Judge delays decision on teen

| 01/08/2011

(CNS): A teenager who was tried for the attempted murder of a police officer and robbery last month will have to wait until September for verdict on his guilt or innocence as a judge said Friday as he was unable to complete the written judgement as a result of workload. Seventeen year old Elmer Wright is accused of an armed robbery at Mostyns Esso gas station in June last year and attempting to kill a police officer when he fired a shot gun directly at a patrol car as he tried to make his escape. The trial of the teen began in December last year but was halted as a result of a need to address forensic evidence and did not recommence until July.

Justice Smith who was the trial judge sitting alone in the case told the court Friday that he had gone through both the evidence and the submissions and had come to his decision but had not completed putting the reasons down on paper so could not read the verdict. Asking for a social enquiry report however, the judge told the defendant, "Mr Wright, unfortunately, I won't be able to announce your judgement today," as he remanded the teen in custody and revealed he intended to deliver the verdict in September.

Wright was arrested on the night of the robbery at the Bodden Town gas station a short time after the incident and a police chase. The prosecution states that Wright was one of four robbers but he was the one that had attempted to kill a police officer when the high speed chase came to an end in a cul-de-sac. The crown said that the chase ended in the Northward area and Wright along with his three accomplices exited their getaway car. During the trial the court heard a police give evidence that Wright had come out of the getaway vehicle carrying a shotgun which he fired directly at the patrol car as he ran off on foot.

A short time later, he was arrested a few streets away with money from the gas station in his possession and the weapon was found close by. The crown said that Wright’s dna was on the gun and he had tested positive for gunshot residue. It was also revealed that the shot gun recovered by police that the crown says was used in the robbery and later fired at police was stolen from a licensed firearm’s holder.


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