| 22/03/2011

As I sat and watched "Let’s Talk to The Experts" tonight on Cayman 27 I was utterly taken back by the way in which the Premier presented himself. To add context to what I am about to share, let’s take a step back and take note of the fact that this is the man who is leading this country. This is the man who was elected by the people and for the people. This is the man we have entrusted our country to.

As I sat in my living room interested to hear the issues surrounding the debate regarding the proposed dredging ofthe North Sound, I found this discussion overshadowed by the behaviour of Mr Bush.

For starters Mr Bush made it very clear from the onset that he was there to push his political agenda and not answers questions. As he read from the mess of papers in front of him he was resistant to answer any question that required him to put the papers to the side.

As Tammi Sulliman respectfully asked him the questions the people wanted to hear the answers to Mr Bush failed to answer the questions and appeared irritated with her when she inquired again. Mr Bush, there is no need to get irritated with Ms Sulliman. If you would answer the questions and not skirt around the issue, she would not have to repeat herself. If you would speak from your head and your heart instead of rigidly clinging to your papers you would be able to, and should be able to answer the questions the people want answers for.

As I tried to listen to the points of discussion I couldn’t help noticing the total lack of regard Mr Bush had for the other members of the panel. While other members of the panel were sharing their viewpoints, Mr Bush expressed his total lack of interest in their thoughts and was busy making notes or doodling on a piece of paper in front of him.

I am curious as to what was so important that Mr Bush chose not to give the other panelist a little respect by taking the time out to simply listen to what they wished to share. If Mr Bush is not willing to stop for a short while and listen to men of respect like Mr Bob Soto and Mr Peter Milburn, what hope is there that he will stop long enough to listen to you or me?

It is clear by the way in which Mr Bush spoke to the callers, to the panelists and to Ms Sulliman that he has no respect for anyone. It was clear as I watched Mr Bush spend his time doddling and talking around questions he is not concerned by the same issues we are concerned about.

As I sit in my living room feeling a sense of emptiness after watching the man who was elected to run our country I wonder who the bigger disappointment is, those of us who keep electing Mr Bush or Mr Bush for letting down those of us who keep electing him.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     In the days past Cayman was viewed by the world at large as a shady financial center where the mafia and terrorist did their banking.  Now it is famous for its choice of leadership.  Learning the hard way is still a good way to learn if it bears fruit.  The fruit on Cayman is bitter and not good for you.  XXXXX

  2. Shock and Awe says:

    I love Cayman and it’s good people.  And I am appalled at the behavior of the Premier.  And worried shitle$$ what this character has up his sleeve until he leaves office. Never again Cayman. Devoid of tact and unrelenting in his personal agenda he refuses to involve himself in even the most respectful debate on important issues. How on earth did an island full of articulate and educated people blunder into this situation. The only good result is that he has managed to involve people from all walks into saving their island. And… thanks to CNS for allowing people to find out they are not alone in wanting to do just that. 

  3. Loren says:

    Let’s pray for our Premier he has a very difficult job in the governance of these island and in this trying global economic condition.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope our Sandwich Tourists havent seen this and take their picnic elsewhere!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The links to the show are now up:

    There are 4 parts.



    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      I watched the whole thing today. Am I wrong, did they edit out Mr. Bush getting upset and leaving? My thoughts……..

      Bob Soto is a wealth of knowledge about all things related to the ocean, beaches, reefs, currents, Cayman. For years I have listened and respected what Bob has to say about the 7mb erosion, silt, the trees on the beach, channels, cuts, currents. People this man knows what he is talking about from a foundation of intellect and hands on experience and he can express those thoughts. Hypothetically if Bob Soto was in CHARGE of the environmental study and review, the appointing of all outside sources and the man to come up with a plan to provide better access to the north sound I would listen. But I know Bush would never let Bob have that power. Did you notice though Bob spoke of only extending a west channel to accomodate exiting dredge projects….NOT the building of two islands. Personally the creation of two islands into Cayman’s north sound is ridiculous and defies nature. Bush’s concept that 300 foot boats will come here is follie. 

      I cannot believe the way Bush spoke to Peter Milburn and some callers. Peter has great observations and is an environmentalist we need and for a so called leader of the country to not be able to sit and listen to the other side without blowing a fuse is poor to say the least. Bush cannot be a leader unless he listens to all the voters even if they don’t agree with him. Leaders represent everyone.

