UN boss urges decolonization of all territories

| 25/02/2011

(CNS): The secretary general of the United Nations urged greater cooperation between the United Nations body dealing with decolonization, the administering countries and the remaining non self governing territories so that the people of these territories can exercise their right to self-determination. The completion of the process of decolonization will require the concerted efforts of all concerned,” Ban Ki-moon said Thursday at the opening of the 2011 session of the special committee on decolonization, adding that colonial situations were outdated. The Cayman Islands is one of only 16 territories left in the world.

At the time of the UN’s establishment in 1945, 750 million people – almost one-third of the global population – lived in non-self-governing territories, compared to fewer than 2 million at present. “Today, 16 Non-Self-Governing Territories remain on the list, awaiting constructive, results-oriented initiatives,” Ban stated. “On a case-by-case basis, those Territories have to be given the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination in order to take the interests of their peoples fully into account. Colonial situations are completely outdated and must be addressed with renewed vigour and creativity.”

He said that dialogue aimed at improving cooperation between the committee and the administering powers continues to be of utmost importance the secretary general told the body.
In 1960 the UN General Assembly adopted a declaration affirming the right of all people to self-determination and proclaimed that colonialism should be brought to a speedy and unconditional end.

It states that the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, contravenes the UN Charter and impedes the promotion of world peace and cooperation.

Ban noted that the special committee, which was set up two years after the adoption of the Declaration, has a crucial role to play as the intergovernmental body exclusively devoted to advancing the UN decolonization agenda. It could assess its past work and achievements to chart a way forward, together with the administering powers, for the ultimate benefit of the peoples of the territories, he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The UN dude has no army so it doesn’t matter what he says.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Show me one successful country that has been de-colonised within the last 50 years; countries with many more resources than the few remaining colonies under Britain.

    Jamaica, Zimbabwe, countries with many natural resources, riddled by corruption, crime and IMF debt, although Zimbabwe is recovering slowly.

    You think crime bad in Cayman now ?

    Cayman must tell this Declonization Committe of the UN to kiss its royal ar**e as Cayman has always done.

    This Decolonization Committe is a tool of the IMF to have countries hocked up to their necks in IMF debt and their currencies devalued to nothing.

    They are the new colonialists !

  3. Shock and Awe says:

    There are different forms of colonization. The sweat shops in Malaysia, the trade zone in Jamaica and elsewhere are examples of economic colonization by multi-national corporations.  With the signing of NAFTA, Canada and Mexico became economic colonies of the United States. Where raw resources to the north and cheap labor to the south were made available. Self-determination for a country includes real benefits for the inhabitants and economic decolonization. Not just shifting social and financial burdens for the colonizers. In the long run as long as profits go elsewhere and governments and their leaders can be bribed it matters little.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Moon forgot to tell everyone that the Cayman Islands as a World Leading financial center will collapse if we went independent. the Investors would withdraw every penny because they fear we will become another Cuba or Jamaica or even Haiti in the Caribbean. those ae High risks!

    Where will all that money go IT WILL BE ALL TRANSFERRED TO THE UK,

    AND SWITZERLAND. this urge for l6 territories to decolonize is not all about self determination its about getting their hands on OUR MONIES before the dictators get it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Rubbish and what a load of it!

      We need to have more self-confidence and not allow others to make us feel inferior because they come from the US, UK or elsewhere.

      Independence is a state of mind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, Steve Mcfield gone to deal with this topic.

  6. Roger Corbin says:

    This from an organization that is known for turning a bind eye when atrocities like those occurring at this time Libya occur? If they were effective there might be an argument. They have never put forward a good argument for their existence in the modern world. All they ever do is talk. Oh I forgot, they do add layers of bureaucracy and host never ending conferences at which everyone says nice things then leave and continue as though no discussion ever happened.

    If you think our new Constitution added new Departments then multiply that many times over to satisfy UN need.

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone once said, if you think education is expensive try ignorance!

      The poster and his limited viewpoint clearly needs an education about the role of the United Nation (formerly called the League of Nations) and it agencies. It is suspected that not only he is suffering from the malady in our society.

      Let us look at the example of the Chicago Convention and the important decisions taken as far back as the late 1940’s which developed and made the worldwide wide Civil Aviation what it is today. Or contrastingly look at the Law of the Sea, where with our maritime heritage we are not featuring.

