CIG fails to send delegate to UN decolonization forum

| 31/05/2011

(CNS): Delegates from the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce will be presenting a paper this week at the UN’s regional decolonization seminar but the government has failed to send an official delegate. Wil Pineau has been invited to speak at the gathering in St Kitts which opened today (Tuesday 31 May) but the premier’s office has confirmed that no government envoy has been sent on behalf of the country. The Cayman Islands was originally selected to host this year’s seminar but in a letter to the chairman of the special committee, in April, the premier declined the invitation though he did not offer a reason. Despite that however, the UN invited local NGOS to deliver a paper entitled A Cayman Islands’ Civil Society Perspective.

The presentation by Pineau will be made on behalf of the Chamber as well as other members of the Cayman Islands NGO working group which includes the Concerned Citizens Group and the People for Referendum. Chamber president, James O'Neil will also join Pineau at the seminar which focuses on the Eradication of Colonialism. The NGOs said that the paper will be made public once it has been delivered.

The seminar, which will run from 31 May to 2 June, is held under the auspices of the United Nations Special Committee on the Situation with Regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples (the “Special Committee”).

The eradication of colonialism was made an international priority 50 years ago, with the UN’s adoption of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples which proclaims the right of all peoples to self-determination. It notes that the subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation is “an impediment to the promotion of world peace and cooperation.”

This year the seminar is expected to discuss the steps that need to be taken to free the last remaining territories from dependency among representatives from the territories.  In the past, over 750 million people lived under colonial rule. Today, however the efforts of the international community have reduced that number to 2 million people in the 16 remaining non-self-governing territories many of which are in the Caribbean region. Delegates will assess the progress and set new benchmarks for the eradication of colonialism in this third decade.

This is the second time that the seminar is being held in St Vincent which may have much to do with Bush’s refusal to host the seminar here in Cayman even after the special committee had announced that it would.  The decolonization seminars alternate between the Caribbean region and the Pacific region each year in line with the locations of the remaining non-self governing territories. Last year the meeting was held in New Caledonia and local attorney Steve McField was sent as the premier’s official representative.

In his letter declining to host the seminar to the committee chairman, Bush also pointed out that when the seminar returns to the Caribbean in 2013, Cayman would likely have just been through another general election and as such the committee would need to contact that new administration if it would like to hold the forum here then.

A freedom of information request was made by one of the members of the local group People for Referendum to the UK in order to establish why the UN was under the impression that the conference would be held in only to have the premier reveal that it would not take place in Cayman despite the UN announcement.

However, with the exception of the premier’s letter which was circulated to the public soon after it was sent last month, the UK have declined to reveal any other correspondence between it and the CIG over the change of heart, despite admitting that it does hold documentation relating to the seminar.

It said the information could not be disclosed as it is exempt under the international relations exemption where disclosure could prejudice relations between the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands.

“The disclosure of reporting between the Governor’s Office, Cayman Islands and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office could, in addition to prejudicing directly relations between the Government of the Cayman Islands and the British Government, undermine the confidence of Governors of all Overseas Territories that they are able, in confidence, to report matters of significance back to London without threat of disclosure,” the refusal letter stated.

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  1. British Caymanian says:

    I'd rather stay like we are with the security of the UK.  Banks, able to use UK passports for our children's universities, and the stability.  However, our own greedy government needs to get in line and stop thinking that we are a super power, we are not.  We are a nice rich little rock in the middle of the sea and have no need for dictators or greedy politicians.  

    I'd rather have a district committee and monthly national vote on all other matters.  For goodness sake, we do not need to spend so much on civil service, buildings as effigies, personal jollies, and all the other excess that our politicians have now evolved to.  It USED to be respectful to serve in office, now it is simply shameful.

    • K says:

      There are those who support this local government.

      Those who support the UK government only – like youself.

      And those who support both this local government and the UK.

      But as for me, I support neither of them!  The UK's government and our small local government, are always looking down on the people!  Both governments support dictatorships when they see it is convenient to do so.  And both believe in big government, spending, and raising fees or taxes.  Trust me, there is little security in the UK.  Please revisit your stance!


