PNP leader says UK is ‘raping worth’ of TCI people

| 01/08/2011

(CNS): As relations between the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the UK remained strained the leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP) has hit out again at the new constitution stating that it transfers powers from the people to the British. Clayton Greene said in a release last week that the new document “makes the government of the people subservient to the dictates of those in a far away land and rapes us of our worth as a people,” and said it was not supported by the Turks and Caicos Islanders.

“The reality is that the constitution that has been published today is by and large what those of us who met with the Minister in London expected to receive. That is however not the issue. The issue is that it is not a constitution that has the buy – in of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islanders because it is not a negotiated document. That is a significant indictment,” said Greene who as well as being leader of the local political party, is the managing partner of the TCI based law firm Stanfield Greene.

He added that the new constitution which the UK government is set to impose on the local government remains a document designed to transfer governance from the local people and place it exclusively in the hands of the governor who is the UK government’s representative.

“There is nothing in it that is worthy of celebration because nothing in it speaks to the hopes dreams and aspirations of the Turks and Caicos Islanders,” Greene said. “The reality is that we have come too far and accomplished too much for ourselves that we will never be satisfied with a constitution that that does not recognize our worth as a people. We aspire to be more that a territory.”

According to Greene, who was a former Speaker of the House of Assembly of the Turks and Caicos Islands the proposed constitution does not recognize that. “It makes the government of the people subservient to the dictates of those in a far away land and rapes us of our worth as a people. I will never be satisfied and will therefore do everything that I can to hasten the day when we can negotiate the constitution of our choosing,” he promised in a short statement on Thursday.

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  1. EastVanEd says:

    TCI join Canada.  One of the most stable economies in the world.  AAA rating and lots of oil.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Direct rule of TCI was imposed by the UK because it was necessary at the time.  I am confident that this rule is only temporary and that a duly elected government by the people of the TCI will rule soon.

    • Come on says:

      Right!  Any time now …  That's what the UK has been saying for two years.  Breaking election date promises is never a surprise anymore.  Henry Bellingham just did it again 2 weeks ago so that TCI can wait for "milestones".  Be clear that the UK's 2011 constitution has been enacted without a vote from the TCI citizens.  If elections are ever green lighted, the TCI will not ever enjoy self government.  The UK has taken ultimate control over the government as well as opening the voting franchise by granting citizenship to resident expats.  This will never be TCI for TCI again, it will be TCI belongers being given permission to live in their own country but with no authority. 

  3. Come on says:

    UK will benefit by VAT revenue, moral authority, land rights, natural resources rights, tourism revenue, cover up of new white paper excluding territories from reciprocal rights to UK benefits … just to name a few.   Check outthe Caribbean basin mass oil deposits.  You will start to get a bigger picture of some of what the UK sees as valuable in its Caribbean territories but wishes to keep away from the citizens who are the rightful owners. 

    • Libertarian says:

      😉  When you are dealing with these posters here, you will be challenged.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention a huge discovery of "deepwater hydrothermal vents in the Cayman Trough. They have the potential to provide unlimited, free energy forever, without producing any waste products. Pure Green Energy, probably the only thing the world will allow in the future. Japan has large fields of hydrothermal vents near Okinawa, and they have been aggressively building the technology that will allow them to harness the energy, and transport it back to the island to be used on the national grid.  Ownership of those deepsea vents in the Cayman Trough will be of enormous consequence in the not to distant future. … they belong to the British Empire, just like everything else." 

      — Ezili Danto

      • Anonymous says:

        "The British Empire"? There is no such thing. "Just like everything else". Everything else also belongs to the imaginary 'British Empire'? LOL.

  4. nauticalone says:

    What is so unfortunate for Cayman is that the current Govt. seems intent to allow a very similar political environment, andby extension, reason/justification for the UK to do the same here.

    The current Govt. should at least require the Premier to step aside (as the Leader of CI Govt.) until the investigation is completed.

    Sadly, it is very unlikely that will happen!

    • Libertarian says:

      hmmm… so if it is unlikely, I guess you recommend full British rule?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The vast majority of people in the UK have never heard of the Cayman Islands or Turks and Caicos, and even if they have, have no idea where they are or what they are about….most members of the UK  Government/Opposition likewise…there is no conspiracy…..just a few underpaid and under resourced UK civil servants out of their depth I suspect…

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree re the British public, but that is unlikely to be the case re members of the UK Govt./Opposition. Don't forget we are still a major player in the world of offshore finance.  

  6. Anonymous says:

    Walk honestly and with principle and you have nothing to fear.  Years ahead the people of TCI will thank the UK for saving them.  Those who are screaming only want power, that is all. 

    • cow itch says:

      that is a joke right?