      This is not personal or a vicious attach on Mc. If Bush really loves his country and the people he would step aside and allow others who understand the full gravity of the situation and have the skills to solve the issues to stand in his place. XXX

      • petermilburn says:

        Lach he stayed til the bitter end but he tried to and Tammy got him to stay.

  6. brother says:

    McKeeva Bush is a good Christian man and deserves our support. He only cares about his beloved Cayman Islands. He is only rude when idolators and harlots force him to be.

    He is a good man. If he wanted he could be corrupt and steal money, do foolish travel, waste government money, and mess about with Jezabels but he never does. This is proof of his Christian heart.

    Pray for him. He is Cayman’s rock.

    God bless

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       I am sure you believe in what you are expressing. Faith has little to do with Cayman’s plight these days. Rebuilding must be done for the people and the present Government is incapable of doing that. Further Cayman cannot deal with a one man Government, she needs a dozen leaders working for the people.

    • bracer says:

      Hellllo!!??  No offence, but sweetheart….. Which planet are you visiting from??!

      Going to church on a Sunday does NOT make you a christian!


      Check back and learn about the First Cayman Bank mess, talk to those Caymanians that lost their life savings thanks to Mr. ImmaBigShotNow! 

      And make a note……….God and Politics do NOT go hand in hand!!

  7. Power of the People says:

    You know what I’ve been noticing whilst reading these comments…there are VERY FEW ‘thumbs down’…gasp, shock!

    What that tells me is:

    #1 – Pretty much everyone who witnessed that most embarrassing display of McKeeva-ishness agrees that it was unacceptable behaviour;

    #2 – Even his ‘supporters’ cannot bring themselves to defend his actions (well save one faithful "UDP Supporter" whom we all know is Big Mac himself impersonating a supporter…!);

    #3 – That in the majority of instances where there is a thumbs down, there is only 1 – which tells me that it’s actual the premier disagreeing with the poster’s comments – – – OR that he has just one "poor suffera" supporter left who’s trying to salvage their dignity!;

    #4 – CNS must be screening thumbs down flags and purging any that do not agree with their views….naahhhhhh, that wouldn’t happen!;

    #5 – It tells me that the popularity index of the Premier has nose-dived to the lowest of levels and that we as a country must take matters into our own hands and have this man removed from office as a matter of national security. Vote no confidence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What scares me the most is that we are yet to see the last desperate acts of a man clinging to power. Who knows what will transpire as election time draws nearer?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is there a link to see the whole debate on the internet. I have only seen the extracts shown on C27?

  10. nope says:

     Why is this still surprising to anyone? How many more times will he continue to show complete and utter disrespect to everyone- young and old, male and female (especially female- right "sweetheart"?) and go unchecked?

    Those who can do something please DO SOMETHING.  Otherwise it will continue to go on and on…

    Seriously the man is a joke- he tried to look busy like he was talking notes but we all know what he was doing:  all that was missing was a box of crayons!

    • Anonymous says:

      We now know he was picking out his sightseeing adventures::))

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he was checking his notes.  He must have a list things about people  so that he can use to denigrate those who disagree with him. As he did Peter and Capt. Brian.  It is old ploy used by those who cannot talk facts.  If you can’t ague your point intelligently the run down your opposition. 

      Often used by people who are trying to act powerful when they have little base their power on.  Similar to the abusers in domestic violence situations.  It is about establishing control not what is right.

      He is doing great harm to The Cayman Islands.  His fellow party members have the responsibility to stop him.  Or does he have "dirt" on them that forces them to remain quiet lest they be publicly exposed?