      • Anonymous says:

        I will not shed one iota of indifference or gladness when you hand your British passport back to it's rightful owner.

        I guess you have decided that you have had enough of the 'free run' of security, common law and advantage, so now it is time to go it on your own.

        The independance ball may be rolling, I hope yours does not come quicker than others!

  2. Alan Nivia says:

    Bonus points a-comin' for those with "Chagos" on their "CNS Bingo" cards.

    • wendy says:

      I don't know what entertainment you get in making a mockery of good people who were evicted from their island home, but it is being cold and indifferent to the injustices these people experienced under british colonialism. You ought to be a shame of yourself. 

      • Anonymous says:

        'a shame', wow, you should've stayed and picked up better english. Nice to see that the Caymanians aren't above raping the UK for their passports and universities, just like they accuse the Uk of stealing their… erm, coconuts I guess, not much else here…

        • Anonymous says:

          It is about time that Caymanians gain some small benefits which is hardly rape. Considering that for years we have provided generous tax free income for those UK citizens employed here. We don't even go there for medical attention as it is simply toooooooooo far away mate.

      • Alan Nivia says:

        I think I was more mocking the hackneyed references to the Chagos Islands that pop up with monotonous regularity on the site. 

        • karen says:

          "monotonous regularity on the site"?  So how you want it?  Not to be ever mentioned again on the site??  How I see it, the truth should always be told over and over and over again… Don't you think?  :o)

      • Anonymous says:

        I have lived under 'British Colonialism' in three different countries.

        To tell you the truth, I have quite enjoyed it and given the chance, I would have it exactly the same again.


    • Anonymous says:

      It is suggested that you view John Pilger's documentary on how the UK have shamefully abused the Chagossians since the 1960's by denying them of a basic human right – a homeland.

      Maybe you would be more respectful of the Chagossians in their fight to return home if you were forcefully removed by your administering Power from your home, deposited on a dock in a strange land, then told OK go on now get off of the dock!

      For now it is assumed that you said what you said out of ignorance.

      Please view "Stealing A Nation" before you make fun of the Chagossians next time:

      www freedocumentaries org/int.php?filmID=166




    • Judean People's Front says:

      Shucks ….. I drew the 'Kenyan oppression under British Rule' for my bingo card as I was sure it was going to be a winner!

      Who had Chagos play?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I've worked in a number of areas where the UN operate and you can trust them about as far as you can throw them.

    If you thought CIG was corrupt and incompetent you won't believe how far the UN takes those terms to the extreme. They even make the EU look like rank amateurs when it comes to freeloading.

    Many delegates to the UN are little more than common criminals and the sooner people get their heads round that the better the world will be.

    Cayman, just stay away from the UN because they will screw you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good comment. Unfortunately people are brainwashed into believing that the UN serves some kind of good, rather than just the enforcement arm of the CFR.

      The UN means no good to anyone except ignorant, spiritually dead, masonic free-loaders.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree, here mate…

      This decolonization committee is all about delivering up the Cayman Islands, in particular, to their cronies at the IMF and have them do to Cayman, what they've done to Jamaica and every other ex-British colony who could notsustain their own population growth or, as in Cayman's case, does not have  a wealth of natural resources on which to sustain themselves.

      How they operate is that they come in and work on the emotions of people who are disaffected with the current status quo, get them to rile up the rest of the population on emotional and patriotic issues and force independence then, they take over that country's economy when the country has to go to the IMF for loans.

      These loans come at the heavy price of that country's devaluation of their currency and from there on out, they are owned by the IMF.

      Jamaica is the most classic case nearer to home, that Cayman can take example from, of this system at work.

      They want to host this conference in the Cayman Islands to use the political propaganda to convince the world that Cayman's population want independence, despite being told over and again, the majority of Cayman's population are against independence.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The "international community" had little to do with the decolonization of the 750 million people mentioned, as I think those people themselves would agree, and for this committee to claim credit is simply absurd. This is a pointless organization if there ever was one. Its usefulness is inversely proportional to the length and pomposity of its name.

