New CS savings under wraps

| 10/05/2011

(CNS): The official arm of government said that it has identified more savings for the public coffers with the completion of the second phase of a civil service review. However, how much those saving are has not yet been revealed to the people of Cayman. According to officials, part two of this public spending assessment examined the police, education, Children and Family Services, the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, the Ports Authority, Fire Service, Customs and Computer Services, which together account for more than $200 million of public expenditure and was completed in January.

Following questions submitted by CNS about where government was with the review of the public sector and what further savings had been identified, officials from the Deputy Governor’s Office released a statement Monday afternoon saying it was anticipated that it would be discussed by Cabinet shortly.

The review was part of an agreement with the Cayman Islands government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office made in September 2009, as part of the conditions of the UK’s approval for the local government to extend public borrowing beyond the parameters of the Public Management and Finance Law. The teams were formed in October 2009 made up of senior civil servants andone representative from the private sector, who were then trained by an external team from the US, UK and Singapore “in business process reengineering and other review techniques”, government officials stated.

The focus was on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the public service and reducing the costs, and the review of the first four agencies identified around $17 million of potential savings across CINICO, tourism, the Prison Service and public works. These four entities were selected as the first group as between them they represented around $72 million of the government’s wider expenditure.

The report was completed and made public last year and the results of the second phase were expected before the end of 2010. However, so far no further information has been given to the public about the savings revealed in this phase. The Deputy Governor’s Office has revealed that the third phase of the review began last month and includes Planning, Immigration, Lands and Survey, DVES, National Roads Authority and the Health Services Authority. These agencies represent $126 million worth of expenditure and the reviews are scheduled to finish by mid June 2011.

Officials also revealed that government has now engaged expert advisors from the Institute of Public Administration of Canada s to assist the review teams but did not say how much that would cost the public purse.

See report on first review

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  1. Danger_Mouse says:

    How does the government really know what they are saving, or for that matter what their current budget status is ? For the fifth largest financial center in the world it is a disgrace that the Cayman Islands doesnt have audited financials…



  2. Anonymous says:

    There would be more savings, especially at the Hotel, if the inmates weren't feed so royally.   Are they eating meat with bone yet?  It costs to by boneless meat.  What a joke, when criminals eat the best and the citizens scramble for the scraps.  That's cost savings.

    • Anonymous says:

      Believe it not – the bones could be used as weapons. Bet you never thought of that!

  3. I'm from Kansas says:

    The crucial issue regarding the state of our finances will be put at the top of government priorities. We will put all available resources and Senior Civil Servants to work on this immediately.

    Given that government can not operate effectively without this very important information it is at the foremost peak -right at the top- of our agenda.

    And a completed paper will be tabled no later than March 2012 or maybe June 2013 but certainly no later than April 2014.

  4. UDP&PPM AFU says:

    Amazing what $200 million will buy in Grand Cayman.  About $100 million in services.  Can't be too sure though because it still doesn't buy competent record keepers or maybe it just can't buy moral ones and their bosses. Or their bosses leaders.  Or their leaders Premeirship.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a joke! Right now the government and civil servants are wasting a lot of time and money by demanding certain changes to be made to the floor plan and offices that have just been built. Acting like spoiled brats! Move into the building, be happy that you got a desk, phone and computer and get to work!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you got the lines crossed. It was the Premier who demanded changes. These changes included placing his 7 closest aides to an area designed to accommodate 42 people. He also ordered that the furniture be removed, and replaced with something more suited to Cayman's first Premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear Kearney Gomez has gotten himself a huge office but others are cramped up. Snouts in the trough.

  6. Island Lover says:

    Education?  The long serving current administration continues to churn out graduates that cannot read, do maths, and are not ready for the global workforce.  It is time to clean house and make these adminstrators ACCOUNTABLE beyond their fat paychecks.  

    The teachers and principals live in fear of the all powerful adminstration, the parents are kept in the dark, and nothing has changed! It is time that the national tests are published, teachers who do not perform are finally let go (status or not) and we start the compete with the rest of the world.  Our education dirty secret needs to be brought into the daylight and those in charge need to change fast or get out.



  7. Florence Goring-Nozza says:

    200 million dollars in savings to government!  unbelievable. Since the private sector is not regulated by government and do not have to hire Caymanians lets keep a keen eye on these law makers to ensure that they don't hood wink us all and cut the jobs and salaries of our dear civil servants who are signing a petition exercising their citizenship right which is their democratic rights. Job loss at this time would be very devastating.

    However, by now they should have respect for the civil servants as they are the deciding constitutients and voters that "Swing" elected governments in or out at the polls. They are untouchable so it remains to be seen if the Premier and his cabinet is trying to pamper them to gain favor or "dicktating" punishment for signing petitions!  Let us see.

    The timing is suspicious, saving 200 million dollars! that means  the entire legislature, Premier, Speaker, AG, the Governor and everyody's job is soon to come to an end!   or so it looks from a distance, but who then are they targeting?   Is this in retaliation to the civil servants signing petitions at this time?    Look into this, remember this elected government has to be watched 48/14's instead of 24/7's

    CNS: To clarify, the story does not say what the savings from the latest review will be. The $200 million is what these agencies collectively cost government each year. The savings, we are told, will be a fraction of that total.

    • Charley Sheeeeeeene says:

      I like this 48/14's   this is what I call the Majority Independent Whip!

  8. noname says:

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Departments and Ministries aggresively spend every last penny remaining in their budgets before the end of the year, whether it be on essential items or personal desires.

    • Anonymous says:

      In at least one department, all spending has stopped – even on essential items… so, I'm not sure where you are getting your "information".


      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sitting here spending it as I type.

      • Anonymous says:

        On my way back from lunch this afternoon I drove past one Government Department having a Weststar TV installation done. Presumably then this is a donation from that company and will not cost the responsible Ministry a penny. Once must also assume that it is an essential item with which said Department cannot operate without….Or am I wrong?

        • Anonymous says:

          That's the antenna they need to "shoot" the Premier Network over to CITN.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Having attended one of these reviews I found it refreshing. They took copious notes and I sincerly hope they take action on our recommendations/complaints. My only frustration was the 30 mins lost making mutual introductions in a fixed 2 hour meeting slot.