Existing phones will work on 4G, says LIME

| 19/05/2011

(CNS): Following the buzz in the wake of LIME’s announcement about the introduction of a 4G network across Grand Cayman before the end of the summer, any concerns that existing phones  won’t work on that new superfast network have been allayed by the firm. LIME stated that all existing phones will work on 4G and they will work better.  The communication company said it would not be deploying CDMA technology as it rolls in what Cayman Islands LIME manager Tony Ritch said was a network that would blow users minds.

The firm has not yet revealed how much the new network will cost users or what rates and packages will be available. It did state however when it comes to international data plans, the Blackberry Passport would remain the same as it is now.

4G is the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards succeeding the 2G and 3G technologies. LIME said the initial deployment of 4G wireless is based on HSPA+ which allows for shared download/upload speeds of 21/11 Mbps in a single mobile sector, with 3 sectors typically deployed at a mobile site.

LIME’s plan to roll out 4G in the Cayman Islands before any other country in the Caribbean was announced this week at a glitzy launched at the Ritz Carlton. The management team said it would eventually revolutionise mobile networks across the Caribbean with an investment of US$80M to finance the major improvements to the regions mobile networks but it will happen in Grand Cayman first

The firm said 4G will also serve as a platform for LIME’s future network development as the protocols are fully compatible with the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology that will power mobile networks in the future.

With 4G, LIME’s mobile subscribers will have the power to instantly send and receive large files such as videos, music, graphics and photos from enabled wireless devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and netbooks.  LIME’s customers will also be able to enjoy real-time online activities including video streaming, online gaming and social networking while on-the-go all at the same time as making a phone call.

“People of all ages, especially the young, want to be online all the time and need fast, affordable mobile data service that enable them to do all the things they can now do with a fixed internet connection while on the go,” said Ritch “Our mobile 4G network will ensure that LIME can satisfy customer needs as the insatiable demand for mobile internet service grows.”

Ritch said the move from 2G services, to both EDGE and 4G “will be like going from riding a bicycle to driving a Ferrari,” as it was a massive step forward for mobile service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So Funny all these people saying that it wont work and they havent evn tried it yet….sounds like the digicel "confuse the people cause we cant keep up" campaign is in full effect.

    when i came to buy a blackberry in their camana bay storethe rep told me they had 3G when i challenged them as to is it seemed they were saying whatever it took to sell me the phone.

    i drove to galleria and they didnt lie to me and thats all i want….. the proof (or lack therof) will be in the pudding 

    I first in line when it comes and will judge it then…. if it works like they say it will  what will u say then

  2. Anonymous says:

    FROM THE INET APRIL 19, 2011: "LIME, the Caribbean arm of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), and Xtera have finished up work on the Carribean East West Cable network.  Spanning 1,700km the new cable hooks up Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.  Xtera’s gear will enable an initial 120Gbps across the system, with the ability to expand to 720Gbps – higher with future technology.  This is the third cable lately in the region for CWC, following the CBUS and Gemini cables, as the company is adding both capacity and diversity to its incumbent markets."

    Presumably LIME will connect Cayman to this new cable system, and reduce its current reliance upon the aged MAYA-1 which provides service to the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. The MAYA-1 submarine cable was activated in 2000 and has asystem capacity of only 82.5Gbps over 4400 km.   

  3. Anonymous says:

    For all the people who are unsure about of what 4G is, have a little read of this  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2374564,00.asp


  4. Anonymous says:

    Why am I now already experiencing problems with internet at home??


    This whole week the signal has been dropping and coming back, and upload and download speeds are never true when you run a speed test on the link LIME provides on their website. When you report this, they just lift their shoulders and say sorry….

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the very same problems, all week  my "8meg" package which only syncs up at "6meg" in which i only get about 4meg throuput "Dispite the LIME exchange being right round the corner from my house" was working closer to dial up, tryignt o watch a youtube video was painful.

      Now they brining 21Meg shared 4G,,,



  5. Anonymous says:

    A chain is as strong as its weakest link. If hundreds of folk use 4G at the same time and the content is off-island, then they will hang, just like today. Are LIME boosting their bandwidth or just hoping that we don't all use it at the same time?

    I guarantee they will screw us ……..again.


    Sorry Tony, I know how it works.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the obscene data roaming charges mean it is totally unuseable for business, totally and utterly useless.

  6. Anonymous says:

    smoke and mirrors and a little astroturfing perhaps?

  7. Don Corleone Sr. says:

    It’s too instancing not to purchase a sexy phone when they pop out on the market floor! We are HOOKED!!!!!!!


    The Don

  8. Anonymous says:

    So its 3GPP thats being implemented, not 4G.


    3GPP is a step below true 4G hence why "existing phones will work".

    I also notice that they are throttling the service, with 3GPP you should expect peak upload speeds of around 100 Mbps, and an uplink of at least 50 Mbps. Lime are offering a standard regular 3G network speed of of 21/11 Mbps which would still seem "lightning fast" compared to the current Edge network.

    So what they are really saying is that they will charge a 4g price for a 3g service. 

    • Dred says:

      This is what I am afraid of also. I cringe at what the prices could be especially that they say:

      1) 4G – That's like saying this is a Mercedes and giving you a Chrysler 300. A nice car mine you but not a Mercedes.

      2) 80Mil investment means they are going to look to recoup some serious funds.

      3) Cayman is first in Caribbean which means Squirt squirt ie time to start milking Cayman again.

      Don't get me wrong it's better than what we have so I welcome it but please call it what it is which is more like 3.25G not 4G. They only do this to charge more.

    • Anonymous says:

      But seems as true 4G would require new handsets and render roaming in the majority of the world impossible I would say this is a good step. LIME say they kit they are buying is capable of doing LTE in the future so let’s stop slamming them as it appears they are taking a giant step forward which is more than we can say for their competition.

    • Kung Fu Iguana says:

      Or more accurately charge a "6g" price for a 3g service that includes a free 45 minute wait to see customer services if you have a problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      "None of these technologies are actually 4G, as defined by the International Telecommunications Union, the official arbiter of such things. According to the ITU, true 4G must deliver blazing speeds of 100Mbps on the move and 1Gbps down – something we won't see for several more years. But everybody else is calling these new networks 4G, so we'll play along."


  9. Anonymous says:

    > Cayman Islands LIME manager Tony Ritch said was a network that would blow users minds.


    And their wallets…

  10. Anonymous says:

    If u have a 3G phone it will work on 3G speeds.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Any upgrades on the broadband since these enhancements make mobile now faster than broadband speeds on island…?  I'd like to still use my laptop/ desktop for internet…

    • Anonymous says:

      A dongle will be available which is capable of using the 4G network!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bring it on LIME! We are looking forward to having the first real 4G mobile service in the Caribbean. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    haha the Brac and Little Cayman will never get the upgrade. Sad

  14. Anonymous says:

    yay  cause i just bought my torch….does that mean it will work at 3G speeds on the 4G network as it is 3G capable?