US visa email is a scam warn finance cops

| 22/02/2011

(CNS): Officers from the financial crimes unit of the RCIPS are warning people not to be fooled by an e-mail claiming to be from the US Department of State telling people that they are winners in the Diversity Visa Lottery and asking recipients to send cash to the UK. In this latest email police say the fraudsters have gone to great lengths to make it look genuine but people need to guard against being fooled. Detective Chief Inspector Claudia Brady of the RCIPS FCU pointed out that the first point is that the Diversity Visa is not offered in the Caribbean. As a result no on one should enter into any kind of communication, send any personal details or transfer cash to the author.

“Like so many of the e-mail scams currently circulating, the perpetrator has spent a great deal of time and effort making the communication appear genuine – using logos, government terminology and information. But, no matter how authentic the e-mail appears to be, do not respond or you will lose your cash,” the financial cop warned.

Further information about how to avoid becoming the victim of scams can be obtained by calling the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit on 949-8797.

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  1. Gull I Ble says:

    Does this mean I not gettin my weeza then?