  11. Jonathan says:

    There are those who can come upon a given situation/topic and engage in conversation/argument over the right course of action/inaction to be taken when a concensus of said debate is looked at for the achievement of a solution to a given situation/topic. There are those who, from a place of weakness of conviction of belief in one’s own argument/position, would seek to remove the attention given to said subject by the descent into rabblerousing and screeching cat-like diatribe. If one employs these tactics then it proves not only the inadequacy of one’s own position but also an inability/unwillingness to reach for a real solution to a given problem/situation.
    There is no doubt that the increased size of vessels in their travels between dock and destination to the sandbar and beyond kick up silt and scar the seabed of the North Sound on a daily basis. This has been the case for a long time now and it is a subject to which a solution should be strived for. The time for the avoidance of the problem has passed as, along with so much else, the drive for immediate profit has long overshadowed the lack of wisdom in damaging/destroying that which has given sustained sustenance for so long now even after being overstressed and abused by the consequences of the profligation of a gold rush mentality greed with a lack of or ignoring of looking to the not too distant future. While it is true that ignorance is bliss, once knowledge is achieved (too often the hard way), it is reprehensible to ignore the facts after they are well known and irrefutable. The solution to this problem is something which should be strived for. The fact that this specific problem has only entered the realm of public debate as some supposed impetus now shows the true nature of what is going on here. The daily stirring up of silt in the present is a separate subject from the building of a seaport and channel for this imaginary fleet of megayachts waiting on the smokey and silver lined horizon. It is disingenuous to use this as a reason for said proposed channel because it has not been addressed beforehand and it has been used here to push for more disruption to said ecosystem than all the vessels which ply the North Sound at present put together and in totality. This is not a solution to the problem, it is an exageration of it.
    While the size and dimensions of this proposed channel/marl islands float along the marl road like so many duppies in the wind, the consequences of additional and large scale siltation due to such a massive dredging project in itself would preclude gains made in the form of benefits. The levels of pollution within the North Sound would and will undoubtabley skyrocket with the introduction of an increased number and size of vessels in the North Sound. Let us not forget the already overburdened and weakened (from a historical perspective) state which this body of water finds itself in. The change in the hydraulics of the water flow in itself is not to be underestimated at all and will have unforeseen consequences. The damage that has been done has been done, and there is no getting around that. What is necessary and prudent here is to protect and improve on what we have left and to disallow the reckless actions of those who believe that this estuary and all that lives within it, including people, is to be abused to the point of a very possible system collapse which would and/or could leave many people hungry and out of work.
    With the intentional lack of information given, as is the status quo unfortunately, a true measure of impact and the ability to judge the pros and the cons in this proposal from both a scientific and a common sense basis there is yet another clue to the true intentions and motives of those who would wish to steamroll the will of the people of this country. It is unfortunate and unacceptable that this is the case and it needs to be changed forthwith. The habit of bludgeoning the goose which has laid the golden egg into oblivion is the true enemy here and one has to choose for oneself which side of thisone will ultimately stand on.
    The idea of an oil refinery pushes this entire scenario into the realm of absurdity. This insulting of middle class tourists (and all visitors in general) past and present is unacceptable and wrong. The tactics of muddying the waters in the dialogue of a topic is the very hilt. At the very least, this country deserves to be able to judge the pros and the cons of any given situation and the subsequent decision making process shall not be allowed to be railroaded by the likes of Premier Bush and those who stand in his shadow or pull his strings.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you please put your post into paragraphs in future. It is most difficult to read the way it is: just a suggestion, not a criticism of the content.

      • Jonathan says:

        The format which I entered was with paragraphs but it changed for some reason when it was published in this forum. I know that the length of this letter and my propensity for long sentences made it hard to read. Sorry about that but I am grateful that it was published nonetheless. All the best, Jonathan.

        CNS: Leave a line between each paragraph even Word, or whatever it is you compose the comment in, leaves a space.

  12. Anonymous says:

    To me it was horrifying to see an elected premier react the way he did – horrifying!! Time to do something about him, and by the way, if he is so stressed he should be turning the job over to someone else. Stress is not an unusual part of politics and is no excuse for such pad behaviour.

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe me – MacNasty is not stressed due to politics. He’s stressed because the last time he was in office, CNS wasn’t in business. He’s just not used to people speaking out and questioning him about his activities and spending.

      He and McJuJu are finding out this time around that the little people really do have a say in how their government performs. They also were never in power during a recession. Big difference from then to now!! 

      Poor MacNasty and McJuJu! It jus ain’t easy!

  13. village idiot of absurdistan says:

     what are the parameters for having a non confidence vote while Mac Attack is off jet setting in Italy et al? Seems like the perfect time for a little fireside chat, have a little vote, and say adios to him. Vote him off the island : )

    Any chance of booking him a one way ticket? 

    He is an embaresment  to this wonderful country and it’s kind friendly people. Is it possible to send the link to the interview to all of the people he is meeting with on this trip to give them a ‘heads up’ of whom they are dealing with? Heck- send it to all the world leaders including his Caribbean counterparts-  a little ‘how not to act as the Premier of protectorate’.

    jus sayin

    Vig Idjit

    • MonkeySee says:

      Sigh….and WHO would be doing different or better?