    • Dreadlock Holmes says:

      Perusing World:  This comment is kind of laughable. Look around. Carefully now. The U.K. and the U.S. take over countries at will. Invade whomever they want. That's right. They disguise this in a moral blanket which the mainstream media sucks up. One country, such as Iraq, invaded by U.S. forces has "terrorists" opposing them.  They could just as easily be described as "freedom fighters" defending their country against foreign invasion. But they are not.

      That would not be in line with the propaganda.

      In the latest twist Libya rich in oil, is being "freed" from a tyrant. Formerly backed and armed by the U.S.

      And ain't it funny all those countries, including Afghanistan, have either minerals or oil or some other resource needed by the "Coalition"?

      Here is the recipe:

      Covertly, or right out support a totaltarian regime. Supply it with weapons and training. Arm the death squads and look the other way as people are being brutalized and, as long as it cooperates in the rape of the country – it is an ally. With a decidely nasty twist.

      But – when the cooperation ceases, or when the now "ruthless dictator" begins to nationalize foreign interests and keep too much for themselves – invade it. To "free the people" and bring "democracy".

      So you can set up a country, either financially as through the IMF or militarily for a future incursion and make it all look like you're a gift to the people. Does it matter to those people who is destroying their lives, starving them, bombing them, brutalizing them, or ripping off their resources?

      I say no absolutely not. They still suffer. And are not free. They have simply traded one totaltarian regime for another. Escept this one is disguised as a white knight.

      And we all fall for it without any critical thinking. Thanks to the complicity of the mainstream media.


  7. anonymous says:

    You should all be advised against reading the blatant UK propaganda of TCI Journal.  If you do a search of TCI Journal you will see just how angry TCI citizens are with them for ruining TCI for the UK agenda. It is run by expat stakeholders and a hated political hack. 

    • Libertarian says:

      Well… like this news site, many ignoramous were routing for a British takeover, and now that they see a dictatorship instead that can't run their government better than the locals, they have no other choice but to take the crap!  Are we not seeing through those comments on this site that appear partisan to "divide and conquor" us on a national issue?  We better do, because we can't afford to lose that very one thing that even a child in starvation would want most in order to feed himself:  his freedom. No one wants to be spoon fed by "mother," they want to improve the relations and sit at the same dinner table with mother, being able to be free to feed themselves in her presence. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    I ended up in TCI when Cayman was shut down after Hurricane Ivan.

    What impressed me wasn't just the corruption there but the way they were right in your face about it. The people I met could put a price on anything. There was also a clique of old-style white ex-pats who weren't exactly helping the islands move forward.

    The politicians boasted that they could p**s everyone off, get thrown out of office but still carry on like nothing had happened – they were proud of it.

    I really don't know what the UK is doing there now but I bet it hasn't made the slightest dent in the way things are being run behind the scenes.

  9. Libertarian says:

    Hah… and the UK says they want nothing to benefit from the Turks and Caicos. Many UK expats brag about how the UK want nothing to do with us, but all to do for the people of TCI. Then why have a Constitution tailored to continue the dictatorship of a Governor?  There must be someone benefiting behind the scenes. Conspiracy?  Rediculous!

  10. Anonymous says:

    uk should just cut them off and let them become another haiti/jamaica……….

    • Libertarian says:

      Sadly, colonialist will cut them off after they have received what they want for their self-interest. That is how they have operated in the past, and that is how they will do so again!  Independence comes AFTER they have done their mess!  Mark my words. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        what are you talking about?….what are the uk going to get????

        • Libertarian says:

          The enemy of the Overseas Territories, are men and women from different backgrounds and nationalities with economic, social or political power, who circumvent not only human rights, but territorial laws in order to achieve personal gain or reward of some sort. And these corrupt individuals may be of the private sector, powerful entities who would benefit from a transition of power or from using a UK politician as a puppet in order to achieve their ends. The UK politician may also benefit, and dress it up and may say it is in Her Majesty's interest; or, it is for the "good governance" of the territory. Certain ministers below and probably a Governor may not be cognizant of the fact that they are being used for a sinister plan. They themselves are following orders, and may not know the top's agenda or the special interest plans for the territory in question. How do I know the probability of such happenings of corruption?  I don't allow prejudice or bias to paint the UK' powers-that-be, as some righteous and glorious entity from the fairy tale days of King Author. What is seen in the news like the Guardian and Telegraph, is enough for you to conclude that the UK's government is not what it appears to be. If they are having trouble cleaninghouse up there, what make you think they are void of politicians, using their powers for seeking reward of some sort? And Corruption always has a bate!  So if you ask me, "what are the uk going to get???"  I can easily without hestitation reply to you, a whole lot that you and I pretty much don't know about. Corrupt factors are involved from the UK side when they declare full rule and dissolve a people's democracy. You have to be truly naive to think that "they" mean us well to dissolve our elected body, cancel our Constitution, and seized hold of the countries finances, removing the local people from key positions and replacing them with their own people to fulfill their agenda. If what I say troubles you, don't let it, because I am not attacking decent UK citizens and those who mean us well. Regards   


          • Anonymous says:

            So you can't even name how the UK would benefit, but you are pretty sure they are because you read about some conspiracy theories in the Guardian and Telegraph?  That's like an American getting their political news from Perez Hilton and Cosmo.  Time to cease broadcasting your UK rantings, and recapture 4-6 productive hours in your day.  