      Decisions may be time-consuming, but they are usually thorough in the UN, because they are dealing with different views in an attempt to achieve consensus. Once cannot compare the UN to the private or even public sector, when we are dealing with aspects of International Law.The blogger needs to appreciate that everything in life and the world is not about making money, and the sovereignty of nations is and should be paramount.

      It is not for us to any longer deny it or state we will not accept it. Cayman needs to seriously examine it’s own plan for self-determination as it is on our door step and will be forced upon us if we are not prepared and have our own plan. We also need to put in place a structured programme for International Relations for the present as well as the future. It is not acceptable to have persons represent us internationally without any clue of diplomacy. Otherwise we will simply be viewed as if everything has happened by accident.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Got no disagreement with 10:07 but I’d be a bit more impressed if he turned his attention to the issue of EU citizens being treated like indentured slaves in a UK Overseas Territory where they should be free to live and work unhindered.

    Knowing the way the UN operates I guess that just wouldn’t look so politically correct would it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh shut up!

      You are only an indentured slave and any other kind of slave as you say if you want to be wherever you go.

      Stop insulting the real slaves that gave you your freedom!


      “Free yourself from mental slavery……”

      Your life is yours…do or say something positive and get on or shut up complaining!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, it is just terrible how the Romans enslaved the ancient Britons for over 400 years until I believe about 100 AD. Truly shocking. But, the taking of slaves by Africans up until quite recently in Mali, Niger and Sudan obviously justifies the behaviour of the British Overseas Territories today. What do those buffoons in the UN know anyway. The fact that the British UK government still permits our apartheid is to its credit isn’t it? The last of the hold-outs. Never mind Gadaffi…. look closer to Number 10!

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the silent majority – the Phillipino’s, the latin community and the others that originate outside the EU borders. Slavery flourishes still in the Caribbean.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a hard life you have raking in 6 figure salaries, big bonuses, school fees paid for by your employer and free trips back home each year, and living in beach condos. You obviously don’t have any concept of what meant to be a slave. EU citizens, like every other expat, come here by choice to improve their lot. While they are here their average salary is a multiple of that of the average Caymanian’s. They can leave any time they wish.

      You should not be free to live and work here. How could you reasonably expect to give hundreds of millions of people right of abode in these small Islands of 50,000 population? What would happen to the employment opportunities for Caymanians? I understand that you don’t care about that but we do. Please note that we did not ask to be made British Citizens/EU Citizens and were expressly assured that it was on a non-reciprocal basis, but if push comes to shove you can have it back.

  8. peter milburn says:

    Please dont let our Premier see this.He might get some more ideas.

  9. Anonymous says:

     The idea is that all countries should have ultimate say over their own matters. As such they say we should be free from the UK. We would like to be in control but still covered under the UK.

    • Midnight Cowboy says:

      That is not an option.  The having your cake and eating it model was rejected quite rightly by the UK.  Self-determination is now at its highest possible for a territory.  Want any more?  Go independent.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am willing to accept indepence from Britain under certain conditions; one of those conditions being that Britain gets McKeeva in the exchange.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Have these people ever considered asking us what we want, or do they just make the assumption they know what is best for us?

    • Mat says:

      dah! I think that is what the UN is doing by asking, “What self-determination do we want?” 1. To stay under the UK like a “dog on a short leash” so that they can override our constitution and freedoms at any time that their “interest” are being threatened – look at TCI; 2. The next option is to goon the scary path of Independance and have to deal with our own security issues – and local dictators; 3. Become a Free Associated country where the UK or a Superpower like the U.S. will deal with our external affairs and in being our protectorate, and at the end of the day, we are able to govern our own Internal affairs by having a local Governor; or, 4. To stay under the UK (dependent), but become more “integrated” into the UK system by becoming a mere territory under the UK where we will participate in UK elections and our Immigration doors will be open to every tom, dick, and harry! The United Nations just want to ensure that the mother country gives us one of these options, 1,2,3 or 4. Apparently, the UK governement and/or our local government has been too quiet about the issue of the people’s self-determination! Hence, there has been no democratic referendum about it! I laugh about it all the time… maybe, it is because “they” are scared of the answer they will get from the people.