      • Anonymous says:

        My dog is still available.

      • village idiot from Absurdistan says:

        I know there are better.

        In fact, I can honestly say most would be better. how about a well educated, honest, and upstanding individual. Someone who values ethics and integrity and turns their back on cronyism and backhanders. A non career politician who does not believe in bullying and is not a narcissist. Is that too much to ask?

        I am quite certain that if Bush was given a vote of non confidence, a handful of qualified people would step forward. I’d be willing to bet my money that they would perform better than Mac Attack too.

        jus sayin. V

        • Henry Hill says:

          I don’t think they would take a pay cut in this economy.

        • MonkeySee says:

          I am 100% sure you are right when you say that a handful of people will step forward. Didn’t they do so in the last election too–as independents? And the voting public berated them and ultimately had no confidence in them either, hence the vote going as it did and us in the situation we are in today.

          I’m sure that there is SOMEONE out there with the qualities you describe, and if you know her/him, please advise them to start preparing for now for next election so the community at large (not just in their respective district) can begin to support her/him from now.

          Otherwise, making generalised statements of your wishlist of how a politician should be (which, in reality, doesn’t seem to exist globally much less here in CI) is just provoking fantasy. Kinda like a young girl creating the ideal of a perfect mate based on fairy tales….I have yet to find the ideal, politician who doesn’t fall victim/actively participate in poliTrickery!

    • ShipEmOut says:

      this is exactly the kind of dialogue that should be taking place right now. thinking about putting things in motion to make a change!
      some argue that the alternative, should he somehow be removed from office, is equally bad but, I argue that he is the worst thing to happen to this country since Ivan and he needs to go!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The way I understand it in it’s simplest form, – as a Crown Colony Britain is there in case something gets too far out of line, – Mr Governor  I believe it’s time to exercise that right. . . how can any self respecting citizen be proud of how they’re being represented – disheartening & disgraceful

  15. voiceofreason says:

     First off, the guy can not even speak proper English. His grammar was atrocious! Secondly, how ironic that he tells Tammy Suliman that she is "unprofessional" as he aggressively put his hand on her arm to shut her up followed quickly by him announcing he was going to get up and leave and that the interview was over (as he gathered all of his important papers). If that little hissy fit was not unprofessional then I don’t know what is!

  16. nauticalone says:

    Absolutely disgraceful behavior by the Premier!
    Time for the opposition to oppose!
    Get a referendum started (or enable/encourage) that one get started.
    Mac needs to retire (for real) and go home….or just go!

  17. Sebie Scard says:

    Think Broad in Bigger Picture: Cayman Islands “esp Grand Cayman” wouldn’t not be where it is now if every project was objected. For the sand bar to disappear we don’t think only this extra trenching of the channel will do harm; any natural disaster can take it away. Look at Marriott beach disappearedbu a hurricane is fact to look at;

    Tourism boost is much needed to attract more wealthy owners; it will be an adventure for them explore Cayman Islands without having to think about the yacht size or other limitations on one’s mind. Perhaps that channel will boost some real estate markets;

    Dr Shetty’s hospital and (New Dock for giant cruiseships) like other projects along the way will obviously be a huge attraction and will make a positive impact;

    Permier is truly working hard to making this economy to turn around; We see huge amount of cruise ships which is much needed; keep up the good work Sir!!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Sebie Scard… what people are saying here. You are wrong. The sand bar will come and go and grow and get smaller with natures whim as it has for decades. The Marriott beach disappeared mainly because we allowed everyone to build to close to the water thus screwing with nature. 7mb will grow and shrink with storms. A poorly thought out rushed mega cruise ship dock will do God only knows what to currents and  7mb. We need stay over tourists in all shapes, sizes and price points. Peter Milburn said it somewhere else that stay over tourism trickles downto the people. Real estate projects proposed by Mr. Bush trickle up. Many have said it before me, real estate projects sponsored by elected members are not the answer to the Cayman peoples problems.

    • Kurgan says:

      Apparently borderline illiteracy and support for Mac have a very high correlation.

