Government gets behind Jazz on the Green

| 24/03/2011

(CNS): Although the Jazz Fest may have been consigned to the DoT history books, the tourism department is backing the annual Jazz on the Green event, which takes place this Saturday. Officials said that jazz lovers could expect a spectacular line-up of international artistes “offering a unique and exclusive musical experience, set in relaxed, tropical surroundings.” The premier and minister of tourism, McKeever Bush, said his government was committed to growing and developing the tourism industry and actively engaged in indentifying lucrative events and activities that had the potential to positively impact the tourism industry, either by driving visitation or diversifying the tourism product.

"The tourism industry is extremely competitive and in order to stay on top and maintain a viable share of the market, it is imperative that the Cayman Islands continue to offer a broad range of wholesome, entertaining activities that will keep our tourism product fresh and exciting. While the scale of this event is relatively small," Mckeeva Bush said, "It has tremendous potential for growth and is expected to drive incremental visitation to the Island and I would like to thank the organisers for their efforts now and over the past years."

One of the key elements driving Governments support is the fact that Jazz on the Green aligns well with Cayman’s target market. Cline Glidden, the West Bay government backbench MLA who has been given responsibility for tourism, said it was the kind of entertaining, relaxed, musical event that visitors are attracted to.

“On this basis, the Department of Tourism has assisted the organisers with the staging and logistical elements for this event,” he said. “Additionally, given that one of the DOT’s primary goals is to garner international exposure for the destination, we have also provided assistance with the public relations outreach. I am extremely pleased that as a direct result of our support, Jazz on the Green has been featured in the Delta Airlines’ in-flight magazine Delta Sky which reaches over 22,000 unique visitors each month.

“This coverage brings awareness of the event to an international audience, who have the ability to travel to the Cayman Islands via a convenient direct flight from NYC and this is one of the ways in which we anticipate visitors will be encouraged to visit Cayman,” Glidden added.

Kicking off at 4:30pm Saturday 26 March with local singer KK Alese & Friends and saxophonist Devon Edie, theevent features an artistic evolution of music through New York-based singer and songwriter, Somi, along with jazz classics and Cuban music offered by Latin saxophonist César López y Habana Ensemble. Completing the line-up of international artistes, talented Trinidadian-born trumpeter Etienne Charles, famous for his combination of jazz extemporizations and Afro-Caribbean inspired music, will round out the evening in his own inimitable style.

Hosted by the Friends of Jazz committee, the festival which takes place at Gaston Maloney’s Gardens in George Town, was described by DoT as an “affair of bona fide jazz music” for one all inclusive price of $75, which covers all food and drink, in addition to the musical entertainment.

Proceeds from the festival will be used to support the George Town Sports Club (GTSC), a registered non-profit organisation which participates in various sporting activities at the senior and youth level. The GTSC is community-oriented and is heavily involved in the development of the youth in its district. It has a network of social programmes and activities which encompasses an after-school programme, summer fun day, Christmas give-aways and a back-to-school party.

Tickets to the all-inclusive Jazz on the Green cost $75 and can be purchased from the Department of Tourism, Funky Tangs, Moneygram, Arabus and Singh’s Roti Shop. For more information about Jazz on the Green, the performers and directions to Gaston Maloney’s Gardens visit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “expected to drive inclemental visitation to the island” Where does McKeeva get these words from. Now I know what he was doing when he was shuffling and writing on his papers on TV. He was making up words so that we had no idea what he was talking about.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is not a tourism event…….this is a local event and the government should not be sponsoring it under the pretence that it is a tourism draw for the island. Shameful !!!!

    Is this what McKeeva meant when he said they were looking at an alternative event  for the Jazz Festival ?

    I say bring back the Jazz Festival and stop the patronage and inappropriate use of the people’s money.

    McKeeva you started the Jazz Festival and The Chuckster built it into the major annual event that it was so both of you can claim ownership. You need grow up McKeeva and stop the political bickering about who owns which events and programmes and your general attitude that if you didn’t start it or don’t own it then it must be cancelled.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I just loves anything that the government ‘gets behind’.  Especially me! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it right for government to get involved in a personal venture? Who will the profits go to? I have a tourism business & I’d love government to sponsor my business even though I know the profits will be going into my bank account, just like what will happen in the case of “Jazz on the green”!