New immigration recruits take to the borders

| 02/05/2011

(CNS): Five new Immigration Department recruits have received their badges after completing an intensive six-month training programme to swell ranks and ease the pressure on existing staff as the work load continues to increase for what is already one of the country’s busiest government entities. Jesanna Mencia, Sheria Goff, Alice Edwards, Harry Forbes and Floyd Shaw will be working at the air and sea ports, where they can expect challenging assignments ahead, one of their bosses told them at the graduation ceremony. Deputy Governor Donovan Ebanks told the new recruits that they had been handed a lot of authority.

”Be cognizant of that at all time, and don’t abuse it. Guard your reputation and integrity,” he said. “Work hard and develop yourselves to the fullest extent and opportunities will present themselves.”

The five men and women have been working hard over the last six months in the class room as well as hands on work on the job and cross training with other agencies. The recruits have studied local laws as well as learned about human behaviour, geography, psychology and sociology to help them in their work. The training included lectures from both internal and external sources, such as attorney Angelyn Hernandez and Senior Immigration Officer Ezron Anderson.

Former Immigration Chief Franz Manderson, who is now Chief Officer in the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs, said immigration officers should be enthusiastic, professional and committed. He advised the new recruits to educate themselves while staying abreast of current developments.

During the ceremony Officer Harry Forbes took the overall achievement award for outstanding performance in theory and practical application. He shared the top academic spot with Officer Alice Edwards.

DCIO Bruce Smith of Border Control encouraged the support of the new officers’ families “as there will be some difficult times and late assignments.” He added, “Customer service is very important. Represent the department well. You will not be able to please everyone, but do your best.”

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