  5. bradley says:

    The UK knew McKeeva was going to turn down the UN, because the UN has Cayman on the NSGT list that affirms that the status of Cayman is under UK's colonial rule and is in need of certian right. Of course, the UK and certain loyalist want to make it appear that the Cayman Islands are happy under her control. On theother hand, McKeeva fear Independence, UK as well.. because they are not ready for Independence. The UK must see how much she can get from these islands before throwing us under the bus, and McKeeva want to engage in as much project so that once Independence comes, government would be able to have that "control" and "power" over the people. If the Premier attends it would be sending a strong message that Cayman is not happy under the UK and that being on the UN list makes sense.

    • Libertarian says:

      In 2006, I recall Premier Misick and his party indicated that their ultimate goal was to move the country towards Independence, and just after the Global Recession kicked in and effect the UK in 2008, Misick was found with "corruption" that could have been prosecuted in his own country. But the Foreign and Commonwealth Office under Chris Bryant, had their watch dogs, and seized the opportunity. They decided (without the consent of the inhabitants) to declare full British Rule, dissolved the people's elected cabinet, set up a Governor as their dictator, and in April 2010 under their full rule, TCI Central Bank collasped and went into liquidation, holding elections were prohibited, and the economy of the Turks and Cacois hit rock bottom so hard that last year from British tax-payers, power heads had to bail them out in order to pay teachers, police officers, health workers, etc…  

      Bradley, I won't bet surprise, that after they are through with Turks and Cacois, if the people ever cry foul and push for their Independence from the UK, these power heads will not hesitate to give it to them, and say, "we never needed you in the first place!" I am sorry that I am causing enemies on this site. Now I have nothing against British citizens, but this is how your powerheads have operated before (modus operandi) against the colonies. They will not allow you to sever ties with them until they get what they want, and afterwards throw you under the bus.

      As for our local government and governmental projects, we better watch out and pray that we don't get a local dictator. Always, the people must rule and no one else!  But if government grows in size and power, and the UK can just push us around in front of the UN and get away with it, because they think we are scared of standing up and Independence, then this island and future generations to come are doomed.

      • anonymous says:

        Libertarian I was with you until you said that we need to be careful of not getting a Local Dictator, where have you been isn't Premier Bush a Local DICK-TATOR? Not just a mere Dictator but even worse.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Naya boy says:

    If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy today it is the UN decolonization forum tomorrow Cayman it will be You! Oh how the UK government is guilty of the evil it is suppose to punish. Our so call government are merely a bunch of mindless sheep following a drunk and arrogant shepherd.They just don’t count just there to keep restless natives pacified.

    • anonymous says:

      Government must be very careful of its spending. Condemnation  is a weapon that the crooked UK uses against its territories deeming them incompetent Administrators over their own fiscal affairs. And then they walk in like Turks and Caicos scooping up everything for themselves throwing their weiht around, they really want our money, they can get it all if they force us into independence. What shall we do to make sure they don't get it?.

      Does anyone want to go under the US?

      We're too small for neuclear testing in our waers like they did Puerto Rico.

      Give us your thoughts. US, not the UK. With all the tax reporting to US why not join them we won't be able to beat 'em at their tax collecting game anyway.


      • Mclaughlin says:

        The U.K. is worse, but the U.S. is just as bad!  I wouldn't want both mothers!  And definitely, I wouldn't want us to go Independent.

        But…. there is always a big stinking BUTTT!  If they are going to play their fraudalent and spying games on us, find ways and means to appropriate monies from us tax-payers, drain our economy with their policies, beef up the Police force with english, increase their power, CCTV's, and size over the people of these islands, and hence break the bond of trust between us, I would have no choice but to fight for our Independence! Like I work, rather than take pay cuts and a whole lot of sh%t, I would prefer to quit my job before the unscrupulous employer fires me and says I must go on my own. That is just how I am!

        Trust is the foundation of all relationship. Once you lose that trust it's over!

  8. Mac Attacker Jr. says:

    Must say I'm with Mac on this one.