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| 14/03/2011

(CNS): Local business students have been given insight into what one executive says is an area often overlooked in courses covering business studies. Associate Director Amber Ramsey from the dms Organization Ltd. recently shared the benefit of her experience on business etiquette with students at International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) during one of a series of specialist lectures being undertaken by dms staff. Etiquette prepares students for different scenarios from social events to doing business overseas as well as the right way to present business emails and even how to present business cards, the expert stated.

“Business etiquette plays a subtle yet important role in professional life that might be overlooked by recent college graduates,” Ramsey said. “It is one of those subjects that could have multiple lectures dedicated to different topics from email etiquette to international etiquette when working in foreign countries and cultures.”

The business etiquette class aims to help students prepare for different business settings, Ramsey explained in a release from dms. At Social events people are out of their office comfort zone and it is particularly useful in heightening awareness about how to approach people in business settings from different countries, which she said was important in a country like the Cayman Islands with so many nationalities conducting business here.

Samone Morgan, an International College student, said, “What stood out to me was learning how people from different countries and cultures present business cards, particularly in Japan where it is considered something special. I also enjoyed hearing about the different ways people shake hands- just basic things that are often overlooked.”

Richard Harrison, Vice President of Finance was also sharing his knowledge with students at ICCC on the subject of expanding businesses on an international level. Having recently spent time in the dms offices in Hong Kong and Brazil he revealed some of the challenges.

International College’s Chief Academic Officer Scott Cummings explained that dms guest lecturer series was an important element in the courses offered by the college as students gained hands-on knowledge about current issues and business strategies, in fields like finance, management and accounting “It allows our students to hear about the very latest trends in their fields of study," he added.


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