  18. Choose another name says:

    I am simply disgusted by McKeeva Bush and his croonies (one of whom seems content to keep posting on this site under the name "UDP supporter"). Look to the people of the Cayman Islands and not to Mr. Bush and his party to see what is actually good and right. Vote for the PPM in the next election so we can be rid of Mr. Bush and so let the will of the people actually be done. Alden is a much more educated and thoughtful politician than Mr. Bush (not that this is very hard to do) and has Anton Duckworth to correct and guide him in the right direction. With such a man as Anton near him, Alden can avoid the laziness and short-term thoughtless of most of our Caymanian politicians and do what is best for the Cayman Islands.

    • Comedy Hour says:

      Vote for PPM in the next election so we can get rid of Mr Bush…………you have got to be smoking maiden plum or cow itch and then getting drunk by drinking gas……….you need to go on stage to do some comedy,you are so funny.lmao

      • anonymous says:

        @ Comedy Hour, you aer so right!! Why vote PPM or UDP?? Both are full of the SAME ol’ politician that we have been putting up with for the last 15 years! I wouldn’t vote for either!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the problem is however poor old Alden. We all remember his bizarre behavior whilst in office, now don’t we? Let’s not be delusional just because we find Mac’s behavior unacceptable. What we need is moderation, not extremism.

      • Anonymous says:

        No. What “bizarre behaviour” was that? Alden’s behaviour was “bizarre” and Mac’s is “unacceptable”?

  19. Anonymous says:

    despite a couple of planted cornies calling in…..mac stilll managed to come out it as a total buffoon and the least educated of the whole panel…

  20. Anonymous says:

    he was even worse in his bodden town hall meeting a few months back…he should have been forced to step down after thast performance……
    sad thing is that this will be all forgotten in a few days when we are commenting on the next big mac blunder…..
    we need demonstrations and marches now!

  21. Anonymous says:

    this is what learned last night:
    mac does not know the overall design of the channel
    mac does not know the size of the proposed islands
    mac does not know the economic impact
    mac does not know the environmental impact

    yet he was prepared to sign an mou with chinese developers?????

    this is reason enough for his removal from office and the rest of his udp sheep who stand behing him everyday!

  22. LK says:

         Sadly enough, he is our premier – and that makes him the final say in any and every decision made here.  McKeeva may be a good man, he may be a christian man, these qualities do not however  ensure a good politician, respectable leader, or in the case of this specific tv program, a worthy debater. How is it possible that this man has had the ability to make every stupid decision he has made thus far and still be in a position to continue calling the shots when can’t even put up a healthy argument?! He doesn’t care what we think, he’s not even trying to win the public over through proposition.  He’s aware that our concerns are irrefutable.  But, like I said in the beginning – he gets last call.  He doesn’t have to answer to us, so he’s not going to.

    • willy says:

      I don’t care if he’s my father! He is supposed to be working ‘For the people’. WE should have the final say about what happens to OUR island, not some idiat with a tie and a big office.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mac is making headway.  At least he did not call the Ms Sulliman,  "Darlin" or "Sweetheart". 

    Other than that his disrespect for others on the show including the host, was as plain as a beacon on a new moon. 

    I hope the investor he does not want scared away from Cayman were not watching  as he is doing more harm to our image than those who disagree with him.

  24. Jonathan says:

    A vote of no confidence in the present Premier is what is necessary, to be conducted in LA. The patience exhibited by the general populace of this country to the ludicrous and deleterious excuse for leadership the Cayman Islands has been saddled with is running dry. One can only hope that the consequences for allowing this neverending tap of tripe to continue unabated does not plunge this country into a tommorow none of us with any sense, foresight or understanding of history wants to see. Premier Bush is not worthy of the title which he holds and the very proof of such was displayed to all last night, again. This has to be done properly with the reality of frying pan to fire mitigated completely. The dangers here are real and forebearing but the situation at hand is not acceptable by any means. McKeeva Bush never has and never will represent me personally and I would never vote for the likes of him or those who stand with him but to those who did I must ask you this: Do you think the situation is acceptable and workable? We have reached a crossroads in the Cayman Islands and it is where we go from here which will determine the future of our country, for the better or for the worse.

  25. Will says:

    Can someone please tape the show today and upload it on YouTube? All of these shameful Big Mac incidents keep happening, but it seems a few months is all it takes for everyone to forget about them and he is on a clean slate again.

