Bush ‘sells Cayman insurance’ in Canada

| 12/05/2011

(CNS): The premier joined thirty other delegates from the Cayman Islands private sector as well as government officials to promote the country as a domicile for captives at the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s (RIMS) Conference. McKeeva Bush went to the insurance event straight after the royal wedding in London, where he met representatives from CIMA and the local insurance industry, who were exhibiting at what is described as the largest of any North American risk management conference. Officials said the conference facilitates meetings and generates potential new business for private sector insurance managers as well as CIMA.

Cayman has been an exhibitor for over 10 years at the conference, which presents an opportunity to meet with delegates of other jurisdictions and reinforce important relationships. The premier in his role as minister of finance said that the conference was a chance to sell Cayman’s insurance sector and talk about new developments in the jurisdiction.

“Throughout the years, the Cayman Islands presence at RIMS has enabled us to showcase our jurisdiction as the domicile of choice for captive insurance companies. But it also gives us an opportunity to speak about new developments in our insurance industry, which has been a market leader for many years,” Bush stated.

At the Cayman Islands reception, Bush addressed over 200 attendees on the Insurance Law, 2010, and increased regulatory powers as well as publicly thanking existing clients for placing their risk management needs in our the hands; the insurance managers for providing quality services that allow the Cayman Islands to compete and succeed globally, and CIMA for their commitment to the highest regulatory standards.

Monique MacDonald, IMAC Chair, said the conference and exhibition were well received. “Vancouver was a great venue for RIMS 2011 and exhibiting there provided us with the opportunity to meet risk managers and other delegates from various market segments. Conference attendees experienced a taste of the Cayman Islands with the ever-popular Tortuga Rum Cakes, as well as having an opportunity to meet with our representatives and discuss captive insurance business.”

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  1. Cha! says:

    Don't know wa u all gettn yur nickkers in a twist fa, eh? He read d speech that was written for him   Reeeeelax, he didn't have a Questions & Answer time (God forbid).  Maybe it didn't go down so bad afta-all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When you dont know what you  talking about its best to keep your mouth shut.  Insurance Industry is a very vital part of our country. Get  real and stop waisting people's time with you non-educated arguments.

    Obviously Hurricane Ivan is your best friend.

  3. Still Waiting says:

    After Canada, Mr. Bush is off to Iowa to attend the Underground Sprinkler Manufacturer's Association Convention then he will be heading to Luxemberg representing Cayman at the Bi-Centennial Watchmaker's Convention, after a much deserved rest in the south of France, he will be flying to Malaysia to investigate a Flip-Flop factory.

    Budget? What budget?

    • Anonymous says:

      the udp should start a flip-flop manufacturing development zone…located on one of the new north sound islands

  4. Anonymous says:

    At least (from the photo) he was properly attired this time!!!

    • Spaga Tini Alphredo says:

      Actually it's a major faux pas in Canada to wear a bright blue tie at a business event.  Note the conservative pastel coloured ties of the Canadians.  Tsk tsk Mr. Premier…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having the highest ranking elected official of a country attend an insurance conference sends a strong message that insurance is important to the country. Do not dismiss the importance of these contacts with the insurance industry.

    • Anonymous9 says:

      True dat but maybe a bit of overkill?

      I would think there may be more pressing matters that need his attention back in his own country.

      Or is his position considered just a figurehead, like Miss Cayman or Miss Teen Cayman? What message are we sending? That persons who hold the highest positions in the land out promoting the country at worldwide conferences.

      If there were lower level representatives that might be a better choice.. The bonus would be that they wouldn't require first class seating and 5 star accomodation along with personal assistants and security detail.

      Just asking.

    • Anonymous says:

      It also sends a strong message that he is not running the country as he should be

    • Reality says:

      That is an important business for Cayman, which is why someone educated and from that industry should attend those events.  You know, someone who knows about the business of the industry and can sell the merits of the jurisdiction?  Someone who understands what they need and can sell Cayman as the solution?  Do you really think MacDropout is that person?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I do actually respect Mr. Bush. However, this is not his area of expertize. He should not have gone, but instead sent a representative who is far more knowledgable in this field and can talk to the industry professionals as their peers.

    • Anonymous says:

      How stupid you speak. He should not have gone!!!. Every year this happens and  the Premier, or before the title Premier was announce some one from the leading party prepresented the country.  You are very igronant in your words. Why would you believe that there were not expertises from the Cayman Islands, and by the way to shut your mouth up and to stop making yourself look like a fool CIMA representatives and IMAC representative  are the forefront of this conference.  Stop you nonsense. If you  not sure of what you are talking about, get some real information on the subject and perhaps you will be more capable to speak on issues that effect the country. Right now you are an empty ship.. Stop the HATE. 

  7. Foxtrot Mike says:

    Sending Bush to represent Cayman to the world's business leaders is preposterous.  RIMS participants would view Bush as XXXXXX, and make mental notes to themselves to avoid this jurisdiction like the plague for having a complete lack of business capabilities. 

    Why is this happening?  Why aren't the actual business leaders of Cayman handling the external PR? 

    • Sameole says:

      Hope he knows more about insurance than banking.

      • Anonymous says:

        I seem to recall that one of his early jobs was selling Life Insurance.

        • Comic Relief says:

          Yes he did this before becoming a gardener. Reminds me of Chancey the gardener in the movie Being There. Chancey was brilliantly played by Peter Sellars and very much reminds me of our beloved leader.

          • Anonymous says:

            Lol. Great comparison. "I don't understand where the surplus went to, it was there just weeks ago".

        • Oh my God says:

          Let's hope he had more than that, since that's the equivalent of letting the fry cook manage the whole hotel chain.  Oh, who am I kidding.  We're screwed.