up thier mess. And as for construction everyone knows these things take time to design plan and build. So to me his word are just more political windbagging by someone who wants the top job..

  38. Anonymous says:

    at last …the ppm are starting to act like an opposition….

    everything alden says is 100% right

    but he fails to explain how he would do things differently… the last time he was in power he ran the biggest deficit in the history of cayman and left the country broke!

  39. Tamara says:

    Of course they are worse off now Mr. McLaughlin. The leaf doesn’t rot the same day it falls into the water.

    I dont agree with the idea of raising fees in a recession but what were they do when there is no money and not many options to make it.

    PPM had some good ideas and seem to have rushed into so many developments when itstarted. They seemed to have lacked good advice on how to execute them. Or, is it that the good advice were given and you didnt listen Mr. McLaughlin.

    I dont blame the current admin to delay developments until it has some sense of direction. If the leader doesnt know where he is going, any road can take him there. The delay is bad as it has significantly reduce employment but that’s what we have to suffer until stablization is satisfied.

    Bottom line, the economy needs fixing and I am tired of this darn blame game, get over it!!! Yes, you are now the “official” “new leader” so you probably have a new found voice but Mr. Bush has done extremely well with what he has done to clean the mess you all left.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Alden, the reason why the UDP government had to raise fees which is letting us all suffer is because the PPM spent all of the governments money and who does the government tax to make up the shortfall???..Us.

    Alden, you had better start owning up to the fact that it was your party that laid the groundwork for the mess we are in today. Had Kurt changed his mind "on the kindest of mornings," maybe we wouldn’t be in our present dire situation.

    Stop placing blame and start accepting some, that is the only how I will ever gain any respect for the PPM ever again.

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. All that reckless spending when it was clear that we were headed for world recession. I remember a speech with the words,”only God can stop me from going ahead…………”. It was when being criticised about certain building projects which were being undertaken at the time. God did not stop him but the democratic process did. I hope they learn from the past otherwise God help us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Democratic process. What a joke. Very unfortunately, the Cayman Islands appear to be in the sad situation that the largely uneducated people of West Bay have a monopoly on the ‘democratic process’ in Cayman. We have every confidence that that is going to change though. Do people like you and the poster that you ‘couldn’t agree with more’ ever stop to consider that our government EMPLOYEES are put there and paid astronomical salaries (not to mention perks) to demonstrate their intelligence in coming up with CREATIVE ways to sustain our economy rather than taking the simple, easy route of burdening us all with unbearable tax increases while they continue to live in LUXURY AT OUR EXPENSE? Yes, God help us indeed. To WAKE UP.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you say stop placing blame???

  41. Anonymous says:

    PPM claims that Life is worse under UDP. Ever heard the saying, You made the bed so we have to lie in it. PPM made the life so UDP have to lie in it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry but we were under the impression that the UDP were hired to make the bed a little better. I do agree with you that they seem to prefer to reap the benefits of simply lying in it. Actually its been the UDP’s bed for the past two years but it really doesn’t matter as long as they’re having a good SLEEP in it right?