  26. Applause Please says:

    I really think Cayman needs to look at some type of term limits for the Premier of this country. I am not suggesting this for other elected offices, but we cannot continue to have one person in charge for so long. I know the people havethe choice here, but we can’t stand by and let these professional politicians continue to exert their will. Let’s look at other civilized countries around the world. Do we see one person or perhaps two people switching back and forth in other countries we should strive to emulate? The answer is a resounding NO! We only see this in countries that are rife with corruption or countries that have one leader that doesn’t want to step down. At some point if you are a professional politician, I believe you are not making decisions for the good of the people. You might be able to make some decisions for the people, but you also have to worry about the self preservation instinct to keep your job that everyone has. He needs this office far more than the office needs him and this is not the position that any politician should be in. A politician that has to worry about his political career cannot make unbiased decisions. Also, I am not pro PPM or pro UDP, I just think that the issue of term limits should be addressed.

    • anonymous says:

      Agree and term Limits for CIVIL SERVANTS also…that will truly wake up the system.

    • Anonymous says:

      The new constitution which the PPM introduced has term limits for thee office ofpremier. Thank PPM for that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Been in politics a long time does not a ‘professional’ make.

    • Anonymous says:

      Term limits are useless when faced with someone who should not have been allowed to have even one term.

  27. UDP Supporter says:

    McKeeva Bush is our Premier, elected by the people of West Bay, and is a good, Christian man determined to do the best for the Cayman Islands. If he was annoyed, it was only because you all don’t seem to understand his intentions and plans and his vision for the people of Cayman. Good luck Mac and keep fighting the good fight! Don’t let the press or these hateful people get in your way!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Mac! (waving)

    • Anonymous says:

       Yes, McKeeva is the Premier and elected to government, meaning that he’s answerable to the people that voted for him. If his intentions and plans are for the good of the people of Cayman he shouldn’t have a problem answering questions on themfor those of us who "don’t seem to understand" instead of getting angry and ignoring any opinion other than his own. If you’d prefer to live in a dictatorship, move to Libya.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Most of what is written here is not hateful. It is mainly frustration. Mr. Bush has created a major problem for the country. In his quest for power the political system has morphed into a one man Government. The issues that face Cayman cannot be solved by one man. Mr Bush’s vision and style of politics only works when the country is economically sound, then he can create "projects" for the country based on real estate. The country desperately needs unification with a majority of the elected members working as one. Mr. Bush can only Govern as one. He will never unify the country because the way he remains in power is by breaking apart the voters and the elected members so as not to allow a majority to form and oust him. One of Mr. Bush’s political personality traits to to finger point to deflect failure. The CI political system is so full of management that when ever something goes wrong there is a candidate to point at. Mr. Bush has failed to attack crime, utilize cabinet members and talented elected members, balance the books, create new income streams, better education, health and social services, reduce Government, address the environment or control spending. This is not hateful, this is reality and the people are frustrated. Mr. Bush is not helping the country he is hindering the country from recovering in these difficult times. He should step aside or down but he is incapable of doing that so hopefully before he does more harm he will be asked to leave or eventually voted out. Time for change.

    • Anonymous9 says:

      UDP support, I am sure this is true because no one in their right mind would intentionally destroy his own homeland. However, Mac has lost all credibility with his actions and the way he speaks to people. Last night was a big tell

    • Power of the People says:

      Mac I thought you despised the "blogs". Please refrain from posting here and "impersonating" someone other than yourself. Oh and for the record…yes, the people of West Bay elected you but people like me must endure your XXXXX through no fault of our own. You do NOT have my permission to represent me. You do NOT speak for me or many many many sane, intelligent and angry people who are fed up with you. Please adopt some gentlemanly courage and step down for the sake of this country. Your services to this country are no longer needed sir. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

    • 12th of Never says:

      Boy its time you take your UDP Blinkers off before you become totally blind, for real!

    • JTB says:

      What does being Christian have to do with it? This was meant to be a discussion about serious topical issues and McKeeva failed the test. Just because you and he share an imaginary friend is no qualification for governmental office.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Don’t let the press or these hateful people…” Miss Tammy was a consumate professional (the “press”) and “these hateful people” are the population who elected Mr. Bush to represent them……not run roughshod over them. UDP Supporter – please get your priorities right. It is “US” people who live here and know what is best for Cayman not only Mr. Bush. He was elected to represent the wishes of the people and I think those people have spoken loud and clearly. They have let their opinions be known. It is time for our Premier to do what is right for Cayman and not what he feels is right. He is entitled to his opinion but he should always honour and respect the opinion of the many and not the few. That is what a democracy is.