            • Libertarian says:

              You fail to realized that UK colonialism and unwarranted interventions that cancel people's democracy, is all considered by me "corruptive acts." Unwarranted takeovers is CORRUPTION!  The "benefit of seizing power" from the people without their democratic consent, is sufficient enough to call it foul!  The UK did benefit… "they wrongfully seized power"!  TCI's constitution and the fact that TCI is under the UK is no excuse:  the people were striped of their democracy and no vote amongst them was taken place for that decision to be made!

          • Anonymous says:

            what utter nonsense….the thumbs down to your posts say it all……

  11. Anonymous says:

    When Greene speaks of raping the people of TCI, he knows what he is talking about. As the Speaker of the House he refused to let the opposition bring a motion of no confidence against the corrupt Misick regime. Does that sound familiar?


    Perhaps Greene could reply to this letter in the TCI paper that really encapsulates everything his party stands for.


    May 2, 2011
    Letter – PNP HQ


    Dear Editors,


    Mr Clayton Greene thinks that it would not be "fair", if the PNP party were denied use of the property that they never sought planning permission, or a building permit for, on land they never even executed a lease for, which was built from illegal party funding and erroneous political contributions, never paid anything towards the property in lieu of non existent lease, illegally used public funds to furnish the property and have been technically trespassing on crown land ever since. 

    Not fair! Is this guy for real? Or is it just that this is the way his PNP party went about their business, suiting themselves to ignore the law at every turn and awarding themselves large tracts of the countries land whenever they felt like it! Not fair indeed! Well tough luck I say.

    If Mr Clayton Greene considers the way in which the PNP gained this land and built this property fair, then I would recommend everyone vote accordingly at the 2012 elections, because it seems to me the PNP are totally incapable of running a small political party, let alone an entire country!

    If the interim government needs a building for the new police HQ this property would be ideal and the government should take it, period! The PNP have flouted the law at every opportunity and should now endure the consequences of their illegal actions.

    As for "Piper" Hanchell, the man is clearly stark raving mad and deserves no further comment!


    God Bless.



    • Libertarian says:

      My take is – if PNP was seen to be corrupted, why have they taken so long to freeze Misick's assets, which took place a month ago?  Why haven't they arrested Misick in 2009, the day they took over the country because of alleged political corruption???  Why couldn't they not prosecuted the man in his own country in accordance tothe law?  Why couldn't the Uk see to the enforcement of TCI's AntiCorruption laws?  Instead they decided to punish the entire population of TCI. They decided to destroy the elements of democracy. Something just does not square up in all of this debauching affair between Uk and TCI?  I bid you to ask yourself more questions. It is besides the point what PNP party did in the past – we are living today in the here and now!

    • Sharen says:

      And … who's QP?  This is the kind of stuff we read about that is unsubstantiated and unproven.   "QP" is another of those people making allegations without proof for political agendas.  If there was corruption in TCI let the UK prove it.  None of this 2 years nonsense holding people back from democracy on "allegations".  Good lord.  What has democracy and justice come to? If this guy did something wrong punish him, don't hold the TCI people responsible.  That's evil. 

    • Anonymous says:

      When I saw this headline, QP, that was the first thing that I thought — where was Greene when his own people were, as he puts it, raping the resources of his country — and in turn,as he further puts it, the rights of his people?

      I don't know a lot about TCI politics, but what I heard about the former regime that brought this upon TCI is enough for me to believe that wrongdoing had become endemic.

      I am sorry for the people of the TCI, but there must have been a lot of them, including Greene, that knew what was going on.  They should have been raising as much cane as they could, and call a halt to all of the hanky panky before the British Government had to step in.

      This is a why it is so important for us in Cayman to take action when we hear about this investigation of our Premier — and, no, I don't dislike the Premier — in fact, I admire a lot about him, but we can't allow any public queries of potential corruption to go uninvestigation and overlooked.

      My fear is not the persons at the centre of this current investigation XXXX but my fear relates to those who are looking on — if we develop a tolerance for small levels of corruption, then we won't be able to contain what will hit us down the road.