      • Anonymous says:

         Who are "they?"

      • Anonymous says:

        That may be what they should be saying. It is not what he is quoted as saying. Therein lies the problem. Trust none of them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Either way, it is on the horizon and this is the softener.

      Couple this with the UK firmly cutting off the Cayman Islands from borrowing any further money, Jogging along to a different national anthem looks like a certainty!

      • Married to a Caymanian says:

         Cayman has not borrowed ANY money from the UK since 1968.  The UK approves us to borrow from lending institutions, but does not give us a dime.

        I do not want independence.  I do not want to have to create all my laws, armies, coast guard, postal, air, etc…..I LIKE being under the UK for the financial stability.

        Don’t be fooled…this is not about human rights, but it is about shutting down our finance industry and taking away our rights to the E.U and UK.

        If you do not have your UK passport now, better run and get it.

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Colonialism is an abnormal condition of the mind which needs to be corrected immediately.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would challenge you to prove your rather insulting statement.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t challenge him – it might mean a duel and pistols at dawn!

        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          Yes, an imperialist and a neocolonialist would be insulted by my statement.

      • Pit Bull says:

        Are we meant to rearrange these words into a sentence that makes sense?  It reads more like a clue from The Times cryptic crossword than the view of a coherent individual.

        • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

          "Colonialism is a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another":




          • O'Really says:



            In November 2003, Mr. Bill Rammell, MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in the written statement preceding the meeting of the Overseas Territories Consultative Council in London wrote:

            "…The UK Government’s position on self-determination is clear. It is for Territories to decide whether they want independence; if so, and provided that there is a broad majority in favour, we would not stand in the way."

            So there you have it. The only people subjugating Caymanians are Caymanians. 



            • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

              That is the FCO’s OTHER statement made by Mr. Bill Rammell to Caymanians after he had no choice but to recognize the other legitimate UN options during the May 2003 UN Meeting in Anguilla, where the now Premier Bush was present at the time.  It is that kind of British duplicity which is so repugnant.

              Yes some Caymanians act as you have said, but to exclude the previous UK Government Ministers and the FCO is disingenuous to say the very least, because there is a relationship between horse with the bit in its mouth (‘Caymanian’) and its rider (UK).  Hopefully the current UK Cabinet will act differently.

              Article 73 of the UN Charter reads:

              "Members of the United Nations which have or assume responsibilities for the administration of territories whose peoples have not yetattained a full measure of self-government recognize the principle that the interests of the inhabitants of these territories are paramount, and accept as a sacred trust the obligation to promote to the utmost, within the system of international peace and security established by the present Charter, the well-being of the inhabitants of these territories, and, to this end:

                 1. to ensure, with due respect for the culture of the peoples concerned, their political, economic, social, and educational advancement, their just treatment, and their protection against abuses;

                 2. to develop self-government, to take due account of the political aspirations of the peoples, and to assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions, according to the particular circumstances of each territory and its peoples and their varying stages of advancement;

                 3. to further international peace and security;

                 4. to promote constructive measures of development, to encourage research, and to co-operate with one another and, when and where appropriate, with specialized international bodies with a view to the practical achievement of the social, economic, and scientific purposes set forth in this Article; and

                 5. to transmit regularly to the Secretary-General, for informational purposes, subject to such limitation as security and constitutional considerations may require, statistical and other information of a technical nature relating to economic, social, and educational conditions in the territories for which they are respectively responsible other than those territories to which Chapters XII and XIII apply"

              • O'Really says:

                That’s a lot of words, but the fact remains that it is 8 years since the UK plainly stated that independence is there for the asking. My point, that Caymanians are the only ones subjugating Caymanians remains valid and your desire to portray the relationship as a continuation of the bad old days is out of touch with today’s reality, albeit it plays well to Cayman’s natural prejudices. Are you thinking of running for politics? 


      • William wallace ebanks says:

        I think you should do something about it then as I believe that the clock is ticking away in the background and has been for a while!

    • William wallace ebanks says:

      No. I wouldn’t hold out for a referendum either.

      Ask any of the holders of the cancelled Hong Kong British dependancy passport and ask them why they ended up in Canada.

      If several million Hong Kong chinese had no say, 22,000 people will not make a difference.