    • Kurgan says:

      We can all agree on one of these things with you.

      Mac is a man.


  28. Anonymous says:

    the time has come for mass demonstrations and revolution…..

    • Bob Soto is right says:

       Bob Soto said on the program that a channel that is small and planned would HELP the sound and clear the silt that the years of canal front houses (Gov Harbor, Yacht Club, Canal Point).

      Again, a small channel does not seem to be the problem….the PROBLEM is we do not know what Big Mac’s plan is and we SUSPECT it is based on a large greedy plan and construction promises to buddies as opposed to a reasonable sheltered way into safe harbor.

    • Caymanians against stupid blogs says:

      Do not be stupid…that is all we need now an American Travel advisory! Certainly works for cutting down the number of tourist around, if that is your intention. It worked well in Tripoli recently.

      Do something……make some suggestions on how to pay civil servants salaries, how to stop crime, stop people losing their houses, etc, etc if you are going to help. otherwise you become just another stupid blog!

      • Anonymous says:

        yep…lets put with pathetic politicians for the sake of a few dollars more……zzzzzzz…your comment sums up caymans problems perfectly…..
        p.s these are comments not blogs!

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

        15:22…..I guess you haven’t noticed that you don’t have any stay over tourism to "talk about". Stay over is floundering and the travelers to The Caribbean already know what is happening to and in Cayman. There have literally been 100’s of great viable suggestions through the media on how to get Cayman through this mess. But they are useless with Mr. Bush in power because he is incapable of listening to others. 

        • petermilburn says:

          Nice to see your post.I forgot to say in my last one that I guess the cruise ship folks are sandwich tourists as well.Bet that will go down well with the cruise ship owners.You myself and so many others have been trying to wake this “man”up and show what is needed to get this economy going again and in my humble opinion its the STAY OVER VISITORS.That will trickle down to everyone on the island.The so called rich ones that our Premier called them last nite only helps the “chosen”few and I am sure we all know which group that refers to.Nuff said.(at least for now)

      • Anonymous says:

        Having a peaceful demonstraction to demand that the clearly incapable leader of the Cayman Islands step down – would not cause a US travel advisory.

        In fact I’m sure it would boost investor confidence! To see that the XXXX premier does not respesent the majority of Caymanians.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That show was supposed to be 90 minutes. They had to shut it down 30 minutes early because of the temper tantrum. Did you see the toys flying?

    I’m starting the “Elect Forrest Gump Campaign”

    • Did he just day? says:

       Did Big Mac just say that someone (P. Milburn?) wears "tights" in front of schools???

      I need to see this transcript in writing

      • Anonymous says:

        I think it was something about tanks. Air tanks? Not sure. Mac was throwing out whatever he could to deflect the attention away from him.
        Concerned about what he said to Capt. Bryan too. Slander if it is not true, but how would anyone prove that.

      • petermilburn says:

        I have never laughed so much at a post as this one.It has certainly made my day.One thing I would like to say or comment on is the fact that Mr.Bush called our not so rich visitors “sandwich tourists” and that really makes a mockery of those folks that helped to put Cayman where it is today. How dare you speak about people like that and think that rich folks are the only way to go as you so elequently put it last nite.Right or wrong I must say that the show last nite was very entertaining and went just as I figured it would knowing how this has gone down in the past.It is a shame that our Premier cannot take criticism from anybody but he can show such total disregard for other people and their views I am not worried about standing up and telling anyone how I feel about things that I truly believe in and I hope that last nite will be the start of many such meetings with our elected Government..My take on the dredging may not turn out to be correct or maybe it will but my heart is where it should be and that is my love and total respect for the environment of this country and for the country itself.and its people.

        • Lachlan MacTavish says:

          Peter, you and Bob have a life time of "natures wisdom" as far as the ocean is concerned. The huge channel and two man made islands is a horrible follie that thanks to concerned citizens like yourselves will never happen. 

          • anonymous says:

            Lach, you missed somthing. Bob is agreeable to the project.
            Bob Soto was ‘Pro’ and Peter Milburn was ‘con’

          • Anonymous says:

            Why do you think he is going to Dubai? To learn how to build these islands.