      Again, not saying the Premier is guilty — just saying, let us get to the bottom of this.  I hope that we do.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You know what I find amusing about coming from the UK to this part of the world, are the number of conspiry theorists who love to trot out the same garbage about the UK having "ulterior" motives to "undermine, destroy, deny, degrade etc. etc. the rights, freedoms and liberty of the OTs.

    I shake my heard in utter disbelief when I hear this. WHAT BENEFIT COULD IT POSSIBLY BRING THE UK TO DESTROY the T&C islands (or the Cayman Islands) for that matter? I know we live in a blame society where everyone loves to point the finger at someone else as the cause of their problems, but really people, you OTs pretty much have the run of the place to do as you please. If you screw it up, its down to YOU. No one else. Just YOU.

    If the UK is out to destroy what is governs, please explain why Hong Kong became a international powerhouse in global economics prior to the UK handing it back to China, and today continues onwards as such. Many other former colonies and OTs have done VERY well for themselves before, during and after UK rule. Some have not. Others still have become utter disasters. Is this really down to the UK, or perhaps, as some may not wish to acknowledge, the progress, freedom and prosperity is in fact down to the people of these countries themselves?

    The UK stepped into the T&C mess (and believe me, they did NOT want get involved) because their premier was utterly abusing his position in power. Nothing more, nothing less. So far it has cost the UK tax payer (that would be me) a lot of money to try and sort out the mess they made over there. Will the loan made from the UK to T&C ever get repaid? Watch this space….

    The UK may have had good intentions going in, but they need an exit strategy to get out too. The sooner the UK gets out the better (better for the UK, not so good for the T&C Islands perhaps?).

    IMHO every country, territory or OT stands on the merits of its own people, regardless of the role or involvement of the UK.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Fool, the special interest groups and wealthy elites has their benefits to see Cayman's economy gets any worse and banking clients pull out and put thier monies in the uk banks, effecting the financial centre. Because you are from the uk, you must think everything up there is perfect and not corrupt. Some of the most corrupt people in power i know are from the uk.   

    • Libertarian says:

      "T&C mess (and believe me, they did NOT want get involved) because their premier was utterly abusing his position in power."  Then, my friend, have the man prosecuted, arrest him, don't allow him to walk about freely, and don't dissolve the people's democracy, and establish a dictatorship!  Does the Uk FCO's abuse of power entails unreported corruption on there part?  Don't be surprised!  They have no one over there to oversight them or see what they do in the dark. This immoral act of dissolving a democracy is just wrong!

  13. Anonymous says:

    No one mentioned the Chagos Islands yet? *SHOCKED*

  14. Sharen says:

    What lies. The UK wanted to stop corruption but found a way to take regular citizens' rights away, left them vulnerable and then railroaded them with a constitution not of their making.  Does this pull the wool from our eyes yet?  We need to worry about UK ulterior motives and stop fist pounding about every little thing mac says.  We are getting our umbrella out for the rain but not taking cover for the hurricane. 

    • Anonymous2 says:

      Take Mac out of this, this has to do with the PEOPLE!  Whether or not Mac says this or that, it doesn't matter. What is wrong is wrong!

  15. Unfortunately says:

    Unfortunately the people of the TCI have to blame this squarely on their Premier. I hope we here in Cayman do not suffer a similar fate!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Libertarian says:

      Yes, the people of TCI may blame their previous premier for political corruption, but how can they blame him for this present-day socalled, "British Interim rule" that has caused their economy to sink in a worse state than they were before in 2009???  And don't tell me that the Uk was left with the sole option of declaring full rule on TCI's inhabitants – as if their hands were cuffed and there was nothing else they could do!  That is bullsh%t!  Is say, they deliberately planned to dishonor the democracy of the people of Turks and Caicos Islands. Saying:  "You can fool the people sometimes but not all the time"

  16. Anonymous says:

    Islanders are sure a lot of trouble..

  17. Michel says:

    We sure don't want to go that route. All they need is a good excuse and I am afraid at the tought of it.

    • biker says:

      The answer is simple, my friend: NO CORRUPTION – NO WORRIES.

      • Anonymous says:

        No corruption = no worries?  Tell that to the UK!!!  The spinners that comment here amaze me.  I hope the EU takes direct control of the UK for their disgusting display of dictatorship force, high crimes & corruption.  That's only fair.  If the TCI & Cayman must lose democracy for corrupt government, so must the whole lot of the UK corrupt devils interfering not only in their own land but in other countries whilst miserably failing at it.   Let the EU take control; their theory is that corruption is fixed by taking direct rule…  

      • cow itch says:

        who are you saying that to?

      • biker says:

        (If you have) NO CORRUPTION (then you will have) NO WORRIES. (still worried?)

        The prior post was, obviously, sarcastically answering the "afraid" post above it.

        For the blogger below that got real excited, I hope the implied, but formerly unwritten words in parenthesis, will help you understand what was meant in my original post: