East End hotel site might benefit from Shetty hospital

| 14/03/2011

(CNS): The site that was originally planned to be the location for a proposed Mandarin Oriental resort in East End is on the market for $18million and the real estate agent says it could be close to the Shetty hospital. JC Calhoun of Coldwell Banker says that the beach front plot, which is over nineteen acres in total, along the Queens Highway is a bank forced sale. “This land will likely not be far from the new 2,000 bed medical complex. It is a prime property normally not available,” Calhoun writes on the real estate website.

It was almost six years ago that the international hotel brand announcedthat it would be managing an exclusive hideaway resort designed for sophisticated travellers in search of “tranquillity, serenity and luxury”, with 114 “lavish guest rooms and suites” on the unspoiled site known as Barefoot Beach. The resort was planned to be developed by a company called Barefoot Resorts, Ltd, which was described at the time as a private investment company formed by G. Stuart Wood and Jeffrey J. Cotter, based in Naples, Florida, and Naul Bodden of Grand Cayman.

Calhoun, who is now selling the prime plot, told CNS that he did not know the location of the hospital, but based on the desires of the group he believed it would be close to this hotel site, making it an even more attractive proposition.

Gene Thompson, who has been working with Dr Devi Shetty to help get the proposed hospital project off the ground, also confirmed to CNS that a site has not yet been chosen, despite wide speculation that it may be in East End. Thompson noted it wasn’t the first time that those in the real estate business had used the proposed hospital and the speculation about the site to help boost sales but he said no one knew where the hospital would be because it still had not been settled. He did, however, say it wouldn’t be long before a decision would be made and announcements about the next steps in the project revealed.

The legislation that Dr Shetty said was required in order to make the development of the health city in Cayman feasible is in the process of being created. The changes to the health practitioner’s bill were passed in the last session of the Legislative Assembly and government will be brining a new piece of legislation to deal with the cap on medical compensation claims when the LA resumes on Wednesday.

In the case of the last change that Shetty requires to facilitate organ and tissue transplant and donation, a committee was recently established under the chairmanship of backbench UDP MLA Elio Solomon to examine what type of legislation would be required and to begin drafting that law.

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  1. Lauren says:

    May I suggest to our President in waiting, the perfect site for Dr. Shetty’s hospital, the oil refinery and garbage dump… the middle of the ocean, where all those proposed developers can live and develop any kind of business without a single objection. They will find real utopia.

  2. I see you says:

    Wake up Cayman.

    Six years ago when this International Hotel project was announced 6 years ago with all the usual fanfare about all the benefit it would bring to the Cayman economy and a rosy story about all of the jobs that would be created for the benefit of Caymanians.

    No doubt Naul Bodden and the Naples Fla "investors" who were to save us at the time were promised huge concessions on the backs of Caymanians from the countries coffers and duty concessions to help the Government win an election (same one we have now).

    Surprise surprise, when the Government did not get in all the rosy promises were conveniently shelved and nothing happened …………. poor old Cayman.

    Does any of this sound familiar? The same thing is hapening now except now the present Government is rushing to change our laws to fullfill all of the promises made to foreign "investors" who may have helped to fund their campeigns.

  3. Anonymous says:

    another sad day for the realtors of the island…. they can’t help but shotting themselves in the foot…

  4. Anonymous says:

    In another six years, the hospital (just like the prommised hotel) will not have been built either.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know we all have to make a living but the greed on this Island astounds me!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who in their right mind would want to pay $6 million to build next to a hospital?
    Not exactly the prime site that I would like to live on if I could afford it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey CNS….I’m selling a house…can I get some publicity about it like this?

    The house could be very suitable for the shetty hospital, the new tech park, maybe even dock a cruse ship alongside it (needs some minor dredging). Perfect! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!!

  8. Lim Kund says:

    Buy now – this is your last chance before prices go, I mean SKYROCKET,  back to normal!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is this not the site of one the island’s most recent robberies?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ask any real estate agent, now is the time to buy…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…what a great sales pitch for this land….

    • Anonymous says:

      If a hotel is built next to a hospital, usually the hotel is to accommodate the families of the patients of the hospital. Will this hotel give reasonable rates for that????? I doubt it..

      What I don’t understand is, how can another hotel be built when the occupancy throughout the Island is so low at any given time. That is the problem here in the Cayman Islands, there is no for thought for the other companies….construction, restaurants, beauty shops, real estates, to name a few….we don’t need all of them. Where I know there is free enterprise, Immigration requests contracts from companies before giving work permits out…how come no one is requesting if these rooms are going to be occupied all the time or most of the time….