Banished Chagos islanders still want to return

| 20/05/2011

(The Guardian): Whatever joy Bernadette Dugasse felt about returning to the island she last saw as a toddler 52 years ago shrivelled the moment she saw the remnants of the coconut plantation. "There was nothing there. It was all gone – only the big house where the manager used to live is there. And the church and the prison," she said. "I felt sad and depressed as if I wanted to shout, but I just cried." The scene behind the white-painted walls of the plantation house was bleaker still. "Inside it was filthy and disgusting and broken everywhere. The roof is coming off, the kitchen is rusted and broken and there's an old broken wardrobe in there. You have to be careful where you put your feet otherwise you might have an accident.The chapel was filthy with pigeon poo."

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