Gmail outage leaves 150,000 users without e-mail

| 28/02/2011

(Computer World): About 150,000 of Google’s Gmail users woke up Sunday morning to missing e-mails, contacts and chat histories. Google engineers noted on the Apps Status Dashboard Sunday night that e-mail services were restored to "some" users and that they expected to fix the problem for everyone in the "near future." They were not, however, specific as to how many users had their Gmail services restored and how soon everyone else should expect to get their services back. Users complained that they were missing key parts of their Gmail service, which inlcudes e-mail, chats, contacts, folders and settings and some reported that accounts seemed to have been reset so they appeared to be brand new.

Google first acknowledged the problem on its Apps Status Dashboard Sunday at 3:09 p.m. EST. Several hours later, Google engineers reported that the issue was affecting less than 0.08% of its Gmail users.

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