        • The Crown says:

          For real.. 

        • Anonymous says:

          We need a new ‘serious’ leader for these Cayman Islands and a new position of Head of Humurous Resources which is currently being filled. Despite all, people do seem to be laughing a lot more these days::))

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ms Tammy Sulliman was a true professional despite Mr Bush telling her ‘now you are not acting professionally’ as she had to repeat the question which obviously did not go down very well. Perhaps Mr Bush should review the programme and see exactly what being unprofessional and disrepectful really means.

  31. Swine says:

    To CNS or any other CNS Users, are there any links that this show can be viewed online?

  32. befuddled says:

    what I found hilarious was when he folded up his papers and said that he was leaving because he couldn’t get his way. reminds me of the little boy packing up his marbles and going home.

    • Common Man says:

      That is a great visual…made me laugh out loud. So true dat!

    • Anonymous says:

      The truly infantile nature of a number of our politicians on both sides often makes me cringe. But to witness the premier of our country twice state his intention to leave a televised discussion panel because he was unhappy with something or other (like someone disagreeing with him, perhaps?) was pretty surreal. Poor Tami certainly had her hands full as she evidently had to bring into play all of her maternal instincts in order to console and comfort Mac as he struggled to cope with people not agreeing with him, and she did a fantastic job, but the point is (of course) why was it at all necessary for her to do so? I’m thinking maybe we need more women in politics.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dinosaurs once ruled the earth and their last vestige is here and in charge.

    I agree that it is discomforting to see the spectacle that was presented last night, but I am glad that people can see the reality we now have. I hope that as more people see the reality, more people will be prepared to do something about it before it is too late.  

  34. Common Man says:

    I must say that as I watched last night my heart went out to Tammi Sulliman who had sit an endure what must have been a painful journalistic experience. Mr.Bush showed a total lack of regard for the fact that he was on her show. Firstly, he refused to answer some of the questions she asked and then seemed annoyed by her when she asked them again.  Mr. Bush, if you don’t have an answer be man enough to say so but don’t get mad at the facilitator for doing her job. Someone please enlighten me as to what Mr. Bush was scribblingon that piece of paper during the show. Are you kidding me that he couldn’t take one hour out of his day and attend fully to an issue that many have voiced concern over. Did anyone else notice that to add insult to injury Mr. Bush attempted to leave before the show was even over. Are you kidding me! This is the leader of our country. Ms. Sulliman I must say that you are a bigger person than me because if I was hosting that show I don’t know that I would have been able to be as professional as you. Shame on you Mr. Bush. Kudos to you Ms. Sulliman!


  35. The Beaver says:

    The total lack of respect and utter contempt for rules and average persons by those in high government positions is largely to blame for Cayman’s woes.

    • 12th of Never says:

      We only have ourselves to blame.
      It is not that we don’t know who we keep reelecting as this man has not changed. This is the same behaviour that he has shown from the 1st day he was elected as a member of Government and he will continue and get even worse, if we continue to reelect this man.
      Come on people, we deserve respect and if we cannot get it from who we elect to run our country, its time to make a change!

    • Anonymous says:

      Contempt for rules and unaccountability have been elevated to an art form here. And it’s trickled down from the high government positions to the regular people who enable loathesome behavior by pretending that it doesn’t exist.

  36. The Crown says:

    Surely Capt,by now you have been conditioned not to expect any better.. Ahhhh.. the blissfulness of meglomania. But sad for many who have to live with bad idea’s & ceaseless one up manship.

    • Janice says:

      What I saw was a man STRESSED. Rolston had chest pain! The Premier’s daughter has died! I think maybe he needs to have someone Act as Premier for the time being. That is just my opinion. Because being Premier under intense criticism is not easy. STRESS is real! It can cause us to do alot of things that are wrong!

      • Anonymous says:

        Do not confuse stress with "losing it".  The man is doing just that. He is losing it and The Cayman Islands will suffer because of it.

        I will agree about the part where he is "doing a lot of things that are wrong".  You have that part right and I am glad you recognize that.

      • Swine says:

        I saw a very ignorant individual.  I actually felt a sense of shame, knowing that this man is an international representation of the people of this country.

      • Anonymous says:

        None of them would be stressed if they were very simply doing what they are being paid very well to do